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Before I get to the chapter, guys, I accept constructive critism well, and try and work from your amazing suggestions, but guys, please don't send pointless critism and hate mail.


Told you I'd keep it coming! And I am. Its taking me a bit longer to get everything set up ast my other site, so that's why its taking longer to write. Sorry y'all. I know the video isn't exactly Fallon. Okay, its not really. Its supposed to be a Katie/Oliver one according to its maker, but whatever... I thought it still fit nicely.
-Cayla- Fire

We left the world cup almost immediately after since the parents did all the packing with a quick flick of the wand. I was still really concerned about everything that had happened. I was determined to make sure things were going to be smooth between Oliver and me, but still, I was quiet, and everyone thought they knew why. Most didn't.
Mom took me to St. Mungo's first thing when we got back. We told everyone else we were going to get the school things. Of course that meant we ended up getting everyone their supplies, but we didn't mind all that much.
At St. Mungo's, they gave me some vitamins to take and taught me some special concealor and protective spells so I could hide it when I began to show and I could keep playing quidditch. Also, my mother flat out told me that when it was born, that she and Dad would take care of it until I was out of school. She would not have me giving up school and my dreams. In her mind, I think she thought if they'd kept the alcohol out of hand, then it wouldn't have happened.
When we got home that day I really didn't want to see anyone. I grabbed my broom the minute we were at Oliver's. I jumped out my window, not bothering with the door and hopped out, pulling the broom underneath me as I did.
I flew out to the pitch, which I knew no one was using right now and sat beneath a goal post.
'This is coming out to be a huge mess.' I thought as I put my head in my hands. 'School is starting back in two days, and I'm pregnant with my best friends child! I meanwe are becoming something more, but don't people usually go out on dates and such before getting pregnant? UGH!'
I was completely lost in my thoughts when someone walked up. I feared it would be Oliver, but it turned out to be my mother.
"Hello dear," She greeted me and plopped down gracelessly beside me.
"Hello mum,"
"You know, I came to talk to you because you're obviously not yourself, but for good reason."
"Yea, I guess you could say that," I mumbled.
"I want you to know you shouldn't be ashamed Fallon," She commented.
"Why shouldn't I be ashamed? I mean I got drunk after a Quidditch match and slept with my best friend without either of use knowing and then got pregnant. What part of that shouldn't I be ashamed about?" I asked coldly.
"Don't deny that you love Oliver for starters, before I say anything else. Secondly, because of that, you should be proud to be having his child," My mother paused and then continued, "Its not as if you're the first person in history this has happened to. In fact, you, Oliver, and Seamus Finnegan, were all cases like this. And you're brother was a little bit. We were trying to have him, but we had a quidditch game we went to andwell yeah." This made me feel quite a bit better.
"And you know Oliver is going to love you no matter what. He does love you as more than a friend, so dont worry about that. He just has to get his head out of the clouds for a bit to realize it for himself."
"Yeah, I guess you're right, but it doesn't make this any easier. Is this going to get any easier Mom?" I asked.
"Yeah, eventually. But it starts with you telling Oliver," My mom said gently.
"I know, and I'm going to tell himjust not now," I replied. She simply nodded and left, giving me my space.
I sat around for another ten minutes, and then Oliver flew in. He didn't know anything was wrong, so he came down merrily to greet me.
"Oi Fallon!" He called as he began to descend.
"Hey Oliver!" I called back, masking my feelings. Oliver walked over and plopped down beside me.
"So, I wanted to ask you if you'd be my co-captain this year. Not assistant, but co. With us having a full team of backup players who practice regularly, we really could use the extra coordination," Oliver offered. I was surprised. Completely and fully.
"Yeah, of course Oliver. Its not as if there's anyone else who knows you well enough to know what you want done," I gave him a sheepish grin.
"Of course. Except maybe Braeden," Oliver replied.
"Can you see him running a Quidditch practice?" I laughed
"More like him messing with everyone because he can," Oliver replied
" 'Hurry up with those Dungbombs Katie! If you don't hit Alicia this time, your in for a pelting of them by me!' 'Harry, catch that blasted Acid Pop already! I don't care if there's not a stick on it!'" I mocked Braeden. Oliver and I began laughing and Braeden walked up.
"What are you two cackling about?" Braeden asked. We looked at Braeden, then each other, then began laughing so hard we had to lie down.
"C'mon you two, what's so funny?" Braeden asked again, which resulted in more laughing. Finally, Braeden stopped trying and was up in the air flying. That left Oliver and me on the ground gasping for breath.
The last couple days of summer flew by. I'd managed to forget the child growing in my womb for those few days, but I realized that someone at Hogwarts had to know, just incase something were to go wrong'Braeden' I realized he would be the only one I would or could try to trust.
I walked out of my room where I had been packing and down to Braeden's room. We had come home for the last two days. I opened his door without knocking, not caring what he was doing. He probably wouldn't care anyway.
"Braeden?" I said a bit softly as I walked lightly into his room look for him. "You here?"
"Yeah, just a second!" a voice from the closet called out. I rolled my eyes knowing he was probably looking for some lost book. He'd NEVER lose any quidditch gear.
A moment later he fell out of the closet holding, a book, big surprise He dropped the book and gave me an evil grin. 'Oh shit' that could not be a good thing.
The next thing I knew I was tackled by Braeden.
"Braeden get off!" I ordered annoyed.
"No," He said stubbornly.
"Braeden, I've got something important to tell you, get off," I ordered in a serious tone. Braeden, upon seeing the serious look on my face and tone in my voices, released me from the pinned position he'd put me in.
"What do you want to tell me?" Braeden asked, a bit worried. He knew it was very rare that he ever tackled me and didn't get fought back at.
"You're going to want to sit down," I said first thing. I was currently sitting on the floor, but Braeden took a seat on the edge of the bed.
"Alright. What is it?" Braeden asked again.
"Braeden you remember what happened after the world cup, right?" I began tentatively.
"Of course. It was not a pretty scene in that living room. Especially for Oliver. If you two hadn't come out clean I don't know if either of us would've made it," Braeden replied
"That's just it Braeden, both of us didn't come clean. One of us decided to lie to protect someone else," I said vaguely, not wanting to drop the bomb all at once.
"Yes, but who didn't come clean? And how?" Braeden asked gently
I didn't look at him straight away, but finally I lifted my eyes to meet his. "Me Braeden, I didn't make it clean. And I'mI'm" I trailed off and then built my strength back up before finishing, "I'm pregnant Braeden."
Braeden was in a complete shock for the moment. He said nothing, he did nothing. Finally, he regained speech.
"Does Oliver know?" he asked.
"No, neither does Dad. Mom is going to tell him once we are at school, and I'm waiting to tell Oliver myself when the time is right."
"So why are you telling me?" Braeden asked.
"Someone at Hogwarts needs to know. Mom is going to notify the Professor Dumbledore, but I'm going to need someone to talk to until I tell Oliver. Also, if something should happen to me, someone else needs to know to tell everyone else."
"So you picked me?" Braeden whined.
"Yes, you're my brother, who else would I ask? It's not as if I've got any friends beside you and Oliver who I could trust enough to tell. And obviously Oliver is not a choice."
"Alright, I'll keep an eye on you. But aren't you going to show eventually?" Braeden asked.
"Yeah, but there is a charm to cover it up," I replied.
"Anything else I should know?" Braeden asked.
"Well, I'm still playing quidditch, and Oliver made me co-captain," I answered
"What?!?! How are you going to play Quidditch? You could hurt yourself and the baby," Braeden argued
"Another spell. A protection one. Why do you think I didn't flip out when you tackled me?" I replied.
"C'mon Oliver! Braeden! We're gonna be late!" I yelled from downstairs. Braeden and I had gone over to Oliver's where we were going to be apparating. Well, I'd be side along with Braeden or Oliver, because I would be 17 in a month. I was better than both of them though.
"We're coming," They yelled back as they made their way down the stairs.
"We have to get going otherwise we won't get a big compartment," I warned.
"Yeah yeah, we're going," Oliver replied with a grin.
"Here let me grab your trunk," Braeden tried to grab my trunk, but I wouldn't let him.
"Braeden I can get my own trunk, I'm fine, really." With that I latched onto to Braeden's arm and soon felt the uncomfortable feeling of being sucked through an incredibly small tube.
A moment late we appeared in a large compartment on the train.
"Rather good aim this time," I complimented Braeden. I looked around to find Oliver had gotten here all right.
"Why don't you guys go and find Fred, George, Alicia, Katie, and Angelina and bring them back here. I'll wait on you," I said with a grin and plunked down on a seat.
Oliver rolled his eyes, and muttered, "Lazy bum" not to well under his breath. They walked off and I took a deep breath.
'This is going to be a long year' I thought to myself. I tried to clear my thoughts. No sooner than I had accomplished just that.
"Fallon!" I heard two voices call out simultaneously. I snapped my eyes open and to the door to where to red headed twins burst through the door and practically tackled me. Braeden didn't like this at all. Despite the protection spells, he didn't want to see anyone tackling me with me being the way I was.
He grabbed the back of their shirts and pulled them off of me.
"Get off her you two," He growled as he pulled them up.
"What's the matter with you mate?" Fred asked.
"Nothing, but you shouldn't be tackling her," He replied. Fred and George exchanged weird looks, but said nothing in return. A moment later Katie, Alicia, Oliver, and Angelina came through.
"You two realize you knocked about half the train over, plus ran fast than you can fly to get here?" Oliver grumbled.
"Quit whining Oliver," I said agreeably. Everyone put their trunks up and sat down.
"So, tell us everything about the Quidditch Dorms," Oliver said. And the rest of the trip on the train was spent listening to Angelina and Katie talk about their summer, and Alicia about her time in Italy. People were asking us about our summer, but we told them that we pretty much spent the summer playing Quidditch.
Before long we were at Hogwarts, and luckily it wasnt raining. We grabbed a carriage quickly. Braeden had grabbed my trunk before I could do anything so I figured I'd do better not to draw attention to it, but this was going to have to stop.
At the feast, the sorting was done quickly, and there were a fair few Slytherins sorted this year, and that could lead to trouble. Especially closer to the Quidditch matches.
"Now, before we get muddled by our delicious feast, the rules have not changed from our previous years, but for the benefit of our first years, I shall repeat a few that our older students seem to have trouble with," Dumbledore began. Was it just me, or were me, Braeden, Fred, George, and Oliver getting stared at?
The Forbidden Forest is STILL forbidden. Fanged Frisbees, and Dungbombs are not allowed. That is all," With that Dumbledore sat and the food appeared on the table. Good thing too, because Fred, George, Braeden, and Oliver were all already starving, and their stomachs were making that obvious.
While Katie, Angelina, and Alicia at neatly, the rest of ate like we were ravished, which we were. I just wasn't as gross about it as the boys. After the feast, Dumbledore released us and we went up the common room. Also, he announced the Head boy and girl, which was Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater. Big surprise.
In the common room, we all sat around the fire. There were enough chairs Oliver, Braeden, and George grabbed them first. Katie sat on the arm of Georges chair, while Alicia just sat on him. Fred sat on the floor, assuming Angelina was, but she just laughed when Fred gave her a glare for sitting on Braeden. None of the girls were going to sit on the floor. He was crazy for thinking she was. That left me Oliver, and I didn't mind. I sat on his lap with my legs over one of the arms of the chairs and my head resting on the other. I closed my eyes, happy with the arrangements.
"Comfy?" Oliver asked with a grin.
"Why yes, you're rather comfy Oliver. You should go into the furniture business, you'd do quite well," I joked without opening an eye.
"Well gee thanks. You're not too bad yourself," He replied. Everyone was listening now.
"How can I be comfy? You're not sitting on me," I replied, eyes still closed.
"Because, you are sitting on me. You could be heavy or something," He replied.
"Good, then I'm not heavy, and I'm comfy to have site on your lap. Great, I'll put it on my resume," I joked.
"What? You are comfy," Oliver began," You not heavy or scrawny, and you don't have a bony butt." Oliver began to blush the minute the words left his lips.
I opened one eye. Then "Have you been paying attention to my arse Oliver?" I said with a laugh.
He just rolled his eyes but said nothing.
"You two having fun over there?" Fred asked, referring to the flirting.
"Yes, actually I am, care to join?" I retorted.
"Why yes, I do. I think you have a very nice arse Fallon," Fred replied.
"Having you been staring at my arse Fred?" I asked seriously.
"Well, it is nice," He answered.
"Fred!" Angelina complained and gave him a light and playful smack
"What?" Fred asked, "You've got a nice arse too. There you're not left out."
"Have you been looking?" Angelina flirted.
"Yes, I have," Fred answered playfully. Angelina rolled her eyes but said nothing. We laughed and played around the rest of the evening before going up to our dorms.
That night as I lay in my bed, I realized maybe this wouldn't be too bad. Maybe Oliver would realize how I felt without much prodding and this would turn out alright And I'm getting tackled a lot lately.

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