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Disclaimer: I do not own anything, all credit goes to the wonderful JK Rowling!

Chapter 1 -  The First Discovery 

Voldemort was feeling anxious again. He sat in his private potions dungeon deep underground, and rubbed his cool, bald head with his long bony fingers, trying desperately to ease a feeling that he was becoming increasingly used to these days; the feeling that he was not in control of his life.

With an exasperated sigh, he shook the unwelcome feeling from his mind and taking out his wand, he began trying out spells again. He had been experimenting with the theory that there could be other worlds parallel alongside theirs, perhaps different time streams of their world, or maybe even different worlds altogether, and was trying to find a way into them using magic. So far, he hadn't discovered anything, and had only accomplished feeling agitated.

 As he muttered different incantations, the ancient, muddy stone walls of the dungeon began to glisten in the flashes of light emanating from the tip of his wand. His eyes gleamed redder than ever on his pale face, and his shiny brow wrinkled in concentration.

Suddenly, something happened that was different from anything that had ever happened before. Out of his wand streamed a multicoloured, shimmering light which shot off towards the far end of the dungeon, and disappeared into the darkness. This strange and unusual event was followed by the whole dungeon beginning to tremble, causing the pieces of parchment, broken quills, and bottles full of disgusting, evil looking potions that were on the table and shelves to wobble and crash to the ground.

Voldemort, who never felt terror of course, clutched the table for support and with his free hand, wrapped his thick black robes tightly around himself, cradling his wand to his lean body.

The shaking stopped soon enough, but it was followed by the main wall of the dungeon becoming smoky and distorted, as if he were looking through dirty, rough glass. Voldemort screwed up his eyes in discomfort, realized what he was doing, and opened them up again quickly, so as not to miss what was happening. The wall, which had previously been undulating, had now gone transparent, like the liquid surface of a pensive. In fact, the longer he stared at wonders of the wall before his eyes, the more it reminded him of a pensive. It had split itself into what looked like many windows, each showing a different location, most of which seemed to be reflections of his dungeon.

Noting that the tremors and changes had now stopped, Voldemort was overcome with greedy pride and curiosity. He stepped away from the table, and moved silently, but confidently, towards the now shimmering surface of the wall. He approached one of the windows, behind which seemed to be an exact reflection of the dungeon he himself was standing in, and stopped about a step away from it, cautiously putting out a hand to touch it, expecting some sort of resistance. To his surprise, his long fingers moved straight through it as if there was nothing there.

 He could now see himself in the screen, standing opposite him and staring through slit like pupils. It felt a bit like looking at a mirror, only Voldemort was sure that he didn't have that same expression of utter horror etched on his face.

Feeling smug, he stepped forwards, straight through the screen...and onto the other side. It felt as if he were stepping through a wall of warm water, but when he reached the other side, he was completely dry.

To his surprise, the other Voldemort, who he had thought was a reflection, didn't move with him, but stood frozen by the table; his previous expression of horror was now replaced by one of anger as he glared at the figure of himself that had just walked through a screen into his dungeon.

‘Who are you? And what are you doing in my private dungeon?’ demanded the reflection.

 Voldemort seethed with anger, causing his expression to match that of his double. ‘Your dungeon? This is my dungeon, and I'm the most powerful, evil, darkest wizard in the world!' he countered in a loud and arrogant voice.

The reflection Voldemort looked even angrier, if that was possible. 'But I'm the most powerful, evil, darkest wizard in the world. No one is as evil and nasty as me!' His look of anger was doubled up by a sulking pout, as if the idea of another being more evil than him was upsetting. 'Anyway, this is my dungeon; I decorated it myself. Being hidden under Malfoy Manor is very convenient indeed.'

Voldemort frowned. Looking around the dungeon, he realised now that his easily upset double was right. Through the semi darkness he could see that the walls were painted green and had pink trimmings. His dungeon had been dirty and stony, just the way he liked it. And since when had his dungeon been below Malfoy Manor? He had lived beneath the Riddle house for ages now - the catacombs and tunnels were endless, providing many opportunities for doing evil deeds.

'Ah, well ok, maybe this isn't my dungeon after all... but I am the most evil, powerful, darkest wizard in the world, and nothing you can say can change that.' Voldemort looked at his double as if daring him to say otherwise, but it seemed the other Voldemort had lost interest in that particular battle for now. 

'How did you get here?' the reflection Voldemort demanded with a frown. 'You're not in league with Harry Potter, are you?' This question seemed to suddenly bring the double to his senses, and he sprang over to Voldemort, disarmed him, and held him at wand point against the grimy green wall.

Voldemort gulped, furious at this sudden attack, and eyed his double through blazing eyes. 'How dare you insult me by even suggesting that I am in league with Harry Potter!' he spat. 'Potter is a silly little boy with a load of luck that will one day run out. He is weak and icky and bleurgh! I would never work with him unless he was working for me.'

The reflection Voldemort relaxed a little, noting the disgust and anger in his captor's eyes, and also feeling slightly happy at the insults of Harry Potter. He lowered his wand, and Voldemort stepped away, snatching his wand back from his double.

'Thank you,' he snapped, in an indignant tone.

'Huh,' muttered the reflection Voldemort, followed by something that sounded like, 'Most powerful wizard indeed, can’t even defend himself when attacked'.

‘What did you say?’ hissed Voldemort sharply.

‘Nothing…’ he said smoothly, ‘just commenting on how nice your nose is. It’s a much better defined shape than mine. Very snakelike indeed.’
Voldemort smirked in the praise of his nose, even though he could see for himself that his double’s nose was clearly identical to his own. This other Voldemort seemed to know exactly what he would like to hear, and it was starting to get on his nerves.

‘Well I’ll be going now,’ he said coolly. ‘So I’ll leave you to your evil little plans. Only before I leave, enlighten me as to what is going on in the wizarding world at the moment? I haven’t been above ground in a while.’ He asked this sneakily, trying to work out what sort of a parallel world he had stepped into.

‘Well, Arthur Weasley has just been nominated Minister for Magic - I am plotting to overthrow him right now - and that fool Dumbledore has formed an army of students to fort up at Hogwarts, whilst Harry Potter has gone off on his own, to Merlin knows where, trying to come after me.’

Voldemort tried not to be shocked at this news that was just so utterly ridiculous to his ears. This other Voldemort hadn’t even managed to kill Dumbledore yet. Well that just proved that he wasn’t as good as himself. ‘Very well,’ he finished smugly. ‘I wish you great evilness and the best of luck defeating Potter.’ He gave a short inclination of the head to his double, before stepping back through the wall into his dungeon, concentrating on blocking the connection as he went. Then he turned to face the rest of the different screens with an even greater interest than before, and choosing another, he stepped through to investigate just one of the many worlds that he had opened a doorway to.

A/N: Thanks to Babygohan for beta-ing! This story has recently been changed to have a more interesting, unique plot, as originally it was too much like a version of book 7, which when DH came out, then seemed boring to me... It now alternates chapters between Voldemort's flashbacks when he's discovering the 'parallel worlds' as in this chapter, and the main stream of the story which follows Harry, Ron and Hermione. Until that is, the two merge into one storyline later on. I hope you enjoy! And any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Rose :)

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