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Disclaimer: I do not own anything excluding the plot!

Ch.2: 1. I hate that you bully Snape.

Summary: “Me?” He said incredulously as he stared at him. What did he expect fried chicken? “I do not bully Snape” Oh really, “How about that time…” Read and Review!

A/n: Thankx for all the reviews and reads so far! Love you all! 


                                           Ten Things I hate about James  Potter 
                                               1. I hate when you bully Snape.

I smiled trumpet as I finished number 1 with a flourish. Potter glanced at the parchment before he looked at me as if I was crazy.

“Me?” He asked incredulously as he stared at me. I rose an eyebrow what did he expect me to write?

“What did you expect, Potter?” I asked after a moment of silence

“I never bullied Snape!” He exclaimed

“Oh really” I said glaring at him. The prat did not want to admit that I might win because I might actually have ten things.

I just wanted to throttle him. He is so…argh! There are no words to explain it. He was a prat and always will be a prat.

“How about that time near the grounds?” I said smirking as I remembered the event…

“Lils” My best friend, Nelly Johnson, said. Pointing toward the grounds where a crowd gathered around something. I just had a feeling it was James and his group called the Marauders.

I was correct as I heard a bout of laughter coming from the crowd. Making my way through the group surrounding the scene I finally reached the scene I glared as I took the scene in.

Snape was tied to a turning wheel. He looked so frightened it was almost comical. Black was on the side smiling happily as he took money from other people. Remus was shaking his head but he was also smiling as he stood next to the tied up Snape occasionally turning him. Potter was in front of the tied up Snape he was blindfolded and was holding a knife, obviously, aiming to hit Snape with it.

“Welcome” Black voice said looking at the people gathered around the little show, “You have taken your bets. One was that for fifty galleons that James will not hit Snape. Another was that he would hit Snape squarely in the chest area. Let the games begin.” Black finished, I scowled. How could they be so mean?

“I’ll get you for this Potter” Snape exclaimed before Potter finally threw the knife. I watched in disbelief as the knife flew in midair then with a loud twang, the knife was now stuck right next to Snape’s right ear.

“Did I hit him?” Potter asked as he took the blindfold off


“Or that other time...” I said enjoying how Potter reddened.

The Marauders snickered as they watched the Slytherin table. I watched them warily. They were up to something. Therefore, I, too, turn to look at the Slytherin table.

There was nothing interesting…for now.

I watched as Snape took a sip from his goblet. Nothing happened until…Snape got up with a glazed expression and made his way toward the Staff table.

The great hall was now quiet as Snape opened his mouth and said, “My dear Minnie, you have no idea how much I am in love with you. Our love is forbidden but I yearn for it. I can’t do it anymore I…must” Before he scared me for life…he kissed McGonagall.

Potter laughed before he started chanting, “Snapey and Minnie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes loooove-“

But, I noted with a smirk, he didn’t get to finish as Snape turned towards Potter and made his way toward him, in a sing-song voice, Snape said, “I love you, I want to hold you, I want to kiss you, I want to fu—"

“Enough!” James shouted as I reminded him of that day. “I get it. Okay, I get it. Can we please go to the next one?”

Oh, I am so enjoying this.

A/n: This is NOT slash! I just wanted to point that out. The thing that Snape drunk was Love Potion. I hope you like it! The next one will not be up as fast as this one had. The next one should be up 1-10 days. Thankx for the reviews! Sorry for the short chapter promise the next will be longer! Read and Review!


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