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1. A Newfound Bond

A week of school had already past and Sirius Black was no closer to making any friends than his family was to becoming best friends with a muggle (and that is impossible). His roommates hated him because of his family. James Potter, being pureblood, knew who his family was and thought him to be the same as them. James turned the other three boys in the dorm against him (Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and Frank Longbottom).

Sirius slowly made his way to the Great Hall for supper. His last class had just ended, and the weekend was about to begin. Great, he thought. My first weekend here and no friends to spend it with. He sat down at the Gryffindor table by himself. When James and the others entered he ‘accidentally’ bumped into Sirius, succeeding in spilling his pumpkin juice all over the table. Sirius reached for his napkin to clean it up when another hand came out of nowhere and began to clean it up for him. He lifted his head up to thank whoever it was. However, he stopped mid-sentence and stared at the person before him. He knew the girl that was smiling down at him. She was an outcast, like him, but in Ravenclaw. The other girls didn’t like her because she didn’t act like them. Instead of spending hours in front of the mirror every morning she just threw her light brown hair up in a bun and left without applying an sort of make-up. The biggest reason why they didn’t like her, however, was because she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. If she was spoken to she would come right out and say the cold hard truth. This caused people to stay away, because a lot of the time the truth wasn’t nice.

Sirius opened his mouth again, after getting over the shock, and muttered, “Thanks.” He wondered, though, why she wasn’t at her own table.

Erica seemed to take that thanks as an invitation to sit down, for that is what she did. “No problem. He shouldn’t have done that. It was really mean of him.”

“It’s okay,” Sirius muttered back, determined not to look her in the eyes. “I deserved it.” He believed it too. Deep down in his heart he knew that it wasn’t true, but a bigger part of him told him it was. It was the only explanation for James’ behavior.

“No, you don’t. You haven’t done anything to him. All you’ve been is quiet and secluded.” Why did she care? Sirius thought bitterly. It’s not like we’re friends or anything. Why should she care whether James is nice to me or not? He felt a sudden urge to want her to leave, but he could tell that she wasn’t going to, so without another word he got up and left her alone at the table. He did feel kind of bad, but was soon over it. He didn’t think he deserved to have friends. He didn’t want to have friends, he would only bring them down. His family would scare them away, or worse he would, by becoming like his family. He didn’t want that to happen. It was safer for him to just be left alone. On his own. He didn’t mind…too much. Sure, he wanted a friend so that he had someone to talk to when he needed it, but he couldn’t bring himself to make one. Not that anyone would if he wanted to. James would make sure of that. Either him or his family would.

Sirius roamed the halls for fifteen minutes before realizing that he was lost. He knew that he was somewhere on the third floor, but where on the third floor was the question. He looked around him, but didn’t recognize anything. So, he turned around and headed back the way he came, hoping to come upon something familiar eventually.

“Lost?” a voice asked from behind him. He knew that voice. It was Erica. He turned around to see her smirking at him.

“No, I was just wandering around. Don’t really want to go back to my dorm right now, you know? Not that it’s any of your business,” Sirius glared at her. He wasn’t going to admit that he was indeed lost, especially not to her.

“Sure you’re not,” she said, the smirk never faltering. “Come on. This is the way back to the main staircases.” She turned around again and led the way back. Sirius, reluctantly followed. He still didn’t want to admit that he was lost, but if he didn’t follow he might not get back for another hour. He was going the wrong way anyway.

They made their way back to the main staircases in silence. Erica always looking ahead and never at Sirius, but for some reason she was all Sirius could look at. She intrigued him. No, he didn’t want to be her friend still and he was still reluctantly following her, but he wondered why she even bothered talking to him. Didn’t he just ditch her in the Great Hall? And she wasn’t even at her own table. He had left her there, alone, at an unfamiliar table. So, why was she still talking to him? He expected her to hate him, or at least be mad at him. But no, here she was helping him out. He wondered what went through that head of hers. Why did she bother?

Before he knew it they had arrived at the main staircases. He pulled his eyes away from her just as she turned to face him. “Why don’t you like me? You don’t even know me,” she asked bluntly. She really wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

“I don’t…hate you. I just…I don’t…want friends,” Sirius finished lamely. How was he supposed to tell her that he didn’t think he deserved friends? That he didn’t want friends because he thought that he might end up like his family and hurt them in the end. He couldn’t.

“Everyone wants friends,” she implied. “Some are just better at hiding their loneliness than others. But you, you have it put in your head that you don’t deserve friends. That you deserve to be lonely for the rest of your life. It’s written all over your face. You’re only eleven for Merlin’s sake. How could not deserve friends? Tell me, what have you done that’s so bad that you don’t deserve them?”

“I…I never said I didn’t deserve friends!” he yelled back angrily. “I said I didn’t want them! Especially not ones like you!” The words escaped his mouth before he even realized what he was saying. The hurt expression on Erica’s face was one that he would never forget. He could see her trying to hold back tears as she ran away.

“Wait! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean…it,” Sirius called after her finishing lamely as she turned the corner. He knew where she was headed and he fully intended to follow her there. He jogged around the corner only to bump into some people that he really wished he hadn’t.

“Well, look who it is,” James sneered with a mischievous grin plastered on his face. Remus, Peter, and Frank were stopped just behind him. Remus looked like he felt sorry for Sirius, but didn’t say anything, Frank looked to be a bit bored, and Peter stood behind James, following his every move. “What’re you doing here, Black?”

Sirius regained his balance from bumping into James and returned James’ sneer with a glare of his own. “None of your business Potter. Don’t you have something better to do than to try and tease me? Cause I won’t let it bother me.” At least that’s what I’ll let him think. James just looked at him with disgust and pushed passed him with the others in tow. Sirius could have sworn he heard Remus mutter a quick sorry to him, but he dismissed that thought quickly. Then he remembered where he was headed in the first place and took of again.

When he reached his destination he slowed to a stop and listened to the sobs coming from within the girl’s bathroom. He knew he couldn’t go in there, but he could talk through the door he supposed. Why does my mouth have to work faster than my brain? He knocked on the door lightly.

“Go away,” came the choked voice of Erica from within.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

“If you didn’t mean it you wouldn’t have said it,” she sobbed. A little part of Sirius told him that she was right, but he didn’t listen to it.

“Really, I truly am sorry. I wasn’t in a good mood. I hate it when people…” he took a deep breath. “When people prove me wrong, and that is exactly what you did. You’re right, everyone wants and deserves friends. I just…I don’t think that I do. You don’t know my family…if you did, you wouldn’t want to talk to me either.”

“Why would I care about who your family is?” she asked rhetorically, opening the door. Sirius looked up at her and saw her red, puffy eyes. Guilt rushed through him again and he scooted over for her to sit. She took a seat next to him and leaned against the wall. “It’s not them that I want to know, it’s you. Whoever said that you’re like your family…whatever they’re like. I don’t care about them. I would never assume that someone is like their family. I wouldn’t be able to know that unless I got to know them and their family. Then, I would decide, but I’d rather get to know a person first, before judging them.”

Sirius looked at the girl with newfound respect. He’d never heard someone so young speak so wisely. She had a mind of her own, and didn’t jump to conclusions like Potter and the rest of the school. He honestly didn’t know what to say, so he let her continue. “I came over to your table today to talk to you. To get to know you, not the you that everyone makes you out to be. I thought you might want a friend.”

The next thing either knew, Sirius had engulfed her in a hug. He didn’t know what came over him, but he did know that he wanted to get to know her better. He did know that she would be a great friend. She hugged him back and he could feel her smile against him. He pulled away and their eyes locked. And in that moment both knew that it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

A/N  How did you like it?  I hope it was okay...I just read the book and I cried my eyes out.  Then I got the idea to write a crossover fic with the two books in that Marauder's Era.  Please Review...I want to know if I should keep going or not...even though I have the next one almost done...I just want to know what you think!

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