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          Tempest stared at the mirror as she ate her food. Several new students had stood before it as they were sorted into houses. Tempest looked around the place.

"Whats wrong Zephyr," asked Nila.

"I'm looking for . . . "

"Hello Zephyr."

"And here she is. I knew peace wouldn't last forever." Tempest stood up and smiled innocently. She looked at Cassandra and Heather. They hadn't changed a bit.

"So . . . Zephyr have a fun summer?"

"Bloody hell, just cut the crap already. What have you come to bug me about now?"

"That stain on your shirt," she said pointing to Tempest's shirt. Tempest looked down at her green tank under her fishnet blouse.

"What stain?" she said agrevaited.

"This one," said Astrea as quick as possible she grabbed Tempest's goblet and swung it at her. Tempest stood soaked and angry and in disbelief.

"Why you little---" But before she could lunge at her, Chad grabbed her around her waist and held her down. Astrea laughed but her friends looked at each other then took a step back Tempest stopped struggling and looked to her side. Master Vlad stood next to them. He smiled toward her and winked before coughing. Astrea stopped laughing and stared at Master Vlad.

"Hello Astrea. Twenty points from Dufflebaggies already and the school year has barely started. What a shame." He shoook his head in fake sorrow.


"No buts, now return to your table immediantly."

"Yes sir." She sulked back to her table and before Tempest could turn around, Master Vlad was gone.

"Sometimes I hate it that he's a vampire."

"I love it. He gets to stay hot and gorgeous and---"

"We get it Nila," said Void.

"He's like our version of Gildory Lockhart," continued Nila. "Only he has some bloody brains. I mean have you read that mans books."  She made a disgusted face.

"I know, I can't believe women actually go gaga over him," siad Divina.

"I bet you Astrea and the rest of her friends do. Boys included," mocked Tempest. They all laughed and joked till the call for the ned of dinner came and they were ordered to leave. They ran to their dorm, eager to hang out and catch up some more.

They stopped at the dragon and his ruby colored eyes flared as he glared at them.

"Don't worry, the passwords coming," said Divina who could easily swim under the portal.

The house prefect, Gorx, who some called gorgeous, was in his 6th year. He nodded an hello to Tempest as he passed her and then muttered the password.

"Siren." The dragon growled and jumped ontp the cieling.

"You know I never get tired of that," siad Tempest walking in.


Tempest was fast asleep on the sofa in the Common Room. She woke at the sound of footsteps but kept her eyes shut.  In a sort of sleeping jesture she slipped her hands under her pillow and gripped her sword.  She jerked here eyes open ad held the sword at the intruderes neck.

"Who are you?" she demaneded unleashing the swords power.

"My names Zoltron," he said jumping behind her. She stood up with her sword ready.

"How did you?"

"I'm a were-cat."

"Well that explains the reflexes. Now . . . what do you want?"

"Your sword."


"HE wants it."

"HE? Who the hell is . . . oh bloddy hell not Merwick. Ugh god, may I have no peace." She walked toward him and examined his eyes carefully. "You dont have gold eyes, so you're not of his bloodline, and you don't have a gold outline so your not minion. Oh god you're working for him willingly aren't you."

"Yes. Now give me your sword."

"What do you want with this?"

"It's not what I want its what he wants."

"Yes, yes I know."

"Then why did you ask?"

"I don't know i was assuming you would tell me what he wants. But now I guess I Have to specific with you dont I."


"Why do I have to be specific with you?"

"Becasue I like specifics."

"You know what I don't like you."

"Okay, I don't like you either."


"All right!"

"You know what just tell me what the bloody hell he wants with this."


"So you just made me waste my breath for nothing."


"Why are you working for him?"

He crossed his arms. "I have no reason to tell you."

"Fine then, I guess I'll just have to annoy it out of you by guessing. So, did he promise you eternal life or a woman. I bet it was a woman."

"I'm fourteen!"

"Shhh, don't want to wake my friends do you? So, honelsty why are you helping him?"

"Becasue he saved me all right!"

"All right then, now we're getting somewhere. Now, tell me why he wants my sword."

"I thought that would be obvious.'

"Besides wanting to kill me. God, I thought there would be more to his plan, but I guess I gave him too much credit. Don't you agree?"

She smiled and he lunged. She fell to the ground and watched him come back. Her sword fell across the room adn they both lunged for it. They both faught and he knocked her against the stair railing. Tempest fell to the ground and clutched her head.

"Sorry darling, but I need this."

She stared at him as he jumped out a window before she blacked out.


"Zephyr?" Tempest hear Nila say.

"Huh, yeah I'm awake. Oh guys I had the worst dream ever. There was this guy who was working for Merwick who wanted my sword. Then we faught and I fell over there." She looked at Nila nad Void who looked at each other with worried faces. Void looked at her.

"Zeph, we found you over there. You were unconcious and your forehead was bleeding." Void showed her the blood on the napkin in his hand. She touched her forehead then began to search frantically under the cushions of the sofa.

"My swords gone."

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