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“I hate that stupid fire place,” Sirius grunted, brushing soot off his front. Before he realized what happening though, four bodies came bounding at him, knocking him into the very soot he’d just gotten rid of.

“Bout time you got here,” Peter laughed, standing up out of the mob.

“You try getting past my mum,” Sirius snapped at him, although he had a smile on his face. “I had to wait and wait for her to get out of the bloody room so I could make my escape.”

“Bet life’s going to be fun once she realizes you left,” Kristen said with a grin.

He rounded on her suddenly. “You watch it St. Claire, I’m just waiting for the perfect moment to let you have it! I’m just going to let loose on you!”

“Oh I’m quivering,” Kristen said in a meek voice, grabbing onto Remus’s arm. “Oh Remus, don’t let big bad Sirius hurt me!”

Remus suddenly backed away. “Like I’d stand in the way of that! No way, you two are much too fun to watch.”

Kristen just glared at both of them. “What are we doing today James?” she asked as she turned to them.

“I’d thought we’d play a bit of quiditch. We’ll actually be able to try out this year so we should probably get some practice in,” James said with excitement.

“We don’t have an even number though,” Peter pointed out, counting five people.

“Oh I’ve got that all worked out. DAD!” James shouted, causing the others to put their hands over their ears. “DAD!”

“Yes James?” His father asked calmly, used to his child’s rather loud voice.

“Will you play quiditch with us! Please!” He then looked at all his friends and motioned for them to join in. “Please!” The said together, all wearing their biggest grins.

Andrew Potter couldn’t possibly say no to that, and besides, he would have done it without the begging. “Oh all right, I suppose. I call Chaser!” He shouted like a little kid. The rest all called out their favorite position, with the exception of Remus, who simply took the only spot left.

“And representing England’s finest is Harold Potter as Chaser, Peter Pettigrew as Keeper, and Kristen St. Claire as our seeker!” Mrs. Potter did the commenting, always ready to watch a fun quiditch match. “And representing England’s other finest, my lovely and adorable little James Potter as chaser, Remus Lupin as keeper, and Sirius Black as seeker! WOOO! YEAH! WAHOO!” She mimicked the sounds of a raging crowd. “Alright, in your positions,” she instructed. Peter and Remus flew to the respective trees they must guard as the others clumped in the center of the field. “The snitch is being released.” A tiny gold ball fluttered up and away, Kristen and Sirius watching it intently before it went beyond their sight. Suddenly, a huge red ball came flying through the air, both James and his father speeding for it. Kristen and Sirius instantly began searching the field.

“Come on St. Claire,” Sirius taunted her a few minutes into the game. “Can’t find a little gold ball?”

“I don’t exactly see you with it Black,” She snapped back at him, abandoning her search for a moment.

He smiled widely, “That’s where you’re wrong.” He held up his hand to reveal two wings flapping madly as they tried to escape his group.

Kristen just gaped at him; she hadn’t even seen him go after it. “Why didn’t you say anything?” She asked.

“Then the game would end,” Sirius replied simply, letting it go once again.

Kristen was bound and determined to get it this time but, several minutes later, Sirius once again caught it without anyone noticing. The third time though, she spotted it before he did, next to the ground in the center of the field. She instantly made a dive for it, closely followed by Sirius. He inched up on her quickly and before she knew, he pulled ahead, grabbing the snitch right out in front of her and pulling out of the dive spectacularly.

“I suck at this!” Kristen screeched in frustration.

“It’s only one game Kristen. We’ll get him next one,” Harold told her consolingly.

“No, he’s caught it three bloody times now!” Kristen raged as Sirius just smiled at her.

“It’s very true,” Sirius said with a smile. “I’m just pretty much excellent.”

James high-fived him as Remus cheered at their victory. They had needed every one of those one hundred and fifty points; they had been down by nearly one hundred and twenty. “Let’s go up to the game room!” They all shouted their approval of that idea, running over to the shed to put the brooms back before running into the house and up the stairs.

“Someone’s going to have to sit out the first game, we can only have two to a side.” James said.

Peter opted to be out first and they paired off, James and Kristen vs. Remus and Sirius. It was easy to tell who the more experienced ones were, within minutes James and Kristen had racked up six points.

“This is not far, Remus and I haven’t played this before!” Sirius complained.

“Fine, you switch with me and then you’ll have Kristen.” James succumbed to him. Kristen glared at him; she could tell he was purposefully doing this. It seemed that her and Sirius’s fights were now the optimal choice for entertainment.

Kristen, without much of Sirius’s help, scored almost instantly. She cocked and eyebrow at James as if to say ‘you asked for it’.

He took that as a challenge. They quickly went to full war mode. Eventually Remus and Sirius just stopped trying to help, as they only seemed to mess things up.

“And there’s point number twelve!” Kristen shouted in excitement, having reached the maximum points. “And that James, is what happens when you mess with a St. Claire.”

He just waved off her victory, slumping onto a couch instead.

“I should probably head home soon,” Sirius said grudgingly, standing up from his chair. “My mum’s probably about to blast my name off the family tree.”

“Good seeing you mate,” James said, patting him on the back. “If you need to get away from the banshee, my house is open.”

Sirius laughed a bit at that, he then headed over to the fireplace that was in the game room. “I suppose I’ll see you all in Diagon alley, August twenty first, right?” They all nodded their heads. “Well then, I’m off to my funeral.” He threw some powder into the fire and stepped in before shouting, “To number twelve Grimauld place!” and whooshing away.

The rest shared a few butterbeers and cookies that Harriet the house elf brought up before Remus and Peter both flooed back home and Kristen’s parents came to pick her up.

She relished in the fact that it was only three weeks until she would be at Diagon Alley, seeing her friends and getting ready for Hogwarts. They dragged by, her only day of entertainment being August twelfth, the day her sisters turned seven and the Potters came over for the party.

“Are you all ready to go?” Her mother asked, peeking her head in the door.

Kristen slammed down the lid of her trunk, not wanting her mother to see the contents. “I’m good, perfect, good!” Kristen rattled off nervously. “I’m all set for tomorrow.”

Tears suddenly welled up in her mother’s eyes. “Oh, my big girl off to school again!” She grabbed Kristen and furiously hugged her, compressing her to her chest. “You’re going to be a teenager dear, do you realize that? Of course, I should see you before that as you’ll be coming home for Christmas.”

“Of course mum,” Kristen struggled to speak, air quickly escaping her.

Mrs. St.Claire gave her one last squeeze before leaving the room, tears streaming down her face. Kristen could never understand her mother. The only time she ever showed love to her was when she was about to leave, and then it seemed so dramatic that it could possibly be fake. Her mother and her had never gotten along though; she’d always been her father’s daughter.

The next morning couldn’t come fast enough. She tossed and turned for hours, the thought of rejoining the magic world flittering through her head excitedly. Finally, she saw pink rim the horizon and slowly morph into a brilliant sunrise. She instantly got up, throwing on clothes and all the essentials before bounding down to breakfast, where her father and mother were only just beginning their tea.

“Well this is new,” her father laughed, the thought of his daughter actually being up on her own before nine quite amusing. “Are you really that excited about leaving us?”

“I just really miss my friends,” she confessed, devouring the cereal she had made. “And I will come home for Christmas this year, if nothing comes up.”

“You better,” Her father warned with a smile. Soon, her sisters came bounding down the stairs with the energy only a seven-year-old can have in the morning.

It seemed like eleven would never come that morning. She sat and stared at the clock, bring back memories of last year. As promised though, they finally came.

“Marauder James!” Kristen shouted in excitement upon seeing.

“Marauder Kristen!” He shouted back, laughing along with her.

“Yeah, we’re not quite sure what that means either,” Emily said in response to the St. Claires’ very confused faces.

“Well here are her things,” Harold huffed, dragging her trunk down the stairs. “She’s really anxious to go, staring at the clock all morning!”

“So was James,” Andrew laughed, ruffling his son’s hair. “He’s really ready to go back to Ho-”

“Leonardo’s,” His wife said quickly, discreetly elbowing him. “That school really is wonderful.”

Andrew blushed at his near slip. He hated lying to his friends but if that was the only way Kristen felt she could go, then so be it. “Alright, let’s head out. We’ve got a lot to do today.”

“Here’s her money.” Mr. St. Claire said, handing his friend an envelope. “I put some extra money in there Krissie, get yourself a present,” he whispered to his daughter as they hugged good-bye. She quickly hugged the rest of her family before following the Potters outside.
* * *
“Remus!” She shouted, running to hug the haggard looking boy and nearly knocking him down in the process.

“Nice to see you too,” He laughed, hugging her back.

“What, no hug for me?” Sirius asked her, his eyebrows raised.

Kristen smirked at him. “Not even in your dreams Black.”

He snorted at that. “Like I would waste my dreams on you St. Claire. Now Gwen, there’s a better person to dream about.”

“You seriously think Gwen is better than me?”

“Well she’s a hell of a lot nicer and better looking!”

“You’re such a prat!”

“You’re and egotistical jerk!”

“Look who’s talking Black!”

“Merlin, they’ve never got going this quickly,” James mumbled to Remus as Sirius and Kristen continued to cause a scene. They were in the Apothecary, refilling their potions kit.

“Hello guys,” Peter said as he walked into the shop, calmly passing Sirius and Kristen to talk to the others. “I heard them screaming, that’s how I found you.”

Suddenly, a pudgy man walked over to Kristen and Sirius, looking infuriated. “Excuse me, but I’m going to have to ask you both to leave.”

“Now look what you’ve done Black!” Kristen shouted at him, barging out the door.

“Me? You started it!” He retorted, following her out.

“I most certainly did not! You’re the one who brought up Gwen when you know I hate her!”

“I think you’re jealous!”

Kristen put both her hands on her hips and glared at him. “Excuse me?” She hissed, looking deadly.

This didn’t scare Sirius, if anything it gave him more confidence. “You’re mad because I think she’s pretty and not you!”

“That is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard!”

“You know I’m right St. Claire, just admit it!”

“There’s nothing to admit Black!”

“You want me to like you instead, don’t you?”

Kristen looked like she had been slapped. “Oh, that’s rich! If that were the case I hardly think I’d be yelling at you right now!”

“Well you’re weird! For all I know, that may be your way of flirting!”

“I think you want me to like you!” Kristen suddenly shot at him.

He looked a bit caught off guard by that one. “No, you want me to want to like you to like me.”


“I don’t know! Just, leave me alone St. Claire and I think we’ll be fine.”

“Sounds excellent Black!” And with that she turned away and stormed up the street to get her books.

“You know, it is wonderful to see my two best mates becoming friends,” James said sarcastically, joining Sirius. “Couldn’t you lay off?”

“Why do you always take her side? She started it!” Sirius said accusingly, quite put out with every one.

“Look, I’ll ask her to back off too.” James assured him. “She’s just…dramatic Sirius. And so are you for that matter.”

Sirius just glared at him before heading to Madame Malkin’s, as he’d grown nearly two inches and dress robes had been put on their list this year.

“Well guys, I guess it’s just the three of us,” James said a bit sadly to Remus and Peter. They walked down the street, hoping that Kristen and Sirius would eventually come back.

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