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A/N: Wow I'm definitely trying to update as soon as possible and I love the support all my readers are giving me =]

Disclaimer: Plot is mine…everything else came from the brilliant mind of J.K Rowling

Chapter 21: Daddy is Dead?

Fancy Rachel Peters was always a spoiled brat growing up. Her father being one of the head reporters for The Daily Prophet and her mother was a short timed famous singer, she was given anything she wanted. Fancy could be beautiful. Born with dark rich wavy brown hair and chocolate eyes, she was literally "fancied" by all the boys in a special wizardry day care for kids. Her parents would have sent her to Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic except for the fact that Mr. Peters truly believed in Professor Dumbledore's academics so instead she was sent to Hogwarts.

Her first day on the Hogwarts Express was terrifying but to others she seemed perfectly in control, she marched through that barrier and took no good bye kisses from her parents; she just grabbed a fellow female peer and dragged her along with her on the train. The girl she dragged was Lindy Isabelle Richmond who didn’t seem to mind but was trying to fix her pale blonde hair as she was walking through each compartment.

"Look here," Fancy said as she pulled Lindy aside in an empty compartment, "We're going to be the most popular girls at school, you just stick with me and you'll be alright."

Lindy shrugged and stared at Fancy's hair. It was still her natural brown hair; Fancy stared at Lindy's as well. Something was working in her mind as she thought about also getting a third member.

She merely told Lindy to stay put and gave her permission to look through her "Witch Fashion Weekly" magazines. Fancy walked out of the compartment and looked through all the compartments searching for a third person. She stopped at one compartment when two boys flew out laughing hysterically. One had shaggy black hair and the other had messy brown hair and big glasses, she stared at the one with a boyish grin, dimples and shaggy hair. He was cute. She smiled at them and introduced herself.

"Fancy Peters…"

"Uh." Sirius started.

"James Potter," James smiled and stuck his hand out, she smiled back and then turned back to Sirius who was too busy trying to get James to come with him and pull another stunt. James just nodded and followed him. Fancy was let down a bit but figured there must be cuter boys in the compartment they came from, so she went in.

But to much of her disappointment, there were actually three girls in that compartment. Three really pretty girls. Fancy did not like this. Not one bit. One had fiery red hair; another was strikingly pretty with brown hair and next had strawberry blonde hair. She had to become friends with one of them before they could start their own friendship circle of prettiest girls. She had to sabotage.

"Can we help you?" Lily asked politely.

"Uh yes, I was told to um…receive her for some important message." Fancy said pointing at Sandy.

Sandy looked a little scared but she pasted on a brave smile and followed Fancy out after saying bye to her new friends. Fancy introduced herself and led her to her own compartment where Lindy was patiently sitting looking through magazines.

"Didn’t you say I had to get some important message?" Sandy asked confused.

"Yes," Fancy replied smugly, "And here it is, those two girls are trouble. You belong with cool kids like Lindy and I. We're the ones who will be getting the cute guys, the cute clothes and most importantly the cute reputation. You can be one of us or just be another Hogwarts nerd like those other girls."

Sandy stared at her in disbelief, but she was considering it. Her mother was always popular back in her day and she wanted to continue the tradition. Maybe this girl Fancy could help her…

From then on, they became the Bratty Blondes, but of course Fancy had dyed her hair by then and they were the bitches of the school with their noses upturned to anyone and everyone.

From then on, Fancy became a manipulative girl who wanted what she usually couldn’t get. Specifically Sirius Black. If her parents couldn’t give her what she demanded, she'd do anything to get it. Anything at all.

Fancy Rachel Peter's father did not die.

"You know, Fancy, this has gone too far…" Lindy absentmindedly said as she looked around the room at all the sympathy cards and flowers.

Fancy rolled her eyes and smelled a petunia in a bouquet. Missy, the new Bratty Blonde smirked and read another card.

"I think its genius."

Smiling with pride, Fancy nodded.

"Sydney saw Sirius comforting me and from what I hear, she hasn’t talked to him all day. My plan is working out beautifully. I'll just play out the sympathy gig a little longer until he realizes that he loves me and then I'll act surprised when people find out that daddy isn’t dead."

Lindy looked a little unsure but kept it to herself. Not only did she not like the new girl Missy who always stuck up for Fancy but she didn’t think it was wise to pretend someone was dead. It just wasn’t ethical and even though she usually didn’t think for herself…it was different this time. This time Fancy went too far.

The door to their dormitory was opened and they were surprised to see Lily walk in with some flowers. Lily stopped short and looked around at all the other flowers and blushed at her own meek bouquet.

"What do you want Evans?" Fancy asked in a rude tone.

"Well I came to pay my respects…" Lily said a little confused at the fact that Fancy wasn’t crying anymore but had a smug smile on her face.

"For?" Fancy asked.

"Your…father?" Lily said with a sudden curiosity. Something was up.

Fancy suddenly remembered and had to act fast. She got up and ran to the bathroom making sobbing noises. Lily stared at her in wonder. Missy quickly stepped in.

"Thanks a lot, we had her thinking about other things but you just had to bring up the death didn’t you?"

Lily shook her head and put the flowers down. She turned and walked out of the room so she wouldn’t feel guilty but something wasn’t right. Fancy seemed to forget entirely…maybe…

She walked to Professor Slughorn's class and looked through some books on how to create Veritaserum, a truth potion that she had concocted years ago but needed to be sure on how. Fancy had always come up with schemes to get Sirius and this could be just another one, no matter how serious the terms were.

Sydney and Sirius weren’t speaking to each other because Sydney didn’t understand what was going on and Sirius was upset because Sydney jumped to conclusions. Severus Snape was in the classroom as well but was apparently waiting for Slughorn to help him with something.

Lily ignored the fact that Severus could very well be the guy who made those love potion chocolates at the beginning of the term and smiled and said hi. Severus merely nodded with a bit of a pink blush rushing to his cheeks.

Professor Slughorn finally came in and smiled at his favorite pupil and then helped Snape with his problem on some potion that was apparently for experts in the class. Lily sat down and searched through the book's index and found the ingredients and instructions needed.

Slughorn had snuck over at some time while she was writing down everything she needed. He gazed at her parchment and frowned.

"Lily, what do you think you're doing?"

"Uh professor, I just needed this for an essay I'm writing," she lied.

He shook his head and took the parchment from her. Then he tossed it behind his desk and took the book from her.

"You know just as well as anyone that we will not have our students reproducing potions for their own gain. Lily, you know the rules. I may have to give you detention…"

Lily's eyes widened in horror; there was no way her own professor was giving her detention. Slughorn loved her, how could he possibly give her detention?

"But sir…"

"Or you could just help Severus with this potion and we'll call it even…"

Lily gazed in Snape's direction and realized he looked a little frightened at the idea, but she'd rather take that than any detention any day.

"Okay sir."


"That little prat doesn’t need help on a damn potion! He just wants Lily to be alone with him!" James yelled in disgust.

Remus and Sirius tried to calm him down but he paced around the grass outside and configured all the disgusting things Snape would try on Lily.

"I mean, how do we know he didn’t give those chocolates to Lily with love potion in them? I bet the little worm told Slughorn he wanted Lily to help him…even though we all know he and Lily are the best in the class…he doesn’t need help."

"I wonder what Lily did to receive that kind of punishment," Sirius said looking around and finally looked down at the lake.

"It was because she was trying to create Veritaserum…" Remus replied staring at Sandy who was talking to Sydney at the edge of the lake.

"But why…that's truth potion right?" James asked in confusion.

"Maybe she thought someone was lying."

The three boys sat on the grass pondering what in the world Lily could have possibly thought of and why she chose to help Snape instead of just receiving detention.

A/N: Okay I know it's not much…but I have major plans for the next chapter…things will get a little chaotic, so keep reading everyone!

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