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I sat down on the couch and laid my head on Remus' shoulder. He jumped a bit when I did so, partly because I had appeared out of no where...see I'm a magician.

"Where did you come from?!" He said his voice raising a octave higher.

"My momma, how about you?" I asked smiling at him, and crossing a leg over his.

He shook his head and didn't answer me.

"Wow, did you come out of no where?" I asked playfully smirking.

"Shut had me up all night with you mumbling 'carebears'..." He mumbled darkly at me.

"Well it's not my fault I talk in my sleep...Lily makes me put a silencing spell on before I go to bed, partly because I use to talk about you guys in my sleep, and she can't stand some of you, so I think it gave her nightmares." I said perkily fishing out another case from the side of the couch.

Remus snorted and then started to eye the case. "What are you doing?" He asked when I fished his hand and started to file his nails.

"Manicures and pedicures...I give you one, and then you give me one." I said simply, moving to the next finger.

"" He told me trying to pull his hand away. But I had put a sticking spell to his palm to my leg, yeah you don't give me credit but I am rather good at nonverbal spells.

"Yep yep..." I said smiling at him and then grabbing the other hand doing the same.

"No no..."

"Yeah, cause you didn't stop Peter from eating my Carebears like cheese..." I scowled at him.

Remus sighed and rolled his eyes. "Don't you think that you are a tad to old to be sleeping with teddy bears?" He asked me.

"Don't make me bring Mr Wonkers into this." I said scowling at him more.

"No you don't."

"Yes. You are the one that has a teddy bear that sleeps on your pillow and everything." I said remembering the beat up bear that looked that it was ready to be retired.

"He does not sleep on my pillow...he has his own." He said blushing a tad.

"Oh that just helped your case right there." I said sarcastically.

"I think you hang out with us to much." He said noting my sarcasm.

"No I don't hang out with you guys, you hang out with me." I said starting to apply the base coat.

"Do not." He replied, trying to think of something more clever.

"Wow that was clever." Sarcasm again.

"Shut it Wakanda." He told me.

"No you shut it." I retaliated.

"I don't want to." He glared at me keeping his mouth open.

"Wow you must do that a lot..." I said poking him in the mouth before starting to put on some lime green nail polish.

It took him a while before he realized what I had meant. "EW EW EW!!!" He said loudly.

"Hey I'm not the one that does it, you shouldn't think it is icky."

"I like it better when you have a lolly in your mouth."

"No that is gross Remus, I have never seen a lolly, non the less put one in my mouth." I told him simply.

"That's gross I didn't need to imagine that."

"But you do it don't you?"

"Do not."

"Oo ok what ever." I said, I was now putting on some yellow suns.

"No it's not whatever, admit it, I don't do any of that."

"I'm not the one that needs to admit something like that." I replied to him simply.

"Are we done yet?" He asked me, trying to change the subject.

"No, I have to do your toes." I said doing a drying spell on his nails, and a permeant spell on the polish.

"I don't want you to touch my feet."

"I don't want to, I have a foot problem, I hate feet, but I have to give you the full treatment, as I had promised." I said shrugging and removing my leg from his.

"No it's fine I promise..." He said trying to get away from me.

"No sit down." I said kneeling my his feet and peeling off his shoes and socks. "Wow Remus, do you have something else you want to tell me?" I asked seeing that they were already painted a nice blue color with crescent moons on them.

"No, ask Sirius." He replied.

"Wow, Sirius has a steady hand, is this why they call you moony?" I asked him.

" yes?" He told me.

"Sure I can see that, I always thought it was because you stood naked under the moonlight, singing and dancing."

"When did I do that?" He asked me.

"Oh first year...I heard your joyous yelps. "I'M I LITTLE MOONSTER!!!!!!!!" Or something like that.

"That wasn't me, that was James....he is the one that decided to dance around naked, that's when Lily started to hate him, cause he ran into her butt naked and all." Remus said smirking.

"Ah, so Lily has..."

"Has what?" She asked me standing behind me.

"I'M A LITTLE MOONSTER!!!!!!" I called out jumping up and starting to run around.

"What did you tell her Remus?" Lily asked her cheeks burning bright red.

"Nothing." He replied simply. Jumping up and running away.

Soon I was caught around the waist.

"Wa calm down." I heard James say sitting me down. "You're embarrassing Lily can you please tone it down?"

"Oh so you want me to start saying it in my inside voice?" I asked taking the tone it down seriously. But I shut up when I saw Lily was bright red hiding her face. "Oh ok, never mind I'll stop."

"Thanks..." He said smiling at me then going to Lily. Who was now trying to ease her breathing. "Come on Lils, lets go get you a calming draft." She nodded blindly and let him lead her out of the portrait whole.

"What did I miss?" Sirius asked appearing at my side, the makeup still all over his face.

"I was a moonster..." I said looking after James and Lily. "Hey...I think Lily is starting to warm up to James..." I said after Sirius had stopped laughing at me.

"Why do you say that?" Sirius asked me in disbelief.

"Cause she just let him touch her..."

Sirius got a disgusted look on his face. "Touch her?"

"Ew not like that...she let him take her to Madam what's-her-face..."

"You've been to her enough, and you don't know her name?" Sirius looked at me unsure.

"Oh no she keeps on making me forget her name, if I remember right, she doesn't want to be remember by the person that makes her take a calming drought everyday."

"Man I wanted that title."

"Well Mr. Poo poo, I have it and you don't so ha!" I said smirking and getting tackling him. "Now where is Peter?" It was his job to get Peter to me.

"He is not going to come with me to you, cause if I remember right, he is under his bed trying not to cry." Sirius said from under me.

"Ok fun, the boy's dorm it is then!" I said jumping up and running towards the dorm. Peter has yet to know what is coming to him.

AN: Yet another, weirdly Wakanda chapter...muhahaha well I'm done with my crazy but yet oh so lovely laughture...that I get made fun of all the time...kinda of said is it not? But I am so glad to see that you guys are reading...and loving it! Yay go me for being overly random, and making up a charecture...that is so fun to write about!

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