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"Have you ever heard of the hangman's curse?" I said in a deep spooky voice as I entered the boy's dorm in a sneaky like fashion. "Cause it's come to get you Peter Whats-Your-Face..."

"I-I-I'm not Peter Whats-Your-Face..." Peter said trying to see me from under his bed.

"Yes you are...and you have to guess the hangman's word if not you will be the one that does the hanging." I said staying in the dark and taking my wand out. "Oops wrong wand..." I muttered as a party wand emerged. When I had found my real wand I set up a glowing spot in front of him with a real rope hanging form the drawn gallows. Six blank spaces were under it. "Now guess..."

"A?" He asked timidly.

I head was drawn.


The stick body.


One leg, does he not know how to say the alphabet?


The other leg.


Wow he is really sure of himself. A foot this time.


I hate those question marks. The last er...'official' foot.


Nope. Arm.


No. The other arm.


A funny looking hand.


At least he got rid of the question marks. But the other hand.


Oh no here they come back. A X for an eye.


The other eye.


Wow he really doesn't know the finer details of this game does he. But a frowny face.


A tongue.


A fat shirt.


Now fat pants.


Ok, he would've died by now...but I put a balding hair thingy on his head...


"Do you not know the finer details of this game?" I asked tiredly. Now flicking my wand and putting ULTIMATE DEATH towards the side.


Why does he keep guessing? Now I put FAT, and an arrow pointing to the body of the thingy.


Now I put PETER...


God...ok now what to put, hmm ok, balding, up by the lack of hair. 


"What makes you think that there will be a Z?" I asked trying not to lack my scary voice.


"There are six spaces!"

"Then, there isn't a word, cause I went through the whole alphabet!"

"That's it, you loose!" I said flicking my wand and writing out the word CHEESE in the space.

"Cheese?" He asked me stuttering. I swear he will have a nervous break down.

"Yes Cheese, and you lost..." I flicked my wand and he went shooting out from under the bed to my glowing gallows.

I put the rope over his head as he whimpered. Don't worry I won't kill him quickly, just slowly. As the rope started to tighten, I'm not actually going to kill him he freaked. And started to squeal, and squeak...that's creepy. Soon he was turning into a rat.

"EW A RAT!" I screamed loosing my voice.

"Wakanda?" Peter asked quickly turning back to himself.

"No stay away from me." I said backing up against the wall. I have a low tolerance of vermin, I got bit by my pet rat once, and then my mum laughed cause I use to laugh instead of she thought I was being good nature...yeah so that was a pink boot situation...

"Wakanda..." He said in a panic voice.

"You lied!!!" I then realized, he lied, I told all of them everything, but like one little thing, and I thought they did too.

"What did he lie about?" Sirius asked appearing in the doorway. "Did you ever ask if he was a rat?"

"You knew!?" I said yelling at him.

"Er...yes?" Sirius said knowing that I wouldn't like the answer. "Why are you even screaming, it's nothing big..."

"Nothing big? Well if you were terrified of rats would you want to appear in a gallows rope, then coming after you?!"

"Gallows?" Sirius asked, then looked at the glowing thingy. "Were you trying to hang him?"

"I was not going to hang him!" I said pouting and trying to stay away from Peter.

"Get rid of the rope..." Sirius said trying to sooth me.

"Is there anything else I should know?" I said working out the nickname Wormtail. "Like the fact that you guys all have nicknames, and Wormtail just happened to fit with the fact that Peter is a rat?" I asked coyly. I watched his reaction, surprisingly enough it was blank. "Fine, whatever..." I said when he wasn't going to answer me. "I'm starved, and frankly, I'm not funny, so you best just leave a message cause I'm not replying to you guys for a while..." I said not making much sense but walking out of the room and towards the stairs, giving James and Remus the cold shoulder on the way down.

"What's wrong with her?" James asked him.

"No idea..." Remus said shrugging and walking off. Ha, they don't even come after me.

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