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The next day, Hermione had looked forward to spending the day in the gryffindor common room, reading her favourite book, Hogwarts a History, when everybody was in Hogsmead. She had decided a couple of days ago that she didn´t felt like going, since she didn´t really had anyone to go with. She knew that she was welcome to join Harry, Ginny, Ron and Lavender, but sometimes she felt quit lonely when they were together all of them.

When Hermione, Ron and Harry approached the gryffindors table in the Great Hall for Breakfast, Lavender and Ginny turned to them with big smiles on their faces.

"Ready for today, Hermione?" said Ginny.
"For today?" asked Hermione and frowned.
"Your makeover!" said Lavender, a little impatient.

Hermione closed her eyes. For a moment she had forgotten about hers and Harry’s agreement. When she opened her eyes again she cast her gaze towards the slytherin table. It was hard to miss the platinum blonde figure who sat among the rest of the slytherins. But something was different with Draco Malfoy, she could tell. He didn´t had his usual I-Am-Your-Superior smirk on his pale face, and he wasn’t bossing Crabbe and Goyle around. He simply sat there, poking in his food with a fork.

"He looks almost ill, don´t you think? I bet his mission is going badly..." Harry whispered, who had followed her gaze.

Hermione pursed her mouth. "Nah, I guess that it is just too much for him the poor guy... Too much beauty, health and fortune."

"Yeah, that can´t be good for you..." Lavender said sarcastic and rolled her eyes.

"Anyway-" said Ginny, "Lavender and I are going to take you to Hogsmead today! We are going to buy you some new clothes, some makeup -don´t you worry, Mione, it will look tasteful- and some hair products. What do you think?"

Hermione sighted. She knew her objections wouldn’t matter.

”Sure” she replied, as cheerfully as she could manage. 


”It doesn´t even look like me!” said Hermione with an awestruck tone in her voice.

The girls were back in the gryffindors girls’ dorm. Hermione stood in front of a big mirror and inspected herself. The clothes were very different from her everyday wardrobe. The skirt was a lot shorter than she was use to. It was black and ended on the mid of her thighs. She also wore a white shirt, a pretty tight one, which was only half buttoned. She wore a pair of black pumps as well, but the heel was not so high, but it gave her legs a long and slim impression. Ginny and Lavender had done wonders with her hair and makeup as well, her skin looked perfectly tanned and they had used some mascara to bring out her honey brown eyes. Her lips had a soft, pink look, and it all looked tasteful, just as Ginny had promised. Her hair was no longer bushy and wild; it now (with some of Lavenders complicated spells and Ginny’s wonder-hair products) fell into soft and shiny curls on her back and around her face. Ginny and Lavender took a few steps back and admired their work.

”You look stunning, Hermione. If the ferret doesn´t notice you now he is even a bigger prat than I thought he was. And that says something!” said Ginny.

”Wow, Mione! Why have you hidden that body?! You look amazing!” smiled Lavender and jumped a little on the spot.

Hermione turned back to the mirror and thought that she perhaps was right. Her legs were slim and pretty long, her stomach flat, the breasts quit large and her skin was tanned.

”Now, Hermione Granger, you will take a little walk down to the quidditch pitch.” Ginny said.

Hermione looked startled away from her reflection. ”Huh? Why?”

”The slytherin quidditch team is practising right now-” replied Ginny,
”-and since you are about to seduce their seeker, you now have a golden opportunity!” explained Lavender and winked to her.

”No way! I can´t go there!” Hermione blurt out, appalled.

”Oh, yes you can and you will Hermione!” said Ginny firmly.

”But I will look stupid if I go down there on my own, especially when I am all dressed up!”

”You won´t be alone, Ron and Harry are coming with you, they are waiting for you now in the common room.” replied Lavender calmly.

”And Hermione-” said Ginny ”you cannot let your feelings overcome you. You are on a mission now, remember?”

And with those words they pushed her out the door.


When Hermione came down to the common room, both Harry and Ron’s jaws dropped.

”Bloody hell!” was all Ron could manage.

”Is it that bad?” asked Hermione and looked down on her clothes with a worried tone in her voice.

”You look amazing, Hermione!” Harry finally said, his eyes still resting on her.
”Bloody hell!” said Ron again, but now Hermione just smiled.

”Well… Suppose we should go down the pitch now, then?” she said.

”Yeah…” answered the the boys, still with awestruck expressions on their faces. ”Let’s go”.


A few minutes later sat Hermione, Ron and Harry in the sun on a blanket next to the quidditch pitch. The Slytherin practice was going very well and after a couple of minutes Hermione saw Malfoys blond head fly by in a very high speed. A few seconds later his outstretched hand caught the golden snitch. With a satisfied look on his face, Malfoy and the rest of the team landed on the grass close to the spot where the trio sat. Malfoy was the first to spot them.

”Well, well, well, what do we have here people? Isn’t it Potty, Weasel-bee and the filthy mudblood?” he said, with his trademark smirk.

”Don´t call her that, Malfoy.” said Harry furiously and got up from the ground. Ron and Hermione got up as well, and Hermione hurried to Harry and put a hand on his arm.

”It´s alright , Harry! I don´t let him get to me, you shouldn’t either”.

Now, when she was standing up, Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherin team could see her properly. Malfoys eyes rested on her with an awestricken expression on his face for a moment, but he covered it up quickly.

Marcus Flint let out a low whistle and smirked.
”Growing up, are we? What happened with the bookworm-image?” Flint asked and walked up to her, his eyes fixed on her body.

”Get away from her, you scum!” said Harry angrily and gave him a hard push in the chest.

”Don´t touch me, Potter!” snarled Flint. ”Like I would lay a hand on that filth anyway!” he nodded towards Hermione. He gave Harry a long glare before turning to his team-mates.

”Let’s go to the locker rooms, great work everybody”.

Hermione looked at Malfoy. He was paler than usual, almost white. They looked each other in the eyes for a moment, but a second later the connection was broken, and she watched him go along the rest of his team towards the castle.


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