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*the plot and oc's are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.


Shay was woken by her parents yelling from downstairs. She knew it was early because the sun had not quite risen over the trees yet. Shay wasn't fortunate enough to own a clock or curtains. In her bedroom was a bed that was meant for a small child, a tiny dresser for her dismal amount of clothes, and her Hogwarts trunk where she kept her most valuable possessions. Her mum always said that she didn't deserve a room that was furnished.

"The perfect way to wake up for the perfect day," she said with sarcasm. 

She got herself out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. A nice hot shower always woke her up. And it was always a long one, as Shay's honey blonde hair was long and thick and she always shampooed it a certain way, so it dried in it's natural waves. She continued her routine with dressing herself. She liked to feel comfortable and didn't feel the need to impress anyone. She did, however, keep herself healthy. She had a toned body from six years of quidditch. But she always had to do something she hated. Putting on her make up. Shay was the kind of girl that hated girls who wore too much make up. She really only did to hide the scars that were embedded on her face. The scars on her face brought bad memories and made her self conscious. She didn't want to seem vain but she liked parts of her face that she didn't want to cover up with make up. Like the freckles that were scattered so lightly under eyes and across her nose. And the natural rosy red in her cheeks. Or her favorite part, her eyes, which were two different colors. The right one was a green, not an emerald green like her friend Lily's, but more of a dark Christmas green. And the left was darker than ice and a lighter than sky blue. But to avoid being asked too many questions, she put the make-up on.

Her mum was a snob by day and a lunatic by night. Her father was just a good for nothing drunk. Neither of them had to work because her family was loaded, not that they knew what an actual days work was anyway. Shay was from one of the most respected pureblood families. The Calhouns. She hated her last name. It associated her with dark and evil wizards. Her father’s father was a part of Gellert Grindelwald’s army before Albus Dumbledore defeated the dark uprising. Her grandfather still insisted that Grindelwald was the best thing that could have happened to the wizarding community and trashed the good name of Dumbledore anytime he could. Shay was nothing like the rest of her family. Except her brother. He was a decent person. Damien was like her. An outcast in their own house. He was three years older than Shay and moved from Ireland to the US. Shay thought he was the luckiest person in the world.

Once Shay got her hair and make up done, she headed downstairs. As she went down the hall, she passed her sister's room. Courtlyn's room was the opposite of Shay's. Her room was furnished with green and silver silks, a thick dark oak dresser and bed stand, and all the things Courtlyn's heart desired. Courtlyn was, according to Shay, the epitome of an evil witch. Shay had read some muggle books when she was younger. Some of the stories had green skinned, hooked nosed, wart faced witches as the villains. Shay was always sure that those authors had based their villains off of Courtlyn. Shay and Courtlyn got along fine until Shay started going to Hogwarts. A Gryffindor under one roof with a bunch of Slytherins. It wasn't fun. Shay thought that was why her parents hated her. Because of what house she was in at Hogwarts. Shay and Damien were in somewhat the same boat. He was in Ravenclaw, not as bad as Gryffindor but it wasn't Slytherin. Shay's parents excused Damien by saying he was too smart for his own good. They gave Shay no excuse for being in Gryffindor. To them, no one could get any lower than Gryffindor. They’d rather her be a squib.

Shay was finally kitchen where her mom was taking her regular potions and drinks. 

"A little early for medicating, don't you think?" Shay asked while looking in the fridge. 

Her mum, Elladora Prince Calhoun, had a bad fall off of her broom during her second season with the Puddlemere United. She was drafted right out of Hogwarts. Her mum was captain of the Slytherin team and had lead her team to the cup three times while she was in school. Her mum was a phenomenal player and it was the only pride Shay held for her mother. Shay always wondered what her mum was like before she had to retire. Maybe she wasn’t as mean. After the accident, her parents got married and started having kids. As long as she could remember, her mum had always taken medication for the supposed pain. Shay was never sure if it was physical pain or the pain that her mum felt of having to give up her dream.

"Why don't you learn how to have a little respect? You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me, you ungrateful little wretch," her mom screeched, swallowing her last potion. 

"Oh, a little touchy today, aren't we?" Shay said opening up a yogurt. 

Her mom gave her a deadly glare, "We are going to the Blacks' today so you better behave. I cannot even count how many times you have embarrassed us in front of them." 

"I think you have the wrong person. I would never dream of embarrassing you in front of anyone," Shay said, amusing herself. 

"And if I catch you doing anything to disturb Courtlyn and Regulus, you’ll be locked in your room for the rest of the summer," her mom said exiting the kitchen. 

"Don't worry about it," Shay said under her breath.

Her mum must have been trying to latch the Blacks and Calhouns together permanently.

Shay went back up stairs to wait but bumped into her dad on the way. She had found out why her mom and her dad were fighting. He was drunk, again. She had smelt the fire whiskey easily. It was a smell she had grown accustomed to. Arcturus was the epitome of a spoiled brat. He never had any goals or ambitions. He was popular and good-looking, like most of the pure bloods he had befriended while he was in school. From what Shay had heard, he never did much while he was in Hogwarts. Never a prefect, didn’t get outstanding grades, rubbish at quidditch. She never understood how her mum could be with somebody like him. His looks had faded quite dramatically after starting a family. Shay remembered him from years before. He was tall, slim, head full of dark brown hair and healthy sun kissed skin. Her brother looked a lot like her father back then. Now he was a sight for sore eyes. His hair was thinning, stomach bloated from alcohol and he just seemed as if he was half a man. It seemed as if having kids literally sucked the life out of him. Shay was sure that neither of her parents ever actually wanted to have kids. They were shit at it. Even with Courtlyn they never actually parented her. They more or so lived vicariously through her.

Today, the only problem with her father’s alcohol abuse was that they were visiting the Blacks. They were very old friends of her parents, but always trying to show each other up. Shay would always hang with Sirius during the visit. He was one of her best friends. She wouldn't know what to do without him. But the visit was going to be horrible because Sirius had run away from home the previous year and was living with the Potters. Sirius's mother went into a rage and she had blown him off the family tree. Shay was sure to face being tortured and terrorized by Courtlyn and Sirius's brother Regulus the whole time.

Shay was in deep thought about her friends, when she heard a loud bang. 

"What the hell?" 

She turned the corner and saw something that made her want to cry and laugh at the same time.

“If I wasn’t so excited to see you, I’d think you were the biggest fool in the world.”

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