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I felt bad for yelling at the two boys, then not talking to the other two. But well but, I know I may be slightly over reacting, but you don't want to see one of your best friends turn into a rat...k? Well not for the first time, or without warning.

"Wakanda?" I heard Lily's voice enter my mind. "Why don't you have a smile on your face?"

"Do I always have to have a smile on my face?" I snapped but feeling bad immediately afterwards.

"Well sorry, you just seemed bothered by something...sorry if I cared enough to ask." She said cooly receding from the room.

"Wait Lily no I'm sorry..." I called after her, but she didn't here. Great now I will be attacked by James because I made his beloved Lily mad, and perhaps upset. "Man I really need my Carebears....I started to pout, that made me sadder so oh great here comes the water works...I need daddy dearest. I stood up and walked out of the common room and headed to his office. When I got there I saw that he wasn't there but had written on the board 'WAKANDA IN A STAFF MEETING Rm. 304', wow did he know that I was coming? I hope not, I don't like being predictable. I shrugged and ran out of the room towards Flitwick's office on the third floor. I knocked and heard a soft enter from Dumbledore.

"Daddy Dearest...I made people mad at me..." I said my lip trembling and running over to him.

"From what I gather a lot of people don't like you Wakanda..." Slughorn pipped in.

Daddy Dearest sent him a warning glare from over my head. He then said "Who did you make mad at you Wa?"

"Wait people all around me don't like me? But I'm here to please!"

"Wakanda answer my question."

"Sirius, Peter, Lily, James, Remus...Well I'm mad at them, but they are upset with me."

"And how did this come about?"

"Well we were playing hangman when I saw an icky rat..." I was cut off by Dumbledore then though.

"May I suggest some Candyfloss?" Dumbledore asked softly making some appear for me.

"That's not going to make them happy with me though..." I said taking it from him and taking a bite out from the heart shape.

"Why don't you give them some Candyfloss?" Dumbledore urged me.

"Not my candy...they should have their own..." I replied holding it against my chest protectively, but getting it stuck in my hair.  "Ow..." I said trying to pull it out but failing. So I just proceeded to try to eat it with it stuck to my hair...try to lick your ear, cause that is what it was like...

"Are you going to be able to carry all that Candyfloss?" Dumbledore asked me.

"I would be able to if I had a cart..." I waved my wand an one appeared. "Ok now I can. Hmm what?" I asked looking around.

"That was my water glass you just transfigured..." Daddy Dearest told me.

"Yeah well I wasn't about to transfigure the Candyfloss in my hair, I mean well I would go with's stuck." I said simply.

"That's advance magic..." McGonagall said.

"Yeah? You taught me..." Were they going somewhere with this?

"Not that...we haven't gotten that far yet..." She replied.

"And we are in the N.E.W.T.S year too...Minny..." I said gasping. "Not preparing us for the real world are we?" I said clicking my tongue. "Anyway...I think Sirius helped me learn that..." I said shrugging. "I got it before him...he dared me that I couldn't do it." this was boring me. "Candyfloss?" I asked Dumbledore. He smiled at me and nodded, flicking his wand to the cart he made six more appear.

"One for you, you don't seem to be having any luck with your current one." He replied smiling kindly.

I heard Daddy Dearest groan in despair. "MORE sugar? Albus you have to be kidding me..."

"Albus?" I asked smiling somewhat. Dumbledore nodded. "Well Daddy Dearest, you aren't the one that has me in the morning..." I said brightly jumping up the cotton candy stick hitting me in the head.

"No I do..." Professor Sprout said resting her head in her hands.

"Tee hee..." I said brightly starting to wheel the cart away. "See you in the morning bright and early Sprouty poo!" I said.

"I have note cards that you can use to control her..." Daddy Dearest whispered to her before I exited the class room.

As I wheeled the cart down the hall I whistled a random tune, then I am I going to get this cart over the step of the common room entry...and non the less keep it from the grubby first years? I thought about that a bit but then came up with a great idea. Finishing off my first Candyfloss I put the second one in my mouth letting the sugar melt in my mouth. And then I performed a simple shrinking spell to the cart and the cotton candy. When I had reached the Fat Lady, who really needs to loose a few pound, I stuck it in my pocket and then went in the common room. Heading towards the boy stairs I was surprised to find Lily up there.

"Lily?" I asked surprised...see I'm surprised.

"What Wakanda?" She asked, she was still mad at me...I can tell these things, and the fact that it sent shivers down mine, and everyone's spines didn't help clue me in.

"I have a peace offering...of sorrys..." I said trying to remember which pocket I had put the Candyfloss in.

"Where did you get the Candyfloss?" James asked me.

"Albus." I said simply.

"Albus?" The boys said.

"Dumbledore?" Lily said at the same time.

"How did you know that was his first name?" We asked her.

"Everyone does...even the people that don't go to this school yet..." Lily said rolling her eyes. "Anyway I would think you all would know his name too...I mean you don't have to be that dense to read a chocolate frog."

"We have chocolate frogs?" Sirius and I asked.

"Lily how come you are so smart?" I asked again.

"Once again everyone in the wizard community should know this." She said disbelieving us.

Our mouths turned to O's then I remembered which pocket it was. I tried to fish it out. It was stuck. The Candyfloss had melted to my pocket...which is now stuck to my skin. I let out a small whimper quietly, but Sirius turned his head toward me.

"What is it Wakanda?" He asked me.

"I had Candyfloss for all of you. But I wasn't able to figure out how to keep the creepy underclassmen off of it so I had shrunk it and put it in my pocket...and now it's's ruined..." I cried sitting down in frustration, but then feeling the cart break and stick into my leg.

I heard a snort of laughter and soon everyone was laughing at me. Not cool.

"I want my pink boots..." I pouted.

"No you don't..." Sirius said quickly.

"Then why are you guys all laughing at me?"

"Cause you just had a really dense-er moment..." Peter replied.

I scowled at them while trying to get the stupid cart out of my pocket...stupid wooden cart...sticking into my flesh. I shall kill. Kill...hmm nah to dangerous...I may hit me...

"Well I'm tired...goodnight!" I said laying down on their floor. "Don't you guys use the hamper?"

"For?" Remus asked me.

"For your dirty clothes,,," I said.

"We have a hamper?" James asked.

He was nudged my Lily who pointed to a golden sign that said BOY'S HAMPER (For your dirty clothes masters). Yep house elves gotta love them. Such a clue. They all stood up and walked towards it mesmerized by it while Lily and I bursted out laughing, she flicked her wand at James who went flying down it.

"You aren't suppose to throw yourselves down there...or be looking down there..." Lily said after James' girly screams ended.

Ah what fun it is to be loved again.

AN: Ah yet another chapter is posted. Feel the love. Yeah that's right I love you guys. Expecialy the ones who post review. Is this one funny enough...a lot better then the Hangman's curse...which had mild violence in it...yep that's right hanging Peter is considered violence...YAY! Ok well I'm done...Now my keyboard shall say audious...though she isn't made in Mexico, so she can't spell it...naughty keyboard!!! Oh and for all of you who don't live in Britian, like me Candyfloss is Cotton Candy...umm...

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