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Chapter 5:Ok, she's getting her animagus form this time(for real)

The next morning I woke up late. Damnit, I was STILL in those ratty boxers. Eurgh... I threw them off as quickly as possible. Lily was up and taking a shower. I got into another stall and took a quick one. I pulled on a black t-shirt, some tight straight-legged rolled-up jeans, and pulled on some black Chucks.  

I put on a black tie and did a straightening and drying spell on my hair, Poofed my make-up on(by magic, of course) and and got my skateboard. Sirius was on the couch(waiting for me, most likely) in the Common Room, and when I got there and was about to leave, Sirius turned me around by my arm. "Hey, Av..."


"Um... We're supposed to go to Dumbedore's office..."

"I know. Where's James?" I asked. "He's coming down right now." James as foretold came down the stairs and grinned. "READY-LOO???" he jumped at me, but I ducked real low and he toppled onto Sirius.

"Prongs, GET OFF ME!"

"Sorry, mate..." They scrambled to their feet and I walked to the protrait hole, opening it and stepping out. I hopped on my skateboard and pushed off. Sirius imitated me, and James ran behind us, flailing his arms about and yelling, "WAIT! I DON'T HAVE A SKATEBOARD!"

We arrived at Dumbledore's office, James and Sirius nervous and me anxious. "Ah, yes. Sit down, please. Licorice Wand?" he offered. I glared at Sirius and shook my head no thanks. James took two or three, as did Sirius, and Dumbledore munched on one. "So, Professor," I said casually, "Will getting my animagus form be... painful?"

"No, Miss Schoen. However, it will be uncomfortable."



"Why are you letting us do this? I mean, isn't it illegal to get an animagus form without a liscense?"

"Yes. However, under the circumstances, I am allowing it. They need you."


"Them." He pointed to James and Sirius. "And Mr. Lupin."

"What's wrong with Remus??" I asked, a little weirded. They needed me?? Not likely.

"Miss Schoen... Please do not 'freak out', as youngsters call it, when I tell you this. Promise me that now."

"Yes, Professor." But I had already broken that promise. I was already freaked out.

"Miss Schoen... Mister Lupin is a werewolf." I took it all in slowly. I was overwhelmed. Sensitive, caring, bookworm Remus? A Werewolf? That was very hard to believe. It wasn't right.

"No. You're insane." I blurted.

"I assure you, Miss Schoen, I am completely sane. Mister Lupin, does, in fact, have a disease called Lycanthropy." I looked to James and Sirius. They shook their heads sadly.

I sank in my seat, putting my head in my hands. Poor Remus... All along, I didn't know this? How couldn't I? Suddenly, I was angry. Angry at Remus. Why didn't he tell me?? He knew he could trust me. I cried silently into my hands, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Sirius, smiling down at me.

 I stood, and at impulse, I threw my arms around him and hugged him tight. You know, when people cry, they just feel they have to have someone to hold? That was how I felt now.

I finally settled down after a minute and sat back in my seat, Sirius sitting in his. "Now, Miss Schoen, it is apparent you don't have an animgus form yet, am I correct?"

"Yes." Dumbledore stood. "Stand, Miss Schoen." I stood, anxious. I chewed my lip. He smiled warmly. "Miss Schoen, take a deep breath, and close your eyes." I did so. "Now, think of any animal. Your favorite animal. Concentrate on it." I concentrated on a leopard. It's beautiful spots, the glistening fur, the piercing eyes, the cruel fangs... All of it sunk into my mind, clear as a bell. 

"Now, say this spell: Brah'uam bergard. Give me the DNA in my mind, So the powers of this creature I may find. I morph this animal in the dark of night, to help my friends with all my might!"

I repeated this, and felt a new power surge within me. My eyes were sharper, I felt more balanced, and my teeth felt sharper. Dumbledore smiled, and openend his eyes. "Ah, you've chosen the leopard. Now, drink some of this, and you have to wait. Tonight, you'll be able to morph the leopard. 

"However, it will be nearly out of your control, it's will and might. The leopard will want to hunt. You won't, however. So you must overpower it's will with your own."

"Yes, Headmaster."

I suddenly felt weak. My knees buckled and I fell into Sirius' arms. My energy was draining. "Mister Black, please take her to her room. I'll trust you not to be irrisponsible, and she's excused from all her classes today. She'll need to sleep." Sirius nodded and carried me out of the room, where I promptly... passed out.

(A/N: Okay, this is a very short Chapter, however it explains ALOT, and Avril finally got her animagus! You know what is is! YAY!^_^ Reviews reviews! ANYTHING! lol, In the next chappie, we see what happens to Avril on the first night she transforms. YAY!*claps*)

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