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No…I wont give in…I refuse to throw away the effort and pain I went through just to keep this love of mine hidden.

Yet you are standing before me once more, hurt engraved in every feature of your face. The harsh, cold grey of the stone walls surrounding us only adding to the feeling of suffocation. Why must you always suffer? Each time someone throws your heart to the ground or rejects you from another home because of all your ‘problems’ it becomes harder. All I want is to tell you that I care, that I see what a beautiful person you are…

This time it was Ginny; the one girl you truly believed would love you forever. But no, you were “bringing her down” with your depression. Can’t she see that any amount of pain is little payment in return for your love?

My hands shake with anxiety and anger…I see that you also shake, but with sobs. Not bothering to hide the tears from me, for I have seen them many times before. Your frail body is slumped against the wall as you crumple and I dare not imagine what you may be thinking. I find my arms wrapped around you as curly locks of hair blur your vision, because I will always be there to hold you.

Unspoken words threaten to overflow from my eyes as I fight to stay in control of my emotions as I whisper comfort into your hair. Time passes slowly as day turns to night and the light from the sun dims until we are left with nothing but the glow of a torch somewhere around the corner.

You stir and my day dreams vanish, we have been sitting on this corridor floor for a long while and serenity seems to have blanketed our huddled forms. Suddenly I feel your warmth recede as you move away, just enough to let our eyes meet.

Hazel meets the darkest of brown, keen and shining in the dark. Nothing new, but somehow different from the hundreds of times before.

My heart is racing as I find myself looking away; fear and disbelief flooding my mind…your eyes had gazed into mine and for that brief moment I peered into your soul, I had seen love.

But you can’t love me.

Blackness tints my mind as I feel myself falling into warm, dark oblivion and I wonder if you will catch me…


Firm hands caress my head and neck; the cold floor that I am laying on sends shivers through my body…but you are here, and I wish that this moment could last forever.

A cautious finger gently brushes the hair from my eyes, a smile graces your lips as I reach up to you. Tears of happiness shine as I slowly sit up; placing my hand behind your neck and pulling you lips closer to mine. Your breath tickles my skin as we are frozen in that moment before the first kiss.

Then we touch.

Hesitantly at first as I slowly fall into this love which has consumed me for so long. I am burning as every part of me holds onto you. My soul is yours as we are connected, not only by our lips and intertwined hands but by our hearts and minds as well.

Yes I am afraid. But this fear will not rule me because deep down I know that we can never hurt each other. My heart swells with joy…the dark haze which I have been living in is lifting and I see such brightness in the future.

Soon we pull apart, blushing and smoothing our robes, but it is not long before we laugh collapsing into each others arms as the tension dissolves into giggles. Now that I have you it seems as if I will die the moment you are gone…so rather than parting we walk hand in hand out the doors of Hogwarts into the darkness of the night, finding ourselves at the place where we first met so long ago.

And I thank the heavens that I stopped that day as the sky was grey with rain to see who was crying. I thank the heavens that you allowed me to become part of your life that day, even though there were countless sleepless nights and tears that would not stop…I have you now.

The shortness of breath and heavy feeling which had previously been part of my everyday passing disappeared. Now there is nothing but the softness of your hand in mine and the great, endless plain of diamonds twinkling above us.

I pull you to the ground where we lay side by side gazing at the swirling, breathtaking serenity of the heavens. It was as if those stars had a purpose tonight; somehow so much more amazing with you by my side.

Before I can stop myself words form on my lips and I whisper them to the night, more for me than you…

“I knew you would catch me.”

I turn my head ever so slightly and see your smile, illuminated to angel like perfection by the glow of the stars and there is nothing I want in this world. I have everything.

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