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“So I heard Beaubaxtons is sending a delegation.”  Hermione said as she took a bite of her blueberry muffin.

I nodded, “Well they usually do.  I wonder who they sent for seventh year.” At that moment Draco leaned over and took my last piece of bacon.  “Hey!  I was saving that!”


He simply smirked with no remorse at all and turned back to his conversation with Harry and Ron, while savoring my last piece of bacon.


“Ok, question.  Why do they do the whole floaty thing when they enter a room?”  Ginny asked as she finished her doughnut.


“It’s tradition of sorts.”  I said as we heard the doors open.  The delegations were just about to join us.


Professor McGonagall entered the Hall followed by the other Professors.  They made their way to the front and stopped at their usual place.  Professor McGonagall then started her address.  “Good morning students.  Today as you all might know is the first day of the Exchange Week.  This year, for the first time in this decade, it will be hosted here at Hogwarts.  There are three delegations present.”  She then went on to talk about each of the schools and their delegations.  “First we have the delegation for Beauxbatons Academy.” At that moment the doors opened and ten girls in familiar uniforms stepped thru.  Madame Margaritte DuCompte was leading them. 


I felt Draco’s hand on my shoulder. “Would have loved to see you wearing that uniform.” I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek. “Recognize anyone?”


I looked back at the delegation and that was when I noticed. “Yes.  That one, the one next to Madame DuCompte is Lissiana.”


Draco frowned.  “You know Lissiana Flint?”


I nodded and waved at my old friend to get her attention.  “Yes, why?”


“Her family are death eaters.” Ginny said.  “Her brother died because he refused to become one.”


I nodded, I already knew the story.  But, I also knew something that the whole family worked hard to keep a secret, and the reason why I knew she would never be one of them.  “She’s different.  Trust me.”


At that moment Lissi noticed me and waved back and smiled.  We had been friends from our first year at Beauxbatons, we practically knew everything about the other. 


“Bella, there are rumors that she is dating someone in Slytherin.  You do know that?”  Ginny asked. 


I knew she had started dating someone from Hogwarts during the summer.  She had written a couple of times telling me about him, but I couldn’t remember his name. “Well, I didn’t know he was from Slytherin.  Come on, from her letters he sounded nice.”


“Someone nice at Slytherin?”  Ron said and looked at Draco, “No offense, but that is completely well… whacked.  And by now you should know better B.”


“Hey girly!”  I heard Lissi’s voice call out.  I stood up and we hugged each other. “How have you been?  I mean you never get to Beaux and you forget to write or well … you never let me know about you.  I’ve been suffering!  I’ve had no one to talk to.  Vi is no fun and you know that!”  She then stood back and noticed Draco.  “Hey Malfoy!”


Draco nodded, “Hello Lissiana.”


Lissina looked around and her confusion was evident.  “Uh? Malfoy, since when are you in Gryffindor?”


Draco shook his head.  “Long story, better for another time.”


Lissiana shrugged.  “So?” she asked me.


I smiled. “Long story.  I’ll fill you in later.”


Lissiana smiled back.  “Ok, I’ll see you guys later then. Madame is already waving like if a bee was on her.  Girly, we have to talk!”  Lissiana said and then walked back towards the Beauxbatons delegation.


“You know Lissi, Draco?”  I asked and he just nodded.


Ron nodded in agreement.  “If Malfoy here knows her it can only mean one thing... trouble.”


I shook my head.  “No way.  Lissi and I have known each other since forever.”


“Well did you know that her nice Slytherin is no other than Blaise Zabini?” Ginny asked and pointed towards them.


I shook my head.  “No, I had no idea.”




“So you and Draco. Wow!” Lissiana said for the hundredth time.  We had been talking non stop for the last hour.


“You and Blaise?”  I asked for the hundredth time.


Lissi nodded.  “He doesn’t know B.  All he knows is that I am the Flint’s middle child.  That my father is a DE and my mother and brother were killed because they refused to join.  I’m still in school so I’m safe.”


“But, what about after graduation?”  I asked. 


“I’ll move back with Nana and Pop.  There is no way I can go home.” Lissi said.  She then waved her hand and asked, “Enough about me.  What about your nightmares?  Have they told you anything else?”


“Well this morning, I had another one.   I didn’t tell Draco about it.  Just said it was more of the same.”  I said as I changed from one rock to another.  We had been sitting outside on some rocks near the Whomping Willow. 


“This is so weird.  Draco finally acting more like himself and less as a brat.” Lissi said.


“I didn’t know you two knew each other.”  I said.


“Well, we met a long time ago.  Remember that time, the Triwizard Challenge?” Lissi asked.


“Yes.  I’d forgotten about it.  You were here.”  I said and she only nodded.  So I went on.  “It’s kind of getting late, we should start getting back in.”


Lissi nodded. “I’m glad to be here B.  And you know I’ll help in any way I can.”

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