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P.S. I Love You
Chapter 4-Trust Partners

Hermione sat pondering over her conversation with Ginny. She had showed her the letter and they both sat there, surprised and fussing over how sweet it was. They sat at the Gryffindor Common Room for nearly two hours, mentally making a long list of possible prospects. Together, they said each one of the seventh year boys in Hogwarts, and concluded that none of them seemed to match. Either the boy was too thick to say something as sweet, or his handwriting was much sloppier than the penmanship in the letter. Or, the boy already has romantic interests with somebody else or there is just no possibility of him ever liking Hermione. They would never realize that the guy who actually wrote the letter was the one they thought would be the least likely person to like Hermione.

She quickly changed into her pajamas and jumped into a peaceful sleep. Someway through her sleep, she had a dream. In her dream, was a man standing in the shadows, keeping his face far away from Hermione. From where she stood, she could hear him saying the sweetest compliments about her. Suddenly, a green light flashed from the far right, sending the masked man falling ever so slowly. She was just about to reach the masked man when she woke up.

Sighing, Hermione climbed out of bed and got ready for classes. Another day, another adventure. She changed into her school robes, pinning her Head Badge perfectly on her chest. She picked up her book bag and numerous books, and started heading downstairs. Once she reached the Great Hall, she went straight to the Gryffindor table, and situated herself in between Ron and Harry.

“Hello Hermione how are you doing this fine day?” Harry asked.
“I’m doing well Harry, thank you,” Hermione replied.
“Have you heard about what Professor Marsh (a/n: their new DADA professor) is planning on doing?” Harry asked.
“No why?” Hermione asked.
“Well I heard he has some kind of year-long project up his sleeve. According to Lavender and Parvati, he is going to assign us some year long partners.”
“Great, that’s just what I needed: some new year-long partner in Defense Against the Dark Arts who will most likely be someone I don’t like nor smart.”
“Oh come on Hermione, how bad can it be?”

A few minutes later, Harry, Hermione, and Ron sat in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. They have been there for nearly ten minutes, none of them wanting to be late. Slowly, the classroom started filling in, students from every house pouring in. Suddenly, the room got quiet as Professor Marsh came into the class, a very bright and big smile evident on his lips.

“Good morning class.”
“Good morning professor.”
“I have a real treat for you today. So to start the day, I would ask that all of you clear your desks of everything except a quill and an ink bottle.” The sound of ruffling papers, and heavy books filled the room as everyone went to do as the professor said.

Smiling, he continued, “Defense Against the Dark Arts is very useful these days, now that the Dark Lord has once again risen. Many of you, I know, have fought against many dark wizards, alone or with a group. However, for the rest of the year, we are going to learn to battle many dark magic with someone. The key to any battle is learning to trust, confide, and acknowledge your “teammates,” he said making air quotes. “So, with that said, I will now assign you your year-long partners. The mini teams are made up of boy and girl, and none of the members are from the same house. Like I said, it’s all about trust. And, we all know it is in human nature to only trust your own kind, so I decided to shake things up.” Groans erupted from all over the class.

“Come on now, if I had you pick your own partners, the essence and fun of the project will be taken away. Now, let’s go back to the teams, Mr. Potter, and Ms. Padma Patil.”

“Oh well, at least it’s not that cow, Parkinson,” Harry said dejectedly. Harry and Padma seated themselves at the back of the room.

“Mr. Weasley and Ms. Parkinson,” Ron and Pansy both had gargantuan scowls.
“Mr. MacMillan and Ms. Bulstrode.”
“Mr. Longbottom and Ms. Abott.”
“Mr. Zabini and Ms. Bones.”

The list went on and on, while everyone shuffled around, sitting at new seats with their partners. Most students were sitting with frowns, unhappy with their partners. Hermione sat nervously, as fewer and fewer students were left without a partner.

“And finally, we’ll have our Heads, Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Granger,” Hermione sat rooted to her seat. Of all the people she had to be partnered up with, it had to be him.

Across, the room, Malfoy sat uneasy. Part of him was happy and almost enthusiastic about getting Hermione as a partner. But, part of him was nervous, not really wanting to see her, as he might do something stupid. He slowly stood up, walked up to the front of the room where Hermione sat. If he wants Hermione to be at least civil to him, he has to make the first move. But, he can’t show his true feelings, he just had a nagging feeling that she would find that too peculiar. He just has to keep pretending to dislike her; just to keep his appearances up.



He smirked to himself; boy this is going to be fun.

“Alright everyone, for our first trust activity, I’d like all the ladies in the room to form a circle in the center of the classroom. And all the boys form an outer circle surrounding the ladies.”

Everyone took their time doing just that; shuffling their feet to postpone the activity longer. The desks magically went to the sides as they all gathered and formed the circles.

“Good. Now, ladies, make sure your partner is behind you, and gentlemen, make sure your partner is in front of you.” This earned more feet shuffling.

“Alright, now, what I want you to do is very simple. All the ladies will just have to fall back and trust their partner to catch them. If I see anyone at all falling, trust me, I will use this creative mind of mine to torture you more with this trust game.” He said pointing to his head as a collective of groans erupted the room.

“But, before we do that, I’ll give you guys fifteen minutes to talk to your partner, get acquainted, then we’ll move on to the falling. Fifteen minutes, starting now!”

Hermione turned around to find gray blue eyes staring into her golden brown ones.

“I cannot believe that out of the entire class, I have to be partnered with you! This year will be filled with so much fun, I can hardly wait!” she exclaimed, sarcasm filled her voice.

“Believe me Granger, you are not the only one who feels that this thing is such a bad idea. Now, how about we do what we’re supposed to so that even though I despise you, we’ll both at least get high grades.”


“Okay, how about I ask questions, and we both answer them.”

“Fine,” she mumbled once again.

“What’s your full name?”

“Hermione Jane Granger.”

“Draco Malfoy; no middle name. Birthday?”

“September 19.”

“June 5. Favorite color?’


“Figures; green.”


“Reading, singing, dancing, studying, having fun.”

“Reading, flying, making potions, poking fun at people.” He said with a smirk.

“Favorite class?”

“That’s a question too hard to answer.”

“Fine, Ms. Smarty-Pants. Mine is Potions obviously, until that old pig Slughorn took over.”

Hermione sent him an evil look. He rolled his eyes.

“Do you trust me?”


“I thought so. Well, I’ll have you know, you can trust me. I promise; just so we can have a good grade for the rest of the year, I’m willing to be civil, not call you mudblood, or poke fun at you. And trust me I am only doing this because I care about MY grade, not yours.” He said solemnly.

Hermione eyed him suspiciously. “Fine, I will be civil too. You can have my word for it. But, if I hear one single negative thing about me coming from your mouth, I swear I will hex you and turn you into the ferret you really are.”

“Deal,” he said putting his hand out.

Hermione once again eyed him suspiciously before grabbing and shaking it. “Deal.”

“Alright everyone, time to start falling. Places everyone. Ready, set, go!” All around the room, the girls started falling like dominoes, and the guys catching them with ease. She hesitated, and looked back.

“Come on Granger. Why do you always have to make everything complicated?”

“I do not make things complicated! I just don’t trust you enough yet.” She said turning around and crossing her arms over her chest.

“Fine, have it your way,” he said kicking her behind the knee, causing her to stumble onto him.

She gave a tiny scream. “Malfoy, you bastard, that hurt!”

“You know Granger, if you’d only learn how to trust me, we wouldn’t have any problems at all.”

“Give me one perfect reason for me to trust you.”

“Because I’m your trust partner.” He said in a sing-song voice.

“Alright everyone, I think we ought to try that again. And Ms. Granger, please, fall this time.” Professor Marsh called out.

“One. Two. Three.”

Hermione hesitantly fell backwards. She was surprised to actually find herself enveloped in Malfoy’s strong arms. Funny, I feel awfully comfortable. She thought. The girls fell backwards a hundred more times until the end of class.

Five minutes before the end of class, Professor Marsh said, “Time to pack up everyone. Remember, these are your year-long partners. Learn to cooperate. We’ll have more activities like this in the next few classes. Then, about two weeks from now, you’ll all have to participate in a really big trust activity. As for homework, you will each have to write a foot long essay on your partners. Have a good day.”

The dismissal bell rang, and everyone exited quickly to reach their next class. Great, this is going to be an exciting year. Hermione thought as she made her way to Ancient Runes. As she made her way around a corner she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around.

“If you’d like Granger, we can do our essays together. Meet me in my room at eight. Don’t be late.” Without even hearing Hermione agree, Malfoy turned around and left.

A/n: how about that? I hope you liked that. If you liked that chapter, I promise you, you'd like the next one better. So keep reading and reviewing!!

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