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A/N: Im not going to put a long note up here. Sorry for the long wait, just go read the story, then review!!         



Hermione sighed and sat down on the bed. Her hours of hard work had brought her no avail. The bed was still just that. A single bed. No amount of spell work separated it. Draco sauntered in, holding an apple. 

“No luck? I could have told you as much.”

Hermione scowled at Draco, “Mr. Draco whatever-your-middle-name-is Malfoy, I don’t see you helping.”

Draco sat on the bed, and stretched out, still munching on his apple, “Obviously, because I know it’s pointless. Oh, and its Lucius.”

“I should have known.” Hermione retorted, giving up and laying down besides Draco. “Mine’s Jane.”

He took a moment to take that in, and then said “I don’t really know that much about you do I?”

“Well we haven’t been on the best of terms, have we?”

“No, I guess not.” He turned to her. “This is hard for me to say, but how about we make a pact to stay civil?”

Hermione raised her eyebrow, “You want to make a pact with me? Mudblood Granger who you’ve always hated? May I ask what brought on this sudden change?”

Draco cringed. “Please don’t say that word in front of me. I’m sorry for calling you that all these years, but I want this year to be different.”

Hermione looked shocked. “Did you just apologize to me?”

He nodded. “Can we start over?”

She looked up at him. “Well it’s not going to be easy after all these years…”

Draco looked crestfallen.

She continued. “But I guess we can try.”

He looked up smiling. It wasn’t a smirk either, like Hermione had usually seen on his face. It was a genuine smile that made even his cold, icy blue eyes light up in happiness.

“Friends?” he asked holding out his hand.

“Friends.” Hermione said putting her small hand into his. The same feeling of strange anticipation ran through them, just like when he had touched her outside the Head’s Carriage. They quickly let go, and averted their eyes. “Well, I guess the bed can’t be fixed, so I’m going to bed. Goodnight Mal-Draco.”

He glanced at her once more, and then smiled to himself. “Goodnight Hermione.”

Hermione stretched languidly and snuggled into her pillow. She felt it wrap its big strong arms around her. Wait. Big strong arms? She opened her eyes quickly and saw familiar blue ones staring back at her.  

Hermione let out a blood-curling scream, and sprang back, staring at Draco in awe.

“Wow, Mal-Draco. Um, sorry. Uh, do you want to use the shower first? I mean we should go downstairs. Or something. Oh god.”

Draco just stared at her for a moment before trying to regain his composure, and to calm Hermione in mid-ramble. “It’s ok Hermione. Just, um, go take a shower. I’ll go after you.” He sat up and offered Hermione his arm. She hesitantly took it, and then walked over to her dresser.

“I’ll be downstairs.” Draco called as he headed out the door.

Hermione looked after him. ‘What has gotten into him?’ she wondered silently.


Draco sauntered down the stairs and into the common room. He took a last glance back at the door. His plan to be nicer to Hermione seemed to be working, but he still didn’t know how he would find the one he loved. He hopped over the last step, and then stopped suddenly. Could Hermione know her? Or could she be the one? He shook his head to himself, but couldn’t get the though out of his head.


Hermione grabbed her warm, fluffy towel as she stepped out of the shower. For some reason she couldn’t seem to get Draco out of her head. Pulling on tight fitting jeans and a tank top, she walked into their room, toweling her hair dry. It seemed weird to call it their room, but there was nothing she could do to help it. On the plus side, she got to see the nicer side of Draco. She tossed her towel on the bed and headed downstairs, only to collide with Draco half-way down.


Draco found himself on-top of Hermione at the bottom of the stairs. Chocolate brown eyes stared mesmerized into once-cold blue ones. Neither of them could look away. Draco didn’t know what he was doing, but felt himself move his face closer to hers. Hermione watched as Draco glanced at her lips, then back at her eyes, and instinctively moved her face up towards his. Just then they heard a loud banging coming from the other side of the room.

Draco hastily got up, and looked away, towards prefect door, from where the noise was coming from. He waited a moment for Hermione to get up, and then headed over to see what the cause of the ruckus was, Hermione in tow.

Opening the door, they found none other than…

“Harry! What are you doing here?” Hermione exclaimed.

Harry raised an eyebrow at their close proximity, and then proceeded to ignore Draco completely. “Hey Hermione. As the brightest witch you sure miss the obvious. This would be the door to the prefect’s quarters, and I would be…”

“The head prefect, right, I knew that.” Hermione blushed. She glanced behind him to see a set of stairs leading to what she believed was the prefect common room.

Behind her, Draco gave a snort, which earned him a sharp glance from Harry. “What is he doing here?”

Draco turned to Harry. “I happen to live here Pot-Head.”

Hermione gave him a sharp nudge. “Draco.” She warned. Harry gave her a disbelieving glance. “Since when are you two on first name terms?”

Hermione gave a nervous glance to Draco, and then faced Harry again. “Harry, I was just about to go down to breakfast. I’ll meet you there,” she said with finality.

He looked taken aback for a second then nodded. “Believe me, you have a lot of explaining to do,” Harry said as he headed back down the flight of stairs.


“Wow that was interesting.” Draco said as he headed upstairs. “Go have some breakfast and console your little friends. Then, I think we have a lot to talk about as well.”

Hermione was left shooting a withering glance at his retreating back.


Hermione walked slowly through the corridors and down to the great hall, taking up as much time as she could. When she finally got there, she glanced around to see Ron and Harry staring at her, while Ginny gave her a sympathetic look. She sighed, of course Harry just had to go and tell everyone else…

“Hey guys,” she started.

“What’s going on between you and Malfoy?” Ron asked sharply. Ginny poked Ron in the side then pulled Hermione aside. “So, what is going on between you and Malfoy?”

“Ginny!” Hermione admonished.

“What?” she shrugged.

“Well, I don’t know. He just seems a lot nicer. And we made a pact to stay civil towards each other...”

“Ooohh, it’s so romantic. Do you think he could be the guy with the necklace? I mean think about it. He is in Slytherien, he has blonde hair, blue eyes, everything.”

Hermione stopped to ponder this for a moment, and then turned wide-eyed to Ginny. “What if he is?”

Ginny shot a glance over Hermione’s shoulder, “Harry and Ron are shooting daggers at your back, you might want to go over there.”

She sighed, “Wish me luck.”


“Hey guys, what’s up?” asked Hermione lightly.

“Cut it out Hermione, and spill. What’s happening between you and Malfoy?” Ron said angrily.

“Nothing, we just made a pact to be civil to each other. Calm down you guys.”

Harry gave Ron a quick glance, then asked “So why did you call him Draco? You guys can still be civil with out being on first-name terms.”

She shuffled around, and then sighed. “Ok, we decided to become friends…”


Draco, who had just entered the Great Hall after his shower, paused and looked over at the Gryffindor table.

“Ron, calm down,” Hermione said blushing, as more students began to stare at them.

“You’re telling me to calm down when I just found out about you being friends with the bloody ferret? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BLOODY MIND?”

Hermione cringed as McGonagall started to make her way over to their table. “Ron!” she hissed.

“Is there a problem?” McGonagall appeared raising an eyebrow at the trio. Hermione felt tears well up in her eyes. “No Professor.” She waited until McGonagall left, and then looked back at Ron and Harry. “I’ll be leaving now. If you guys decide to have a civil conversation with me, in which you’ll actually let me speak, come by the Head’s Dorms.”

With that she pushed past them and stormed into the hallway. She paused to look at Draco, and then continued up to her dorms. Draco hungrily took a glance at all of the food, and then ran after Hermione.

Back at the table, Ron and Harry gave each other a disbelieving stare, before beginning to eat again.  


A/N: I know, I know, I’m really very sorry for the long wait. I’ve had so much stuff to do, finals, tests, taking the psat, and the list can go on, but tell me what you think. Special thanks to people like Sara who kept checking up on my story to see if it was still going on. It was your last review that made me write the chapter right now. I think I went a bit too fast on the chap, so do tell me any suggestions you guys have. If you say, I might break this chapter into two, and put things in between…but to do that I would need reviews telling me to so…review review review!!



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