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A/N: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I own nothing but the thoughts in my head.

In the gathering twilight, the garden of the Burrow was bustling with quiet activity. Guests were being ushered to their seats by the twins and Charlie. Lupin and Tonks were chatting with Hermione, who because of her advanced pregnancy was sitting in a chair on what would be Ginny’s side of the altar. Fairy lights had been strung across the grove of trees that surrounded the property, replacing the fading sunlight with a soft glow. From the back row of chairs, someone called his name and he looked up to find the Creevey’s arriving with two witches he had never seen before. Raising his hand in greeting, he retreated off to the side, nearer to the trees where he was slightly hidden. A jittery feeling was starting to gather in the pit of his stomach, he bent his head and took a few deep breaths trying to calm his insides. Glancing up to see if he could find Ron, he noticed Arthur, Molly and James go inside the house at the same time Ron slipped out the same door and began to cross the garden to where the ceremony would take place.

He looked down at his hands and flexed them, stretching his fingers out in front of him. He couldn’t believe how nervous he was; back at the flat he had been fine. After the little tantrum of James, they had had fun getting their dress robes ready, even if they had a little trouble with the bow ties. But the moment they had stepped through the floo and he heard Ginny’s laugh coming from upstairs, his hands started to sweat. How was it he could face Voldemort to save all of the wizarding world, something he hadn’t wanted to do but did it anyways, but when all he wanted to do was marry Ginny and spend the rest of his life with her – he broke out into a nervous sweat.

“Holding up there Harry?” Ron said, as he approached the spot where he was trying to hide himself away. He lifted his head and shrugged at his friend.

“I guess you could say that. I don’t understand why I’m so nervous. Were you this bad at your wedding?” He asked, glancing at Hermione who waved happily over at them.

Ron followed his gaze and waved at his wife. “I was bloody well terrified. But it all went away when she walked down the aisle. Hermione told me once I looked quite white at the start of the ceremony. Your colour is more one step over white but not quite pale.” He threw an arm around Harry’s shoulders and patted him on the back. “You’ll be fine. You’re already a member of the family and that’s half the battle.”

“It’s the vows Ron – I still don’t know what to say. I have words but I’m not sure if they’re the right ones.” Harry said, feeling sweat break out on the back of his neck again.

A soft cough beside them made the two men turn to see Remus Lupin approach the altar where Ginny and Harry would be married.

“Looks like the words you have will be the right ones. It’s time. Good luck Mate. I’m glad it’s you that my sister chose.” Ron said, hugging Harry tightly before pushing him off towards the front of the altar.

Harry looked up at Lupin, knowing the fear was blatantly obvious on his face. Lupin chuckled softly and placed a fatherly hand on his shoulder. “You’ll be fine Harry. Your parents would be proud of you today.” He said, smiling at him.

He returned the smile weakly and mumbled his thanks. Turning to face the small crowd of guests that were in attendance, Harry recognized many familiar faces. The Weasley boys and their respective others were in the first row, where three chairs had been saved for Molly, Arthur and James. Beyond there, Harry glanced upon Mrs. Edgecombe, Tonks, Mad-Eye Moody, many of his fellow aurors and healers from St. Mungo’s that worked closely with Ginny. In the middle, he glanced upon Dennis Creevey who was flanked by the two witches he and his brother had arrived with. Colin was at the back of the crowd, his camera ready for Ginny’s arrival. Much of the rest of the crowd were faces he recognized from Hogwarts, Seamus, Pavarti, Padma, and even Dean Thomas.

Suddenly, a hush fell over the crowd and Harry felt a tingling sensation go up his spine. He looked up the centre of the aisle to see Ginny come into focus. His breath hitched as she started down the aisle with James holding her free hand while Arthur and Molly was on her other side. He barely noticed them as they made their way down the path to where he stood with Ron beside him. All he could see was Ginny. The world closed in around him and he felt like he was seeing her for the first time.

The dress she wore was her grandmother Prewett’s; he knew this only because she had told him about it one night when they were getting ready for bed. Her hair was glossy and the curls fell down her back in such a way that Harry’s fingers itched to dive into it. The cape she wore over her dress to fend off the fall chill danced around her feet. Harry took in all these details in awe but what fascinated him the most was her smile. It radiated from her and seemed to light her up in a way he had never seen before.

Suddenly she was in front of him. Harry watched as her parents both kissed her lovingly and squeezed her tightly in a hug. She then leaned down and swept James up in a gentle hug, whispering something in his ear.

“Who presents this witch to this wizard?” Lupin asked, his soft voice breaking through Harry’s fog.

“Me!” James piped up, a smile breaking out on his face. “And my Granmum and Grampie.” He added, looking up at his parents, Molly and Arthur nodding in agreement as laughter made its way through the watching crowd.

Harry watched as Ginny laughed and gave their son one last hug before she stepped up on to the altar across from him.

“Hi.” She whispered, smiling shyly at him.

“Hi.” He whispered back, the jitters he was feeling ebbing away.

“This evening we are gathered to witness the joining of two very special people.” Lupin began, looking from Harry to Ginny. “Tonight, they will begin their journey through life together. Although many would argue that your journey started long before now.” Pausing for a moment, he withdrew his wand from his robe and held it above the large book that sat on the altar. The book was thick with age; its’ cover adorned with an ornate “W” and inside it contained the name of each Weasley family member going back many generations. As the tip of his wand touched the cover it lifted and the pages began to move until the page containing the last entry appeared. Harry glanced down and noticed that at the top of the page Ginny’s name was listed with James nest to it with his date of birth below. The next entry contained Ron and Hermione’s names and the date of their wedding.

Lupin had explained to him that traditionally the groom’s family tree was used to document weddings but as the Potter family tree had been destroyed the night of his parent’s deaths, an exception was being made to allow Harry and Ginny’s coupling to be included in the Weasley tree. He had also mentioned that the two could start a new tree if they chose – but both had thought it best to use the Weasley tree as Harry was a honourary member as it was.

“To being the ceremony I must ask for your wands.” Lupin said, looking at the couple. Harry withdrew his holly wand from the sleeve of his dress robes and placed it on top of the open book. He then watched as Ginny repeated his actions, taking hers from where she had hid it in her bouquet of sunflowers to lay it beside Harry’s before turning to give her flowers to Hermione. Lupin then levitated both wands and conjured a thick scarlet ribbon to bind the two together.

“This ribbon binds your wands together to symbolize your love and commitment to each other. Long after the ribbon has been removed your wands will remain connected on the magical plain. Even as you carry them close to oneself.” Guiding the wands back to the book, he look first at Harry and then at Ginny.

“Harry please take Ginny’s hand in yours and then you may recite your vows.”

Harry’s hand shook as he reached out to grasp Ginny’s outstretched hand. Her fingers were cool to the touch and he was relieved to feel a slight tremble from them as he linked his fingers through hers. Feeling calmer he smiled at her and squeezed her hand gently to reassure her that he too was feeling nervous. He opened his mouth to speak and only a squeak came out. Feeling himself blush deeply, he looked up to see Ginny smiling at him, her brown eyes sparkling. Clearing his throat, he began again.

“Ginny, I wish I could tell you today the exact day that I fell in love with you, but I can’t. It’s like you’ve always been a part of me and I can’t imagine not having you by my side. To have you as my wife will complete me and I know I can be thick headed and a complete git at times but I will always be there for you and James and the baby and the rest of our family for as long as you’ll keep me around. I love you Ginevra Molly Weasley. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. And Forever.” The words came out in a rush and as he stopped the world came back into focus around him and he could see Ginny was smiling at him and crying all at once. The two of them stood and gazed at each other, fairy lights dancing around them; neither one wanting to break the spell that seemed to have formed around them.

“Mummy! It’s your turn now!” James piped up; breaking the silence and making a chuckle pass through the guests.

“Thank you James.” Remus laughed. “Ginny whenever you are ready.”

Ginny laughed and wiped her eyes with her free hand before placing it on top of the one Harry was already holding. Locking gazes with his green eyes, she took a deep breath of her own and began. “Wow. I’m not sure how to follow that.” She laughed and squeezed his hand gently. “Well Harry Potter, I can tell you exactly when I fell in love with you. And no, it wasn’t the first time I saw you on the train platform with my brother. It was during those several sunlight days down by the lake. Where we sat and talked about everything. It was then I knew I could finally let my heart truly love you. I’ve never looked back from that day, knowing that despite some hard times between now and then we’d be together. And now that we are, nothing more will keep us apart and if anyone or anything tries, I will stop them. I love YOU Harry James Potter, through everything in the past and through everything to come, you’re mine and I’m yours - forever. You make me happy.” As the words finished, she felt like she was floating in limbo, the only things anchoring her was the touch of Harry’s strong hands around hers and the look in his eyes.

“Forever?” Harry whispered, the sound of his voice bringing her back to solid ground.

“And ever.” She whispered back, afraid if she said it any louder, she’d break the spell.

Remus coughed slightly, causing the young couple to turn towards him. “Now the rings, Ron?” He asked, turning towards Harry’s best man.

“I don’t have them.” Ron said, panic in his voice.

“Ron! What do you mean you don’t have them – you’re the BEST MAN!” Hermione whispered harshly from her place beside Ginny.

“I. don’t. have. Them.” He repeated, patting down his robes to show her that he was indeed not carrying anything extra.

Harry grinned at Ginny. The two of them knew perfectly well that Ron didn’t have the rings. Knowing he had to solve the situation before the two of them got farther into their argument he let out a short whistle. An answering cry came from the trees above and Hedwig swooped down from above, landing on the edge of the altar by the book. Clicking her beak at Harry, she held out her leg where a small scarlet velvet pouch was tied. Reaching out to stroke his old friend, Harry gestured to Lupin.

“I think you’ll find the rings are in there.” He said, watching as his uncle untied the pouch. Hedwig nipped at Harry’s fingers lovingly and then hopped down, flying over to where James sat to perch on the back of his chair.

“Okay.” Remus chuckled and looked out at the crowd of friends and family. “Now that we have the rings, shall we continue?” He untied the ribbon holding the pouch closed and placed the rings on the book. “These rings will bind you together much like your wands have bound you together. Once on your fingers, they will only ever fit each of you. Enchanted by the oldest of magic, for as long as you love each other they will never come off.”

Picking up the first ring, he turned towards Harry. “Harry, take this ring and place it on Ginny’s finger. As you do, remember that you do it with the purest of love in your heart and your thoughts.”

Harry felt his fingers tremble as he picked up the thin gold band, feeling the etchings around it. Taking Ginny’s left hand in his, he slid the ring on her finger. It grew warm when it reached its destination and Harry felt a tug in his stomach, knowing at that moment, she belonged to him completely.

Remus picked up the second ring and turned towards Ginny. “Ginny, take this ring and place it on Harry’s finger. As you do, remember that you do it with the purest of love in your heart and your thoughts.”

Ginny reached out with the hand that now wore her ring and picked up the ring Harry would wear. It was a thicker band of gold, but the etchings were there just the same. Each of them had enchanted the other’s ring last night. She knew that if translated his would say You’re mine and I’m yours – forever. As she slid the ring over his roughened finger, she felt it grow warm when it found its place. Ginny felt a tug deep in her stomach and while her first thought was of the baby, she soon realized it was the magical bond between them solidifying.

The crowd watched as the two stood holding hands and the gold glow of the fairy lights intensified around them. It only lasted a few seconds and later most would think it was just a trick of their eyes, but for those that had experienced what had happened, knew it was real.

When the glow subsided, Remus once more invaded their moment. “It is now time for the renaming ceremony. James can you join your parents up here?” He asked the little boy.

“Sure Uncle Remus!” James said, bouncing from his seat and coming to a stop between his parents. “Daddy – lift me up.” He whispered, tugging at Harry’s robe.

Accommodating his son, Harry swung him up onto his hip so he was at the same level as they were.

“Hi Mummy.” James said, leaning out of his father’s arms to kiss her.

“Hey Mate – Daddy was supposed to kiss her first!” Harry exclaimed with a chuckle, planting a kiss of his own on Ginny’s cheek and then one on James.

“Shall we begin?” Remus said, trying to hide a smile behind his calm face. “This will change Ginny and James names from Weasley to Potter. It also further strengthens the bond between you. Place your left hands on the book please.”

He waited while the three of them placed their hands onto the altar. Ginny and Harry’s on the outside with James’ in between. Taking his wand he tapped the edge of the book and muttered an incantation. He watched at the three of them looked down at the page and smiled when James’ let out an excited gasp when he saw the letters change and new ones were added.

The boy looked from his mother to his father and pointed down at the book. “Mummy – does this mean I’m a Potter now?”

“It does. We’re both Potters now.” Ginny said quietly, kissing his fringe while watching Harry over the top of James’ head.

“And that also means you may kiss your bride.” Remus said, gesturing to Harry.

“I’ve got to set you down for a moment James.” Harry said, a smile breaking out on his face as he placed his son down to the side. Grabbing Ginny’s hand, he pulled her to him, his arm snaking around her waist. Lowering his head, he felt her quick intake of breath just as he pressed his lips to hers. He felt a rush of excitement go up his spine when her arms went around his neck and her fingers rubbed through his hair. What seemed like an eternity and seconds all at the same time passed and Harry gently broke the kiss. “I love you Ginny Potter. “ He whispered, locking gazes with her.

“I love you too Harry Potter.” She whispered in return.

“I present to you ladies and gentleman – the Potters!” Remus said, lifting his wand into the air to release a shower of red sparks high into the twilight sky.

Ginny squeezed Harry’s hand as cheers broke out around them. As they were about to head down the aisle towards the area where the party was going to happen, Ginny heard a small cry of pain from beside her. Swinging around she noticed that although Hermione was smiling, she was pale and seemed to be sweating. Letting go of Harry’s hand, she rushed over to the other witches side.

“Hermione what’s wrong?” Ginny asked, kneeling down beside her.

“Nothing at all. I’m just having a slight cramp.” Hermione said, wincing harshly and rubbing her stomach. “Congratulations. You looked lovely.”

Ginny watched her friend closely and knew that she was in labour. “Ron! Harry! I need you over here.” She called, stroking the other woman’s brow lightly. “Are these the same pains that you said was one of the twins kicking this morning?”

“Maybe. But honestly at the time I thought that’s what it was!” Hermione said, panic seeping into her voice. “It just really started to hurt a moment it ago Ginny – but I didn’t want to ruin the ceremony.”

At the sound of Ginny’s voice, Ron and Harry rushed over to Hermione’s side. Grabbing her hand, Ron sank down on the other side of Hermione.

“Ginny? What’s wrong? Oh god – it’s the babies isn’t it? Hermione it’s going to be okay, you need to breathe, just like we practiced in class.” He said in a rush, mimicking the breathing exercises that they had been told to do by the mediwitch in their birthing class.

“I think it is Ron.” Ginny said, calmly, knowing she had to keep her head in all of this. “You and Harry have to get her inside and upstairs. If she’s been in labour for as long as I think she has – there’s no time to get to St. Mungo’s.” Ginny said, looking up at Harry, who was standing beside her, his face full of fear and worry for his oldest friends. She reached out and grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze. “It’s going to be fine. I’ve delivered babies before and we have our own residence expert in Mum – she’ll know what to do.” Standing, she brushed off her dress and looked at the three. “I’ll find Mum – try to get her up into your room Ron. The bed’s larger in there.” She said, hurrying off, leaving them alone with Hermione.

“What did she mean by that?” He said, watching his sister take off to find Molly.

Harry instantly flushed as he thought about the morning he had spent in Ron’s room with his wife. “Uh – maybe your parents expanded it so that you and Hermione would be more comfortable there tonight. Come on let’s get her upstairs.” He explained quickly while he moved closer to Hermione.


“Harry can you undo these buttons for me?” Ginny asked, as she hung her cloak on the hook on the back of her bedroom door.

He shrugged and moved behind her, placing a kiss on her shoulder. “This is not how I imagined I would end up getting you of this dress tonight.” He murmured, his fingers moving down the buttons and undoing them one by one.

Once he had reached the end, Ginny turned and kissed him gently. “I know and I promise once Hermione’s healer gets here and she and the babies are safe – I’ll get back into it. I’d rather keep it in perfect condition. You can take it off of me later – yeah?” She said, smiling at him.

“Yeah –“ He began and was cut off by the screams coming from the floor above them. “You better get back up there – I’ll go calm the guests, let them know that everyone is – what should I tell them?”

Ginny pulled a t-shirt over her head and a pair of his old pyjama pants over her legs. “Tell them that Hermione is doing okay, Ron is somewhat calm and that there might be two new Weasley’s welcomed to the world by the end of the night.” She said, kissing him once more before heading out the door and up the stairs to check on her sister in law.


Harry sat beside Remus and Tonks in the garden alongside the rest of the wedding guests waiting for news from inside the Burrow. Ginny had disappeared an hour ago and after he had told the guests what he knew – everyone had settled into a seat to wait. Fred and George were currently taking bets on whether it would be boys, girls or one of each and had another pool going on how many times Ron would be hexed by his labouring wife. Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas were leading as they had bet – he’d be hit at least 5 times.

“Daddy? When’s Mummy going to come outside again?” James asked, from his place on Harry’s lap, his eyelids drooping as he fought off sleep.

“As soon as Aunt Hermione has her babies.” Harry said, his attention going towards the Burrow as he heard a window break apart and Hermione’ s shouts floated down to them. Quickly covering James’ ears, he looked over at Remus and Tonks. “Is that what I have to look forward to when Ginny goes into labour?” He asked.

Remus chuckled and nodded. “Harry – I remember your birth quite well and those words were quite tame compared to what your Mum told your Father. He grew antlers at one point during her labour – and he wasn’t transforming into his alter ego at the time. The rest of us found it quite amusing when we saw it.”

Harry laughed and imagined that Ginny would probably not stop at antlers if she chose. Sending a prayer up to Merlin that his wife would have a calm pain free birth, he felt James snuggle deeper into the crook of Harry’s arm.

“Tired Mate?” He asked, rubbing his back lightly as he looked around the garden. He was a little surprised at how many of their friends had stuck around despite the glitch in the events that were to take place.

James nodded against Harry’s chest. “I want Mummy to come back.” He said quietly, looking up at his father.

“Do you want to go in the Burrow and have a sleep?” He asked, smiling when James shook his head vigorously. He knew James was looking forward to the post-ceremony festivities as he and Ginny were. “Well how about this – we’ll wait for a little while longer to see if Aunt Hermione has her babies – this is turning out to be a pretty special night isn’t it?”

“Hey Harry – what do you think – boys? “ Fred asked as he approached them.

“Girls?” George said, ambling up beside his twin.

“Or both?” They finished, smiling at him.

Harry rolled his eyes and laughed at the twins. Knowing Hermione would kill them both if she knew they were out in the garden making bets with the rest of the guests, he pulled a galleon from his pocket.

“I’ll take girls.” He said, dropping the coin into George’s hand while Fred scribbled his choice on a piece of parchment.

“A betting man I see! You and the Patils are the only ones that have chosen girls. History is not in your favour old boy –“ Fred said. He was getting ready to tell Harry precisely why when Ron flew out the back door of the Burrow.

“It’s girls! Girls! I have daughters!” He shouted as he ran towards his father and grabbing him in a large hug, lifting the elder Weasley off his feet. As shouts of congratulations were given throughout the crowd, Harry glanced at the twins who stood beside his table; and laughed at the identical looks of shock on their faces.

“I guess my inner eye must be working overtime tonight.” He said, standing to pat them on the back. “Now if you’ll excuse me. I must congratulate my brother-in-law and go find my wife. Let’s go meet your new cousins and find Mummy.” He finished, hitching his son up his hip as he made his way over to where Ron stood.


While Healer MacEachern finished cleaning up twin number two, Ginny wrapped a cozy pink blanket around her other new baby niece. Both already had tufts of red hair sticking up from the tops of their heads and she wagered that while it was Weasley red, it would grow in like their mothers. Tucking the blanket in tightly to make sure she was swaddled just right, Ginny took her over to Hermione and placed her in her arms.

“Your daughter Mrs. Granger-Weasley.” Ginny said, wiping a tear from her cheek as she watched Hermione pulled the baby close to her chest and kiss the top of her head.

“Oh Ginny – she’s beautiful. Where’s Ron?” Hermione said, her eyes taking in all she could of the baby’s face.

“Right here my Darling.” Ron said, coming back into the room to perch on the bed beside Hermione. Looking down at the baby, a look of awe came over his face. “She’s perfect Hermione. But I distinctly remember leaving the room and two babies were crying.”

“And here is your other daughter.” Healer MacEachern said, placing an identical pink bundle in Ron’s arms. “Both babies are healthy and Hermione seems to have come labour without any problems. I’d like to see everyone at St. Mungo’s in a few days to follow up. You were quite lucky – home births of twins can be complicated.” He said, moving back to where he had set up his medical supplies and began to put them away. “But for now – I want you to rest and take it easy. And most importantly enjoy your babies. Congratulations.” He finished, taking one last look at the couple. “I must go now – it seems you’re not the only pregnant witch whose baby has decided to come into the world tonight. Take care.”

Harry and James entered the room as Healer MacEachern was being engulfed in the green flames of the floo. Walking over to Ginny, he quietly pulled her into a hug and watched as his two oldest friends looked in awe of their new children. Ginny stayed in his arms and leaned in to kiss James on the cheek.

“Some wedding night eh?” She whispered, not wanting to disturb Ron and Hermione.

“It couldn’t have happened any other way.” He responded, smiling at her.

“Mummy? Where are the babies? They’re awfully quiet.” James whispered, looking over at his aunt and uncle.

Ginny laughed and kissed her son again, remembering wistfully that he was once as tiny as the two newest Weasleys were. “Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione are holding them Quidditch-Bug. They’re those tiny pink blankets.”

Hermione glanced up to see the other little family watching them. Smiling she beckoned them over quietly. Harry approached his old friends silently, setting James down when they neared the bed. Leaning over he kissed Hermione on the top of her damp curls.

“Congratulations.” He said, looking down at his new nieces. “They are beautiful. Good thing they have their mother’s looks.”

Hermione laughed. “Oh Harry! I think these girls are Weasley through and through. Stop teasing Ron. I’m so sorry for interrupting everything! I tried to hold off as long as I could.”

“Hermione Jane! You stop apologizing right this instant!” Ginny broke in. “Babies come when they want to. This just means we have more to celebrate tonight.”

“Ginny’s right.” Harry said, feeling a tug on his robes. Looking down he saw James looking up at him.

“Daddy – I can’t see.” He said, holding his arms up for Harry to lift him. Obliging his son, he was lifted into his father’s arms. He first looked at the bundle in Hermione’s arms and then to the identical one in Ron’s arms. “They look the same.” He asked.

“That’s because they’re twins like Uncle George and Uncle Fred.” Ron responded.

“Will they be bad like them? Cause girls aren’t supposed to be bad.” James asked.

Ron was the first to laugh. “You just ask your mum about how bad girls can be.” He said, looking at Ginny, who blushed deeply. “She can tell you lots – “

“Okay Ron! That’s enough – James doesn’t need to know any stories. Quidditch-bug, I’m sure your new cousins will be just like their mum and won’t misbehave at all. Unless of course they meet friends like Uncle Ron and Daddy.” Ginny said, looking at Ron and laughing when his ears turned pink.

James looked from his mum to his uncle and shook his head. “What are their names Aunt ‘Mione?” He asked, reaching out to touch the soft blanket Hermione’s baby was wrapped in.

“Well, we were thinking if it was okay with your Daddy we’d like to name one of them Lily Anne. And the other will be Molly Catherine.” Hermione said, looking at Harry.

“I’d be honoured Hermione.” He said quietly. “I think that’d be perfect.”

“But which one is which?” Ginny asked, standing close to him; her hand resting on his back.

“Ron is holding Lily.” Hermione’s responded. “And we’d like to two of you to be her godparents. When Bill and Fleur come in, we’re going to ask that they be Molly’s.”

Harry nodded and looked down at the tiny baby in Ron’s arms. “Hello Lily. I’m your Uncle Harry.” He said. At the sound of his voice, the baby blinked and opened her eyes.

“Daddy she’s looking at you!” James said, watching the baby with interest. “Say hi to Molly too!”

Harry chuckled and turned to look at the baby in Hermione’s arms. “Hello Molly. I’m your Uncle Harry too.” He said, obliging James. The adults laughed when she opened her eyes to look up at Harry.

“Upstaged by the great Harry Potter again!” Ron said, laughing.

Ginny heard a shuffling at the bedroom door and reached over to grab Harry’s hand. “Come on boys – let’s leave the little family be. I think everyone else might be waiting to get in here. Mum especially.” She said. “See you later little ones. And don’t worry no matter what your Mummy said to you about me being mad if you came today – I’m not, I’m honoured that you came today.”

Hermione laughed and yawned slightly. “Thanks Ginny. Have fun tonight.”

“See you in a few days.” Harry said, giving them one last look before heading towards the door with Ginny.

“Bye Aunt ‘Mione. Bye Uncle Ron!” James said from Harry’s shoulder as the three left, passing the rest of the Weasleys that were waiting at the door.


It was nearing midnight and the party was just beginning to pick up steam. The twins had bewitched one of Arthur’s gramophones to play non-stop music and the guests were crowded on the dance floor swinging to the tunes.

Harry gathered Ginny close to him and swept her across the dance floor, passing Molly and Arthur and Remus and Tonks. After helping with the twins, she had gotten back into her dress and made her way down to find her new husband. He was still in awe at how beautiful she looked.

“You look quite beautiful tonight. Mrs. Potter.” He said, leaning in close to her ear so she could hear his words.

Blushing, Ginny smiled up at him. “Why thank you Mr. Potter.” She responded, linking her hands behind his neck to pull him closer. “So do you.” She murmured, kissing him lightly.

“Oi! They’re at it again! Everybody take a drink!” Charlie yelled from the dance floor, grabbing his glass and tossing it back.

Ginny rolled her eyes at Harry and laughed when he lifted her off her feet in a hug.

“How long do you think this game will last for?” He asked, looking over to find the rest of brothers and a few of his old friends following Charlie’s lead. The game had been concocted by Fred and George after the party had started and consisted of watching the newly wedded couple. Each time they kissed each other, those involved would take a drink.

“Until we sneak off.” She whispered, reaching up to kiss him again and smiling against his lips when a new cheer broke out and the boys reached for their glasses again. “Or until they all pass out.”

Harry laughed, and pulled her close as the dance changed from a fast one to a slow waltz. “I vote we sneak off.” He said, his hand running up the length of her spine.

“Oh!” She said, her hand leaving his shoulder to rest on her belly.

“What? Is it the baby?” Harry said, looking down at her with concern.

“It is, but its ok. Baby Potter was just kicking. Feel.” She said, reaching behind her to take his hand and place it on her bump. “It’s the first time the baby has moved all night.”

Harry pressed his palm into her belly, still surprised at how firm it felt. He was about to draw his hand away when something pushed against his fingers.

“Oh! It moved!” He said, looking at Ginny with surprise in his eyes.

“I know!” She responded, smiling and rubbing her hand against his. “I think the baby likes you.”

“I’m glad. You know you’re amazing don’t you?” He said, seriously as he pulled her closer and started to waltz again. When she looked up at him with a curious look on her face, he kissed the top of her nose. “And cute too. You realize that tonight we got married, you helped deliver two babies and now you’re back down here, looking as beautiful as you did when you walked down the aisle this afternoon?”

She blushed slightly at his words but smiled at him. “It was a full day, but I’m glad it happened the way it did. We should go soon.” Ginny said quietly, kissing him again.

“Oi – they’re kissing again! Would you two stop before the lot of us are drunk!” Charlie called laughter in his voice as he lifted his drink to his lips.

Ginny broke her lips from Harry’s and glanced at her table of brothers. “It’s too late for that! You sods are already drunk!” Leaving Harry’s warm embrace, she tugged him towards the table. “Come on – let’s go survey the damage.”

As they approached the table, Ginny noticed the amount of firewhiskey bottles on the top of it. “Sweet Merlin! How much have you sods drunk?” She laughed, wrinkling her nose up at the vapours that were wafting from her brothers.

Charlie lifted his glass and toasted them. “Well – we wouldn’t have if you’d not have kissed so much.” He hiccupped as he set the glass down.

“Mum’ll kill you if she sees how much you’ve indulged tonight.” She responded, crossing her arms across her chest and looking down at Charlie, trying her hardest to look unimpressed by their antics.

“Harry – you need to tell your wife here that I am a grown wizard and I’ll do what I like. Mum doesn’t scare me.” He informed the table, reaching towards the bottle beside him.

“Hi Mum.” Ginny said, mischievously waving her fingers and laughing out loud when Charlie’s fingers faltered on the neck of the bottle, sending it clattering onto the table. “Gotcha!” She laughed as he growled at her. As Charlie rose from his seat, she squealed and tried to duck behind Harry but despite his drinking he was able to catch her around the waist and pull her into a hug.

“It’s not nice to do that to an older brother, Little Snitch.” He growled, as he swung her lightly. Crying out for help from Harry, she laughed and pushed at her brother’s shoulders.

“Charlie! Put your sister down right now!” Molly said, as she approached the group of them with Arthur trailing behind. Sobering slightly, Charlie obliged his mother and giving his sister a kiss, he set her back on the ground.

“Sorry Mum.” He said sheepishly, winking at Ginny when she stuck her tongue out at him from where she stood back beside Harry.

“Ginny, I just wanted to let you know your father and I are heading off to bed. I expect James will be up first thing in the morning. Poor little dear, he’ll be so disappointed that he didn’t see you off.” Molly said.

“Oh I’m sure he’ll be fine. Harry and I said our goodnights and goodbyes when we tucked him in. He’s quite excited to be staying here with Granmum and Grampie for a few days. Just make sure he minds himself. You two tend to let him get away with too much sometimes.” Ginny said, hugging Molly.

“We have to dear. That’s what grandparents are for. You two enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you when you get back.” Arthur commented, looking at the two newlyweds and smiling as they stole glances at each other. He remembered how exciting it had been for him and Molly when they had finally gotten married.

“Thanks Dad.” Ginny said, hugging her father tightly.

“Hem-hem.” Fred coughed, attempting his best Umbridge impression to get the guests attention as he stood at the edge of the garden. “HEM-HEM.” He said a little louder, making everyone turn to where he and George stood.

“Ah – perfect brother. You seemed to have gained their attention.” George said, gesturing towards their new found audience. “We just wanted to say a few words to our dear sister and newest brother.”

Fred smiled at the crowd and pulled his wand from his robes. “That’s right. We’ve noticed how those two crazy kids are looking at each other and we expect it might not be long before they sneak off.”

“So before they do – we have a little presentation. To offer our congratulations.” George said, mimicking his brother’s actions and pulling his wand from his pocket. “Shall we?”

The two touched their wands together in a toast and whispered a charm. Suddenly, the night sky above everyone’s heads filled with a burst of colour and the fireworks that the twins had stored earlier that day began going off. The crowd made appreciative noises as pinwheels whizzed by and a dragon soared overhead. Red and gold lions roared as they exploded into H’s and G’s in the air.

Ginny laughed at the show and settled back into Harry’s arms as they watched more and more fireworks fill the air. She was sure any muggles down in Otterly St. Catchpole that may still be out and about would be wondering what the eccentric family at the top of the hill was up to and expected tomorrow there might a few curious glances from the villagers if Molly or Arthur ventured down.

As a large red pinwheel whizzed above her head, she felt Harry pull her closer. Looking over her shoulder at him, they locked gazes.

“You know this might be the perfect time to make our escape.” He whispered his breath warm against her neck.

“I think that’s a fine idea.” She responded, smiling up at him. Quietly, the two of them slipped off and made their way to the Burrow. It was only a few minutes later when Ron came out of the house to see why fireworks were going off at one o’clock morning did anyone notice that the newlyweds were gone.

A/N: And so there it is - the wedding - every last sappy, mushy, fluffy word of it! I do hope everyone enjoyed it - it was a lot of fun to write. And I'm so sorry I kept everyone waiting for such a long time - real life got in the way and gave me a serious case of writer's block!

Don't forget to let me know what you think!

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