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Victoria opened her eyes; she was in for a nasty surprise.
She rubbed the sleep out of her gold eyes, then realising something she shouted at the top of her lungs,

"Black, get your bloody hands off me!"

Hearing the loud screeching he jumped away. His eyes opened and fearful, wondering what the noise was or said, his mind slowly processed what his ears had heard.

"Morning to you too White." He said dryly, glaring very darkly.

Victoria stood up and put her bag on her back, they should be out of the forest today, and for that she was thankful, the forest was eerie and it spooked her that no animals, insects or birds could be heard, not chirp, buzz or hiss.

"Let's go Black!" She snapped at him, she was snappy this morning, especially waking up with a guys arm around you.
It felt like electricity and she didn't like it, not one bit, it was nothing like how Jesse would touch her, which would send cool shivers down her spine.

Sirius was very impatient, and hated to have nothing to think about or do, yesterday he was thinking over everything but today he was just plain bored. Thunk
The pebble he picked up landed straight on her back. Thunk
It hit her neck.

"Black, do that one more time and- Thunk Her hands were around his neck in seconds, choking him, once again he was in shock, but instead of choking her he picked her up and through her on his shoulder again.

"Black you son of a-"

"Language Miss White, it's improper for a lady to speak in such matter."

She kicked and hit, bit and clawed but he ignored them all, his right arm wrapped around her knees, so she wouldn't fall was loose.
She had lost, and she didn't like losing, Not at all.

After an hour of plain tread, he let her down and continued to walk, ahead of her this time. But he expected that if he stayed in front of her, something was bound to happen.

Thunder roared in the distance, it was weird, Victoria thought for sure it was going to hit Yesterday and if not it would of emptied itself out, but no instead it will probably hold on until they're right under it, stupid clouds.
They found another stream and stopped to drink from it, but the water still tasted different, and sweet just wasn't quite the word to describe it.

Sirius looked at Miss White, her black hair had a slight breeze in it and her gold eyes were shut.
She actually looked good, even with all the twigs, dirt and leaves, good enough to- wait before that thought even finishes I'm going to burn it alive, it's the weather and that bloody hug from last night, stupid White.

"Come on Black, I want to get out of this forest as soon as possible, Lily said it was a days trip, so come on."
Victoria would not wait for him; she already had started to leave. Her eyes looked around in front of her.
Something wasn't right.
Something inside of her told her to run.
And she never ignored that feeling, she turned to Black and said to him in a strong voice, "Something is not right here, and I don't like it." Behind her, a twig snapped and leaves rustled, no something was defiantly wrong here.
She took steps back to Black, afraid of the big bad beast, then she heard it, a howl, a call.

But tonight wasn't a full moon, so what ever that was, it was not a werewolf, but it was equally as dangerous.
"Did you hear that?"

"It was big, but not a werewolf, we should be fine."

"It was close, very close."

"Lets just keep moving."

As he finished that sentence a large spider walked in front of them, so large that it was as big as an elephant.
Victoria opened her mouth and let out a blood-curdling scream as she closed her eyes tightly.

The scream was so loud that Sirius closed his eyes, while his fingers were in his ears. When she finally ran out of breath, he opened his eyes to see the spider was gone, but Victoria extremely shaken up.

"Well it looks like you scared it away." He said, hoping to lighten the mood.

"Sp-sp-spider, was b-b-big." She said, tears were in her eyes, making the gold glitter.

"Yes it was, so let's keep moving and pray that it doesn't come back." She nodded her head, afraid of what would happen if she stopped blinking the tears away and opened her mouth; she was a big girl, not the little one from so many years ago.

As the day wore on, it grew hotter and tiring. The trees had not thinned, in fact, the had became thicker if anything.

"Black, have you noticed the trees, they're thicker then before."

"I don't understand that, Lily said it was a day's travel, well it's been a day and a half and we've came across a spider, a large wolf and yet the forest becomes thicker, greener, and less light."

"We've been walking as straight as possible, so it doesn't make sense."

"Unless the train curves and we haven't noticed."

"Oh shit, lets just pray that is not the case."

The two continued to walk straight, but they became more tired as they continued, eventually they found the stream again and took a drink, hoping that it would cool their humid bodies and dry throats.
Once they finished their drink they started to walk again, maybe they would find a path soon.

Along the way of finding out, they had started a fight, this fight wasn't very special, in fact if anything it was quite ordinary, Victoria was seeing red and extremely angry, while Sirius had an arrogant smirk plastered on his face.

"You Black, are a dickhead."

"You White, are a bitch."



"Nancy-boy Hair!"


"Oh you did not just say that."

"Oh I did just say that."

"I'll get you back for that Black!"

"Good luck trying."

The two stormed through the forest, clearly mad and aggressive, they took no pity on the defenceless bugs on the bottom of their shoes. They took no mercy on the poor tress and bushes that stood in their way, but eventually Black came to a halt.

"What did you do that for Black!" She spat out.

"Watch it White, look ahead." Tori looked behind him to see a pure white unicorn, so white, that the white flower it was eating looked more yellow then white.

"What the bloody devil?"

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