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After I got 5 books I went up to my room to read them. After about an hour I was finished with my 2nd book and onto my third. About ½ hour later Blaise and Draco came in and started jumping on my bed.


“Hey!!!! I’m trying to read here!” I yelled.


 “We know that’s why we’re doing it.” Blaise said.


“Great, thanks a lot.”


“You’re welcome.” Malfoy answered and I just glared at him.


“What he means to say is, will you come horseback riding with us?”


“We have horses?!” I asked anxiously.


“Yeah, we have 16 of them.”


“What kinds?” I asked


“There are four of each: Arabian, Quarter, Appaloosa, and Mustang.”


 “I love horses, when I was little the Grangers’ and I used to live by this horse rescue farm. I would go over and help them; in return they taught me how to ride.”


“Well some of them are yours. We just got them yesterday when Dumbledore told us that you were going to come home.” I smiled. “They don’t have names so you get to name them.”


“Ok, I’ll go!” I said getting up and grabbing my sketch book and pencils. As we got to the stables I could see the horses out running in the field. “Which ones are mine?” I asked as I looked out.


“They’re in their stalls.” Blaise said.


“Oh, ok.” My spirits fell as Blaise said this, I was hoping to see them running and having fun out in the field.


“We wanted you to see and name them first.” I nodded my head. As we walked into the stable I saw four horses stick their heads out of their stalls, there was one of each of the breeds. The Arabian is a dapple grey color, the Mustang is black, the Appaloosa is light tan with a black mane, and the Quarter horse is a red roan.


“Oh! They are Beautiful!”

“The Arabian and Mustang are girls, and the Appaloosa and Quarter horse are both boys.” Blaise said.


“I think I could figure that out myself, thank you.” I said sarcastically.


“What are you going to name them?” Malfoy asked.


    “Well I think I will name the Arabian, Nikolai, the Mustang will be Midnight, the Appaloosa will be Dakota, and the Quarter horse will be Dante.”


“Ok” Blaise said but he stretched it out.


“There is nothing wrong with those names, I kinda like them.” Malfoy said.


“Thank you.” I said blushing. “Hey Blaise, is there a place here where you go just to think?”


“Yeah, but the only way there is by horse.” He said.


“I want to ride to there. I’ll use Niko for the ride there and I’ll let the Night, Kota, and Te out to run.”


“Nice nicknames.” Blaise said.


“Thanks.” I walked to the tack room and got the bridles while Blaise and Malfoy got their saddles. By the time they had their saddles on I had already gotten all the Bridles and Bits into place, let Kota, Te, and Night out, and was on Niko bare back.


“I can't believe you two still need saddles.” I said as I grabbed the reins.


“You should have one you don’t know how well Niko is when riding.” Blaise said.


“Blaise if she wants to get bucked off let her.”


“Sorry to disappoint you Malfoy but that isn’t going to happen.” I said as I rode out of the stables. The guys rode out after me.


“Well lead the way.” I said while waiting for them to get ahead of me. We rode for about 15 minutes before stopping.


“Well this is it.” Blaise said while getting off of his horse and ground tying the reins. Then he came over and helped me off Niko, and tied his reins too.


“Thanks.” I said while going over to Blaise’s saddle and grabbed my sketch book and pencils out. I finally got a good look around. We were on a cliff overlooking a river with a waterfall and mountains. The sunset made everything seem perfect.


“This is beautiful.” I said as I sat down by the edge and started to sketch everything.


“I didn’t know that you drew.” Malfoy said as he sat down beside me.


“Yeah besides writing, it’s my other passion.” I said.


“Could I see it?”


“Sure.” I said hesitantly while handing it to him. He started flipping through the book, and started smiling like a Cheshire cat when he landed on one page.


“Hey Blaise come look at this!” he said while getting up and going over to Blaise. Blaise started smiling like a maniac too.


“What?!” I said getting up and looking over their shoulders at the sketch and started blushing. It was a picture of Malfoy sitting in the Hogwarts library studying. He had a look of concentration on his face. They both looked at my face and started laughing.


“I grabbed my sketch book back and started toward Niko. After untying the reins I got up on her and started to head home. I could hear Blaise and Malfoy scrambling after me. I was racing so fast back to the stables I probably got there in half the time. I put the bridle away and raced toward the mansion. As I got inside I ran past my mum only to run into my dad. He wrapped his arms around me and held me there.


“Sweetie what’s wrong.” My dad asked worried. It was then that I realized that I had been crying. I hid my face in the crook of his neck and started to relax. I let out slow and even breaths as I heard Blaise and Malfoy approach. My mum and dad asked them what happened. I could hear them talking but all it sounded like was mumbling. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t think I was that tired, but I must have been because the next thing I know I started slipping from my fathers grasp, and my grip loosened on my sketch book and it fell to the floor. I don’t know what happened after that. I woke up the next morning in my bed. I got up slowly and walked toward the bathroom. After my shower I got dressed in a light blue long sleeve thermal shirt and a black skirt. I didn’t put on any make-up today.


My walk down to the dining room was spent trying to figure out what happened last night. When I was close to the dining room I could hear voices talking quietly as if they didn’t want to be heard. Then I remembered everything. Going horseback riding to the cliff, Malfoy and Blaise seeing that sketch of Malfoy, running into my parents, Malfoy and Blaise running in, and then nothing. I walked slowly into the dining room while looking down at the floor.


“Good morning sweetheart.” My mum said while standing up and walking over to me.


“Morning.” I mumbled as she put her arm around my shoulders.


“What happened last night?” I asked.


“You gave us quite the scare, we didn’t know what happened, but your father said you had either fainted or fallen asleep.” She said while guiding me into my chair.


“Oh, I’m sorry I am being so troublesome.” I said looking down at my plate.


“Oh you’re not being troublesome, Sweetie.” My father said.


“Blaise and Draco have something they would like to say to you, don’t you boys.”


“Mia, we are so sorry, we shouldn’t have acted that way. Especially about that, you were sharing something personal with us and we both laughed at it. After some thought we figured that you drew whatever you could at any given moment, and this one just happened to be Draco. We just thought it was funny that you would draw him at all. I do have to say it was a very good drawing, very realistic. But like I said we are so sorry we made you upset.” Blaise said as I looked at my plate the whole time.


“I didn’t draw him because he was the only thing I could draw at that given moment.” I said quietly.


“Then why did you draw me?” Malfoy asked softly.


“At that given moment you weren’t the evil little cockroach, you were just another student trying to pass that year, just another human being trying to be good, it was a side of you that you never let show at school before, and I felt glad that I was right, I was right that you had a good side to you; that you weren’t always evil. That is why I drew that picture.” I said looking up at him with a smile. “May I be excused; I am not very hungry this morning.”


“Sure honey.” My mum answered. I sat in my room on my laptop while listening to my ipod. The next thing I know I heard a knock at my door.


“Come in.” I said taking my headphones off.


“Hey sis, do you want to go swimming with us?”


“I don’t think so.”


“Please?!” Blaise begged.


“Fine, but get out so I can change.” I sighed.I changed into a black bikini with lime green letters saying ‘I’m not a tease, I’m just a reminder of what you can have’ on the butt. When I was finished I walked out of my room and saw Blaise and Draco waiting for me in the hall. As they saw me their mouths dropped open.

“Oh no, you’re not wearing that with everyone here!”

“What? What do you mean everyone?” I asked.

“He means the quidditch team.” Draco said calmly.


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