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Disclaimer: We don't own Harry Potter! Wait, we don't? I thought we did. THE
LAWYERS LIED TO US! WAAAAH! Ok, so we WISH we owned Tom Rid--er, Harry
Potter, but we do own our original chars!!! Raven is belong to us, Charlotte
(a.k.a. Ayumi Riddle-chan) and Serena (a.k.a. Sakura Malfoy-sama)! You may
not under any circumstances use her in your own fiction without our express
written permission. If we see you using our character without our
permission, Serena's dad will sue you for copyright violation! He's a
lawyer, so we know all about legal stuff! Don't even try anything because
we'll lay the smack down on you!! lol. WITHOUT FURTHER ADOODOODOO, please
enjoy the fic! :D


Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, sat at the Griffindor house table with his
best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. It was the beginning of
term, and the three were waiting for the Sorting Ceremony to end so that
they could eat.

"Sixth year is going to be fun." Said Ron, "I heard we get to learn all
sorts of nasty spells to use on your enemies!"

"Haha!" Laughed Harry, "Don't we already know plenty of those?"

"Too many." Hermione chided, rolling her eyes for emphasis.

"Look, I think they're almost done with the sorting!" Harry exlaimed
happily. He was hungry.

"Now that all the first years have been sorted," Came the voice of
Dumbledore from the High Table, "it is almost time to eat!"

"Almost?" The confused students murmured.

"Yes, we have one more student to sort. She has just transferred from
Beauxbatons with incredibly high grades and will be with us for the rest of
the school year. Please make her feel at home in this castle, and join me in
welcoming our new 7th year transfer student Raven Gémeaux."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked up in interest. They had never had a
transfer student before.

A teenage girl stepped out of the shadows of the back of the Great Hall. No
one had noticed she was there before. She wore a dark cloak, and on her
shoulder was perched a large black raven. There were two strange things
about this raven. One, it had large, ice-blue eyes, and two, it had a red
marking underneath it's right eye that made it look like it was crying a
tear of blood.

The girl walked up to the front of the hall and pulled down the hood of her
cloak. Glistening black hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall of
obsidien, the straight strands ending in gentle curls around the small of
her back. Her eyes were a vibrant emerald green, and her skin was pale and
porcelian-smooth. Her lips were large and blood red, shimmering in the

"Wow, she's beautiful!" Hermione breathed. Ron nodded, his eyes fixated on
the perfect curves of Raven's body. Harry, however, felt confused. This girl
looked so familier! Where had he seen her before? He knew there was
something strange about her, and he vowed he would find out what it was.

Raven sat on the stool before the entire hall, placing the sorting hat on
her head.

"Hmm." The hat spoke into Raven's mind. "This is confusing. Where to put

"With Harry Potter." Raven thought to the hat. "Which house is he in?"

"Harry Potter is in Griffindor." Said the hat.

"Griffindor?!" Exclaimed Raven in her mind. "But how?!"

"I told him he would do well in Slytherin but he begged to be put

"Oh thank the Gods." Replied Raven. "I was worried..."

"I know what you were worried of. I know your secret, Raven."

"Yes, of course. You can read people's minds. You won't tell anyone, will

"How can I? I'm just a hat."

"A talking hat." Raven countered.

"Touché. But no, your secret is safe with me. I know you have come here to
do what must be done."

"Then sort me into Griffindor."

The hat paused.

"I cannot do that, Raven. You possessed the qualities of a Griffindor once,
but your heart has been captured by Slytherin."

"I don't deny that." She spoke quietly, a single glistening tear falling
from her eye and trailing down her porcelain face.

"You must take your rightful place. You know what that is, don't you?"

"I do."

"Then follow your destiny. SLYTHERIN!" The hat shouted the last word to the
entire hall. Raven took off the hat, looking a little dejected, but
determined. She crossed over to the Slytherin table, where Draco Malfoy and
his goons were smirking over the fact that THEIR house had gotten the new
beautiful transfer student. As she walked Raven looked across the hall to
Harry Potter, and her eyes immediately locked with his. They held this
intense gaze for several seconds before Raven broke her gaze and sat down.

Harry, however, was left more confused than before.

"What was that about?" He asked himself, since no one else seemed to have
noticed the look she had given him. It was like she was seeing him for the
first time when every witch and wizard in the wizarding world had seen
pictures of him all over the place. It was strange.

However, seconds later the food arrived on the table, and Harry forgot all
about everything else.

A/N: Please review and tell us what you thought! Soon you'll get to learn
Raven's secret then this'll all make sense, so stay tuned!!

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