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    "What the fuck was that all about?" I asked myself as I aparated into my bedroom with a pop. Avery never did anything like that. I mean, sure he'd hex you into tomorrow as soon as look at you, but he didn't like to get his hands dirty. And what was up with his excuse? That was total bull shit too, and I knew it. Of course he 'didn't like his face,' he was talking about a Gryffindork! And not just any Gryffindork, it was Quidditch Boy himself. But if Avery really just didn't like his face, he normally would have simply given him a new nose, or maybe some colorful boils. The truth was, and I knew it even then, Avery didn't like the way that Wood had been looking at me. I couldn't really blame him, Wood freaked me out, too. The way he looked at me, as though he could see into my soul, was discomforting. My soul is not a place where Oliver Wood belonged. Hell, my soul was not a place where any normal person - especially a Gryffindork - would want to be. "But why was he looking at me like that?" I though aloud as I walked towards my expansive closet to pick a gown for that evening.

    As I searched through the velvets and satins, Woods face kept popping into my mind. More specifically, his eyes. I couldn't get the image of him to go away and it was driving me insane. "OLIVER WOOD GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" I screamed into the dark cavern of my closet.

    "Why would he be in your head?" came McKenzie's voice from my bedroom. Fuck. I was caught committing a sin; thinking about a Gryffindork. But it wasn't my fault, really, it was that stare of his.

    "That look he gave me today. It freaked me out."

    "Freaked Avery out, too, I reckon."

    "Yeah. What are you doing here, Mickie?" I asked, emerging from my closet to find McKenzie, already fully dressed, sitting on my bed.

    "You're not dressed?" I looked quickly at the clock that stood on my bedside table. Apparently I had been thinking about Wood longer than I thought.

    "Bloody hell." I mumbled, running back into the closet and pulling out the first dress I hadn't worn yet. It was black, of course, as most of my dresses were, and floor length, with a slit that ran all the way up one side, right up to my mid-thigh. It was made of a gorgeous silken material that shimmered slightly as I moved and hugged me in all the right places. The fact that it was strapless meant that my beautiful diamond heart pendent could be seen for once, instead of being trapped beneath my Hogwarts robes. I stepped from the closet once more, now fully clothed, and McKenzie gasped. "What?" I asked, "it's horrible, isn't it?" Mickie was the only one I even let see my self-conscious side.

    "No, Lil, you look amazing. And you're hair and makeup aren't even done yet!" I laughed. picking up a pillow that was laying near by and throwing it at her. "Hey! Watch the hair! But seriously, get a move on, we're pushing it for 'fashionably late'." Quickly, I put on some light makeup, threw my hair into a quick but elegant up-do, and apparated to the Malfoy Manor.

    "Ah, welcome. We're always pleased to have two more lovely ladies in the house." Draco said, walking into the entry hall.

    "Shove it, Malfoy" McKenzie said, pushing past the third year.

    "I swear, that boy thinks he's Merlin's gift to women." I said, walking with her into the main ballroom.

    "So does Avery, and you dated him." McKenzie pointed out.

    "Yeah, but Avery is Merlin's gift to women." I laughed.

    "Did I hear somebody say my name?" Avery asked, appearing at our side and sliding an arm around my waist. His breath smelt strongly of fire whiskey.

    "Lily here was just telling me what a great shag you were."   

    "Is that so?"

    "I dunno, I, erm, forgot" I said, glaring at Mickie. Avery and my breakup had been a violent one and we had only recently begun speaking again.

    "GO TO HELL!" I screamed, chucking a vase at Avery's head. It hit the wall just to his left and shattered.

    "Merlin, Potter, you could've killed me!"

    "Good! Maybe then you could keep it in your pants!" We had both flirted heavily with other people during our relationship, we were Slytherins after all, but Jason had taken it a step too far and slept with some snooty girl in the year above us. I had thought that I loved him at the time, and the fact that he would do something like this to me was heartbreaking.

    "Maybe if you gave it up a little more!" He was starting to get mad now. And he really had no reason to say anything of the sort, I 'gave it up' plenty.

    "FUCK YOU!" I pulled out my wand and fired a warning shot, just grazing his right ear.

    "That's the
POINT!" he replied, throwing a hex right back. Our fight quickly exploded into an all out duel in the Slytherin common room that ended only when the prefect went to get Professor Snape.

    "CEASE AND DESIST!" he exclaimed. Avery and I stood in the middle of a wrecked common room, wands pointing towards each other, breathing heavily. "As much as I support you expressing yourselves, I will not have you destroying my common room! 50 points from Slytherin and a weeks detention each." We glared at each other as Snape left the dungeon.

    "You're the worst lay I've ever had." I whispered, my voice full of malice as I passed Avery on my way to my dorm. They were the last words I said to Avery in nearly 6 months, even during our weeks detention I wouldn't speak a word to him. Basically, it had been ugly.

    "You forget, eh? What do you say we ditch this joint and I refresh your memory?" Avery leaned forward and began kissing my neck.

    "Gerroff" I said, pushing him backwards. He looked stunned, McKenzie just laughed.

    "Merlin's gift to women, eh?

    "So I lied, what else is new?" We laughed and walked into the ballroom.

    The ball was, as expected, boring as anything. Our group stood in a circle near the door, waiting for the first chance to escape. It finally came around 11:30 when the adults were all busy fussing over Draco and Pansy. We discreetly slipped out one by one and apparated back to my bedroom. Unfortunately, the encounter with Wood was still running through my mind and I couldn't concentrate. I tried my best to focus on my bedroom, but apparently those damn thoughts of Quidditch Boy snuck back into my head because before I knew it, I materialized in a strange room.

    Looking around I saw that I was in a rather nice bedroom, painted in a deep blue color, with mahogany furniture. There was a poster on the far wall, but I couldn't quite make out what it was of in the darkness. "Where am I?" I though aloud. Suddenly, the light turned on and a deep voice cut through the silence.

    "What are you doing here?"

    "What am I doing here? What are you doing here, Quidditch Boy?"

    "It's my room." He seemed almost amused at the fact that I had somehow ended up in his bedroom.

    "What is wrong with me?" I asked myself.

    "Plenty of things"

    "I wasn't asking you." I took a step closer to Wood, trying to stare him down.

    "Why are you really here?" he asked, all amusement gone from his voice. We were now nose to nose and I could smell his oak-y cologne, feel the heat radiating off his body, hear his heart beating. We stood there, staring into each others eyes, for what felt like hours before either of us moved. Before I knew what was happening, Wood's lips came crashing down on mine, full of lust. I kissed back, hungrily, before shoving him off of me and smacking him, hard, across the face.

    "Who do you think you are?" I growled, eyes glinting. Wood just smirked. I turned away from him so I could focus on my apparation, but I could  feel him staring. I turned around sharply. "What is wrong with me?" I whispered as I grabbed Oliver by the collar and kissed him roughly before disapparating with a loud pop.

    "Where have you been?" Jessica asked when I finally arrived in my room.

    "I got distracted." I said, grabbing a bottle of fire whiskey that Marcus offered me and sitting on my bed.

    "Distracted by who?" Lestrange asked.

    "Why do you assume it's a person? How do you know it wasn't something else?"

    "oh come off it, Potter." Derrick chimed in.

    "Yeah, you walk in here 20 minutes after the rest of us, completely flustered, and say you 'got distracted.' We know you were with someone, so spill." Bole added.

    "Fuck you."

    "No, Potter," Flint said, "we want to know who fucked you." My friends laughed as I blushed a deep crimson color. Avery, I noticed, was remaining unusually quiet throughout the conversation, but I couldn't worry about his odd behavior just then, I had a bigger problem. They'd never let me get off by saying I'd gotten distracted, it just wasn't our way. But I couldn't tell them the truth either, or I'd be shunned. Kicked off the family tree and whatnot. There was definitely something wrong with me; I was having impure thoughts about a Gryffindork. No one could ever know, so somehow I had to change the subject - and fast, they were starting to guess who I'd been with.


    "Maybe Alex, he's always been popular."

    "At least we know we can rule out the Gryffindorks." Jessica said, laughing.

    "Can you imagine? Me and a Gryffindork?" We laughed and, thankfully, the conversation moved on to a new topic

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