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Disclaimer: I do not own anything. I am not even sure I own the plot. Though, I am quite sure that I own the chapter image.

Ch. 1: So it begins

Summary: “Come on Evans” Potter called out to me. I turned around towards him the scowl still on my face. “What?” Potter sighed before he said, “Here me out” Read and Review!

Okay just keep walking, Lily, maybe he will not see you if you just keep walking! You are almost there…a few more steps and you free from…

“Oi! Evans slow down will you,” A voice said behind me. I growled

“Potter” I said before turning to the said person. Why couldn’t he leave me alone? Just for a minute. A minute! Is that so hard to ask? “What do you want?”

The prat smiled cheekily. I scowled before I turned around starting to walk toward the Great Hall. I did not have time for the prat or his little tricks.

“Come on, Evans,” He called out to me. I turned around once again. The scowl still on my face. I sighed before I said, resignedly, “What, Potter, is so important that you have to bother me every moment of the day?”

“Just here me out okay?” He started when I did not object he continued, “Follow Me,” He said before he turned around and entered the Common Room. I threw my hands up in defeat what did he want me to do? Follow him like a lost puppy? No way. However, I was curious so I muttered the password to the fat lady and climbed through.

He was, obviously, waiting for me. He sat near the fire and on the table were parchment and a bottle of ink and quill. I warily neared him. When I was next to him, he said, “Sit” I narrowed my eyes but I obliged.

“Potter, don’t tell you brought me here for nothing.” I said fuming after a moment of silence

“Calm down Evans” He said smiling “I have an idea. I want you to make a list of ten things you hate about me. If you come up with ten things than I will leave you alone. But if you don’t, you have to go out with me.” Potter finished off smirking as if he just invented the light bulb.

It seemed reasonable. How hard could it be? I mean Potter is the most annoying person I have ever met. You see there is one. I hate that you annoy me. Easy.

“Also” He started again “You have to attach a memory to it. Like if I was selfish, you have to recall when I have ever been selfish to you or anyone else.”

Prat. He just made it harder. Nevertheless, I could still win…right? Okay, do not doubt. I know I can win. Then Potter will leave me alone finally.

“Fine” I said smiling sweetly. Potter does not know what he just got himself into.

“Good” he said smiling before he handed me the parchment and ink and quill. “Let’s get started”

End of Chapter 

A/n: I hope you liked it. I know I shouldn't be starting a new fic but I thought it would be a cute story to post on how James got his first date with lily. So far, there are eleven chapters. I know its short but deal with it. You know I suck at writing beginnings. The whole story will be in Lily’s POV and Sirius and Remus will be there occasionally. Read and review if you please. Tell me if I should continue or not.


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