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The only edible food in Hannah’s pantry was cereal. It wasn’t the good kind, but rather the kind that looked exactly like a more popular brand, with a couple of letters switched around in the name and noticeably less flavor. Hannah sat at her kitchen counter, swirling around the cardboard-like pieces and not eating. Lana would be there in five minutes and Hannah needed something to occupy this time period, however short it may be.

She felt absolutely pathetic. At the casual setting of the bookstore, there was little need for fancy dresses, which resulted in a near bare closet. The one dress Hannah owned, and the one she currently wore, was tight and uncomfortable. She had bought it last year, as a graduation present for herself, simply because it was so beautiful. A complete impulse buy. The dressing room and manicured dressing room attendants had charmed her into thinking that this dress slimmed her butt and hid the flabs of skin. Now, in the light of her own home, Hannah could see that it did no such thing.

And to show up dateless at the wedding! If her looks had to be so dreadful, a stunning date would have at least made up for everything else. Archie had offered to accompany her, but Hannah had politely declined. She didn’t want Archie. She wanted someone tall, dark, and handsome. Someone like Sirius Black.

The doorbell rang and Hannah went to let Lana in, shaking the thought of Black from her head. He wasn’t worth her thoughts.

“You don’t look good,” Lana said, sounding concerned, stepping into the apartment.

Hannah feigned a cough. “I think I’m sick. Suppose I’ll have to stay in. Have fun at the wedding.” She gestured towards the door, coughing again. She was still bitter towards Lana for forcing her into this whole wedding thing, which was guaranteed to be a fiasco.

Lana rolled her eyes, smearing a bit of her still-wet mascara. “I was talking about the dress, Hannah. It’s not your color.”

“Really? Suppose I’ll go pour grape juice all over myself, then,” Hannah answered sarcastically. She didn’t mean to be snappish, but it was hard to help. The prospect of staying home with her cardboard cereal and a magazine was growing considerably brighter. It would be her first time seeing her classmates since graduation and she hardly wanted to be remembered for her disaster of a dress.

“Purple isn’t really your color, either,” Lana said. She paused, her index finger resting on her chin in thought. “Never mind the dress, we need to go. I don’t want to be late to the wedding.” She grabbed Hannah’s arm and dragged her to the door, pushing her out.

Hannah was silent in the ride to the church at which the wedding would take place. She tuned out the loud radio and Lana’s constant chattering about what other people might be wearing and the gossip about relationships that had sparked since school had ended. Something about James Potter and Lily Evans. Hannah sighed, not really caring. The only love life she truly cared about was her own and seeing as that was nonexistent, it was safe to say that she didn’t care about love.

With the Weird Sisters screaming in her ears, she began to wonder what it would be like to show up at the wedding with a load of new accomplishments under her belt and an obvious boob job under her dress. It would be nice, Hannah decided, to have something to brag about. “…and Evans gave birth, so now they have a son, Harry. I’ve heard he’s cute, but I have yet to see him,” Lana droned on.

She pulled the car into a space and turned the engine off. “Am I too close to that car on the right?”

Hannah looked out the window and shook her head. “You’re good.” She opened the door and stepped out, tottering a bit in the heels Lana had forced her into.

Lana stepped out of the car as well and shrieked loudly. “Look! It’s Amy!” she said, pointing out Amy, a former Hufflepuff girl that Hannah remembered only vaguely. “Amy! Wait up!” She walked as fast as her five inch heels would take her, her blonde hair floating behind. Hannah stood awkwardly by Lana’s car, wondering if she should run after Lana.

“Hannah Greely?” Hannah looked up from staring at the pavement at the sound of her name.

Hannah nodded. “Evans,” she said politely. “Great to see you.”

The redheaded girl smiled at Hannah. “So how have you been? Married? Employed? Pregnant? I haven’t heard anything about you! What’s life after Hogwarts like for you? I’m sure you’ve heard about me and James.” Lily Evans blushed at her husband’s name.

Hannah nodded again. “I just found out, actually. Congratulations. And congratulations on your son, as well. And as for me, I’m single, employed, and sperm-free.”

“Fantastic!” Lily said enthusiastically. “I better get in there. James spilled butterbeer on his suit and he needs me to get it out for him. He’s such a baby.” She laughed and left Hannah. The awkward feeling Hannah had experienced moments earlier returned as Lily retreated. Hannah chose to follow after this time.

Inside the church, Hannah could see that the rumors about the unicorns and faeries were simply rumors, which gave her an odd sort of delight. The church was beautiful, nonetheless, and the candles suspended in the air reminded her of the Great Hall back at Hogwarts.

Hannah sat down in one of the pews towards the far back of the church. She saw Lana, up a few pews, with a large group of people. It would have been easy to join them, but Hannah was content in the background for the time being. People chattered all around her and she focused her attention on them.

She soon realized that the altar was unavoidable. Hannah slowly looked up, scanning over the altar. There he was. Standing dead center, looking exactly the same as when she last saw him. Taller, yes, but other than that, any differences were impossible to detect.

Hannah pulled her gaze away and closed her eyes. Before Hannah realized what was happening, the church setting was slowly fading all around her. Trees were rising where pews had been and the scent of vanilla candles was replaced by that sweet beginning-of-September smell. She was back, back where it had all begun.

It was the first day of seventh year and a pleasant day.

A/N: Thank you so much to nana_banana_xx3 for my one review! It was great to see a “1” there instead of a “0”, but raising that number would be so great! Be sure to review this chapter and thanks to everyone who is reading this story!

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