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A/N: BTW, This story is officially AU, but I didn't have enough boxes to check AU so... B.O.Y is AU!!

.:Chapter Fourteen: The Long Lost Dreams: Part Two:. 

Tom Riddle took another long, deep, fuming breath from low in his chest.

“Would you care to explain why it isn’t working again to me, Severus?”

Snape took a breath too, but with much more patience, “I’ve told you, sir. Someone-”

“No more excuses.” he said, darkly, “I’ve had enough of excuses. You’ve messed up, no one else can hold that blame.”

“But sir-”

Tom shot the man a glare, “If it would please your conscious, then be my guest, Severus. I’m sure Lucius would love to hear, now that he is about to join us.”

And it was true. Lucius slunk into the room, taking in the view around him as he leaned next to the door. There was the Dark Lord, a young Dark Lord, standing over his bed, his face contorted into bottled rage. Snape stood a few feet away, looking into the empty vial with a cold expression on his face. And then there was Charlie, curled up on the bed, eyes moving fast behind her eyelids, convulsions happening every few seconds.

“I would love to hear, my lord.” He said quietly, unlike his usual manner. He hadn’t spoken in this tone since Draco was a baby, and it had become an unseemly habit these last few months.

“Severus?” Tom asked smugly. Snape looked back, his eyes a black stone.

“Someone- I mixed the potion incorrectly. Instead of nice memories of his lordship and herself, she is now experiencing her… worst memories, and the such. It won’t go on for long, just a few more hours until I can get the antidote mixed up properly. I had one ready, but of course, that was for the last mixture. It won’t get very far, but she is going to at least go through a few years of school- mostly ones without his lordship.”

“So, you managed to get just about everything wrong?”

Charlie let out an ear-piercing scream, and Tom turned his glare onto her for a split second, “If you have ruined this, Severus, there will be severe repercussions.”

“Charlie? Is that you?” Elaine, a former friend with whom you hadn’t spoken directly to for more then a year, was the first to come.

“Oh Merlin… Charlie! What happened? Is that… is that Mo- Myrtle?”

You couldn’t speak, the sobs were to much to overcome. You had Myrtle propped up, and you were clutching her to your chest. Her hair was still wet from the floor, and your clothes had the stain of splashed water all up and down the front.

“I… Merlin… Charlie, you need to.. You need to put her down, Charlie… we need to go get help.”

“She’s dead!” You managed to choke out, “She’s dead! She’s dead! We can’t save her! We can’t save her!”

It was obvious Elaine wasn’t speaking exclusively for Myrtle, but she was taken aback all the same, “Will you stay put?”

You hugged Myrtle and stroked her hair gently, nodding. 

Tom looked down at you, his hand gripping your own.

“Is there anything I can do, my lord?” Lucius asked Tom politely. Severus had already fled the room, the antidote would be coming shortly.

“Now that Severus is gone, I would love it for you to tell me… to tell me everything you saw.”

You tuned everything out, voices got louder and hands pried you away, stood you on your feet.

And when you woke up, a day or so later, a 2nd year lying next to you in the Infirmary told you what had happened.

Myrtle really was dead.
And your boyfriend had caught who did it.

“Who did it?” You asked the girl, fire springing up in your eyes, “Who killed Myrtle?”

The girls’ eyes went wide, “I’m surprised. I thought you would at least know that-”

“Well, I don’t! Who was it!?”

“C-Charlie… it was… that Hagrid kid. Rubeus Hagrid. His pet killed it… his wand was snapped yesterday.”


“I said, ‘His wand was sna-”

“No, not that!” You snapped back, “I don’t- where is he?”

“I bet your boyfriend is in the common room-”

“Not him!” You almost screeched, being impatient, “Hagrid! Where the bloody hell is he?”

She leaned in closer, as if it were a big secret, “In the north tower.”

Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor was crawling with Aurors. Hagrid had long since taken Harry home.

And Sarah was so confused. And angry. How could that woman…no, that girl, be her bloody mother!?

Well… she supposed she should really say… how DARE she impersonate her mother?!

Well, it was a little better…

“Miss Peters?”

She didn’t answer.

“Miss Peters?” The speaker repeated, “Can you tell us which one of these woman took you here today?”

Sarah looked down at the moving picture with mild surprise… but then again, nothing could surprise her today. Her life was slowly taking the shape of a downward spiral.

“That one.” She pointed to a girl in the lower right, who waved to her fondly. She was sitting in what looked like a train compartment with a half dozen or so other people. She, herself, was sitting next to a handsome boy that now had his steely gaze trained on her. She had to look away.

“Thank you, Miss Peters… now, I can take you home now. I need to talk to your father.”

She nodded again, and with the prompt from the auror, grabbed his hand.

You pulled your hood closer down over your face, sprinting down the next part of the corridor. If you already knew that you were alive, you would think that you were turning into a Dementor. You just seemed like… a vortex of doom.

Was it just coincidence that everyone you touched… everyone you had contact with just…-?

But now it wasn’t the time… you could see the staircase just up ahead.

Footsteps started down the corridor, and you pressed yourself further into the wall. If someone caught you… well, you didn’t want to think about that…

The footsteps faded away, and you took the chance to slink to the staircase across the hall. Very quietly, very practiced, you made your way up without a sound.

“Oh my God!” Jordan rushed down the path and enveloped his daughter in a hug as she looked over his shoulder, eyes vacant.

He pulled her back at arms length, “Where were you? I’ve been-”

“Mr. Peters? Hello, my name is Edward Collins, I’m an Auror from the Ministry of Magic.”

Jordan looked up uncertainly, but shook the mans hand anyway, “Nice to meet you… but um… Where is Charlie?”

Collins sighed, “She told you his name was Charlie?”

“Yes… why? Is that a bad-?”

“Oh, no… it’s just that-”


Collins turned, to see another wizard, coming down the garden path. This wizard, unlike Collins, looked unsure of herself and antsy.

He sighed, “Excuse me.”

Jordan watched Collins march over to the other auror before looking down at Sarah, expecting an answer.

“I’m fine, Dad.” She said, brushing a piece of hair from her face, “Really. They took good care of me, and I’m fine. See? No scrapes or cuts, or even any mental stuff. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Jordan smiled at his daughter, “You’re just like your mother.” 

You stared through the bars at the lump in the corner.

He was crying.

“And then she disaperated.” Lucius finished, “And as soon as she was gone, I left.”

Tom fumed silently, “And Potter saw everything?”

“I’m afraid so, My lord. He had just come out-”

“I don’t need to know about that, Malfoy.” Tom snapped, but then his voice went soft, “Everything?”


His eyes narrowed as you, once again, cringed on the bed, “Then I suppose we will have to make it work to our advantage, won’t we?” 

Sarah tuned out the conversation between the adults, staring off into the woods across the street instead. It was funny, in a way. These types of things just seemed to… follow her.


Her unemotional gaze shifted towards the woman, “yes?”

“We um… the ministry did some recon at your… mother’s old house.”

Sarah wondered why this would interest her, but she paid attention none-the-less.

The auror plunged on, “We didn’t… find anything. Literally, actually. Your grandparents house was um… leveled. We didn’t… find anything of interest…”

Collins looked at the woman with impatience, “Martha?”

“Oh… yes…. Right. We didn’t find anything, of interest to this case… but the only thing that wasn’t destroyed, the one thing we were sure your mother would have wanted you to have…”

Another look from Collins hurried Martha up, “Is this.”

Sarah took the ratty teddy bear from Martha’s outstretched arms with a cross between disinterest and anger. Like something like this would actually make her feel any better! She wasn’t a 3 year old anymore… she wasn’t the same girl she was… how in the world was this supposed too-

And then Sarah looked into it’s eyes.

You couldn’t bear to look at him anymore, hunched over in the corner like that. He didn’t fit. He had the size of a criminal… but the sobbing showed what he really was. A scared, Gryffindor crying, 3rd year mess.


For someone with that size and height, you would never have thought that they could have moved as fast as Hagrid had just done. He was at the bars before his name was finished being called.

“Who is it?” He asked, his eyes darting frantically, “I told you everythin I know! Aragog didn’t do it!”

“Hagrid, calm down…” You soothed, laying a hand over his, “It’s me, Charlie.”

“Charlie? You came back! Charlie, you gotter tell em! I would never kill Myrtle! She wasn’t my friend, but I didn’t hate ‘er! She was nice ter me!”

As if you could have possibly held him there, your grip tightened, trying to hold him in place, “Just tell me the truth.”

“But I did! It is the truth! It wasn’t me, and it wasn’t Aragog?”

“Who the bloody hell is Aragog?”

“My… pet.”

“I’m not going to even ask, but… Rubeus, that’s what everyone thinks. It’s in the paper, and your wand was snapped… you’re a criminal!”

“But I’m not, Charlie! I’m not!”

“How can I believe you with all of that against you, Rubeus? How can I possibly believe you?”

“Because you’re my friend. And I’m your friend. And I’m a Gryffindor.”

You couldn’t help but squirm, “That’s what scares me.”

“Please, Charlie! I didn’t do it! I’m innocent! You’ve gotta help me!”

You placed another hand on the bars… you had to tell him the truth, now. You had to… there was only one way to fix this…

You gave the bars another squeezed, prepared yourself, and opened your mouth to speak--

But then it was over.


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