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The day was nearly upon him, the day in which he would legally become a man, to lawfully use magic away from Hogwarts, which also meant the day approached in which Harry would be at his most vulnerable. For the magic that protects him when he is given home at number four Privet Drive, will soon cease to exist. Harry had extreme mixed emotions about the arrival of his seventeenth birthday, on one hand he was excited, joyful, and relieved, as he would be able to use magic anywhere. But the never ending doom loomed over his head that the protection that his mother died to create, will protect no more.

Harry, like he had many other nights, sat at his desk in his darkened bedroom, just staring out the window into the darkened street, watching some of Mrs Figg's cats run under the street lights. Harry remembered around this time last year, sitting where he sat now, the street lights began to turn off upon the arrival of Dumbledore, who was personally escorting him back to Hogwarts, but this year, that wasn't going to happen. Harry was dreading his return to Hogwarts, he couldn't bare to imagine what it was going to be like without Dumbledore around, it wasn't even going to feel like Hogwarts at all, for, in Harry's mind, Dumbledore was Hogwarts.

With the absence of Dumbledore, Harry felt weak and vulnerable, he was always there to watch over Harry, and he was the only one Voldemort feared, now with Dumbledore gone, there was nothing to stop Voldemort in whatever it is he decided to do, and Voldemort was making that increasingly apparent. Lately, every newspaper you bought in the morning, had a disaster splashed all over the front page, news flashes interrupted daily programs frequently, to bring the latest on new or ongoing disasters that had struck.

There was only four days until Harry's seventeenth birthday, and any day now he knew someone would be arriving to take him away, to where, he did not know, Harry was unsure if he would return to Hogwarts or not, he had a enormous task to do, and to Harry going back to Hogwarts and doing school work just seemed trivial to him. Harry also vowed to himself that he would track down Severus Snape at all costs, to make him pay, and he couldn't do that whilst writing 12 inches of parchment on some silly Goblin rebellion.

Harry yawned silently and stretched his arms above his head and looked down at the clock, it was nearing 3am, he picked up his wand from the desk and slipped it under his pillow, pulled back the covers and climbed in, placing his glasses on the desk. Harry didn't feel tired in the slightest, but knew he should get some sleep for he had barley slept since arriving back at the Dursley's. Harry laid there, just staring at marks on the wall, and then his mind began to play tricks on him, every spot he discovered on the wall reminded him of Dumbledore, one long and thick spanning into a point reminded him of Dumbledore's beard, then he noticed a bunch of lines weaving in and out of one another, which reminded Harry of something Dumbledore once told him about his scar on his knee that resembled the London underground map. A tear trickled down Harry's cheek and onto the pillow, he signed deeply, pulling the covers up around his neck, curling up for comfort, his chin began to jitter, his eyes bulged with tears, as all those he had lost, and those he wish he was able to meet, but were ripped away from him flooded his mind. Harry buried his face into his pillow trying desperately to sleep.

A flash of green light shot past Harry trampling a young handsome boy, then a flash of dead white eyes as he lay dead before him, the flapping of a veil so calm but deadly covered his sight as sirius walked from behind it, and simply stood there, and smiled, then suddenly an invisible force pulled him back between the soft swaying veil. A high pitch laugh echoed throughout the darkness that now surrounded Harry, it was laughter at it's most vicious, from joy, from victory. Stars then appeared into the night sky that flooded the darkness that surrounded Harry with light, as a voice etched its way into Harry's brain "Avada Kedavra" Green filled Harry's eyes as Dumbledore plummeted to his death. Darkness once again fell over all as the vicious laugh returned, and slowly died away, as a gaunt face in the distance became visible, cold red eyes pierced Harry, the snake like slits of nostrils sniffed the air. "You reek of fear, and that you should. There is no one to protect you from me anymore. Your time has come Harry Potter"

Harry awoke with fright jumping up in his bed, he was covered in sweat, he breathed heavily as he threw the covers of him, just staring at the cupboard the stood against the wall, his head ached as he realized he had a nightmare, he turned and picked up his glasses from his desk and put them on, and he looked around the room, realizing it was just as he left it. Harry rose from his bed and quickly changed into some clothes and grabbed his wand from under his pillow and placed it into his front jeans pocket, then walked to his desk and sat down, depression falling deeply over Harry, he looked down at his clock and realized it was only 7:30, he had only managed four and half hours sleep. Rain pelted down over privet drive, dark clouds darkened what was normally a sunny time of year. Harry could see his reflection in the window, he wore a frown, with droopy eyes, it was someone he barely recognized. Then from behind he heard a soft knock on the door, he knew it was Aunt Petunia knocking to give him breakfast, Harry turned his head towards the door then simply turned it back to stare out the window, he then heard Aunt Petunia place the tray on the floor by his door and walk away.

Harry wasn't sure who told Aunt Petunia, but someone had contacted her and told her of the events that took place, and the man she met last year before Harry was taken back to Hogwarts, had been murdered. Since then, her attitude had changed, she suddenly showed compassion and sympathy, something Harry didn't want to deal with at the moment. Everyday Petunia would knock at breakfast lunch and dinner to give Harry his food, but Harry never answered, so she would leave the food by his door, and Harry would retrieve it when he felt the need, by that time it was cold and horrible, but Harry didn't really care. Harry had said all about five words to the Dursley's since he arrived back, and the only time he saw them is when he went to the washroom. Suddenly there was a second knock at his door, and someone took upon themselves to open the door and enter.

Harry turned to be amazed, to see Hermione standing there with his tray of breakfast, with Ron standing by her side.

"What are you doing here?" asked Harry bluntly.

"We are here" began Hermione as she walked over to Harry, and placed the tray in front of him on the desk and sat on the bed, Ron beside her "To help you Harry. Eat your breakfast, you need to eat, you look terribly thin" finished Hermione sounding eerily like Mrs. Weasley.

"Yeah mate, come on" began Ron "You can't keep going like this"

"I'm not Hungry" replied Harry as he turned to stare out the window again"

"Yes you bloody well are!" stated Hermione "Now eat your breakfast Harry and stop being silly, you have to eat"

Harry turned to look Hermione dead in the eyes, then simply turned back to the window.

Hermione signed harshly "Harry please, i know this is all difficult-"

"You don't know the first thing about difficult" interrupted Harry

"Harry, that isn't fair" replied Hermione "We are all hurting, we all loved him. I know most of us weren't as close with him as you were, but that doesn't change anything, I know this is Harsh, but we still all have our lives to get on with"

"She's right you know Harry" interjected a third familiar voice.

Harry turned to see Lupin walk into the room, in his usual tattered clothes.

"We all loved him greatly, he was one of the most loved men i ever knew" said Lupin "He has done more for me than any other ever has, he was like a father. I had the pleasure of knowing him for quite some years, and i know for a fact he would wish for us to let the grief go, and get on with it. You have got to stop blaming your'self"

"But i was there, i saw it!" bellowed Harry, suddenly jumping from his seat and facing Lupin "I should've done something, but i didn't"

"It isn't your fault Harry" stated Ron.

"But i was there, and i didn't do anything!" shouted Harry.

"There was nothing you could do Harry, Stop blaming your'self" replied Hermione.

"I let him die" cried Harry as tears pelted down his cheek "I just stood there and let him die"

"You did not Harry" said Lupin sternly "Dumbledore made a choice, and that's all, what is done, is done, we can't change the past"

"Yes we can" cried Harry desperately "We can go back and stop it!" yelled Harry angrily, tears streaming.

"Harry no" said Lupin "You still do not understand how dangerous that is, you have been down that road"

"But it's possibly!" cried Harry desperately.

"Harry it's simply not an option" replied Lupin simply.

"I just-" began Harry "I don't want him to be gone, I need- I want him back, i can't do this alone" finished Harry through the knot in his throat. He closed his eyes as tears fell like they never had before.

Warm arms wrapped themselves around Harry as Hermione whispered in his ear "You're not alone Harry. We are going to stick by you, all of us"

"That's right" added Ron, as the rain outside pelted against the window "We're never going to leave you"

Harry opened his eyes and saw Lupin still standing in the doorway, his eyes filling with tears and he wore a smile at the site of the three of them.

"Thanks guys" replied Harry "Sorry for being a Git"

Hermmione and Ron pulled back and smiled at Harry. Harry couldn't help but smile at his friends, he loved them so dearly.

"Now Harry" said Lupin "The reason we are here is to let you know what is happening tomorrow, and set down some ground rules"

"Ok" said Harry sitting back on the chair and facing them all.

"We will be coming to get you tomorrow night" started Lupin "The safest way for us to get you to Hogwarts is by the Hogwarts express, believe it or not. We have arranged with Wizarding Transport to have the Hogwarts express ready to go tomorrow night at 1am, the train has had major improvements put in place, many spells and enchantments for protection, believe it or not it would be extremely difficult for anyone to do any damage to that train whilst we're aboard. We have also arranged with Wizarding Transport to have complete use of the Knight Bus, which has also had major improvements, to get you to King's Cross Station" finished Lupin with a smile. "Any questions?"

"Yes" replied Harry "Just a few. Why can't we just Apparate, wouldn't that be the safest way?"

"No, not anymore" replied Lupin "The Death Eaters have grown considerably stronger and smarter. They have now created a way to pull us back if we attempt to Apparate, now we don't know for sure but there could many of them watching this house so we can't risk it. If we do attempt to Apparate and they do pull us back, they are able to splice us, allow half our body to go to where we were aiming to and only bring half back, killing us instantly, it's nasty business. We have had a few instances, where exactly that has happened."

"Ok then" replied Harry in amazement "Then why don't we just take a Portkey.

"That's even worse" replied Hermione.

"I'm never taking a Portkey again" said Ron.

"A Portkey is definitely not the safest way" Lupin began "Portkey's are for group travel, and the same thing applies, they are able to pull us back, but, with more devastating affect, they can completely obliterate us, they will be putting you back together piece by piece. Also with Floo Powder, they are able to obliterate us through that also, we still aren't sure how they are doing that, but the point is they can. For the most part us Order Member who are, who they are targeting, have been travelling by simpler means, we have just got to out smart them, and keep one step ahead"

"Just one more" said Harry "Why am i going straight to Hogwarts?"

"Well there is no where else on earth that is safer" said Lupin "We have discovered that Dumbledore had more protections on Hogwarts than we initially thought, and they are still stronger than ever even in his absence. He was an extremely intelligent man, he thought of things not even we can comprehend. Trust me, and trust in Dumbledore, it is still safe there. From what we gathered he feared an attack, so he placed ten times more protections on Hogwarts, mere days before the attack, without those, that attack could have been a lot worse. In light of the attack also, we have put more enchantments on Hogwarts, they won't be able to pull the same tricks again. Any more questions?"

Harry simply shook his head, amazed at what the Death Eaters were now capable of, there was barely anything you could do that was safe, and no way to beat them at their own game.

"Now for the ground rules. If anything were to go wrong, obey every command that any Order Member gives you, you are to not fight in any circumstance unless completely appropriate, you are to stay under your invisibility cloak at all times unless instructed otherwise. Do you understand Harry?"

"Yes" replied Harry.

Lupin walked forward and pulled out his wand and pointed it Harry's breakfast "Hinisius" his want tip glowed a bright red for a moment then died, steam now rose from his freshly heated bacon and eggs "Eat your breakfast, i'll see you tomorrow night" Harry nodded and said "Thankyou" Lupin then turned and left the room.

Ron and Hermione got up from the bed, and they both hugged Harry goodbye "It was good to see you" said Hermione "I'll see you tomorrow night"

"What you're coming tomorrow night as well?" asked Harry.

"Yeah we asked to go early with you, we have to go there eventually anyway" laughed Ron "We'll see you later" with that they walked out of the room, but Ron stopped at the doorway and turned and said "Oh Harry, Ginny says hi"

"What, oh" spluttered Harry "Say hi back for me" smiled Harry, as Ron left the room.

Harry sat back on his chair and picked up his knife and fork and began to eat his bacon, whilst smiling for the first time in a long time, as he remembered Ginny, someone he missed greatly, and regretted breaking it off with her, as he would greatly appreciate the comfort she brings him.

Harry finished his plate off and leaned back and took a deep breath, he was rather full, he looked around and noticed that everything was scattered everywhere, so he rose from his seat, and began to pack his trunk.

he started with his school robes, he noticed a few were a little worn out and one was torn, he took a mental note to buy some more from Diagon Alley. He then packed his ink a quill neatly in his trunk, he then scurried around looking for his books, he found them all except one, he searched high and low but couldn't find it, then his stupidity departed, realizing he wasn't going to find his Potions book here, as he didn't have one. He was using Snape's old book and he had thrown it into a cupboard in the Room of Requirement. He felt angry at himself about that book, but on the other hand it may come in useful, Harry could first hand get into the mind of Snape through that back, learn the spells he created and learn to block himself from them, for when he hunts him down, Harry eerily smirked to himself, then slammed shut his trunk.

Harry stood up from the ground and looked around, as far as he could tell all his school belongings were packed away. Then he thought to himself, this is my final year at Hogwarts, and Privet drive isn't safe anymore once he turns seventeen, this could possibly be the last time he see's Privet Drive or the Dursley's. Harry made a decision to make an effort to have a proper goodbye with the Dursley's, with that he left his room. Harry walked down the hallway to the top of the stairs, he could tell Dudley was in the living room watching TV, and that Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were in the dinning room having a pot of tea. Harry looked down at his wand sticking out of his front jeans pocket, and out of respect for Uncle Vernon's wishes, he moved it to his back pocket and put his shirt over it so he couldn't see it. Harry went down the stairs and into the dinning room, where they both sat sipping tea.

Harry quietly walked in and sat down at the table, Aunt Petunia sat at one end and Uncle Vernon at the other. For a moment they sat in silence, then Harry picked up an Apple from the fruit bowl in the middle of the table and took a bite, that's when Uncle Vernon spoke. "Petunia informs me, you are leaving tomorrow" said Uncle Vernon forcibly.

"Yes" replied Harry, unsure as to how to speak with Uncle Vernon civilly.

"And that it is your final year there" said Vernon.

"Yes" replied Harry again.

"Then what are you doing after that?" Asked Vernon, Harry assumed he asked wondering if Harry wanted to return here.

"Well" began Harry "I don't know. I might not even live to end of school year"

Vernon made a strange snorting, choking noise, then said "And that is because of this fellow, umm"

"Voldemort" said Harry simply.

"The one that-" started Vernon.

"Killed my parents" finished Harry "Yes"

Vernon kept looking at Petunia and around the room, Harry knew he didn't want to have this conversation, Harry wasn't sure why he was. "I've been told you are the one who'm has to, ahh, umm"

"Kill him" finished Harry "Yes"

"And who told you, you were, ahh, the one to, umm, do. . .that?" said Vernon.

"Well technically he is the one who decided that, when he murdered my parents, because of a stupid prophecy" replied Harry.

Uncle Vernon looked at Harry with a strange expression, to which Harry replied "A long story"

"Petunia also tells me the man that was here last year has been, umm" said Vernon.

"Murdered" finished Harry again.

"By this, ahhh, Volyymart fellow" said Vernon.

"It's Voldemort" corrected Harry. "And no it was by one of my Professors"

Uncle Vernon's face dropped, his eyes wide with shock, Harry then answered "Another long story, a more complicated one, there's a lot more to it than most people think" Uncle Vernon's expression gave Harry the impression that Uncle Vernon could possibly now be understanding what exactly it is that Harry must go through.

"Well then, I wish you luck" forced Vernon, he then began to rise from his chair when Aunt Petunia cleared her throat. "Ah, Yes. Petunia and i have decided, that when this is over, you are welcome to visit" he nodded his head and made a strange noise then left the dinning room and went upstairs.

Harry looked towards Petunia she slowly sipped her tea and placed it on it's saucer then licked lips and looked at Harry. "I truly wish you luck, i mean it"

"Thankyou" said Harry.

"I know we haven't treated you well over the years" began Petunia, she seemed nervous she couldn't keep eye contact and couldn't stop fidgeting. "For that i'm sorry. But i must ask you of something"

"Ok" said Harry simply.

"Do your best to" started Petunia but she stopped and bit her lip, to Harry it almost looked as though she was about to cry "to ahh, defeat this man, for my sister's sake"

"He is not a man, a man is human, and he is not human, he's pure evil, but i'll do my best" said Harry, suddenly of to the left, Harry heard the door to the living room creak, as he looked at it he saw Dudley, scurry away from peeping through the crack.

"Dudders!" Called Petunia. "Dudders, come here!" Aunt Petunia called softly.

Dudley walked in staring at Harry as he walked to Petunia "Do Mummy a favour, go and get my jewelry box, the one under my bed" Dudley nodded and went out of the room and up the stairs. "Harry i want to give you something. It's something that i perhaps should have given you a long time ago. It isn't much, but i know you'll like them, as much as i did, even though i always denied it. But i must ask of you not to open them until after you leave tomorrow"

"Ok" said Harry.

Dudley walked back into the room holding and old wooden jewelry box, that was locked, he placed it on the table in front of his mother. Petunia put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a small key and opened the jewelry box. She pulled out a bundle of old envelopes and parchments that were tied together with string. "They are very dear to my heart, cherish them" with that she handed them to Harry and rose from the table, closing the jewelry box. "If i don't see you after tomorrow, then i'm sorry you didn't make it, because i know you can, do it for Lily and James" she turned and left the room. Leaving Dudley and Harry there alone.

Dudley just stood there with and odd expression on his face, he seemed slightly confused, he had an eyebrow raised, with his eyes narrowed on Harry. Dudley then began to walk towards the living room door, and Harry looked down at the bundle of envelopes and parchment Petunia gave him. Then Suddenly Dudley called his name "Harry" Harry looked up at Dudley in which Dudley said "C'ya"

Harry did a little snorted laugh and replied "Yeah c'ya" with a smile. Dudley turned and went into the living room.

Harry couldn't help but smile for the scold tim today, with a slight exception of Uncle Vernon, Harry felt as though he had made piece with the Dursley's and he could leave feeling reassured, that they did care.


Harry sat in his room, yet again staring out the window, but this time he was waiting for someone. He was awaiting the arrival of Lupin and the others to escort him back to Hogwarts, it was about to strike eleven so he assumed they would be here very soon, but just then he heard Lupin call his name from down stairs. Harry rose from his chair and quickly went down stairs, he walked into the living room where he found the Dursley's sitting in there couches watching TV as Lupin, Ron and Hermione stood near the door in the living room.

"Harry" said Lupin as Harry walked into the room "Well i hope?"

"Yes" replied Harry quickly, as he stared from his friends to the Dursley's who was eyeing them strangely.

"Are you all packed?" asked Lupin, ignoring the stares from the Dursley's.

"Yeah it's all upstairs" replied Harry.

"Up you go and get it" started Lupin "We will be leaving Shortly"

Harry, Ron and Hermione made there way upstairs and into Harry's bedroom to gather his trunk and Hedwig's cage.

"I bet it feels good to be getting back, away from here" said Ron.

"Yeah it is, i was dreading it, but now it feels good" said Harry "I actually made peace with the Dursley's, i'm actually leaving the Dursley's on a really good note for a change, no drama, no magic or anything"

"That's good Harry" said Hermione at the revelation that they had made peace.

Harry quickly threw a few extra things he had only just thought of into his trunk, and placed the envelopes and parchments on top and closed his trunk. But then suddenly from behind an odd noise, they heard it creep into the silent room, Harry whipped his wand from his jeans pocket and pointed it at the noise. Harry saw a small burst of fire as a single golden red feather slowly and gracefully fluttered to the floor. Harry slowly lowered his wand as did Ron and Hermione who had both prepared themselves, and just stared at the feather. Then it hit Harry, he had seen this happen before, back at Hogwarts, Dumbledore had asked for Fawkes to send him a warning if anyone approached his office, was this a warning, thought Harry.

"Quick" said Harry, as he grabbed his trunk, and Ron grabbed Hedwig's cage, and they darted back downstairs.

They entered the living room to see Lupin just standing there as the Dursley's still stared cockeyed.

"Ahh all ready" said Lupin with a flick of his wand and Harry's trunk and Hedwig's cage vanished.

"Hey Lupin" began Harry "We just had a feath-"

But Harry was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the front door, where everyone fell silent. Lupin turned to the Dursley's and asked "Expecting anyone?" to which the Dursley's simply shook there heads, frightened at the prospect of this man speaking to them.

Lupin walked into the hallway, his wand at the ready, Harry stood at the end of the hallway in front of the kitchen door, his wand pointed at the front door, as Lupin walked towards the front door. The Dursley's had all turned in there seats to stare at Harry his wand at the ready, they seemed perplexed and confused. Lupin looked back at Harry nodding at him to see if he was ready, Harry nodded back. Harry couldn't see anyone through the foggy glass panes in the front door, Lupin placed his hand on the door Knob and slowly turned the handle, he looked back at Harry once more, then threw the door open. There was no one there.

Harry breathed heavily, he became confused. Lupin leaned forward and looked left and right over the front yard, but still no one was there. Lupin leaned back in and closed the door, and locked it, and turned and walked back down the hallway, past Harry and into the living room.

"Who was there?" asked Ron, looking from Harry to Lupin.

"No one" replied Lupin simply.

"Does it mean anything?" asked Hermione.

"Of course it does" replied Lupin "But don't worry, the Knight bus will be here any minute now"

Suddenly, of in the distance there was a series of loud cracks, bright white flashes of light illuminated the street. Then suddenly there was a deafening bang, as the front door was blown of it's hinges shattering into pieces. An invisible force hit Harry harshly, it threw him of his feet and he smashed through the kitchen door landing on the kitchen table, as Harry's wand slipped from his fingers, then Harry slid of the table into the chairs and slamming hard into the floor.

Harry looked down the hallway and saw Lupin running down it screaming "Stay inside and out of sight" then fled outside.

"Harry!" screamed Hermione "Are you ok!?"

"Yes!" lied Harry "Stay with the Dursley's" Harry's whole body ached with immense pain, he struggled to get up, he crawled over to his wand and grabbed it, then with great difficult and pain he rose to his feet, grabbing at his ribs, fearing he may have broken one.

Harry staggered back into the living room, his wand clutched tightly in his grip, they all turned to look at him. Petunia gasped and jolted up from her armchair that she hid behind, but then, the front window to the living room shattered, and shot towards Petunia, she screamed with fear, Harry jabbed his wand forward, striking at the glass, the glass was hit by Harry's blast and it shattered into the wall, where it embedded itself. But then something caught Harry's eye, he walked towards the newly opened window, and what he saw made his very bones shudder. There was a large group of Death Eaters storming down a road that ran of Privet Drive, heading straight for Number 4, they were being met by a equally as large group of Order Members running towards them.

A Death Eater flicked his wand fiercely at a parked car on the side of the road, it left the ground as it flipped violently through the air, crashing thunderously into a neighboring front yard, digging up the lawn. Another Death Eater shot a curse straight at a house, it collided with a front window, but it took the windows foundation with it, blasting a hole into the wall.

Harry looked from Ron to Hermione, they were as shocked and fearsome as he was, but then Petunia called his name "Harry!" she called "Are we safe? Are we protected enough in here? I know what they are, and i know what they do" Harry was about to answer when the house was hit with a spell and a large crack appeared across the wall, that made them all scream.

Harry looked back at the Death Eaters and all he could muster to say was "Oh my god" Harry battled himself as to what to do. "Lupin told us to stay, and unless we need to leave, we stay" but just then another spell hit the house, and again a large crack appeared across the roof, as bits of rubble fell to the ground. Then a third hit, sending a part of the roof with it. Then another hit Uncle Vernon's car, it shot forward flipping on it's front and slamming into the garage door. Another spell hit the front lawn, which sent dirt and grass flying through the smashed window.

"Harry i'm sorry" began Hermione "I know what we were told, but we can't stay in here, we'll be crushed"

Harry racked his brain as to what to do, he had absolutely no idea how to go about it. The only thing that came to mind, was "Quick, out the back door!"

The Dursley's got up and clambered there way through the living room, the whole time Dudley cried as his mother ran with him, with an arm thrown over him. They ran through the dinning room towards the back door, and with a show of power Harry had never seen from Ron, he jabbed his wand at the door, and it was blown wide open. They ran across the back lawn towards the fence.

"Quick!" screamed Harry "Climb over!"

Ron jumped at the fence grabbing the top and jumping over, hotly followed by Hermione. But then Harry heard a smash within the house, Harry twirled around and through the blown open door Harry saw as a Death Eater insanely running through the house. He turned to the fence where Dudley attempted to climb over.

"I can't get over that!" bellowed Uncle Vernon.

Harry grabbed Dudley's top and pulled him of the fence "Move over!" he screamed "Watch out over there!" Harry screamed to Ron and Hermione. Harry pointed his wand at the wooden fence and bellowed "REDUCTO!" a portion of the fence blew open "GO!" screamed Harry at the Dursley's as they made a run for it. Harry spun around and Saw that the Death Eater had spotted them. The Death Eater shot a curse at Harry which smashed through a bit of the wall that was remaining around the door frame of the back door and twirled towards Harry. Harry flicked his wand up and shielded himself, and the curse was deflected into a neighbors house, causing cracks to appear all over the wall.

Harry flicked his wand up again, and the kitchen table within the house flipped up of the floor towards the Death Eater. The Death Eater attempted a spell at the table when Harry Screamed "REDUCTO!" Harry's curse smashed through the table and hammered into the face of the Death Eater slamming him through the kitchen wall. Harry spun on his heels and ran after the Dursley's and Ron and Hermione. They had stopped to wait for him in the side passage of a neighboring house.

"Come on" said Harry "We have got to get as far away as possible"

With that they began to run down the street when a Death Eater popped right up in front of them, The Dursley's screamed horribly in surprise. Hermione sent a curse at the Death Eater before he managed to do anything, and sent him skidding along the road unconscious. There was a second crack behind them, they all spun around as a Death Eater jabbed his wand at a parked car, it flipped forward towards them.

"Help you two!" screamed Harry. Harry, Ron and Hermione stood in a line flicked their wands up and jabbed at it all at the same time. An invisible force collided with the car, it's windows smashed, the cars very foundation crumbled under the force of their combined power, as they hit it back at the Death Eater. The car slammed into the ground and slid towards the Death Eater, he attempted to jump out the way, but with no luck the car slammed into him.

Hermione gasped and slapped her hand across her mouth, shocked at what she helped do. "Don't worry about it Hermione, they won't show you the same sympathy. Come on!" Harry told her.

They all took of down the road, their feet slamming hard upon the ground, Uncle vernon began to slow down, he began gasping for breath, and clutching at his side at his stitch in his overly rounded stomach. Harry jabbed his wand at him and screamed "ENNERVATE!" Uncle Vernon jerked strangely then began to run at a slightly bit faster rate, Harry had grabbed his wrist and attempted to pull him along faster, as he was lagging.

Of to the right another cracked echoed through the street, but unluckily this Death Eater was quicker, a spell slammed into Harry as he was blown to the left sliding along the road grazing all his left side. Uncle Vernon had also fallen to the ground. Hermione shot a spell towards him, but he deflected it, he pointed his wand back at Harry, but Uncle Vernon had picked up a large rock and threw it at the Death Eater, it smashed into his face, causing him to stagger backwards, Hermione then took the opportunity, and sent a immobilizing charm at him, and he fell to the floor.

Another crack, just beside Harry, Harry rolled around on the ground and pointed his wand at the Death Eater, but he flicked his wand and Harry's wand went flying out of his hands, he slammed his wand towards Hermione and Ron and they were thrown backwards slamming into the side of a car "Silly children, you should know by now there's no hope" said the Death Eater menacingly.

Uncle Vernon had grabbed the ankle of the Death Eater. "You fat oath!" screamed the Death Eater "Let go!" the Death Eater pointed his wand at Uncle Vernone, but aunt Petunia had thrown a rock at him, he looked towards her as she threw another rock, but he flick his wand and the rock was thrown to the side, he flicked his wand again, and it was as though Aunt Petunia had been slapped in the face hard, as her head jerked to the right and she spun on the spot, losing balance and falling to the floor.

Out of nowhere, Dudley came running throwing his fists violently through the air, he punched him once in the stomach, then another in the ribs, then the Death Eater grabbed Dudley's fist, with his free hand, but Dudley punched him in the face through his mask. "Silly boy" said the Death Eater.

"ACCIO WAND!" screamed Harry with all his lung capacity, his wand zipped through the air, Harry clapped his hand around it and pointed it at the Death Eater, Harry wordlessly performed the 'petrificus totalus' spell, the Death Eater let go of Dudley as he shot his arms and legs to his side and went as rigged as a board. Dudley reared up his right fist, and BAM! smacked him square in the jaw, which sent the Death Eater crashing to the floor.

Harry quickly got up from the ground, and helped Dudley, help Uncle Vernon of the ground. "Thankyou so much" Said Harry complete with gratitude, they both just looked at him. Ron and Hermione came bustling over with Aunt Petunia between them, she immediately began to fuss over Dudley.

Suddenly out of no where, there was four loud cracks, as more Death Eaters arrived, Ron sent one flying at the one closest to him, knocking him of his feet. Hermione Hurled a spell at the Death Eater closest to her into a near by tree. Harry stood before the Dursley's protecting them, the Death Eater shot a curse at Harry, he deflected it with ease, he shot one back, and the Death Eater also deflected it.

"Harry Watch out!" screamed Ron as he pushed Harry out of the way, as the fourth Death Eater Harry hadn't noticed, readied himself, swished his wand and slammed it hard into his direction, viciously yelling "VERIKOS!" a grayish white light exploded from the Death Eaters wand, it fizzed loudly through the air like a catherine wheel, it collided with Ron, at the same time Hermione had shot a curse at the Death Eater that Harry dueled with and knocked him out cold, the grayish white light spanned all over Ron, then died away. Harry looked at Ron, his eyes were wide, and his mouth loosely hung open, then his eyes rolled back into his head, as he began to violently jerk, his wand clattered to the ground, he jerked even more violently, then suddenly, he just stopped, staring at Harry, with white eyes, doing small convulsions, then he simply fell backwards to the ground.

"RON!" screamed Hermione "NO!" she ran to him and fell to the ground beside him. "Ron!" she screamed as she shook him "RON!" tears streamed down her face as her hair wildly curtained her face "Ron get up!"

"Ron!" bellowed Harry "Ron!" said Harry again, as he slightly shook him "What's wrong with him!?" screamed Harry, his eyes to filling with tears.

"Ron, no, please get up, ron!" screamed Hermione.

"NOOOOO!" screamed Harry as he placed his head on Ron's chest, deeply crying. Anger and rage boiled within him, loathing scratched it's way to the surface, revenge etched it's way through him. Harry slowly stood up and turned to look at the Death Eater who had performed the curse, he was laughing at their pain.

Harry clenched his teeth, his eyes narrowed on his target, Harry screamed with rage at the top of his lungs, and began to run towards the Death Eater, who shot a curse at Harry, who slashed his wand before him, diminishing the curse in a sparkle of light, Harry collided with the Death Eater shoulder first, they both slammed to the ground as Harry, threw his fists at the Death Eater, where they connected, he didn't care. Suddenly the Death Eater managed to blown Harry of him, with a spell, Harry slid along the road once more grazing all of his back. All Harry knew, was that he wanted to cause pain, to make the Death Eater suffer, the only spell he knew of that could do so came to his mind.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" screamed Harry, the black robes of the Death eater ripped as blood splattered from his chest, his mask was cut clean of as deep wounds slashed from his face, then he simply fell to the ground. Harry just stood there, his wand still raised breathing deeply, his anger still bubbling, he swallowed hard, and lowered his wand. He looked at the Death Eater, then Harry began to realize, he really shouldn't have done that, Harry began to despise himself, he didn't think his was capable doing that to another person again.

Harry's train of thought was suddenly interrupted as there was a loud screeching noise, as a bright green light illuminated the street, as the Dark Mark made it's appearance. A deafening crack sounded throughout the street as the Knight bus came skidding around the corner further up the street, it was quickly followed by a large group of Order members, lead by Lupin, who were all firing spells of down the street at the pursuing Death Eaters.

"HARRY GET ON THE BUS AND GET OUT OF HERE!" screamed Lupin as he fired spell after spell at the Death Eaters.

The knight bus came to a screeching holt right beside them all, Harry ran to Ron and helped Hermione carry him. Mad-eye Moody was sitting in the drivers seat, he surveyed them then said "What happened to him?"

"We don't know" said Harry as he placed Ron on one of the beds, Hermione sat beside him "What about them?" asked Harry as he walked back to Moody and looked towards the Dursley's.

"Get on board before you're all killed!" growled Moody.

The Dursley's quickly huddled on board, as a spell hit the bus, but it was as though the bus was covered in grease, as the spell hit and simply rebounded and spun into the night sky, the Dursley's sat down on a bed, as Moody closed the bus doors and slammed his foot on the accelerator. The wheels skidded and smoked and they took of at great speed, they moved all about 5 meters, when CRACK, they changed scenery. The Dursley's all jumped, and looked around nervously.

"What was Ron hit with?" inquired Moody.

"We don't know" sobbed Hermione "I've never heard anything like it, i can't even remembered what he said"

"We'll be at the station soon, don't worry he'll be ok" reassured Moody.

Harry looked over at the Dursley's, they wore bruises and scratches, Vernon sat in the middle with an arm around each Dudley and Petunia. "Thankyou so much for back there" said Harry "I don't know if you realise it, but you saved my life twice, so thank you. I'm sorry this happened, I never wanted this"

"My home has been destroyed because of you!" yelled Vernon "My family attacked, you are no longer welcomed!"

"I would show a little more gratitude if i were you" said Moody. "If it wasn't for Harry, being able to be in you're home, there would have been no protection and you three would have been killed to get to Harry"

"No body asked you!" yelled Vernon in defiance "My word is final, i want you to have nothing to do with my family"

CRACK. The bus came to a skidding holt, they were on a King's cross station platform, right beside the entrance to Platform nine and three quarters.

"Quickly get of and go through the barrier, Arthur is waiting for you there" said Moody "Don't worry about them, we'll look after them" added Moody when Harry looked at the Dursley's

Harry grabbed Ron with the help of Hermione, who was still crying heavily. They carried him out, and Harry quickly said to the Dursley's as he passed them "I'm really sorry. Goodbye" to which they didn't reply.

Harry and Hermione carried Ron through the Barrier, to find Mr. Weasley on the other side "Quickly come on, we haven't got-" but Mr. Weasley suddenly stopped talking as he noticed his sons condition, he darted forward "Ron!" he bellowed "What happened!?"

"We don't know, he was hit with a strange spell" replied Harry

"Quick" said Mr. Weasley, as he picked his son up and carried him to the train, and went into the first carriage next to the entrance and laid him down on the seats. He then took out his and his wand tip glowed a bright white, he stood up and went out into the corridor and pointed his wand down the aisle and the bright light from his wand tip shot down the aisle, he then returned to his son. He began to fuss about him, Mr. Weasley took of his jacket scrunched it up and placed it underneath Ron's head, making sure he was comfortable.

Then suddenly they heard thumping footsteps charging down the aisle, then a man Harry had never seen before came into the carriage, as the train began to move, picking up speed faster than it normally does. The man looked rather old and stern, with a pointed face, pursed lips, white slicked back hair, he was tall and thin, with, what appeared to be, expensive robes, they looked rather like a tux, but slightly more casual, and he wore deep black robes over them, with a gold watch hanging from his left pocket, with the other end tucked into the right pocket.

"Oh Arthur" said the man. He bent down over Ron and took out his wand, he placed a thumb over Ron's left eye and pushed open his eye lid to see his white eyes, Mr. Weasley made a pained noise at the sight.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Weasley" began Harry.

"It's not you're fault Harry" replied Mr. Weasley, not taking his eyes of Ron.

"No it is, the spell was meant for me, he pushed me out of the way" said Harry, deep in regret.

"Then he was doing his job" replied Mr. Weasley. "So no more on the matter.

The man that was examining Ron, had began to prod Ron with his wand in various areas, he then placed his free hand over the wand tip and place it on his forehead, he then rose and turned to Hermione and Harry. "Can you describe the details in which the curse appeared to be"

"All i remember is that it was a grayish white color" replied Harry.

"Oh dear" stated the man.

"What is it Charles?" asked Mr. Weasley "What's wrong with my boy?"

"I'm sorry Arthur" replied Charles "He's been hit with the Verikos curse"

Mr. Weasley gasped and stepped backwards into the cabins window and slid down to the floor, tears streaming down his cheeks, weeping "No, my son!"

Hermione grabbed Harry's and hand and began to weep, as did Harry, Harry put an arm around Hermione to comfort her. Mr. Weasley sobbed loudly, then looked up at Charles who was examining Ron once more "Please do what you can for my son" cried Mr. Weasley as he buried his face in his hands.

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Hello to all who read this right through. This is my first fanfic, so any feedback would be much appreciated, good or bad, throw it at me lol. Any reviews would be much appreciated also, as i took the time to write this for all the fans of the series, to tie you over until the real Deathly Hallows, i hope you take 30 seconds to reply, thank you so much for reading i hope you all come back for Chapter 2 which is almost complete so it should be up shortly after this is validated. Again, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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