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    Yes I know it's short... but they get longer as the story progresses... By the way you=Emma. That's your name just 'cause I said so. 
    Disclaimer: I am not trying to steal J.K. Rowling's wonderful world of Harry Potter. It's only fan-fiction and I am one HUGE fan.

    "Emma, he's here!" Ally said looking panicked.

    "Who's here!? Ally who are you talking about!?"

    "Him the person who's been following us all fifteen years of our life trying to kill us!"

    "Oh that him. Come on Ally!" you said rushing out of your room and down the stairs into hallway, where you immediately were confronted by a group of people pointing wands at your mother. You stopped Ally telling her using your twin telepathy to stay quiet as you backed up the staircase and watched intently as a cold, harsh male voice talked.

    "Where are they Nina?" he asked your mother.

    "They're not here." your mother answered, spitting in his face. The man pointed his wand at her and her body started convulsing. You hear her scream and tears started streaming down your checks. Then he started to talk again.

    "I'll ask you one more time before I kill you where are they!?!" You and Ally looked at each other in shock as he said the word 'kill'.

    "I told you they aren't here." your mother answered very rudely.

    "Then how can I sense their power near?" he hissed in her ear, while pointing his wand at her. "Avara Kadavra!" a burst of green light shot from his wand and blinded you and Ally for a moment then you stared down the staircase and saw your mother's lifeless body at the bottom. You heard Ally gasp out behind you as she looked over your shoulder. You gently pulled her back to your bedroom and pulled out a blue crystal necklace that your mother had given you. You knew it doubled as a portkey if your mother ever died. 

    Ally gasped behind you whispering,"No Emma we can't leave" 

    "We have to or he will find us and kill us just like he killed mom and dad!!" you yelled tears streaming down your face. "Now pack up we're leaving as soon as possible."
    You sat in your room sadly packing some extra clothes and all of the magical things your parents and friends had ever given you, which wasn't many beacause you had just found out that you were a witch about 2 years ago. When you were done packing  some extra clothes, some emergency things and a photo of your parents, you pulled your small light blue suitcase and went into the hall and saw Ally standing there waiting for you holding a purple suitcase. You pulled out the blue crystal necklace and she pulled out an identical purple one. "Ready?" you asked her.

    "Ready." she said sadly. "See you where ever these things take us." and with that she put on the necklace and disappeared. You took one last look at the house you had known most of your life and followed suit. You felt like you were racing through time and space before your feet finally hit solid ground. You were in a small kitchen of what looked like a wizarding house. A girl that looked like she was about 15 screamed when she saw you and ran out of the room. She looked oddly familiar for some reason...

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