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          Tempest ran down the stairs happy and exited. She had let her hair get longer and had now added another stripe of purple to the other side of her hair. She jumped on Draco when she reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Tempete, please get off me," said Draco smiling.

"Whatever, you know you like this." She smiled then turned to her god mother, Narcissa Malfoy. "Thank you so much for letting me stay over."

"It's our pleasure Zephyr," said Narcissa. "After all, you are our goddaughter."

"Okay, come on Draco, lets go.  Void write to Nila and tell her to meet us in Nockturn Alley."

He nodded.  "'Kay, see you later."

Tempest jumped off Draco and began walkling hand in hand with him back to their house. The night was cool and refeshing as she walked. She loved it. If she could stay outside all the time she would. Draco looked at her and she smiled back at him. 

They stopped infront of the house while Narcissa opened the door. The house elf Dobby opened it wide and stood behidn it. Tempest stared at it in pity and sandess. It was aweful how they treated it sometimes.

"Dobby, take her stufff up to Draco's room," ordered Narcissa.

"Yes Mistress."

Tempest stared at Dobby as it walked by sad. She felt Draco put his arm around her shoulders and hold her close. She looked up at him and blushed for some unknown reason to her.

"Go on off to bed you two. Its a big day tomorrow."

"But its soo early," whined Tempest playfully.

"Fine then, just go up to your room and chat till you get tired. All right?"  She gave them a stern glance and Tempest smiled.

"All right."  Tempest ran up stairs and thrust opend Draco's door. She began to jump on his bed and laugh. as she tried to reach for the cieling like a child.

"I can't wait till schol starts. What about you?"

"I can't see you everyday so that a bummber. But at least there's a girl who just adores fawning over me."

Tempest stopped jumping and sat on the bed, a bit jealous.  "Really? Whats her name?"

"Why Tempete, I do believe you are jealous."

"I am not! Just curious."

"Then I've no reason to tell you. Now go to my bathroom and get ready for bed."

"Fine," she pouted, her eyes glittering in joy.


Tempest woke at the sounds of voices. She looked at her side at Draco who was fast asleep. She quickly and silently slid out of bed and and snuck out the room.

The voices were coming from her god-parents room. She crepped around the corner and stopped dead in her stracks. Listening in on the conversasion was Dobby.

"Dobby, come here." Dobby looked at her scared but then slowly complied. "Dobby, what did you hear?"  She watched as he looked back at the door. "Tell me Dobby."

He nodded then told her everything he had heard. Tempest listened intently as Dobby told of everything that he heard. Tempest silently swore to herself in her head and slumped against the wall lettting herself slide slowly to the ground. She finally looked up at Dobby.

"Go to Harry Potter Dobby." She looked around to see if anyone was listening then continued. "Go to his room, wherever he lives, try to warn him of these new dangeres. Try to protect him okay Dobby?"

He nodded and smiled before dissappearing. She stood up and smled before she felt someone grab her hand and startle her.

"Tempete, you all right?"

"Bad dream, hungry."

He smiled and pulled her towards the kitchen. She looked back at her god-parents door. The light was off and hopefully it would stay that way for a while. Please hurry Dobby, she thought.


Tempest purchased her books and sucked in her teeth at the eyes boring themselves into the back of her head.

"Like old times eh Zephyr," said Void.

"Always."  They headed out of Nockturn Alley to meet Draco when suddenly Nila ran up to her.

"I just saw Harry Potter!" she exclaimed silently.


"Oh just come on already, if we catch him we might be able to tell him about what you discovered.

"Also that you love him," said Void who began to make kissing faces. Nila laughed and Tempest punched him in the stomach.

"Come on and run already." They ran to where Nila had directed then stopped short when they saw Harry Potter begin to walk up the stairs to Diagon Alley.

"I guess we were too late," said Nila.

"Yeah. Well come on, we have to go meet Draco."

"You go, we'll catch up. I'm hungry."

"Same here. See you later Zephyr," said Nila.

Tempest rolled her eyes and walked to the bookstore that was on Diagon Alley. Sometimes Nila and Void were much to alike.  When she approached the bookstore she noticed that there was a rather large crown of women gathering on the inside. She entered and looked around for Draco. She smiled when she noticed him standing up on top of the stars glaring down. Tempest walked up to him and leaned against the railing next to him.

"Not jealous are you Draco?" she mocked.

"No comment." She walked closer to him and leaned on his shoulder.

"Gildory Lockhart. I don't like him. In my opinion, he is vastly overrated."

"No you like the type thats more like . . . me."  A tight smile formed on his lips and Tempest smiled.

"You flatter yourself too much Draco. But I must admit, you're right." She began to walk away. "I'll wait for you outside and of course watch what you will do."

She walked outside and peered through the glass. It was one against a mudblood, the entire Weasly Family and the famous Harry Potter. She watched in enjoyment as, to what she presumed anyway, Draco insulted them each in turn. She began to laugh when someone came up to her.

"What is so funny Zephyr," said a sudden voice. Tempest jerked around and smiled.

"Divina! Chad!" She gave each of them a hug in turn then looked at Nila and Void. "I see you found some strays."

"Yup. Now, do tell, why are you out here?"

"Draco's insulting Harry Potter and his friends as we speak. Its actually very quite enjoyable really."

"The Draco Malfoy. Finally, I'll get to meet him," said Nila. Tempest rolled her eyes and looked at Chad who was staring at her intently.


"Lucious," she looked at him and smiled. Thank god, she thought as she looked away from Chad.

"Where's Draco?"

"Inside insulting the Weasly's, the mudblood and Harry Potter."

"Really?" he said genuingly intrigued. Tempest forced a smiled and nodded. Knowning what she knew, she did not like the fact that he sounded intrigued. She looked at Nila and Void uncertaintly and then looked back inside.

"Divina, I need you to go inside and watch my godfather."


"I can't explain right now, just please go." Without even giving Divina a choice she began to shove her inside.

"Can you at least tell me whats the bloddy hell is going on?" asked Chad.

"Yeah." Tempest smiled weakly and began to tell him everythig involing the house elf to the very last detail.

"Okay then. So . . . are you and Draco together?" The question caught Tempest off guard and she stood transfixed. She looked at Nila and Void who were smiling and trying very hard not to laugh.

"Huh? Oh no, not really---"  She continued to stumble with her words until Chad finally stopped her, smiling.

"Alrightly then." He nodded behind her.  "Well here comes Divina." Tempest jerked around then looked back inside. Draco and Lucious were beginning to come outside.

"Well, what did you see?"

"Your god-father took a book from his wrist and snuck it into that little redheaded girls couldron. No one even noticed, well except for me that is." She smiled to herself.

"Was there a name on the book?"


"Well, what was it?"

"Oh calm down already. It belonged to someone named Tom Marvolo Riddle." Tempest sighed and looke at Nila and Void. "Are you going to tell me what all this is about now?"

"On the train," she said as the Malfoys came out.

"Come children, time to go," sadi Lucius.

Draco grabbed Tempest around the waist and she smiled. Someone coughed bringing her attention to behind her. Nila was motioning eratically at Chad who didn't exactly look happy. She turned her attention back forward and kept walking.


Tempest sat in the train with her feet on the wall and her dragon craddle next to her legs.

"So, Draco seems . . . okay I'm not sure nice is the right word to decribe him," said Nila.

"Trust me its not," said Tempest smiling.

"Chad's angry that for sure," said Void.

"We know that Void. I think even Draco felt the hostility emanating from him," said Divina.  Suddenly the cabin door flew open and Chad walked in with food.

"I'm back."

"Thank god, I'm starving," said Nila grabbing chocolate frogs.

"Here is your seaweed gum and fish tarts Divina," he said qeasingly.

"Thank you Chad."

"And Void, here are your licorice wands and your Bertie Bott Everyflavor beans Zephyr."

"Thanks Chad," she said sitting up. He sat next to her and for a moment they just stared at each other.

"Anyway," began Divina, brekaing their trance, "you're saying that that book your godfather gave that little girl is dangerous and is going to unleash something dangerous?"


"So what exactly do you want us to do?"

"Help me formulate a plan of course," she said flashing them her trademark smile which caused them all to groan.

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