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Time at Hogwarts always passed by quickly; Lily liked to believe it was part of the magic.

It was cold outside and most people were hidden away in their common rooms, but Lily decided to grab her skate board and hang around the corridors, it had been ages since she had, had a chance to go skateboarding so she decided just to go when the corridors were empty.

She must have been circling the third floor for over an hour, so she decided to take a break in the nearest classroom. There was a door to her left so she went in, possibly not the best idea as it is Hogwarts but anyways.

Upon entering the room Lily found all the tables and chairs pushed to the sides of the room. And there standing proud was a large mirror.

“Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi” Lily muttered reading the engraving around the top of the mirror. “Strange.”

Looking around to make sure she was alone Lily went and stood in front of the mirror. At first all she saw was herself, and then something else faded into the picture.

Next to her stood James, he was smiling broadly and holding Lily’s hand, she could almost feel it. Beside James was Sirius and Remus, no Peter. Then something else caught Lily’s eye, her parents were there too.

Lily let out a small sob, a smile gracing her face however.

Then she saw something else, two young children, one boy who looked like James when he was younger, and one young girl who looked like Lily when she was younger.

The mirror James bent down and picked up the two children and kissed them each on the forehead.

“Miss Evans.” A familiar voice said from behind Lily.

“I want that.” Lily said softly. “I want to see myself smiling and I want James, and Sirius, and Remus, I want my parents and I want those two beautiful children.” A tear ran down Lily’s face.

“I know Miss Evans.” The voice said. “Now come it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” Dumbledore said standing beside Lily.

The redhead nodded and walked away leaving the aging man to stand in front of the mirror alone.

“Lily!” Morgan called out as she walked along the cool corridor. The redhead turned around and smiled as Morgan neared her.

“Hey what’s up?” Lily asked.

“Well there’s this party tonight, do you wanna come?’ Morgan asked grinning. Lily nodded and left for her class.

Slowly the day passed, and then Lily could be found in the Head common room, wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a small strappy red dress, with a hair of red pumps.

“James! Hurry up already!” Lily called to James’ room. “We’re going to be late.”

“Geez woman hold up.” James called as he walked out of his room; he walked over to Lily kissing her lightly on the cheek before leading her out of the room.

When they reached the room of requirements, where the party would be, Lily wasn’t surprised to find that half of the kids there were drunk already. Everyone was doing one of three things, dancing, drinking or kissing someone. James led Lily towards Sirius who had his arm around Morgan’s shoulders, he was whispering into her ear. Lily raised an eyebrow at this.

“Erm Morgan, can you get me a drink?” Lily asked casually, Morgan nodded and walked over to the drinks table.

“Sirius I want to know now.” Lily said threateningly.

“What? Since Natalie died she and Katie have been great, both of them are pretty and Morgan is well, great.” Sirius said grinning at Lily. The redhead smiled at her friend and nodded, they had her blessings.

After Morgan returned with a fire whiskey for Lily and James, Lily found herself being led to the dance floor with James.

James wrapped an arm around Lily’s small waist and pulled her close, smiling Lily wrapped her arms around James’ neck and leaned up to plant a kiss on his soft lips.

“James I love you.” Lily whispered into James’ ear ever so softly as they danced together.

“I love you too Lily.” James said with equal softness, they looked into each others eyes, so full of passion, so full of love.

Lily smiled at James.

“Do you wanna go back?” She asked somewhat shyly.

James nodded and indicated to Sirius that they were leaving.

Together they walked along the dark corridors, James’ arm around Lily’s shoulders; every so often he would place a kiss on the top of Lily’s head.

When they reached James’ room they stood there for sometime just looking into each others eyes, before James leant down and brushed his lips ever so lightly across Lily’s lips. Lily’ wrapped her arms around James’ neck and deepened the kiss, much to James’ approval.

James pulled away from Lily’s lips and nipped and kissed at the sensitive spot just under her ear, causing Lily to moan with pleasure, Lily pushed James gently towards his bed, and pulled his t-shirt off before pushing him onto the soft material.

Once Lily had joined James on the bed, he rolled on top of her and went back to work with her neck. Pulling her dress up over Lily’s head James leant down to kiss and caress her breast. Eventually they had removed all items of clothing.

“Are you sure?” James asked Lily softly, panting ever so slightly.

“Of course.” Was her reply.

If one were to witness the pair they would have seen the couple be engulfed in a golden light, bringing them together, closer then most.

Credit to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (book 1) for DUmbledores line in the mirror bit of this chapter
Jesi xx

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