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Four Figures and a Giant Suite Case

Through the wood 4 figures ran, ran like they have been running for the past week. Hiding in the Shadows, going from town to town.  Now deep in a wood, they couldn’t run any longer. Having poorly eaten and hardly sleeping at night from the nightmares from the past. Their run became a jog, and the jog a walk until the biggest figure was the last one standing, carried them in turn plus the four luggage. When they got out of the forest they saw a large house with warm light. With out a word they forgot all of promises of staying out of sit and slowly and painfully made their way to the door .None had the strength to knock and collapsed at the doo

*    *    *    *    *    *     *     *     *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *     *    *    *    *    *   

                Dumbledore stood in his living room humming to him self. He conjured up a cup of hot   chocolate and sat in front of the fire palace. He had left the Hogwarts earlier explaining that he had business to get to early the next morning. He was going to take Harry and look for the horcuxes and he needed a bit more information. In the summer home, as he called it always seemed to help him get ready for a big day ahead.  But now in his lake side home deep in the wood away from everything he couldn’t sleep. He his old bone felt something was happing o was going to happen, just as a sailor senses a storm. He paced back and forth and decided to go to bed when he heard steps followed by a big thump, coming from outside.

                Dumbledore made his way down his long hallway. He took his wand out you could never be to sure. Thought he hardly doubt it was a human let alone a wizard. His location was unknown to anyone. It wasn’t even on a map. But none the less he griped on to his wand. With every step he took his nose tickled, some thing that only happened when strong magic was near.

By the time he reached the door it was practically humming. He said five different incantations and the door unlocked. The wind was unusually cold as blew Dumbledore’s beard to and fro. All he saw was the darkness.  He then looked down and saw 5 different figures on the ground. 4 of them looked like people and one resembled a big suitcase.

 He quickly levitated each one on to a bed in a spare bedroom. Lit some candles and started observing them. It was indeed four humans, but they were merely children. The smallest one was dressed in old worn clothes, as he look closer he saw that it was a sweater that said ‘snow princess’.

 ‘Muggles’ then. he thought. That brought even more confusion. If they were muggles how is it that he sensed power radiation from them? The girl looked about 4 years old, but it was hard to tell a it was obvious that the had all been malnourished. She had copper skin and dark hair in braids. Nothing familiar. Dumbledore said a spell that would show her true identity, if she had one, which is no ,since all that happened is that she moved around to get more comfortable.

 Still puzzled   he moved to a boy. This one was slightly older 6 maybe. He too was wearing a muggle attire.  Comparing him to  the other two confirmed that they were in fact related.   The third and final fourth were older. Maybe 9 and 13?  To oldest gave of the most power and had the most particular features, he couldn’t put his finger on it but some thing was amiss. 

‘It must be that it so late or else I would have figured it out.’ he told himself. ‘Maybe if slept by tomorrow…’

But he would be gone tomorrow. What to do with them.  He moved back a waved his and wand. The suitcase opened and nothing seemed wrong but-

‘Oh I’m starting to sound like mad eye moody.’ 

Peering in side he saw numerous things. The fist thing he saw as a muggle divise. Searching in his mind the a laptop. Yes that right. Looking closer he also saw it that what the muggles called a , video camera , a book full of some sort of disc, and lots of  things that he knew not the name of.

But at the very back was a  picture of a family. All the children were in it, plus two adults that Dumbledore knew very, very well.

He levitated the children to a spare bedroom. He then went to his special stock and brought back two potions. He gave them a sleepless dream potion, and a major healing potion. He also set a spell to transport them to a family he very much trusted, in case he wasn’t able to come back from the next days event. How they had turned up on his door step he would never know, but he knew for a fact whatever they had just suffered is nothing compared to what’s about to happen.


*              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *             


Harry Potter laid in what he considered the best place on earth, the Weasley’s. As he lay against a tree trunk under the hot July sun looked around him with a slight grin on his face. Next to him sat Ron with a look of longing towards Hermione who was reading to him out loud something about ancient runes.

‘They look nice together,’ Harry though, ‘now if they just get together.’

                At his feet was Ginny, making a daisy chain and humming a song he didn’t know. He was sorry that he had to let her go. He really did love her. The sun was hitting her face just right, making all of her beautiful freckles pop out.  Her Weasley red hair was turning a little auburn, a little bit. She was too precious to lose. He rather has her as a friend and have her stick around then a girlfriend that not here. She looks so peaceful, without a care in the world.

                This was one of the few rare moments that he had free since what happened at Hogwarts. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and him were spending night in books learning about anything they could about Horicuxs. The day was spent learning spells. He had came at the Weasleys right on his 17th birthday. He had told his aunt and uncle that he wouldn’t be coming back. Mr. Dursley had smile and cheered for about ten minutes straight.  Mrs. Dursley kept asking if he was sure that he was going never coming back, because if this was a joke they would not take him back.

                 So during his last few weeks at the Dursley’s, Harry Potter had been nagged by his uncle to pack his trunk and check, and recheck-it again. His aunt pestered him about his future to make sure that it didn’t involve them in any way. As for Dudley, he was making sure that his last few days were hell on earth.

                Harry was about to go into even deeper thought of what his future exactly had for him, when a  high pitched scream came from, with no doubt Mrs. Weasley. The teens race to the burrow , pacing  the chicken coop and pigsty.  Harry was the first to reach the kitchen’s back door.   Harry ran than had to stop to now step on a broken plate that had cookies speared on the floor next to it.

                 Across the kitchen stood Mrs. Weasley,  gawking at four strangers. Harry getting a closer look saw that they looked terrible. The hair was just a big hair ball filled gunk and sticky stuff. Their bodies were covered with dirt that you could hardly see their skin. You could tell though that they were a dark color and ill looking. The three smallest figures were hiding their faces behind the biggest.

                She, he could at least tell that she was a girl, the age though was hard to tell. But he decided that she old enough to be 13. Her chin was stuck out and her head held high. As if to say “I am not some tramp.” Her eye started at each of them in turn, trying to figure them out, while at the same time taking quick glances around the room, as if looking for an escape route.

                2 minutes have pass since they had heard Mrs. Weasley scream and in. The mouths couldn’t stay open for any longer. All at once everyone started talking.

                “Bloody hell!” yell Ron, “Who the heck are they!”

                “Ronald” Mrs. Weasley said, “Watch your language.”

                 Two of the kids had started crying. Then all of them fainted with an ‘Umph.’

                A white envelope came down after them, gliding on the tense air of the kitchen. Harry quickly made to get it but Mrs. Weasley got there first, and with a “It‘s addressed to me dear.” She opened it up and read.

                Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Harry all looked eagerly at her but all they heard from her was, “Oh my!”  and, “the poor souls.” Her face was distorted in a mix of concern and wonder. When at last she was down reading, probably having read it more then once, look at them a said, trying to regain her composure,

“Yes, well. Now you lot help me. Ron and Harry go and get that old bed in the attic fixed. Ginny, Hermione you help me levate them. Oh the poor soul, skin and bones they are. Oh!”

                That’s all she told them.

                                                                End of Chapter 2

 So that was chapter 1. Any comments or ideas feel free to review.

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