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Chapter two of Raven! We like haven't gotten any reviews! COme on guys, we live on reviews!! To the people (person?) who reviewed already THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU YOU'RE AWESOME :DDDD WE WANT AT LEAST 100000 MORE BY THE TIME WE POST CH 3 lol j/k

Anyway this is a kind of fun introductory chapter for Raven! And there's some Draco for Sakura-sama hehe

Sakura: EEE DRACO! MINE! $glomps Draco and chews on him$ MY FERRET


Raven's time at the Slytherin table was overshadowed by hundreds of questions from her new housemates.She mostly kept her scilence, eating her roast beef delicatlely, ignoring the onslaught of nosy Slytherins.

"Why did you transfer in your 7th year?"

"The Gémeauxs? Like the famous wizarding family from Milan? I thought they were all dead! My great-grandfather knew them and..."

"What make-up do you wear?"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?!"

"Can I touch your hair?"

Raven paused over her meal to glance up at her questioners, silenceing them all with a piercing emerald glare, then returning composedly to her meal. She didn't notice one platinum blonde Slytherin gazing at her from across the table with peaked interest...

Raven stole away into the Slytherin dorm early, hoping to escape another wave of questions long enough to unpack her things and get settled into her new life as a 7th year at Hogwarts. It seemed to her as if she'd already lived two lifetimes... Well, in a way she had.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone entering the commons room through the portrait-hole. Raven whirled around, her midnight-black hair glinting in the dim candlelight, catching a handsome, pale-haired young Slytherin male sauntering towards her with cockiness written plainly on his sharp face. He looked vaguely familiar...

"Good evening, Miss Gémeaux." he said silkily, reaching for her hand. "My name is Draco Malfoy." He bent down in a courtly fashion, kissing her porcelain-white, finely manicured hand lightly.

The name caused the recognition to suddenly make sense- Luscious Malfoy's son! She tried to mask the surprise of her realization by smiling brilliantly.

"It's a pleasure, Mr. Malfoy."

"I apologize for my peers' behavior at the banquet, er, if I may-- Raven?"

"Oh, it was no trouble at all Draco." Raven assured. "I suppose a transfer this late in one's school career is rather odd. I hope I can come to belong here at Hogwarts." Draco smirked at her.

"I feel as if there has always been a place for you here at Hogwarts, Raven. We've never had a beauty such as yourself grace these halls. You are a Princess among peasants, Miss Gémeaux."

You have no idea. thought Raven snarkily. "Why, thank you. You flatter me."

"Not at all. At the risk of sounding concieted, it's no secret that the student body refers to me as The Slytherin Prince. Forgive my boldness, Raven, but I saw you tonight and knew for certain I had found my Princess." He bent down to one knee before her, grey eyes locking with her own emerald orbs. "Would you do me the honor, Raven?"

Raven froze, slightly horrified. Painting on a gracious smile, she tried to decline politely.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Malfoy, but I must decline." Draco stood up suddenly, a look of astonishment on his face. Nobody had ever turned him down before!

"But Raven--"

"I'm sorry. I'm not who you think I am, Draco, and this type of diversion isn't something that interests me. Good evening." With that, Raven turned on her heel and hurried into the girl's dormitory before the boy could say another word. She didn't hear him mutter angrily "You will be mine..."

The raven perched on Raven's shoulder took flight and landed gracefully on a four-poster bed by the tall window that overlooked the grounds and a large portion of the forbidden forest. The bed was risplendent in dark green and silver-trimmed silk, a serpent twining into a graceful "S" on the coverlet.

"Wonderful choice, Orin..." Raven purred, setting her bags on the bed and scratching her familiar behind the head. The bird chirruped happily, feathers puffing in pleasure. "I suppose I'd better get unpacked."

Raven set the large trunk containing her clothes at the foot of her bed. it was charmed to open up like a cellar, with stairs leading down into a magically-lit walk-in closet. The enchanted room also had a large full-size mirror and a table complete with jewelry boxes, make-ups, and perfumes. She peeked inside to make sure the items had made the journey well, making a note to jazz up the dull collection of uniforms when she had the time. Closing the lid gingerly and latching it with a muttered incantation, she went to the bag that contained her personal effects. She removed a few well-worn books, setting them on the window-sill overlooking her bed which she would now be using as a shelf and resting a metal figure of a serpentine dragon next to it, acting as a book-end. The dragon had been a gift, its eyes inlaid with emeralds that the giver claimed matched the deep green of her eyes. She hurriedly wiped away a glistening tear at the memories and returned to unpacking.

She removed her iPod, black and glinting softly in the moonlight, from its silver casing, glad to have been able to sneak it into the school. She'd discovered the wonder of muggle music in her wandering years, and it had guided her through many difficult times. She'd lovingly named the contraption "Evanescence" after her favorite muggle band. Humming a bar or two from her favorite songs, she set the iPod back in its case and laid it carefully on her windowsill. Luckily she knew an illegal spell to get the device to work at Hogwarts.

She placed a candle or two, along with a few other kincknacks to set the mood, on the sill, removing one last item carefully from the bottom of her bag and resting against the feather pillows of her new bed. The item was a diary, very full but not used up quite yet, and with worn parchment pages coated in her own lilting script. What stories this book could tell... Raven thought, clutching the book to her breast with a heavy sorrow bulding inside her. She whispered the password ("Riddle") quietly, reachig out a long, delicate finger to flip the pages, to a spot she'd visited so many times the pages threatened to fall out...

The dorm door slamming open sent a jolt of surprise through Raven, and she slammed the diary shut, jamming it back into her bag, which she kicked under the bed as a very angry Slytherin girl stormed up to her bed, her face scrunched into a very pug-like expression.

"So you think you're better than all of us, do you!?" the girl demanded. Raven blinked confusedly.

"Um, excuse me...?"

"The portraits are in an uproar!! They're saying you tried to become Draco's girlfriend!!!"

"That isn't true," Raven replied calmly, "Draco was the one who approached me."

"YOU LIE!" Pansy screeched, lifting a hand to backhand Raven. Raven mentally uttered an incantation, freezing Pansy's arm where it was near her face.

"I'd advise you not to try to defeat what you cannot possibly fathom." she said, cold as ice and with a dangerous hardness in her gaze. Pansy gulped, frightened. "Now tell all your friends that if they value their good looks, they'll leave me be from now on." A mental shove sent Pansy scrambling back through the door, which opened against the ears of several chattering Slytherin girls.

"I... WE WONT FORGET THIS!!" Pansy screeched, leaving Raven to her own devices once more.

I really ought to consider getting my own room... Raven thought, just as the door to her quarter's opened. It was Professor Snape!

"Hello, Miss Gémeaux. I was told to come check in on you and see how you were doing. My name is--"

"Severus Snape, I know." She spoke, her back to the man behind her. She heard snape blink, cause she couldn't see him.

"You know my name? But how? I wasn't at the feast! We haven't met yet!"

"I know your name because I know you, Severus."

"What are you tlaking about?"

Raven took a deep breath, then turned around to face Snape. Automatically his eyes went wide and he dropped to his knees.

"My Lady!!" he whispered, keeping his eyes on the floor. "You've returned...!!"

OMG what's gonna happen? what is snape talking about? lol i know and you don't, unless you read more!


SEE?! Raven isn't a mary-sue! If she was a mary-sue she would've dated Draco! so there! If you don't like it then don't read it, okay?? We worked really hard on this and we think its good, so don't laugh at us please, we're trying. and dont worry, actual stuff will happen soon and you will get to learn more about her SECRET!


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