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The Christmas Enchantment
By: GryffindorGirl153

Previously: Maybe she broke up with you because she thinks you’re a bad kisser. It was random yes, but I intended to get him mad. Before I knew it..

He kissed me.

Malfoy was kissing me. I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there wide eyed staring at him. His eyes were close and his lips were moving against mine. I couldn’t believe Draco Malfoy, Prince of Slytherin was kissing me. But I had to admit, that he was better than Ron. Way better. He broke the kiss, but he didn’t move away from my face. “Still think she broke up with me because of that?”

I shook my head slowly, still staring at him. “Think Weasley is better than me?” I shook my head again. My mind wasn’t in the right place, so I didn’t know what I was answering to. I saw him smirk and then he finally pulled back.

He turned back around, heading for the seat that he was sitting on near my bed and picked up the book he was reading. He sat down, and started reading, but sending a smug look at me before it. This was going to be one hell of a week.


It’s snowing. I was looking out the window in the hospital wing since Madame Pomfrey wouldn’t let me leave. It’s my last day here, and my hope of finding true love was down to a 6 out of 10. I had a week left till Christmas. Draco just came back from taking a shower in the private bathroom that was in the hospital wing, and was now working on his essay that was due tomorrow. It’s so beautiful. I thought to myself. I wish I could go out there.

Draco looked up from his essay but didn’t say anything. I could feel his eyes on me, but I didn’t turn around. Don’t you like snow Malfoy? I asked him.

He shook his head without looking up at me. Why not?
“Why so curious about everything Granger?” He asked. Just curious. I answered.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” I didn’t answer him and I don’t plan to. “I just don’t want to remember,” He tells me. Remember what?

“I’m not telling you that,” He said. What ever you don’t want to remember, you will eventually. The more you don’t want to, the more you do.

“How are you so sure?,” Malfoy asked me. Shouldn’t you realize it by now? The other day you seemed so mad at that girl. Didn’t that make you remember her even more? I saw that he was surprised that I knew what he didn’t want to remember.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” He said turning back to the essay that settled in his lap. I heard you. Serena is it? That day when we came back from Hogsmeade, you were throwing things around your room.

“What were you doing spying on me?” He asked angrily. I wasn’t spying on you Malfoy. I said turning to look at him. I was going to go up to your room to apologize when I heard you trashing around.

“Haven’t I told you not to go in my room before?” What is it that you have to hide? I asked standing up. Why are you always locking yourself up?

“I do not lock myself up Granger,” He said fiercely trying to control his anger. “Stay out of by business,” You never left me alone when I asked you to. So, no. I don’t think I will either.

“Stop acting like you know everything!” Malfoy shouted at me. I was taken aback for a moment. “You know nothing about me Granger!”

I didn’t talk for a moment. He must’ve realized that I would’ve left it at that since he went back to his essay.

I honestly don’t understand you Malfoy. I said softly looking back out the window, watching the snow fall gently on the ground. It’s like you have this whole other side of you that you don’t let anyone see.

“What are you talking about?” He asked. You obviously loved her.

“Why can’t you leave that alone?” Malfoy said. Maybe that’s the reason you act so superior and cruel to other people.

“I act like that because that’s the way I am to people,” He responded. I don’t know why she fell for you then. I saw anger flash in his eyes but I didn’t care.

Malfoy’s mouth opened and close, as if he was about to say something, but when nothing came out the 3rd time his face was full of rage. “She did what she wanted,” I never met a girl that would want to go out with a pathetic ferret like you. Except Parkinson of course. I smirked.

He groaned and fell back into the seat. “Only to her,” I didn’t understand. “Because she was her,” Was that suppose to be an answer?

“Why don’t you answer that Granger?” He replied. “You seem to know everything,” I went back to the window, looking outside again and thinking about what he had said. So he did have a loving side. Something I never expected from a Malfoy.

Was there ever another her? “Maybe,” Malfoy answered. “In the future there might be,” his answer was almost a whisper when he got lost in another book. Who knew he could read?

Maybe he was different from all the rest. Something no one else has seen before. But how can anyone possibly see that when he’s locked it away and covered it with that.


I’m finally out! I threw my hands in the air happily. “Why are you so happy?” Malfoy said coming up to me. “You have like, 6 days left till Christmas,” My face fell and I glared at Malfoy.

Do you always have to kill my mood? I asked. “Yes,” He answered.

“Anyway,” He said. “I found you a date,” A date? “His name is Anthony Lopez”

You found me a date? I asked angrily. “Shouldn’t you thank me?” I don’t want to go on some stupid blind date. “Alright fine. Then die at Christmas,” He said shrugging.

But why? “If you go out with someone, you’ll be off my back for the whole day,” of course.


“GRANGER!” I heard him yell at the bottom of the stairs. “HURRY UP!” I rolled my eyes and continued brushing my hair. “HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET DRESSED?” I descended down the stairs. I’m a girl Malfoy, you should know, we take a long time getting ready.

He rolled his eyes at me and we walked down stairs and out the castle towards Hogsmeade. What was his name again? A- something? “Anthony Lopez. Ravenclaw,” Right.

We met Anthony in the Three Broomsticks. He wasn’t all that bad. Actually, Anthony was handsome, tall and smart. Nothing like Malfoy. Yuck, did I just compare a guy to Malfoy?

“Ready to go?” He asked me when Malfoy was gone. I nodded and we went out the Three Broomsticks and walked the streets of Hogsmeade. “Where to first?” I thought then pulled him over to Honeydukes. Anthony laughed a bit then followed me inside. It was crowded and packed with other Hogwarts students.
“oh, Hermione!” I head a familiar voice call out. “Hermione!” I think it was Ginny. I pulled Anthony with me as I pushed through the crowd. My face seemed to brighten when I reached Ginny. She gave me a hug then asked about Anthony.

“Who’s he?” She asked me. I thought for a moment, then started motioning to ask Malfoy since I couldn’t talk, or ask him. “Oh alright,” Ginny said smiling. “Gotcha,” She joined her 6th year friends and I went back to Anthony. He bought be 3 rose chocolates, with a whole box of chocolate. I smiled at him since I couldn’t talk. I turned my head, towards the three broomsticks, and I thought I saw something dark move across it. I shook my head thinking it was my imagination.

“I remember that time,” He started. We were walking along the roads of Hogsmeade. Just walking, not planning to go anywhere. “Malfoy set out fliers in everyone’s common room to win a real date with you. It also included that you couldn’t talk because you had a very bad cold.

“I’d say that you can’t talk at all,” I rummaged through my bag and found paper and a marker. Why would you say that?

“I remember my father telling me about this old witch that came to magical schools. I don’t know how often, but they pick on people who had horrible past that eventually may change their lives. So basically to teach them a lesson.

“That time in the great hall, I saw you sitting down, then the next I saw you standing maybe you were the one picked on. The witch usually takes one of your 5 senses. And if you had a cold, you wouldn’t be here with me now,” How do you know all this?

“Just do,” He answered. “So what do you have to do? Obviously there’s something you have to do by midnight on some day,” How do you know that?

“that’s how the story always goes,” Should I tell him? I hesitated a bit, then started writing something when I heard a loud crash somewhere behind us. We both turned around and saw nothing. Anthony kept walking but I stayed behind, and walked over to where I heard it. At first, I didn’t see anything, but I saw something move in the dark.

I stepped closer. MALFOY? His hands went to his head. “God Granger, stop screaming,” I grabbed his ear and pulled him out of where he was hiding. What do you think you’re doing following me on a date? “I wasn’t following you,” He said stubbornly. Then what were you doing hiding there? I knew I saw someone running that time near the three broomsticks. “I wasn’t there!” He yelled angrily.

Then what are you doing here Malfoy? “I had nothing to do so I decided to take a walk around here,”

If you were walking, what were you doing hiding? Why did you fall anyway? “I wasn’t hiding Granger,” I looked over his shoulder and looked to where he was hiding. The drain pipe was broken and shattered on the floor.

Did you fall off the roof? I asked laughing slightly. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. Did you? “No,” He said. Then why did you fall?
“I didn’t fall,” A frown formed on his face. I threw a big rock at it and it fell,” Sure. I looked back and saw Anthony waiting for me. You better not follow me around anymore. go back to the castle now! “who are you to order me around?” GO! He didn’t say another word. He just glared at me then walked back.

“Was that Malfoy?” Anthony asked. I nodded then we went inside the Three broomsticks. 


“Do you know what time it is?” Was the first time Malfoy said to me when I got back from my date. Yeah, it’s 12:00 I said.

“It’s midnight and you get back now?” he said furiously. Why are you so mad?

“First you accuse me of following you, and now, you get back at midnight!” Were you waiting for me? His angry look faded, and he opened his mouth a few times to say something but then nothing came out. “I was not waiting for you. I just couldn’t sleep,”

How long were you waiting? “I was not waiting!” I walked passed him and got a drink from our mini fridge. “Why were you back so late?” He asked more softer.

When we got back he invited me back to his common room. “Are you guys,” he said slowly. “Going out?” What is it to you? “Just answered the question!” He screamed. Yeah, we’re going out. So what? He stomped back up to his room and left me wondering why he was so mad.

I sat on the couch, tired from my day. I stared into the fire for a while, then noticed something that was open on the table. It was a book. I picked it up. No.. a Journal. Malfoy’s Journal.

She went on a date today and our common room was so….

A/N: yep, a cliffy ^_^. yeah, I would totally think that Malfoy is starting to show some kind of feelings towards her. I changed it around, now it's a journal since boys don't normaly keep diaries.
sorry it took so long. read and review!


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