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**Disclaimer: I owe all my inspiration to J.K.Rowling. I own only the plot along with the new characters**

Inside the Great Hall there was chatter among the students. After the sorting ceremony for the first years they wondered why McGonagall had exited the Hall for a second. The trio must have figured that it had something to do with the new students.

"So I guess McGongall must be getting ready to introduce the 4 new students?" questioned Ron as the trio were sitting at the tables
"Probably, but I wonder if they''re going to be sorted?" asked Harry
"I don't see the sorting hat" said Hermione as she took a glance towards the teacher's table
"Maybe she took the hat to them just because they didn't wanna be sorted in with the first year?" said Harry
"So then they're older than the first years" continued Ron
"Maybe, but I think we're going to find out soon" said Hermione as McGonagall entered the Great Hall once again

"Welcome back students for another year of Hogwarts. I am pleased to see some old faces as well as some new ones. This past year has been filled with many emotions. Love, friendship, anger, a loss for those we've bid goodbye to" continued McGonagall in a quiet tone as she thought of Dumbledore

The word goodbye hit Harry like a ton of bricks. He saw the saddened look on McGonagalls face and knew how much she cared for Dumbledore. That word good-bye seemed to accompany him quiet a lot this year as it immediately reminded him of Bianca. Yet the word seemed so inadequate as to how much he hurt inside and all the pain he felt for not having her by his side.

What Harry didn't know was that on the other side of the doors to the Great Hall lied Bianca and the gang             

"Has she called us in yet?" asked Seth
"Calm your dragons" said Liz
"I just put on some axe body spray. The smelling affect which causes the girls to towards you is running off" said Seth in an urgent tone
"Seth that commercial is just an exaggeration" said Bianca
"No it's not I used some and that's when you came running" said Logan
"Well then you must of used a lot" muttered Bianca jokingly
"What?" asked Logan 
"Oh I'm sure I came running Logan" said Bianca
Seth and Liz laughed at their little dispute
"Maybe we missed her announcing us" said Seth
"Don't worry Seth all the girls are gonna look at you" said Liz
"Why thank you Liz" said Seth
"Yeah how could they miss that weird black spot on your face" said Liz
"What? Where?" asked Seth
"Why Liz didn't you know that it's a birthmark?" asked Bianca in a jokingly tone
"Oh my bad" said Liz as she lightly slapped her forehead with her hand
Everyone including Seth laughed
"Wait she's saying something about goodbye" said Logan as he listened through the doors

Bianca remembered the last time she had heard that word, it was one of the hardest and yet clearest days of her life

Neither Bianca nor Harry knew how close to one another they were, but were only being flooded with a memory of their last day together..........


Bianca and Harry were sitting together on her swing seat in  the backyard. Harry was holding Bianca's hand while he lovingly nudged her nose with his own. They loved being together like this. It was as if they were the only two people in the world and nothing else mattered.

"I wanna kiss you" said Harry as he was trying to kiss Bianca, but she continued to tease him by moving at the last minute to kiss either her forehead or chin
"O.k O.k" said Bianca
"You promise not to move?" asked Harry
"Scouts honor" said Bianca
"You never were a boy scout" said Harry
"Yeah can you believe they wouldn't let me join? That is just so sexist of them" said Bianca in a jokingly tone
"Shouldn't you of been a girl scout?" asked Harry
"Yeah I should of, but can't you see the rights we woman have?" said Bianca
"How did we get from talking about boy scouts to the rights of woman?" asked Harry
"The same way we got from talking to this" said Bianca as she pulled Harry forward to kiss him.
"The same way we met uh?" said Harry after their lips parted
"Oh you mean the roughness of me pulling your shirt?" asked Bianca
"I'm staring to think that was all apart of your genius plan to get me all along" said Harry
"Yeah why make a guy fall for you with your eyes when you can just scare the crap out of him while he's on a ladder" said Bianca
"Ha so you admit it and Hey!!! I was not scared I was just taken by surprise is all" said Harry
"You sure that could be shortened to the word scared" said Bianca
"Yes Mrs.Webster" said Harry as he went back to nudging her nose with his
"Has a nice ring to it" said Bianca in a soft tone
"You know we're lucky our little nose thing hasn't gotten too dangerous" said Bianca
"So I'm assuming that you've had a near death experience when it comes to the nose nudging" questioned Harry
"No never but I did see this couple stroking each other with their noses and the guy had a real boney nose and little by little the girl began to get a bruise on her own nose" said Bianca as she tried to contain her laughter
"Well did you say anything? Did you warn her at all?" asked Harry
"Hey what's a girl to do when you've got a drink in one hand and a camera in the other?" asked Bianca
"Well lucky for you I don't have a boney nose" said Harry
"Good to know" said Bianca as Harry was about to lean in to give her another kiss on the lips, but they were interrupted by Barbara entering the backyard

"Um Um" said Barbara
"Oh hey mom" said Bianca
"Hello Mrs.Aqua" said Harry
"Hello Harry, Bianca we need to talk to you for a second in the kitchen" said Barbara
"Yeah sure mom" said Bianca as she got up from the swing to enter the back door with her mom
"I'm not making any promises about not growing a boney nose while you're gone" said Harry
"Fine then you'll never kiss these lips" said Bianca as she began walking backwards into her house to keep eye contact with Harry
"I won't be missing much" said Harry
Bianca's mouth dropped just before she entered the kitchen

Inside the kitchen stood her mother leaning against the counter by the window wearing a serious expression. Her father was no better for he stood by the refrigerator keeping an expression similar to his wife's. Bianca could feel the tenseness of the room and dared not make a joke as she usually would to lighten up the mood
"Did something happen that I should know about?" asked Bianca
"Yes, we're leaving tomorrow" said Barbara being quick and to the point
"Leaving to the grocery store or to a relatives' house?" asked Bianca hoping that it wouldn't be the answer she was dreading
"No Bianca we're leaving this house. We're gonna stay at your Nini's house for awhile and then we'll go back home" said Barbara
"Why didn't I find out about this earlier?" asked Bianca trying to hide the anger and sadness that lied in her voice
"Your father and I just got back from Nini's house and she invited us to stay" said Barbara
"Well why did you have to say yes?" asked Bianca the tone in her voice rising
"Bianca you knew this day would come. It's time to say good-bye to Harry" said Estevan
Bianca stayed glued to her spot not letting herself believe that tonight was their last night together
"I think you had better go tell him to leave" said Barbara
Estevan began to head towards the backyard when suddenly Bianca showed signs of life
"No I'll tell him. We're gonna take a walk and then I'll be back to pack" said Bianca shocking herself when she used the word pack. All words pertaining to a good-bye seemed to bring fear to her

Bianca dreamily walked back outside to Harry.
"So what if I were to put dirt on my nose? Would you risk a dirty nose to kiss me?" asked Harry
Bianca didn't seem to hear what Harry was saying. Harry could sense her confusion and it was unusual that she didn't respond for she usually had a funny comment to everything.
"What's wrong?" he asked
"We need to take a walk" said Bianca
"O.k" said Harry slowly

"Come on" said Bianca pulling Harry up with her hand

Bianca held Harry's hand tightly as she walked him to the garage to start the scooter
"I thought you said walk not ride" said Harry
"Well they're all the same" said Bianca as she hastly put on her helmet and handed Harry his. Once again Harry found it odd as she didn't respond with her witty replies
"So where are we going?" asked Harry as he kicked the gear to start the scooter
"To the waterfall" said Bianca quickly
"Alright" said Harry as he pushed off the pedal and headed to the waterfall

During the ride Bianca held Harry tightly. She tried to tell herself to loosen her girp but somehow that only made her wrap her arms around him more. She tried to imagine her life without him, but couldn't or wouldn't she wasn't sure which one it was. She wondered how long it would be before the tears emerged. Once arriving at the waterfall Bianca jumped off the scooter carelessly tossing her helmet to the side. Harry quickly followed her. The watefall had a slow almost depressed way of letting the water fall. The trees no longer looked green and lively they seemed to have grown a light brown. Bianca ran up a bit to get closer to the bridge but was spun around by Harry

"Bianca what's going on?" asked Harry
"Nothing" she said although she knew her wall of defense was slowly crumbling
"You didn't comment on one thing I said" said Harry
"Well a girl can run out of breathe sometimes" she said
"What're you saving it for a special occassion?" he asked
"No let's just enjoy being here together" she begged
"Bianca I know you and I can tell something's wrong just tell me please" he said looking her in the eyes
Finally the tears came 'Damn you're weak Bianca' she thought to herself 'Well he deserves to know and I will not let him wake up tomorrow to some cheap note on his pillow and an empty house across the street' she thought. Her throat wad dry and although she knew what she had to say the words hid at the back of her throat

"I'm leaving tomorrow" she managed to say in a quiet tone
Harry let the words soak in for a second "Leaving your house for good" he asked
"Yeah" she slowly replied
"Summer's not over for another month and why didn't you tell me earlier?" he asked
"I know my aunt invited us over for awhile before we go back to our old house that was being renevated and I just found out myself" she said
"Why?" he asked although he wasn't sure where it was directed towards
"Why what?" she asked
"Why are you leaving?" he asked
"We're going back home and school's staring soon" she said
"I'm your home and you're my home..........................I have never felt more complete than when I'm with you" he said as he took her hands in his own.
"I have to go Harry. I wish I could tell you more, but I can't" she said through a teary voice
"Stay here and I'll come back for you" he said wiping a tear from her face
"If I could I would" she said
"I don't want to loose you" he said trying to fight the pain in his chest
"We knew falling in love was going to make this harder" she said
"No it became harder the day I heard you laugh" he said showing a small smile
"You're such a cheeseball" laughed Bianca
"Shut-up" said Harry grabbing her as his lips came crashing on hers. The kiss was filled with passion and intesity. Both needed this kiss to not only instill it in them forever but to know that their love would always be there; that their love is and has always been there. Harry roughly asked Bianca's mouth for intrest making a moan escape from Bianca. Their tongues danced and toyed with eachother hoping to get as much as the other as possible. They held eachother as they shared what they both believed would be their last intense kiss Finally after parting they starred into eachothers eyes as their breathing was heavy. Harry stroked her arm just as he always would to comfort and protect her while Bianca listened to his heart beat as she rested her head on his chest. It was Bianca who broke their position

"I think we better go" she said
Harry was silent as they headed towards the scooter.
Neither talked during the ride home. Once arriving at Bianca's house they put the scooter back into the garage and they held eachother's hands as they walked to the curb of Bianca's side of the street.

"I guess this is good-bye" she said
"Yeah I guess it is" he said as he kissed her lightly on the lips before embracing her in a hug. Both rested their head's on the other's shoulders. Harry tried desperately to fight back the tears. Bianca was unable to hold them back as they fell onto Harry's shirt. After a few minutes they turned to look at each other.
"I will always love you" said Harry
"I will always love you" said Bianca
Finally they both turned to walk back to their houses. Upon reachng the door they turned back to take one last look at the other. Their eyes met for no longer than a second before Bianca could no longer feel the strength to stand and turned back towards the door and headed into her house. Soon Harry did the same.

Bianca headed straight up to her room to start packing even though she knew that with a flick of her wand she could have everything packed, but she didn't want to give her parents a chance to call her downstairs. She really just wanted to be asleep. She went over to her ipod dock, pushed the button to begin playing the song "Hear You Me"

There's no one in town
You gave us some place to go
I never said thank you for that
I thought I might get one more chance
What would you think of me now?
So lucky so strong so proud
I never said thank you for that
Now I'll never have a chance

Bianca tried to keep her mind off of Harry, but everything reminded her of him. The bed where they slept togehter, the t.v where they watched The Price Is Right, the window that she first saw him in. He consumed every one of her thoughts and she was held captive to their love. She had fallen hard for Harry.

May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends
On the sleepless roads the sleepless go
May angles lead you in

Harry couldn't concentrate on anything other than Bianca. Already he had caught himself thinking about what they were going to do tomorrow until he reminded himself that she was leaving and he would be back to being all alone and even less than that now that he was loosing the love of his life.

So what would you think of me now?
So lucky so strong so proud
I never said thank you for that
Now I'll never have the chance
May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends
On the sleepless roads the sleepless go
May angles lead you in

Bianca wasn't sure how she had been able to move around. It was like her mind said stop and yet her body continued packing. She felt lost and dizzy as if slowly her world was coming to a halt. She opened her drawer to find the Lady and the Tramp box that Harry had given her. Once again there was a lump in her throat and the tears began to flow. Inside there was a picture they had taken of Harry kissing her cheek while she was laughing. Bianca suddenly burst into tears and moved slowly into her bed before waving her wand to have everyhting pack itself.

And if you were with me tonight
I'd sing to you just one more time
A song for a heart so big
God wouldn't let it live

Harry continued to stare at the ceiling not exactly sure where to go from here. He couldn't believe that this was the end of their time togehter. Maybe there was a chance he could find her after Hogwarts just maybe.....................but how would he find her for there were millions of people in the world and yet all he needed was one.......................and that one was Bianca

May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends
On the sleepless roads the sleepless go
May angels lead you in
May angels lead you in
Hear you me my friends

Morning came and Bianca rose early. She had fallen asleep after a night full of tears. Harry woke up to the sound of a truck outside of his window. Harry got out of bed and turned to look out the window. The mover's truck was blocking his view of Bianca's house. After a few minutes the truck moved to reveal the back of Bianca's head. Harry smiled to himself as he realized that it was the same way he had first seen her.

Bianca could feel someone watching the back of her head and realized it was Harry. As much as she wanted to turn and stare into his green eyes she knew she had shed enough tears and wasn't sure how much more she could take. As Barbara and Estevan came out of the house Bianca entered the car crushing any chances Harry had of seeing her face one last time. The car was started and began exiting the driveway. Harry wasn't sure how it happened, but somehow he found himself running down his stairs and out the front door. He ran all the way into the middle of the street only to find the car turning the corner vanishing from sight and with it his love Bianca.


Harry had snapped out of his memory when Ron nudged him in the arm
"Are you o.k?" asked Ron
"Yeah" replied Harry
McGonagall had continued her speech going over the usual rules but now came upon the subject of the newest students

"Now I'd like you all to welcome 4 new students that will be attending Hogwarts for their 7th year. I hope we can all make them feel welcome" said McGonagall
"Now we're going to find out if they paid McGonagall" said Ron
"Yup" said Hermione as she unexpectedly turned around to look at Malfoy. Malfoy caught sight of her and their eyes met causing Hermione to blush
"What're you smiling at" asked Harry noticing the change of color
"Oh nothing" she quickly said
"Now these students are elements who posses a special and unique gift. I'd like you to welcome 2 of our 4 students Mr.Logan Flame and Mr.Seth Green" finished McGonagall

On the other side of the doors stood Bianca and the gang
"Oh finally" said Seth upon hearing his and Logan's name
"Good luck boys" said Liz
"Who needs luck with this face?" asked Logan
"Uh....yeah besides they're saving the best for last" said Bianca as she and Liz moved aside as the doors opened so the boys could enter the Great Hall

Seth and Logan entered the Great Hall with confidence. At the back of the Hall Logan slowly raised his right hand and a flame appeared. He threw the bright red flame onto the floor then stretched out his hand as if commanding it to create a pathway of fire. Seth began to fist up his fingers causing the floor of the Hall to quake. The boys then began to walk forward turning their heads to get a few looks at their fellow classmates. Many girls giggled and smiled at the boys.

"Welcome to Hogwarts gentlemen" said McGonagall as they took their place to the left of her
"Thank you Headmistress" they said
"Now last but not least our other students Liz Gustero and Bianca Aqua" announced McGonagall

Upon hearing Bianca's name Harry's head shot up. He frantically began turning his head in every direction wondering if he had gone mad and was hearing things.
"What's wrong?" asked Hermione
"Did she say Bianca Aqua?" he quickly asked
"Yeah why?" replied Hermione

Before Harry could continue the doors to the Great Hall opened and there stood Bianca and Liz. Harry remembered her perfectly from her brown eyes that sparkled, her round face and cheeks that he had kissed, her lips, and her brown hair except that she had cut it to have it fall over her chest and she now had to the side bangs that gave her a strong look. She was wearing her muggle clothes; half-jeans with slip on brown shoes with a blue v-neck top. Harry wanted to tell Ron to pinch him to make sure that he wasn't seeing things, but somehow could only stare at her. Bianca and Liz took a few steps into the Hall before Bianca crouched down and touched Logan's flame path with one finger creating an ice path that covered the one that had once been there. Liz was making circles with her right hand causing a wind to appear out of nowhere. Harry was amazed at the power that his girl had, he never knew she had it in her. Bianca stood up straight and began to walk forwards with Liz as their hair blew in the wind making the boys of Hogwarts whistle. Harry tried to move from his seat to grab her and kiss her, but somehow his body wasn't getting the message. His head was swarming with questions and still was in total shock from her being in Hogwarts, being apart of the magical world. Finally the girls made their way to McGonagall and stood to the right of her.

"Thank you ladies" said McGonagall
"May I ask for a round of applause for our 4 newest students?" she continued
The students of Hogwarts clapped as if welcoming the four.
"Some black haired green eyed boy is starring at you as if you're a ghost" whispered Liz to Bianca
"Where?" replied Bianca
"Over to the left" she said

Bianca looked to her left and there sat Harry. Her heart began to beat very loudly that she was sure only a deaf person would be incapable of hearing it. Her hands began to feel very moist and she felt light headed. HOW? she thought to herself. Her mouth felt dry and her feet were rooted to the spot. She had sometimes imagined if they ever saw each other again she would run into his arms and kiss him, but now she could only look at him with confusion. She was pulled out of her daze by Logan who took her hand in his and lead her to their spot by the first year Ravenclaws.

Harry had a perfect view of Logan holding her hand and began to feel his fists clench.
"Yes finally dinner" said Ron as the food appeared on the table
"You see Ron there was no money ex-changed" said Hermione as she served herself some mashed potatoes
"You never know what goes on behind locked doors" said Ron as he served himself some chicken
"Harry aren't you going to eat?" asked Ron
"Not if you finish it all first" said Hermione
"Oh yeah" he said as he began to serve himself
Once again Hermione and Ron shared a look of worry

Over at Bianca's spot the 4 were talking
"Well we sure blew their socks off" said Seth
"Couldn't think of a cooler object to blow off could you?" asked Liz
"You should of said wands" said Logan
"Wands no something like hats" said Liz
"What do you think Bianca?" asked Seth
"Oh what?" said Bianca in a soft tone
"Weren't you keeping up with us?" asked Seth
"Yes we've finally worn out Bianca" said Logan
"No you didn't wear me out you should of said we blew off their potions" said Bianca
"Nahhhh" they all said in usion
"Oh don't get mad just because I blew your potions off" joked Bianca
"So who was that?" whispered Liz to Bianca as the boys talked
"It was Harry" said Bianca
"You mean summer boy?" she asked
"Yes" replied Bianca
"But I thought he was a muggle" said Liz
"Hello so did I" said Bianca
"Oh my god this year just got a whole lot more interesting" said Liz
"Can I like video tape your life?" asked Liz
"Liz!!!" said Bianca before they both laughed
"Are you going to talk to him?" she asked
"Uh yeah I guess I have a few questions for him" said Bianca

After dinner the houses were excused to their dormitories and Bianca tried to catch up to Harry who also tried to catch up to Bianca, but was orderd to head to the dormitories
"Uh I have to talk to someone" said Bianca
"We have to be escorted to our rooms by the Head Boy and Girl" said Logan
"Oh right" she said as she waited with the others
A girl with brown hair and a boy with blonde short hair came up to the group
"Hi I'm Hermione Granger and this is Draco Malfoy" said Hermione
"We have to escort you guys to your rooms which is in the left tower" said Draco
"So you would be Bianca" said Hermione pointing towards Bianca
"Yeah you're right and this is Liz, Logan and Seth" said Bianca pointing out the rest of her group
"So let's get to your rooms" said Hermione as she lead the way
Liz and Draco's eyes met and widened. They both began to become a bit nervous and Liz headed over to the left of Bianca so that she was far from him
"Are you o.k?" asked Bianca
"Oh yeah sure I've just become a bit more attatched to this side of the room" said Liz
"Of course you have" said Bianca
"So how do you guys like this school?" asked Draco
"Seems pretty good so far" said Logan
"How're the teachers here?" asked Bianca
"They're great we've finally got a stable D.A.A. teacher so that's nice" said Hermione
"Isn't he a werewolf?" asked Seth
"Yes, but he's a great teacher none the less" said Hermione
"So about the uniform when do we get to change?" asked Liz
"After classes and during the trips to Hogsmeade" said Draco
"Oh thank goodness" said Bianca
"Don't worry I'd probably loose it too withot some new attire" said Hermione
"Or new books" said Draco
"Ah so you're a book worm too?" asked Liz
"Yes and proud of it" said Hermione
"Looks like you can start a club Bianca" said Seth
"Hey I like to read books so what bite me Seth" said Bianca
"Well we're here" said Draco upon reaching the left tower
"Thanks for bringing us" said Logan
"You're welcome" said Hermione
Logan and Seth headed into the room while Liz folowed careful to not make eye contact with Draco. As Bianca was about to head into the room Hermione pulled her aside
"Do you know Harry Potter?" asked Hermione
"Why?" said Bianca
"His head shot up faster than a fireblt when McGonagall said your name" replied Hermione
"It did?" asked Bianca with a smile on her face
"Yeah he told me to give this to you" said Hermione handing her a pice of parchment
"Thanks" said Bianca

Hermione and Draco headed off towards their dormitories leaving Bianca alone to read Harry's note.

Why Hello Bianca Aqua
We need to talk
Meet me in Astronomy Tower at midnight
Don't get lost

Bianca smiled to herself and then walked through the portria and into her dorm.

***Ok so there's the chapter a lot of you have been waiting for sorry to keep you waiting for so long. The song is called "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World Thanks to all who have been patient***

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