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Chapter 1: The Potters

  Samantha Potter, the youngest, is the strongest and smartest of all three of the Potter children. She can use wand less magic (freezing time, telekinesis) as well along with her siblings. She got married to Harvey Wan and had two children named: Lisa Potter and Troy Potter. She works for the Daily Prophet. She lives in her parents mansion.


  Hal Potter has the power of fire. He got married to Jessie Johnston and had a daughter named Emma Potter. He works as a Professor at Hogwarts.


  Haley Potter, Hal's twin, has the power of water. She got married to John Malfoy and had a son named Josh Malfoy-Potter. She works as a healer.


Samantha moved in with her parents to take care of them and their animals.

"Mom, Dad! I'm going to work. Can you watch Lisa and Troy?"

"Ok! We will." Hermione yelled up the stairs.

"Thank you so much."

  She then walked down stairs and then she pulled out her wand and Apparating to her office. She walked out of her office and saw her sister Haley.

"Hey what are you doing her?" Samantha asked.

"I'm just getting a paper and then I have to get my stuff from Potter Memorial." She answered.

"Why do you have to get your stuff from the hospital?" Sam asked again.

"I'm going to work at Hogwarts." Haley answered.

"Oh, that’s cool!" Sam yelled.

"Well I have to go Josh is in the car." Haley said.

"Tell him I said hey. I haven't seen him in forever."

"Okay I will." Haley shouted walking out the door.

"Samantha Potter... Samantha Potter we need you at the front desk." a voice came from down the hall.

  She ran down the hall and into the front office where her boss, Jonathan Zanbini, was waiting for her.

"Yes." she said.

"We need you to do a report for use at Hogwarts over the school year." Jonathan told her.

"Okay I will go now." she said while turning into a bird and flying out the window.

She then ran into someone while flying out the door.

"Oh.. excuse me." a manly voice yelled.

"Oh no it's my fault." Samantha told him. "What's your name and where are you going?"

" Timothy Riddle. To Hogwarts my daughter is going there." he answered in a lie.

"Really where is she?" she asked.

"In the car." He lied.

"Okay well I have to go bye."

"Okay bye." Tim yelled.


  Hal bought his own house and married a witch named Jessie Potter and had a daughter named Emma Potter.

"Time for work, Hal." his Jessie yelled.

“Okay.” Hal hollered.

“Emma Potter wake up it’s almost time for us to get to the train station.” Jessie screamed up the stairs.

“Fine Mum. I’m coming.” Emma yelled back in an angry voice. “Are Lisa and Troy coming with us?”

“Yes, they are.” Hal answered.

“I love when they come with us.” she said.

“Yeah I know you do.” Hal replied. “Wait right here while I get Lisa and Troy.”

Hal then apparated away. A few minutes later he was back with Emma’s cousins.

“Get in the car now.” Hal said.


  Haley Potter got married to John Malfoy and had a baby boy named Joshua “Josh” Malfoy-Potter. Haley works at Potter Memorial founded my Hermione Potter/Granger.

“Time for work, John.” Haley yelled down the hall.

“Okay I’m coming.” John hollered back.

“Josh…Josh, get down here now.” Haley yelled loudly up the stairs.

“Okay mum, my goodness.” Josh screamed.

“You better get rid of that attitude. It’s your first day of school.” she said.

  Haley got in the car with Josh and drove to the Daily Prophet to pick up a paper. She also saw her sister, Samantha Potter, there. Haley then left in her car. A few minutes later she saw a bird flying right next to her window and she instantly new it was her animagus sister, Samantha. Haley was scared when she first saw, Samantha.

“We’re her Josh.” Haley said.

“Okay mum.” Josh spoke.

  Haley and Josh walked into the train station. Soon afterwards, Samantha flew in and to platform 9 ¾. She then turned back into a human.

“Hey, Aunt Samantha.” Josh greeted her.

“Hey Josh.” Samantha said.

“Hey Sam.” Haley yelled waving her hand.

“Hey Sis.” Samantha yelled back running to her.

“What are you doing here?” Haley asked.

“I have to do a report at Hogwarts. So I became a teacher there.” Samantha answered.

  Haley, Josh, and Samantha boarded the train and went to Hogwarts. Haley was now going to be the healer at Hogwarts.

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