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CHAPTER 14 GIGGLES AND GLANCES The following morning Harry woke up and dressed. Then he headed down the hall where he found Ron was pounding on the bathroom door. "Ginny, hurry up!" Ron yelled. "You can use my bath..." Harry was cut off by Hermione coming out of her room. "Thanks, Harry." she said, heading down the hall to Harry's bathroom and shutting the door. "Thanks anyway, Harry." Ron said as he pounded on the door again. "Ginny!" "It's all yours, Your Highness!" said Ginny, coming out of the bathroom and sticking her tongue out at him. Ginny and Harry walked down to the kitchen, where Molly was just untying a piece of parchment from an owl Harry didn't recognize. Molly placed the parchment on the counter where a whole pile of them were stacked. Hermione arrived and Ginny distracted Harry from the pile of letters by saying, "Thanks, Hermione." with a giggle. "No problem." Hermione giggled back. "Am I missing something?" Harry asked. "Don't worry! You won't be." said Ginny with a smirk. Soon Ron came to breakfast. Harry leaned over to Ginny, "I don’t see anything." "It takes a little bit." Ginny returned with a whisper. "So, what are you kids doing today?" asked Molly. "I want to check out the library." said Hermione. "That figures!" said Ron. Ginny took a tiny booklet out of her pocket. "Gray means boredom." she whispered to Harry. "Huh?" asked Harry as he looked over at Ron. "Oh!" he laughed. "Ron, don't you want to help me in the library?" asked Hermione. "What's green?" whispered Harry. Ginny flipped a page. "Amorous." she giggled. Harry burst out laughing. "What are you two on about?!" huffed Ron, not liking the laughter between the two. "Nothing!" they both said. "Yellow...annoyance." whispered Ginny. Under the table, Hermione put her hand on Ron's thigh. She looked up at Ron and laughed. "What!" yelled Ron. "How do you feel?" Hermione asked as she gave his thigh a little squeeze. Ginny looked in the book before bursting out laughing and handed the book to Harry, who did the same thing and gave it to Hermione. She read.....dark green with hair standing on end…‘arousal’. Ron grabbed the book. "What is this?" The cover of the book said, 'Moody Poo Shampoo to Match Your Moods'. At this point, Ginny stood up. "Better run guys! Black means furious!" Ginny and Harry ran from the kitchen all the way up to Harry's sitting room, where Ginny locked the door then doubled over laughing. Back in the kitchen "I kind of like knowing what you're feeling. You coming to the library?" Hermione asked with a grin. Upstairs When it became obvious that Ron wasn’t chasing them, Harry and Ginny decided to do some more searching. After a couple of hours, they gave up and decided to play some Exploding Snap. "Hey! You cheated." said Harry when he saw a card fall to the floor as Ginny stretched. “I did not. I dropped it." argued Ginny. "No. You cheated." retorted Harry. "Did not!" said Ginny. "Did too!" said Harry. "Did not!" shouted Ginny as she threw her cards at Harry and the cards exploded in a bang. "You're gonna pay for that one." threatened Harry with a blackened face and singed hair. Ginny made a run for it, giggling madly. Harry dove for her, taking her to the floor and tickling her fiercely. Harry noticed how beautiful she looked with her hair all tousled and he froze just inches above her. Eyes locked, green on brown, searching for acceptance. Harry lowered his head slowly, fighting himself for the courage Gryffindors were known to possess. With just an inch to the sweet gratification, a whoosh came from the fireplace beside them, making Harry jerk backwards. "What was that?" asked Ginny. They looked at each other with reddened faces. "Maybe that was a sign like the one you saw in the mirror." said Harry, glad for the distraction. 'She's going out with Dean,' he thought to himself. He didn't want to be the type of person who would betray a fellow Gryffindor, especially a friend and roommate. Ginny got up off the floor, not wanting to say anything about what almost happened between them. She went to the fireplace searching for any type of sign that could possibly be the hidden entrance that they had spent hours looking for. Harry got up and joined her search, starting on the left end of the fireplace. Under the edge of the mantle, next to the wall, Harry felt a tiny groove on the flat surface. He ducked his head down so he could peer under the ledge. He saw an engraving in the shape of small ' M's,' with a minuscule arrow pointing down. "Ginny, I think I've found it!" exclaimed Harry. He felt the brick below the mantle, which gave way with a slight push. A rumbling noise began and the wall next to the fireplace started to change into a passage leading to the 'north tower'. Harry and Ginny looked at each other with excitement in their eyes, and headed into the passage. Harry and Ginny found themselves in a circular room similar to the other tower, only without the circular table and chairs. The room was actually void of any furniture. In the middle of the stone floor was a cross showing the four directions. The two searched the room for any information, which didn't take long because the room was empty. "Why isn't anything happening?" asked Ginny. "Well, did anything happen when you found the other room?" asked Harry. "No. Maybe we need the others." said Ginny, running off to get Hermione and Ron. A few minutes later they returned, panting from running all the way from downstairs. "Hermione, look at the carving on the floor." said Harry. "I think we're suppose to stand on the directions." he continued. "Yeah. I think you're right, Harry." Hermione returned. They each chose a position. Ron took the spot between Hermione and Harry. Ginny ended up on Harry's left, next to Hermione. They stood there looking at each other for a few minutes, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. "Maybe we’re in the wrong spots." said Hermione. "Harry, you stand there on 'North'. Ron, you take 'West'. Ginny, 'South'. And I'll take 'East'. As soon as they were all in place, the floor gave a jerk, spinning around about three times at a good speed, before slowing and coming to a halt in the same position as it had started. With a pop, a scroll appeared in the center of the floor and unrolled. After the feeling of queasiness subsided, they all moved forward to read the new massage. In finding your direction you see your counter-part It shows you of your strength in the power of four Using mischief and knowledge, strength and skill Fun and adventure be at your will Gifts to be given and knowledge to gain Past, present, and future, a prophecy all have shared 'M' When they finished reading, once again the parchment burst into flames. Hermione rushed out of the tower and quickly wrote everything down at Harry's desk. The others trailed in after her. They sat around the small table in Harry's sitting room going over what the parchment said. "In finding your direction you see your counter-part," said Hermione. "That would be North and South and East and West." "What does that mean?" asked Ginny. "Not sure, but the counter-part for North is South and the counter for East is West. I think that the counter-parts give each other strength. The rest I'm not sure of yet." "It sounds like a group, but I guess we'll just have to wait for the next clue." said Harry. "So, how did you find this one?" asked Ron. "Umm…well…" Harry started. "We were playing Exploding Snaps when the fire whooshed at us. So we looked around the fireplace and Harry found the little 'M' under the mantle." Ginny finished. "So, each time you guys found access to one of the rooms there was a sign first." said Hermione. "Yeah." answered Ginny. "Well then, we'll just have to wait for the next one." said Ron. They all headed down to lunch and discussed what they would do the rest of the day. Dudley was off visiting a few of his friends who invited him over for a couple of days for his birthday. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny spent the rest of the day playing Quiddich and swimming. The next couple of days went by uneventfully. Friday came with an announcement, from Molly, over breakfast, that she and Arthur would be visiting Charlie for the weekend and that they would be back on Sunday. "I want you to behave yourselves and help with the chores." she scolded as she gave them each a list with other instructions on behavior, which included 'No Pranks'. The rest of the morning was spent in the company of the protesting elves. Ron, Harry, and Dudley spent time weeding the garden, while Hermione helped with the laundry, and Ginny helped Petunia in the kitchen. After lunch and clean up, Ickus told them that they had done enough for the day and not to come back until supper. Ginny decided to make another try at the maze. She had found that if you were lost, touching one of the statues would transport you back to the beginning. Hermione wanted to continue her research. Ron, Harry, and Dudley camped out in front of the television, watching movies. At supper time, the twins arrived home from work. After supper cleanup was finished, Petunia and Vernon returned to their rooms, while the rest went to the lounge to see what was on T.V. "Did you bring it, Fred?" asked George. "But of course!" answered Fred as he pulled a flat DVD case from his pocket. "You girls will probably want to leave now." said Fred as he placed the box on the top of the T.V. "Why? What are you up to?" asked Ginny. "Oh! Just some guy stuff." answered George with a smirk. "Something I didn't think you girls would like very much.” added Fred "What is it?" asked Ron, a little anxiously. Harry just looked around at all of them curiously, not knowing what to expect. "After the girls leave!" said Fred. Hermione and Ginny looked at each other, not happy with being dismissed like that. "Well, if you don't want Mum to find out, you'll let us stay." huffed Ginny. "Well, by all means, stay, Gin! I bet you won't last five minutes." said George. "What is it all ready?!" asked Ron, growing impatient. "We've found out there's a whole new world in T.V. viewing." said Fred. George gave Fred a look , which his twin immediately understood. No one in the group knew what they were talking about, except Dudley who helped lead the twins to the discovery. They all found seats on the couch, chairs, and the floor. Ginny had acquired the spot on the couch next to Harry. Fred and George whispered back and forth a few times. They didn't want to start the real movie while their sister was there, so they decided to go with the backup plan and scare her off first. They brought out the scariest movie they could find in Dudley’s collection, 'Jeepers Creepers 2'. Witches and Wizards weren't used to movies, so it wouldn't take a lot. The movie started and everyone snuggled into their spots, getting comfortable, while Fred turned down the lights. Hermione, who had heard of it before and didn't think it was a big deal, decided to use the movie as an excuses to snuggle in closer to Ron on the floor. Dudley, being used to these types of movies, laughed quite a bit when Ginny buried her head into the closest thing she could find (Harry's shoulder). Ron kept saying things like "I can't watch" or squeezing Hermione a little too tightly. The twins just sat with their eyes glued to the T.V. watching and waiting for the next strike, only giving the slightest flinch when it happened. Harry wasn't paying much attention to the movie due to the distraction of the wonderful smell that arose from the youngest Weasley's hair and the hand resting on his thigh. The hand that, whenever a scary part came, would grip tightly as if to a security blanket. When the movie came to an end, Fred got up to shut it off. "Gee, Ron! You scream like a girl!" said George. "Hey! I resemble that remark!" said Ginny, who had done her share of screaming with Ron. This earned a chuckle from the rest of the group. "So, what have you got next?" enquired Ginny, determined not to let her brothers get the better of her. Besides, she was enjoying using the movie as an excuse to be close to Harry! "You won't give up will you, Gin?" asked Fred. "Not on your life!" Ginny returned. "Okay then, when you see what it is, you'll probably leave anyway. But, you can't tell Mum. Alright?" said George. "I promise!" said Ginny. "I think we need drinks." said Fred, getting up and leaving the room. Hermione, who had left a few moments earlier, returned with some popcorn and passed bowls around. After a bit, Fred returned and passed out glasses. George started the second movie and they all returned to their spots. "What's the name of this one?" asked Hermione. As she did, the title popped up on the screen. 'The Barewitch Project'. "Never heard of it." finished Hermione. Fred and George laughed. "I'd be surprised if you did." they said in unison. It started out pretty much like any other movie for the first few scenes. They had actually gotten one with a bit of a plot, until... "Oh my!" said Hermione. "What the..." added Ginny. Ron and Harry both just took a big gulp from their drinks and started coughing as the Fire Whiskey burned its way to their gullets. Fred, George, and Dudley just smirked. "George and I thought it was time you had some education. We didn't know we'd be giving it to Hermione and Ginny as well." laughed Fred. "And Ginny just so you know, this is what all blokes will try for." added George. "Well, I've seen about enough!" said a very red-faced Hermione, taking a look around, before her eyes fell upon her newly acquired boyfriend. Ron looked as though his eyes were about to pop out of his head. Hermione also glanced at Harry, who kept glancing at the floor and taking more swigs of his drink. "You care to join me?" asked Hermione. "What? Um…yeah okay." said Ginny, not wanting to let on that she was indeed curious about the movie. The girls left the room and headed upstairs to the third floor. When Hermione and Ginny reached the third floor hallway, they decided to go into Ginny's room and have a bit of girl chat. "I can't believe those guys wanted to watch that kind of movie." said Hermione, with a huff. "Well, you know which head most men make their decisions with and besides, you can't tell me that you’re not just a teensy bit curious about sex." said Ginny. "Well, yeah. But not like that!" answered Hermione. "So, what about you and Ron?" asked Ginny. "There's not much to tell. I think it will be awhile before anything happens between us. Sure things get a little heated, but we're trying to keeping our friendship intact." Hermione told her. "So, have you heard from Dean yet?" asked Hermione. "Just the once. The first week home. He said he was going on a trip with his parents and wasn't sure when he was coming back." Ginny answered. "You don't sound too disappointed." Hermione was good at reading people. "Well, no. I've been having too much fun to really think about it and we never really made any type of commitment. We said we'd write and talk more when school started." Ginny replied. "I just wish..." she stared. "What?" asked Hermione. "Nothing. It's stupid really." answered Ginny. "Oh, come on. You can tell me." said Hermione, anxiously "No, don't tell me. You still like Harry, don't you?" "Um…not really. I mean yes. I think I like him. But, not 'still'! It's different from that crush I had. I grew out of the whole hero worship when I found out he's a real person. I just like him. Does that make any sense?" asked Ginny. "Perfectly!" said Hermione. "Well, since I've told you that, I've just got to tell someone this before I absolutely die!" Ginny started. "I accidentally kissed him." She grinned. Hermione looked confused, "How do you 'accidentally' kiss someone?" "Do you remember that night we left you and Ron alone in Harry's room? Well, I decided I wanted to check out the maze and Harry came with me. We kept getting lost and I got upset and Harry was all sweet, so I went to kiss him on the cheek and we fell over and I landed on his lips." Ginny laughed. "Well, I guess that's one way to accidentally kiss someone!" Hermione said with a smirk. "I think I'm gonna go use Harry's tub." said Ginny. "What?" asked Hermione, a little confused. "Oh, haven't you seen it? It’s huge, like the ones in the prefect’s bathroom, I'm told. He said we could use it at anytime." answered Ginny. "Hmm…I'll have to remember that." said Hermione, as she pictured her and Ron together in the overly large tub. In their bathing suits, of course! Hermione went to bed while Ginny took a bath. Ginny soaked for a good half an hour before deciding to get out. She dried off and pulled on her summer robe. Ginny was just leaving Harry's bathroom when Harry stumbled by her, crashing into the door to his sitting room before falling to the floor. "Harry, are you alright?" asked Ginny worriedly, helping him up. "Um...uh-huh." answered Harry, as Ginny helped him to his bed. "You smell good!" said Harry, burrowing his nose in Ginny's hair. "Your pissed!" stated Ginny, with a giggle. "Uh-huh." agreed Harry, as Ginny guided him to his bed and sat him down. As soon as he sat down, he got up again and started undressing. He took off his shirt and then tried to get at one of his shoes but kept missing. "Need some help?" laughed Ginny, enjoying the little show he was putting on. "Yeah. That would be great." said Harry as she sat him down again and began removing his shoes and socks. "There you go!" said Ginny. As soon as she was done, he stood up again and started removing his trousers. "How can I thank you for helping me?" Harry asked, grabbing her hand. "Um…that's okay, Harry." Ginny stammered, scanning his half-naked body. Harry pulled her to him, looking deeply into her eyes…well as much as they could focus…and said, "I like you Gin!" as he leaned in and kissed her softly for a second, before he fell back on his bed...passed out cold! Ginny was bit frustrated by Harry's actions and the fact that he stopped. She looked at Harry's sleeping form. “Well, Harry, at least you're a happy drunk." she said, before extinguishing the lights and heading for her own room, with a very large grin on her face. XXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOOXXXOOO A.N. Ok we have the mystery in full swing now. Got any guesses? Hope I offended no one with the porn reference. I didn’t know of an actual name of one so I made it up (been years since I’ve seen one). If it is an actual name of one, do let me know. Any way at least when I was sixteen boys were like this and pretty much girls were all they had on their minds some were always just bolder then others. For a bonus Ill give a sneak peak of the next chapter. Yes its done already edited and waiting to be submitted so if you want it out befor Sunday the 31st get those reviews a goin. The sneak peak: Harry decided to take a long soak in his pool-like tub to relax his tight muscles, especially after a long day of Quiddich with Ron. He did a couple of laps before floating himself around on his back. He jerked his head up, thinking he heard a noise. “AHHH!” Harry heard. The screaming seemed to come from down the hall. Thanks again to those who reviewed. Individual comments to: Team_Xtreme, KeenW, and CANCAN227: Glad you like. Fairy: Yes eventually he finds his way into all of them but what do you mean about the falling part? Sara: thanks I do love fred and george although its alittlt harder with them out of school.

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