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Ginny walked into the common room to find Ron and Hermione cuddling on a couch. Ron looked up at her with barely veiled contempt.

“Sod off, Ron. I haven’t done anything to deserve that look.”

“It’s who you’ve done that’s bothering me,” Ron replied, and then winced as Hermione pinched him.

“For your information, I haven’t managed to do that yet either.”

Ron perked up, “Really, that’s a shame.”

“Did you and Draco have a fight?” Hermione asked in confusion.

“No, people just keep interrupting us. I swear it’s like some higher power is amusing itself by preventing Draco and I from...”

“Stop,” Ron commanded. “We get the picture. I don’t need to hear it word for word.”

“If you continue being a prat about all of this, once Draco and I finally do get together, I’ll petrify you and describe it detail by detail.” Ginny declared as she headed up to her room.

“She’s evil, Hermione. Maybe, she and Malfoy do belong together.”


Draco was frowning at his toast when Blaise sat next to him at breakfast the next morning. “What has the toast done to you?”

Draco rubbed his forehead. “Can sexual frustration make you stupid? I swear I was sitting here wondering how I liked my toast. I’ve been eating toast my entire life, but this morning I can’t remember how I like it.”

Blaise snorted. “You have a serious problem, but I’m confused. I thought you and the red head were getting along well in that department.”

“We keep trying to, and then you, or Snape, or some other ruddy person keeps interrupting us before we can get anywhere.”

“I do apologize for my part in contributing to your toast dilemma. Why don’t you ask her to go to Hogsmeade with you next weekend.”

Draco looked up. “There is a Hogsmeade Weekend coming up?”

Blaise gave his friend a concerned look. “We talked about it yesterday.” Grabbing a piece of toast and fixing it the way he had seen Draco eat it for years, he passed it to him. “Eat this, maybe you just need food.”

Draco took the toast and ate it, but he was sure that food was not the answer.


Ginny was not having a good morning. She had tried a simple makeup charm, and her eyebrows had turned green. Hermione had been unable to help her, because makeup charms were one thing she knew nothing about. After seeking out Lavender’s help, and enduring the other girl’s snide remarks, Ginny’s eyebrows were now an odd shade of brown that didn’t quite match her hair.

She stomped into breakfast and sat down next to Hermione. Hermione assessed her eyebrows and tried to sound encouraging. “They look better.”

“I don’t understand. I’ve used that eyebrow plucking charm a million times.”

Hermione chuckled. “I think you’re distracted because your thoughts are rotating around a certain blond.”

Ginny frowned. “I don’t suppose I could skip classes today due to unreal levels of frustration.”

Hermione passed her friend a chocolate pastry. “This might help.”

Ginny bit into the chocolate and sighed. “Thanks, Hermione. You’re a good friend.”


Since there was no cooking lesson tonight, Ginny slumped in her chair in the library and waited to see if Draco would seek her out. After half an hour without any blond sightings, she laid her head on the table and wondered where she could find more chocolate.

When someone pulled the chair out next to her, she wearily sat up to see who it was. She was surprised to find Draco glaring at her. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Draco spoke through gritted teeth. “I blew up my cauldron today.”

Ginny snorted before she could stop herself. “How did you do that?”

“I don’t know, but I am blaming you.”
“What did I do?”

Draco leaned close to Ginny’s ear and said, “It’s what you’re not doing. You’re not following through on this game that we are playing, and you started it.”

Ginny pulled back and scowled at him. “First of all, this is not a game. Second of all, all of the interruptions are not my fault. I’m just as frustrated as you are. I have never been so forward in my entire life, and all it’s gotten me is carpel tunnel syndrome and funny looking eyebrows.”

Draco looked confused, and then a light seemed to go on. He snorted and looked at Ginny in amusement, and then he asked, “What in the hell did you do to your eyebrows?”

“I have no idea. I was using a plucking charm, and I somehow managed to turn them green. This is the best that Lavender could do for me. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait until they grow out.”

“Your eyebrows were green?”

“Yes, and why have you latched onto that rather than the admission about carpel tunnel syndrome?”

Draco smirked before he admitted. “I’m in the same boat, and it isn’t really helping.”

Ginny nodded. “I know, so what are we going to do about this?”

Draco shrugged. “Blaise said I should ask you to go to Hogsmeade.”

“Well, that is a nice thought, but how will that help anything? They’ll be people all over Hogsmeade as well.”

Draco sat up, “That’s it. Everyone will go to Hogsmeade, and we’ll stay here.”

Ginny frowned. “That’s four days away. We have two cooking lessons to get through.”

Draco stood up, and looked around the library. “Follow me.”

Ginny did as Draco said, and found herself deep in the stacks of the library. She looked at he shelves. “This is the Tax law section. Why are we here?”

“I’m testing a theory. No one should be looking for books on tax law.” Reaching for Ginny, he leaned down and kissed her tentatively. When no one interrupted them, he pulled her closer and began to kiss her in earnest. When he felt her hands slide up under his shirt, he took a moment to relish the sensation of her hands on his bare skin. He was sure that someone would come and interrupt them at any moment, so he didn’t want to rush things.

Ginny was lost in the sensation of Draco’s mouth on her neck. She dug her nails into his skin when he hit a particularly sensitive spot. Deciding that they should just go for it, she wrapped one leg around his thigh, and hoped that he would get the message.

Draco felt Ginny’s leg wrap around him, and he decided that it was time to find a flat surface. He looked around, and spotted a table at the end of the aisle. After unwrapping Ginny’s leg, he dragged her towards the table and seated her on it. He kissed her once, and then looked around expecting someone to be bearing down on them. When he didn’t spot anyone, he leaned down and kissed her. He was afraid this was going to be the fastest liaison in history if he wasn’t able to calm himself down.

Ginny had no idea why Draco wasn’t taking advantage of this opportunity. Hoping to move things along, she wrapped her legs around him, and moved her hips against his. The weeks of frustration must have intensified her body’s reactions. When he began to move against her, she felt her body heat up immediately. When he tried to move away, she bit him on the neck, and moved her hips faster.

Draco knew that there was no way that he was going to be able to keep this up without embarrassing consequences. He tried to pull away from Ginny to remove some vital pieces of clothing, and that was when she bit him on the neck and he completely lost his mind. He began grinding against her with such force that he expected her to protest, but instead, he felt her entire body tense before she threw her head back and stifled a moan. The sight of her going over the edge combined with the friction of their bodies caused him to explode. He slumped on top of her, and tried to think of what he could possibly say to maintain his dignity.

He didn’t expect her to giggle. Pushing himself up, he smirked at her, and she snorted. This caused him to chuckle, and soon they were both laughing. Finally, Ginny sighed and said, “Well, that took the edge off a bit.”

Draco hung his head, “That hasn’t happened to me in years. I feel like I should apologize. Although I should point out that I was trying to remove clothing while you had other plans.”

Ginny poked him in the chest. “Hey, that wasn’t what I had in mind either, but it was fun. In case you hadn’t noticed. We are still alone, so maybe you should shut up and kiss me.”

Draco didn’t need to be asked twice. He leaned down to kiss the smirking red head, but was interrupted by a well-known voice. “Who is making that noise back here? This is a library, you know.”

Draco rolled his eyes and pulled Ginny off of the table. By the time the librarian wandered into the tax section, they were long gone.

Chapter End Notes:
AN: Yes, I do feel I am securing my place in hell by writing this story.

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