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I Am

I watched the child playing in the yard across from where I was standing. He was playing with a bright red rubber ball, throwing it up and down, up and down, again. So innocent and so much younger than I was when it happened to me.

Up, up, up

For the two years that I went to Hogwarts, I was at the top of my class. Everything came so easily to me. Transfiguration, Charms, Herbology, all of them were as easy as tying my shoes. I was destined to be great, everybody said so.

As a child I had everything I ever wanted, my family could certainly afford it. The only son of a wealthy pureblood family made me better than the rest.

I had the best, I did the best, I was the best

Down, down, down

I was at a friend’s house when it happened. He was poorer than I, but he had an entire wood as his backyard, while my backyard was acres of clean cut grass. It was late that night, and I had to go out to use the outhouse. I didn’t bring a lamp with me; the moon cast enough light for me to see clearly.

When I stepped out of the outhouse, I immediately felt that something was out of place. But upon closer inspection, nothing was different. Everything was still and peaceful in the pale moonlight. I took a few steps forward and something big hit me from the side. I screamed before everything went black.

The boy dropped the ball. It fell through his arms and rolled in my direction. I stepped into the middle of the deserted dirt road and picked it up. The boy ran over.

“Sir, may I please have my ball back?”
“Of course you can,” I said as pleasantly as I could. “Here you go. It’s a very nice ball, where’d you get it?”
The goy grinned. “My dad got it for me for when I turned five last week.” He said, holding out all five fingers and grinning toothily.

“Five!” I exclaimed. “That’s a very grown up number. You should be very proud of yourself.” The boy’s chest puffed with pride. “You know, five is a very lucky number. All the best magic comes at five”

“Really?” The boy’s face lit up”

“Oh yes. And- hmm…you seem…can I tell you something special?”
The boy nodded eagerly. “Well, this only happens to five year olds, so are you sure you’re five?” The boy nodded.” Well, deep in the woods over there is a magic well filled with magic water. If you take a sip of that water, incredible things you couldn’t even imagine will happen.” The boy’s light brown eyes danced with wonder.

“Like what?” He asked.

“I can’t tell you that. But I can tell you three conditions that have to be met in order to for it to work. Are you listening?” He nodded. “Okay, number one- you have to be five. Number two- you have to come at night during the full moon. Number three-you can’t tell anybody what you’re doing. We already know that you’re just the right age, and- you’re in luck! Full moon is tonight. All you have to do is keep this our little secret. Do you think you can do that?” He nodded.

“Will you be there tonight?”

His eyes lit up again. “I sure will! But why are you telling me this?”

“I just think you seem to be a very special little boy, that’s all. Now why don’t you go play?” I said with a smile.

“Okay, bye mister.”
“Bye, bye” I say with a wave of my hand.

I start walking down the street and out of sight.

From the woods in the boy’s backyard I watch as the boy eats his dinner with his parents. It’s just the three of them.

It was just the three of us in the hospital room the day I woke up. There was me, lying bandaged on the bed and my parents, sitting on hard plastic chairs next to it.

I looked into my mother’s tearstained face and tried to smile, tried to let her know that it looked worse than it felt. She just gave a small shriek and buried her head in my father’s shoulder. I looked at my father and just stared at me with blank, expressionless eyes.

A week later I overheard my parents talking to the doctor. I didn’t know why then, but my hearing had gotten better since the attack. I heard my father asking for advice. The doctor responded:

“There is nothing we can do to cure lycanthropy. If you decide to let him live, he will have to be kept isolated and locked up. He can’t go back to school, and he won’t be able to get a job, he’s a menace to society. There are to safe options you can take. The first is to send him to a home for werewolves. That way he’ll be with his own kind and can be held under tight restraint from the rest of us. However, I would advise against visiting him there, werewolves are disgusting creatures. A second option would be to ‘put him down’. It’ll be less costly in the long run and the more werewolves we can get rid of, the better. However, I will leave the both of you to make your own decisions. Keep in mind though, that he is not your son anymore. That…thing is nothing more than a monster.”

Meyer’s home for Werewolves was a concrete building with barbed wire all around. It was terrifying. That first day I got beaten up because I wouldn’t give half my rations to the biggest of the lot, a boy named Ringtail. I just refused to fight back, and I would get beaten up everyday because it was against my nature to be violent.

A girl called Silver Eyes gave me a bandage once and asked what I was called. When I told her my name she laughed and said “Sure, we’ll call you your name…for now.”

Three months later she was killed by the pack during full moon.

In order to survive at Meyer’s you had to fight, for only the strongest survived.

I heard a twig snap and knew the boy was coming. I thought back to his trusting innocent gaze, so full of life, and felt a twinge of regret.

Just a twinge, after all, I was transforming, and I wanted blood.

If Silver Eyes were here to ask what I call myself, I could give her a much better answer.

I am the shadows of the moon.

I am the look of terror on the boy’s face.

I am his shriek of pain that pierces the moonlit world.

I am Greyback.

Author's Note: Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic and any input would be awesome. hope you liked the story somewhat. And remember, that little review box is right underneath this note. Yes, I know you can see it.  Pleeeease leave a review. It would be much appreciated.

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