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Dumbledore and McGonagall had retrieved everyone they could from the building. There was no hope for the others in the building.

With tear filled eyes they scanned the students, and as they did two heart wrenching screams sounded from inside the collapsed building. Dumbledore stood up and ran quickly into the broken building. He ran until he reached the great hall and took one look into the destruction, his heart breaking and shattering as his eyes landed on two young girls screaming over the body of their dead sister.

“Come now girls, this is not the place to mourn.” Dumbledore said softly, though he didn’t show it in his face if you were to look into his eyes you could see the elderly man breaking inside.

Together the left the building, and crawled into the daylight where around fifty aurors had joined the scene as well as quite a few healers.

The twins didn’t make it far before they collapsed onto the hard, cold ground. Tears streaming from their emerald orbs; screams of pain and sorrow emitting from their plump lips.

Instantly they found Harold and Christine beside them, silently comforting them.

But it was too late the damage was done.

Time froze and in that instant all the students were connected by their loses. Everyone had suffered.

All but those who fought with Voldemort that is.

The girls were too distraught to realize what was happening; they didn’t even realize that they eventually cried themselves asleep.

The morning came silently, no birds chirping, no gentle breeze, nothing but the stark cold of winter. It was bitter and cruel.

Slowly they girls awoke to the silence, not fully aware of the day they endured only hours ago.

“Lily.” Ivy said softly. Looking around Ivy found she wasn’t in her dormitory; she was in the hospital wing, confused she looked around for Lily and found the red head laying two beds away, sleeping a troubled sleep.

Lily was tossing and turning whimpering quietly, her face was contorted into a look of fear. Something was wrong.

Ivy crawled to her twin and climbed onto the bed and tried to calm the sleeping Lily, however her attempts failed, and the memory of yesterday flooded her, Ivy let out a sob that echoed around the hospital wing. All its occupants lay unaware in their sleep. Still protected from the horrors of the day before.

The doors opened with a creak, and in walked two people, Harold and Christine.

They neared Ivy and Lily, their faces full of sadness.

“Twenty student died in the great hall, a fifty were injured, three more died at st mungo’s.” Christine informed Ivy, the blonde girl nodded.

“I’m so sorry about Tulip; we know you were so proud of her.” Christine said wrapping Ivy into a hug.

Ivy remained silent waiting patiently for Lily to awake. Harold and Christine stayed around for a while before going back to work; they were needed at the ministry.

People all around the hospital wing stirred in their own time, most remained silent, some called out asking where their siblings were, some just cried.

Lily it seemed was the last to awake. Bleary eyed and uncaring to her appearance. She got up and walked straight out of the hospital wing, Ivy didn’t follow her, although they were twins each girl needed their own time.

Ivy watched as Lily walked away from the hospital wing, and flinched when she heard Lily’s echoing, painful screams sound from the empty corridors.

Ivy let her be, knowing that Lily would not be left alone for long, that Robyn or Hannah might find her eventually, or even Pot- James would find her. If he was lucky Lily might let him comfort her.

The doors opened again and none other then Sirius Black walked into the hospital wing, he looked lost, sad, uncomfortable, yet hopeful. He neared Ivy, keeping eye contact, his eyes showed something like pity but not quite. He sat down next to Ivy silently. No words were exchanged and Ivy was grateful for it.

However the silence was soon broken when Ivy leant her head on his shoulder and cried, her tears soaking through his shirt, but he didn’t pull away, instead he wrapped her up in his arms and made soothing noises. And Ivy felt ever so appreciative for the comfort which she knew no other was currently capable of giving her.

Unlike Ivy when Lily was upset she couldn’t keep it in, Ivy was no good at keeping her anger in but with Lily it was when she was upset or well distraught. She didn’t care if she was causing a scene, she didn’t care that people were staring at her with eyes laced with pity. It just didn’t matter to her in current times.

Everything came crashing down on her; Tulips death was so hard on Lily.

She didn’t realize that everyone was slowly edging away from her, except for one person who walked towards her and wrapped her up in a hug, comforting and soothing her.

“Please don’t cry Lily flower.” The pleading voice of James Potter said softly.

“She-she-she-she’s dead!” Lily screamed into his chest. Tears falling onto his shirt as he held her to his body.

Lily was unable to support her self and collapsed to the floor. Everyone had since cleared the area.

Soon Lily wore herself out and she fell asleep, James lifted up a redhead and carried her all the way to the Gryffindor common room. Amy where was pacing.

“How is she?” Amy asked in a whisper, noticing Lily was asleep.

“Upset, a wreck, tired, distraught, angry, and a bit ill. Take your pick.” James said as he handed Lily’s small body to Amy so that she could be carried up to the girls dorms.


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