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A/N: Here's the second chapter everyone! Please leave a review! I only have like four reviews for the first chapter! I live for reviews, so don't kill me here! JK!  Anyway, read on!

Lily’s mind fluttered into consciousness, and she heard voices speaking near her. She tried to open her eyes and sit up, but found that the effort was pointless. Her limbs seemed too heavy to move. Even her eyelids were weighed down. 


“Oh gosh!” She heard someone say. “She’s burning up! Her fever’s really high!” She recognized the voice as Sarah’s, and she felt a hand like ice on her forehead. “What happened?” The same voice asked.

A deeper, huskier voice responded. “I don’t know. She must have gotten sick from being out in the rain for so long.” That had to be James.

“Well why in Merlin’s name would she be outside long enough to get sick?” Sarah asked, sounding annoyed. James didn’t answer. After a few minutes, Sarah spoke again. “Well, come on,” She said, and Lily felt her bed shift as she stood up from where she was sitting. “Let’s get her to the hospital wing.” Lily tried to open her eyes again, but she suddenly felt very weak. 


Two strong arms reached out and slid under Lily’s frail body. As drowsy as she was feeling, Lily made no sign of protest, and James picked her up with ease. 


* * * * *

When Lily’s mind surfaced again, she was quite uncomfortable. She was shivering, obviously cold, but she felt several beads of sweat slide down the side of her face. She tried to move, and she felt her head shift half an inch. 

This is not my pillow! She recognized. Her pillow was satin and it was made of feathers, so her head sunk into it gently. This pillow was hard and thin, and its cover felt like pressed cotton. 

In the midst of her confusion, Lily had not realized that she was not alone. There was a cold hand gripping hers tightly, and she heard low murmurs coming from who she thought must be James and Remus. 

Using all her effort, Lily tilted her head in the direction of the murmuring. She parted her dry lips and used all the strength she could possess to say one word.

“Sarah?” She asked in a whisper. Her voice sounded brittle and croaky. Lily opened her eyes and saw the slightly blurred image of Sarah’s concerned face above her. The grip on her hand tightened.

“Oh, you’re awake!” Sarah said, relieved. Lily’s lips turned up just barely in a small smile. She blinked a few times, and her vision cleared. The two boys had stood up and they were standing next to Sarah. She looked at James’s agonized face. 

Suddenly, James reached out and took her hand from Sarah, raising it to his face, where he kissed it lightly, and held it to his cheek. Neither James nor Lily got the chance to say anything however, because Madame Pomfrey came bustling in, briskly sweeping Lily’s bed curtains behind her. 

“Oh, thank goodness you’ve come to, child,” She said as she poured a glass of purple liquid from a tall bottle she had carried in. “Here, drink this.” She held up Lily’s head and tilted the liquid into her mouth before Lily could say a thing. A cool burning went through her throat, and Lily coughed as she swallowed. 

“There, that should make you feel better,” Madame Pomfrey said, already packing up her medicine bottle. 

As the old woman bustled off to another patient, Lily looked groggily up at Sarah.

“What happened,” she questioned, her voice still weak. Sarah explained to Lily how she had woken up that morning with a 105-degree temperature. 

“You’ve been asleep for nearly twelve hours since we brought you here!” Lily felt herself slowly drifting back to sleep. When Sarah saw her eyelids droop, she pulled Lily’s covers up around her shoulders and stepped back.

“You should get some more rest. You’ll feel better tomorrow.” Lily nodded and closed her eyes again.


“Wait,” she croaked, opening her eyes as Sarah was turning away.

“Yeah?” Sarah asked.

“I need my pillow.” Remus chuckled and Sarah and James smiled.  


“I’ll bring it right away,” Sarah said. Lily closed her eyes again and she felt James lower her arm to the bed. She never knew if he let go of her hand, because only seconds after closing her eyes, she was asleep.

* * * * *

When Lily woke again, her eyes opened with ease. The whole room was dark, and her bed curtains were pulled closed. She turned her head to the left, so she could see the clock on the nightstand, and she felt the soft fabric of her pillow. She smiled.

The clock read 3:04 a.m. Noticing how light everything felt, Lily figured that her fever must have gone down drastically. She was no longer sweating, and her body didn’t feel like it weighed a thousand pounds. Lily gently lifted her left arm, just to make sure it worked, and it did exactly what she told it to. Lily moved her feet in circles, finding that they were nearly back to normal as well. Next, she tried out her right arm, but she found that it would not budge. 


Lily turned her head and saw James, whose untidy black hair was sprawled across her arm and stomach. His head was on her arm, and he was clearly asleep. She moved her right hand, and she noticed that he was still holding it, though his grip had loosened. 

Lily reached over with her free arm, and gently touched James’s hair. She looked at his peaceful face, a face that she so rarely saw this quiet. James was always loud and boisterous and he had never looked so much like a sweet little boy as he did now. 

Lily’s hand softly traced James’s cheekbone and her thumb slid over his pink lips. That’s when everything came rushing back to her. Suddenly Lily remembered their walk around the lake, and their conversation about her hair. And she remembered the kiss. 


Oh, that kiss. That kiss had driven her to near insanity the night she got sick. When James had kissed her, she felt so…right. It wasn’t supposed to feel right. She had promised herself in first year that she would never fall for James Potter. Lily remembered that day so clearly.


An 11-year old Lily Evans sat at the Gryffindor table for breakfast on her second day at Hogwarts. She had not yet made any friends and so she was eating alone, reading Hogwarts, A History as she ate.

From across the room, a boyish James Potter sidled over to where Lily was sitting. He ran his hand through his hair, and twirled his wand in his fingers, trying to look cool. Lily didn’t even notice as he came to a stop at her side. 


James cleared his throat and Lily looked up at him. James smirked his arrogant grin and he shook his hair.

“Hey, I’m James Potter,” he said coolly. Lily smiled nonchalantly and muttered a hello before turning back to her book. 


“Will you go out with me?” James asked, not even bothering to sound hopeful. He knew she would say yes. Lily looked at him as though she was going to be sick. She picked up her book, leaving her breakfast behind, and side stepped James. 

 “In your dreams, Potter!” She left the room swiftly and James shook it off. What an egotistical prat! Lily thought. Why on Earth would I ever go out with him? 

The next day he tried again. And then again the next. And again everyday for the past six years. Until seventh year, when he just stopped.

End Flashback

As Lily snapped back to the present day, she noticed that she was absently stroking James’s hair. She smiled as his peaceful face again. James stirred, and Lily yanked her hand back. 


Yawning, James sat up and let go of her hand. He stood up and stretched before he realized that Lily was awake. 

“Oh,” he said, surprised, but sounding more like himself than he had earlier. “You’re awake!” Lily nodded, smiling. Even though James looked happy, Lily saw the bags under his eyes. 

“James,” she said, sitting up in her bed. “You should go to bed. You’re tired and you have classes tomorrow.” James shook his head without hesitation.

“I can’t leave you hear by yourself,” he said. 

“James, that’s sweet, but really. I’ll be fine,” Lily tried to reason. Still James would not change his mind. 

“No, I’m staying here.” He looked categorically at her, and Lily knew he wasn’t going to falter in his decision. She lay back down in bed, feeling sleepy still.

“Fine,” Lily commenced. James sat back down and he scooted his chair close to the bed, taking Lily’s hand again. It was quiet for several minutes.

“Lily,” James asked in a whisper, thinking that she might be asleep. Lily opened her eyes, and turned her head to look at James.

“Yes?” She asked. 

“I’m sorry for what happened the other night.” Lily didn’t say anything, knowing that James wasn’t finished. “I…” James looked up from where he was staring guiltily at the bed. He gazed into her eyes, and Lily felt her body tense, butterflies erupting in her stomach.   “I meant everything I said though.” Lily tried to look away, but it was impossible. Her eyes were locked on his. “I still love you, Lily,” James finished. 

Finally, Lily tore her eyes from his gaze. It was quite for another moment, and then Lily scooted to one side of her bed. 

“Come on,” she instructed in a whisper, motioning to the half of the bed that she was not occupying. “You’ll get a headache sleeping like that all night.” 

James hesitated. When Lily didn’t say anything, he kicked his shoes off and climbed into the bed. He pulled the covers over both of them, and uneasily lay down. There was no room in the bed for the two of them to sleep without touching. 

Lily reached up and took James’s hand, wrapping it around her waist. Whether she was acting this way because of all the medication she had taken that day, or because she sincerely wanted him to hold her didn’t matter.  James played off Lily’s actions, and pulled her closer to him. She snuggled up to him and closed her eyes, enjoying the safety of his arms. 

As James inhaled, her scent wafted through his body, and his eyes fluttered closed, his warm breath tickling Lily’s neck. He reveled in the way Lily’s pale skin felt creamy under his fingers that were gently rubbing her arm. 

In only a few minutes, James felt Lily’s body relax and her breathing deepen. Knowing that she was peacefully asleep, James’s fingers stopped moving, and he let his mind envision a life where he got to fall asleep like this every night. In a minute more, he drifted to sleep, the girl of his dreams still in his arms.

A/N: Well, what did you think?  Did you like the second chapter?  I don't know if I like it very much.  It took me forever to write.  Let me know what you think.

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