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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 5: The names Potter. James Potter.

James Potter, undercover for the WCS (wizards Civil Services). He ducks, he dives…He walks into the wrong part of the wall. James could have sworn that the secret door was there. Why couldn’t he get in? He come here plenty of times with the boys and on his own. He’d also been here under his cloak so that didn’t make a difference. It’d let him in there every other time. Apart from that once, when Remus was in there.

Was there someone in his room? In their room, the marauders room? How could anyone else possibly know about this room? He was confused to say the least.

James had decided that he was bored of the common room for one night; it was an hour past curfew and the boys were being lazy bums. He wanted an adventure, so decided to play on his own.

James often found unusual things whilst wandering the Hogwarts corridors. He often pretended to be a spy for the WCS as he search for more secret passage ways or hidden rooms. Dumbledore had once told him he could spend his life looking through the school and would always find new places. He’d spent most of his life in Hogwarts and it still amazed him when he accidentally wandered into an unknown room. And Dumbledore was old so that was a lot of searching time.

Lily Evans huffed and puffed down at her work and willed her pen to write the essay for her. What was wrong with her tonight? For the last week she hadn’t been able to concentrate properly. Her friends told her it was because of the “incident”; Lily banned anyone from talking about what James Potter had done to her.

She denied being fazed by the situation but couldn’t really hide the fact that she had stormed out of the common room with brimming tears. She wished she had kept her cool and acted mature, but why should she have? It’s not like he ever acted grown up.

Lily lifted her head suddenly as she heard a noise just outside the room she was taking refuge in. Oh no, if anyone caught her in here she’d be done for surely. Lily leaned her head against the door and listened intently to what was being said. “The names Potter. James Potter.”

Lily choked back a laugh at what she had just heard. What the hell? “Under cover Potter, I can solve anything.” Oh surely not? Lily could not believe what she was hearing. No way was Potter (she spat his name more venomously after the “incident”) playing spy games at the age of sixteen. And she was pretty sure he was on his own.

A couple of muffled bangs drifted threw the door and Lily could hold back her curiosity no more. She pulled the door open slowly and looked out just in time to see James rolling across the floor humming the tune to a spy film she had once seen. The laugh she let out caused tears to fall from her eyes and she only stopped when she could breathe no longer.

James had been staring at her, embarrassedly, for quite some time before she calmed down. “Are you quite finished?” He asked, avoiding her gaze.

“Oh. My. God. I can’t believe how funny you looked Potter. How old are you, eight?”

“It’s not that funny Evans,” James was not amused. He didn’t mind being caught acting a fool; he did it all the time anyway. But to be caught by Lily Evans of all people, and when he was trying to prove to her how he had matured; which wasn’t going to well after the spider mishap.

“James, I think it’s time you grew up,” she said bitterly as she wandered up the corridor in the direction of the Gryffindor tower. James didn’t know what to say, he hated being talked to like that and before he knew what he was saying…

“At least I’m not afraid of a tiny spider,” he spat out. James’ hand flew to his mouth as he hoped for the words to be gobbled back up. But they weren’t.

“It wasn’t tiny Potter, that spider was the size of my hand. How can you tell me it was tiny?” Lily’s voice got quieter as she spoke and images of the spider swam in front of her face. She’d been scared of spiders since she was about two. One day Petunia had put a small spider in her bed and she had awoken to find it crawling up her nose. She jumped out of the bed when she saw it and thanked god that it wasn’t any bigger when it suddenly grew so large it occupied most of her room. She screamed, frantically, and the spider emitted a loud pop before it disappeared. She hadn’t known it at the time, but this was the first time she had experience her magic. Of course they did not believe her when she relived the memory to her parents.

“Listen Lily I…I…Well you know what I’m like,” he gave a wonky smile but Lily just continued to look at him with a frown upon her face. “I didn’t realise that it would upset you so much. You always seem so controlled that I didn’t believe a spider would freak you.”

“I know you didn’t,” she said quietly but still with a bitter tone. “Because you don’t know me James Potter.” She turned slowly to continue up the corridor but James called her back.

“Lily wait.” Lily shook her head but James just grabbed her arm and dragged her back down the corridor with him.

Potter let go of me this instant,” she said as quietly as she could. James smirked back at her. “I’ll scream, and if I do, we’ll be in big trouble.”

“You won’t scream Lily Evans,” James stated matter-of-factly whilst closing the door behind him.

“Yes I will,” she snapped back at him.

“No you won’t,” James whispered. “I know you better than you think.”

“What do you want?” Lily asked defeated. Why didn’t she just scream and prove him wrong? Prove to him that he doesn’t know her at all. It wasn’t a big thing that Potter knew she wouldn’t scream; the whole year knew she didn’t like to get into trouble.

“To make it up to you,” James said with a smile.

“No thanks,” Lily turned the handle of the door to find it wouldn’t open. “Let me out,” she hissed as she rounded on James.

“Not until you speak to me.”

“Fine.” Lily said, crossing her arms and staring into his face. He had no affect on her and he couldn’t understand why.

“Lily I’m sorry for what I did…”

“You’ve already said that,” Lily cut across him. James closed his eyes and took in a deep breath; this wasn’t going to be easy.

“I know. And I mean it.” He looked straight into her eyes. He cringed when he saw the flicker of hatred in them. He knew what it looked like; he saw it many of times when Sirius looked at Snape. He understood why she hated him though but it wasn’t his fault that his alter ego jumped in whenever he was around her. Well not tonight.

“What can I say or do to make it up to you?” Lily shrugged still refusing to speak. James scratched his head while he thought for a while. “How about I tell you some of my fears?”

James Potter has fears? “Potter I already know your fear of running out of hair gel.”

“I don’t use hair gel,” James said bluntly, catching Lily of guard with his tone of voice. “I’m not that narrow minded Evans. I care for more things than myself.”

“Then what? What scares the almighty James Potter?”

James bit down on his lip momentarily. There weren’t many things that scared him to be honest, but there was one. How could he admit that to her, she’d laugh in his face? But maybe the truth could help. “Cows,” it was a whispered but she just about heard it.

“Cows?” Lily’s face was burning with the need to laugh. “You’re afraid of cows?” James shivered. “What’s so scary?” She needed to know because surely these cute animals didn’t frighten the so called quidditch star.

“Everything,” James shivered again but couldn’t keep the smile off his face. “Could you imagine one running towards you Lily? How could that not scare you?” That was it; she could take it no longer. She tried to hold it in but it caused her to choke and soon enough Lily was falling to the floor with laughter.

“I’m glad someone finds joy in my fear,” James said. But he was amused he had to admit. He’d never seen Lily laugh so much before. He’d made her laugh; even if it was at him. And he was pretty sure that was the second time this night.

“I’m sorry,” she said holding her stomach. “I just can’t imagine it. James Potter, the famous quidditch star and all around bad boy, scared of cows?” The laughter over come her again and her throat started to ache.

Once Lily had calmed down she took a seat in a chair, letting out a small chuckle every now and then. “So are we equal?” James asked eventually.

Lily sat in silence for a while, “for now.” She teased. She had a plan. James nodded before suggesting they make their way back to the common room.

The two actually talked on their way back to their dorms. Lily found that James was quite funny, in a stupid way. She wasn’t ready to call him James yet and she was pretty sure it’d be a while before she could. Last time she thought he had matured the “incident” occurred. She wasn’t making that mistake again.

“Well, I should catch some sleep.” Lily said through a yawn. “G’night Potter.”

“Sweet dreams Flower,” James whispered as she ascended the stairs, but before she could disappear she ran back down.

“Potter,” James turned startled to see her. Lily bit her bottom lips slightly as she wondered how to put it. “Urm, well you said earlier that you cared for more than just yourself?

“Well of course I do Lily,” he laughed slightly. “I have my family and friends to care for too.” Lily smiled.

“That’s cute Potter,” James smirked before she turned to leave.

“Oh and obviously there’s you Lily,” Lily turned and blushed slightly at what he had just said.

“James I…”

“Oh,” someone had walked down the stairs from the boys’ dormitories. James cursed under his breath; she had just called him James. “Lily?” The person said slightly startled.

“Jonathan,” Lily nodded politely. Jonathan was tall with short black hair and beautiful blue eyes. He was a prefect in the year above Lily and they spoke quiet often.

“Well I was going to speak to you tomorrow Lily but seems as you’re here now,” He looked around and saw James still sitting near the fire. “Do you mind?” He asked politely. James shrugged and made his way to his dorm. He wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly what was going on and there was no way he was just going to go upstairs and pretend it wasn’t happening. He stopped near the bottom of the stairs where he couldn’t be seen.

“I’ve wanted to ask you this for a while now but…Well, it’s Hogsmead this weekend and I wanted to know if you’d go with me, Lily?” Lily wasn’t really surprised at this offer; she’d been expecting it actually. And Jonathan was very nice so she couldn’t see a reason not to? Lily looked around in silence for a moment and was caught by something near the boys’ stairs. It was Potter and he was vigorously shaking his head at her. Lily bit down on her tongue to stop herself from screaming at him to mind his own business. Why did he always do this?

“I’d love to Jonathan,” she answered with an over sweet smile on her face.

“That’s great,” he answered whilst sweeping down and placing a soft kiss on Lily’s cheek. Lily smiled up at Jonathan and there was a loud bang that sounded like it came from the boys dormitories.

A.N Ok, so my shortest one so far but the next one is 4,022 so it makes up for it right ^_^ This is the first chapter i will admit to being a bit iffy about. The first section was a bit off i think, but i still love writing the story. I've nearly finished chapter 10 =] Anyhoo, thankoo for yur reviews people =D buh, just because im happy wiff them doesnt mean i dont want more...because i do. I want LOTS more =]...Please ^_^ Thankoo LilyMaria for yur suggestion for a prank, which is in the making =] And for yur lovely reviews =D I like fat reviews, even if yu just tell me about yur life, i enjoying knowing things =] Reviews make me chuckle, chuckling releases this sort of chemical in the body which encourages me to i believe anyways. Right, before my notes longer than the chapter i'll stop =]


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