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AN: I just wanted to let every one know that when I use 'one' quotation mark, it’s a thought, and when I use "two" it's speaking; also this chapter has a sex scene, just a warning, but I would like to know if it is any good. and yes, I know its fast, read at the end. Also, please reveiw if you read, I would greatly appreciate it. Its helps me keep going. I hope you like it.

Harry growled along with Crystal, trying to hide the thunderbolt scar that appears on every animal he changes into, with the wolf it's on his front left paw. He growled again, then shot past the boy, knowing that if he stayed there for too long, someone would recognize him, and he can't be recognized. No one that he doesn’t want to know about his animagi powers knows about them, and he’d like to keep it that way.

Mid-Stride, Crystal followed suit of Harry and changed into a cheetah, noticing that he was a very rare albino, and according to her parents, animagi in this form can run faster than 99 mph. She knew she would lose him. He ran to the castle only to bump into Hermione with her shiny new Heads badge.

“What are you doing like that, Harry?”

He changed back only to respond by pulling her aside and telling her about all that had happened over the past two days.

Hermione smiled, but she took off after seeing a couple first years starting to battle. He knew she was happy for him, even if she didn’t respond.

He looked around for Crystal, and spotted her still in cheetah form running towards him. She changed mid-step.

He had to steady her to keep her from falling over.

'I need to work on that.' She thought.

'Yeah, you do.'

She laughed. "So, why can't those people see you like that?"

"They just can't. That's Professor Snape and his little ferret Draco Malfoy. They aren’t exactly my best friends, if you catch my drift. They don't know about my power, or as we just learned, my multiple powers. They would use it against me."

"Oh, ok, well, its time to eat something, I am hungry, and I have a feeling you are too. Let's go see if lunch is still out."

"We don’t have to; I know one of the kitchen elves. He'd be happy to make us something." Harry said this with a smile; he didn't want to go to the Great Hall, he wanted to be alone with Crystal. No questions.

Harry and Crystal ate, then went back up to the dorms. She slept on the couch while he worked at the fire-side table. (Which he put there)

Suddenly about nine, Harry heard a tapping on the window. Getting up to see what it was, he had his wand ready, knowing how much danger he was in.

He looked out the window to see a phoenix struggling to even peck at the window. It was a golden color, and it had a broken wing.

He immediately opened the window, and watched it fly in before landing on the floor in front of him.

He dropped down and wrapped it in a cloth, then picked it up and woke Crystal.

"Come with me, I need to take it to McGonagall."

"Ok, I will meet you there, but it's after-hours, wont we get in trouble?"

"Not with this." He tapped the Marauders' Map.

He checked it for Filch. He was in his office, and no one else was out. He took off to get there as fast as possible.

When he had talked to McGonagall, she told him so many things; that the Phoenix had chosen him. Ok, so he owned a phoenix. She told him how to care for it, how to do so many things, that he had to sit down and take notes while she healed his new phoenix, he hadn't decided on a name for it.

'Maybe a name like Golden, or Element would work. That would work for him, Element. I could name it after Crystal.'

'Thank you; that would be sweet.' She responded. He had forgotten yet again.

'You're welcome. It fits him anyway.'

Crystal blushed and laughed a little when she heard this.

McGonagall looked up, and knew what was going on so she quickly went back to healing Element. No one at all knew her secret; she heard every word they were thinking.

She smiled to herself before presenting the newly healed phoenix and told Harry to go to Dumbledore and ask for a cage to keep it in its room.

Harry and Crystal did as they were told and got a cage before they lay back down on the couch.

Harry couldn't wait any longer; he turned her view from the fire and pulled her into a deep kiss. They kissed passionately, but air called out to them. They broke only to breathe.

Harry longed to do more than kiss; he put his hand under her shirt on pulled slightly on her back. They kissed even more fiercely. She moved her hand down his side and pulled at his jeans.

His hand wrapped around to her back, and he felt the gems on her back.

'I love you.' He thought, hoping that in the passion she would hear it, hoping it would help with what he had to do.

'I love you, too.'

'We can't do this.' He thought as she started to unbutton his jeans.

"Why?" She questioned, but she spoke instead of thinking it.

“I don’t know what made me love you so much so quickly, but we’ve only known each other for three days, and have only been technically dating for two. My friends don’t even know.”

“Oh. But I thought you loved me?”

“I do. With all of my heart, but it feels too fast. I cant explain how this all happened. I love you, but something seems wrong about it, its so fast.”

“Trust me, ok? It will be ok. It’s not too fast, when you find the one you love, that’s all that matters.” She leaned down and kissed his neck, and got up and led him to the room of requirement.

"For Privacy."

She was once again on top of him, pulling at his jeans.

'Damn these jeans! Help, please?'

He laughed a little first, then unbuttoned them.

"You have to do the zipper." He laughed again.

She had stripped his shirt and jeans, and he was now just down to a pair of boxers. She was in panties. He finished undressing her, and she did the same. She wasn’t embarrassed by being naked with him. She was happy. She suddenly sat upright and moaned in bliss. He had found a spot on her neck that he now loved. He started to push into her, she moaned a little, and she felt a twinge of pain.

Of course the first time would be painful. She was being stretched, and it hurt. He kissed her lightly on the spot on her neck the he loved, and it eased the pain a bit. He moved a little farther in, and it hurt worse. He kissed the spot again, and finished, going in all of the way. She moaned, and so did he. She lay back on top of him, with him still inside her.

He rolled them over on the bed that the Room of Requirement provided, which was very large, so that he was on top. He had one hand holding himself up, and another tracing a finger along her spine. She moaned at his every touch, which meant that she was getting to cloud nine. He was too.

She suddenly pushed against him, making them both moan in bliss. He pulled out of her and put a hand between her legs, warming her back up. He wanted more. He put a finger inside her, then took it back out and pushed himself back in.

*Hermione's story*

She walked toward the room of requirement, wondering where Harry was. She paced back and forth, not knowing or caring where she was, just as long as she found him. Without knowing it, she had found the place. A door popped up.

*Back to Harry*

Crystal sat up again, enjoying every moment of the current events. She leaned over, kissing him bare chest, and moving slowly downward, but he pulled her back up. They linked hands as they reached the peak again.


She opened the door; it showed a tiny room with a bed in the middle. Crystal moaned, so did Harry. She stood there in horror for a few seconds and Harry spotted her first.

"Hermione! What the fuck, get out of here!" But Hermione was unable to move, she was horrified. She could see that they were right in the middle of this act, and he was still in her.

"Hermione, GO!!" Se did as she was told, and walked straight to a shower, even if they didn’t see anything wrong with it, she still thought it was wrong. She didn’t even do anything, and she felt dirty.

*Back to Harry*

Who he could tell wanted more, wanted to finish again, but he couldn't, not after what just happened. He lifted her off of him and began to put on his clothes.

He heard Crystal finishing up by herself. He knew she couldn’t just stop, there was a process with girls.

'I feel horrible, but I can't finish this after what happened. Don’t think I don’t love you or this, because I do, very much. ' With that thought he walked over and placed a full loving kiss on her lips, and kissed the spot on her neck, but after that he walked to the little bathroom that was in the bedroom off to the side. They hadn't used protection; with that thought, he threw up in the sink basin.


Crystal and Harry stayed in the room until morning, seeing as it was Saturday tomorrow. They did finish the nights activities closer to morning.

They were closer than ever.

But Harry went to talk to Hermione, alone. Crystal was still tired and decided it would be best if she stayed in the dorms.

Harry found Hermione where she always was when there was trouble, the library.

"Hermione, we need to talk, in private, follow me."

He took her hand and walked to the lake.

They both sat down, not knowing what to say. But then Hermione decided to figure something out.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?! You've only known her for three days! How can you choose to do that so suddenly?"

"Look, I love her, I don’t know how it happened, but it was like it was supposed to happen. But I came out here with a problem. We didn’t use protection."

Hermione slapped him across the face. "Those were stupid decisions Harry, and I'm sorry for walking in and for what I just did, but you needed it." She looked at the ground.

"I understand," he turned her head back up to look him in the eye, "you are my best friend, I trust your decisions, but I don’t know what to do, what if she's pregnant?"

'We will get through this, trust me.' Crystal was in his mind, he looked up and saw her walking towards him.

"All of us." She said looking from Hermione to Harry. She knew that she was pregnant, it was a gift that all Elementals had, they knew when something in their bodies changed.

A/N I know it is very very very long, but I had to make it that way. I had to get everything in there. How was the love scene? I hope it was ok, it was my first written love scene. Please review, give me input on where you'd like to see it go. I have a general idea, I just want to know what my readers want. PS> I also realize that this happened very early, but it had to for the rest of the story. When this happens, it creates a connection between the two people, and that’s needed later. But it will be back to normal soon.

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