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CHAPTER 13 DICOVERIES AND LAUGHS The next day started with a stuttered apology from Ron and Hermione, which Harry really let them work at before he let out his laughter and told them it was about time they finally figured things out. "Well if that's not calling the cauldron calling the kettle black." Muttered Hermione under her breath. "What?" Asked Harry. "Nothing." Replied Hermione The weekend was spent looking about the rooms. Harry noticed the north tower when he was out on his balcony, but he hadn't found a way to get to it. He also had to remember when he was out back to look at the house to see if there was something he was over looking. Saturday afternoon Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione were out tossing the quaffle around when Harry remembered about the tower. He glanced at the house, he saw several owls fly from the house but paid them little attention. He noticed the tower above his room and one above Ginny's room plus there looked like there was another room above the third floor. "What's wrong Harry?" Asked Ron. "Look at the house." Said Harry. "What?" Asked Ron, not knowing what to look for. "Do you mean the towers?" Ginny asked. "Yeah, I saw the north one from my balcony but I didn't know there was more. I also couldn't find a way into the tower." Harry said with a puzzled look on his face. "I found the way into the one above my room." Said Ginny. "Can you show me”? Harry asked as he flew toward the balcony off of Ginny's room. Ron and Ginny followed him. "Hey wait!" Yelled Hermione. Ron stopped and flew back to Hemione. "Get on." He told her. "Are you sure it's safe?" Asked Hermione, she really didn't like flying. "I'll keep you safe,” said Ron, giving her a grin that made her feel like butterflies were in her stomach. Harry and Ginny were in Ginny's room. "How do you get up there?" asked Harry pointing in the direction of the tower. "Well one night I was sitting at the vanity brushing my hair and while looking in the mirror I saw the sconce on the wall there, and I swear it looked like it was upside down. I looked over at it and it was right side up, so I looked in the mirror again and it was right side up but the flame looked like an arrow pointed up. It was really weird and I haven't seen anything like it since, so anyway I went over to give it a look. I probably fiddled with it and stared at it for a half an hour until I saw that." She said pointing to the top of the sconce that had a band that went all around the bottom before forming a ball. Harry looked closely. The band looked like a string of M's. "O.K. it looks like M's," said Harry. "Yes but if you take your finger and run it over the letters..." Ginny ran her finger over it as she was explaining it to Harry; with a noise like moving rocks the ceiling began to come down forming a spiral staircase. "Nice work Ginny." Said Hermione as her and Ron where watching from the doorway. The four of them went up the stairs into the circular room above. They began to look at the room; it was very dusty and had cobwebs all over. There was an old table in the center with four chairs. "Well that was worth it." Said Ron sitting at the table. Hermione joined him, "If it were cleaned up it would be a nice place to come to, to get away from things. It's really private." Suddenly feeling a bit exhausted Harry and Ginny sat in the remaining two chairs. As soon as they sat down there was a small pop and a roll of parchment fell on the table. "What's that?" Started Harry. "Should we touch it?" Asked Ginny. Ron reached out to grab it but was stopped by Hermione. "Don't Ron you don't know what could happen." The four stared at it for a few seconds then the parchment unrolled itself so they could read. Wisdom and caution be your reward For mess thy four have avoided The first steps are taken and more will follow Seek for answers but not for help Thy four will begin a new. M. After they all read the parchment it burst into flames. "What was that about?" Asked Harry. Hermione rushed down the steps to Ginny's desk, grabbed some parchment and wrote down what the parchment said before she forgot. The others came down as well. "You get it all?" Asked Harry. "Yeah and I think the first part means it was a good thing we didn't touch the parchment, by not touching it we avoided the mess. The next part was 'the first steps are taken and more will follow'." Said Hermione. "Finding the way to the room." Said Ginny "So we need to find more or seek for answers." "Maybe Ickus would know something but.. Wouldn't that be seeking help?" asked Harry. "So what or who does the 'M' stand for?" Asked Ron. "I think that's one thing we'll have to figure out." Stated Harry. They searched Harry's room for some way into the tower above until Dobby appeared with a pop. "Master Harry, Dobby is sent to tell you it is time for supper." "Thanks Dobby," Harry returned. "Dobby how is everything going for you?" Asked Hermione." "Dobby is liking his work miss Granger. Dobby likes it very much it's been much quieter since Mrs. Dursley stopped her screaming." "Dobby, call me Hemione." She said. "Thank you miss Her-my-nee, Dobby will do that." With a pop Dobby was gone and everyone went down to supper. Dudley was busy answering questions from the twins, Vernon was complaining about this and that to Petunia. While Arthur was discussing work with Molly. The only ones who weren't talking were Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, each thinking about their discovery. Sunday was spent pretty much the same way. At breakfast Molly asked Ginny and Hermione to stay and help her with a few things. After Harry and Ron left Molly asked the girls to make a list of people from school to invite to Harry's birthday party. They made a list, which included the Quidditch team and the D.A. members, any other friends they could think of. Ron and Harry started searching different areas trying to find ways into the two other towers and the room above the third floor. The twins kept Dudley busy either in his room or down in the cellar. Ron also found out who had made him grow the beard and was now plotting to get Ginny back. Monday came and during breakfast Ron made a choked noisecaught trying to stifle his laughs. Hermione looked horrified, "Ginny what's wrong with your teeth?" She asked. "What do you mean?" Ginny questioned, and she picked up her spoon to use as a mirror in front of her mouth. "Ahhh!" She screamed. Harry looked at her and saw the whole inside of her mouth was black. She covered her mouth. "Ron you'll pay for this!" Ginny yelled as she ran from the room. Molly hurried after her. "Ron!" Scolded Hermione. "What! She asked for it, she made me grow a beard." Ron said. Ginny got new toothpaste and between her and her mother she got the color to fade some but it wouldn't go completely away. "It will just have to wear off." Said Molly. Ginny kept her hand over her mouth every time she was near Harry. Ron who couldn't help himself replaced her new toothpaste with another one he got from the twins. At the end of supper Molly brought out the birthday cake she made for Dudley and everyone got out his or her presents for him. Ron, Ginny, Harry, and Hermione all got him an assortment of sweets including chocolate frogs, droobles best blowing gum and 'berti bots every flavor beans. Fred and George gave him some items from their joke shop. From Molly and Arthur came the book 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. His mum and dad gave him allot of new clothes, new games to play on his T.V. and a Karaoke machine. "I know there isn't as many as last year, Popkins." Said Petunia. "That's O.K. I still think this is one of my best birthdays ever. Thanks everyone." Said Dudley. Molly lit the candles while Arthur dimmed the light. "Merlin what is that!" Announced Arthur. Everyone looked around in the darkness and all eyes fell on Ginny, who was smiling so bright she looked a lighthouse. "I see you got the black off you teeth dear," said Molly with a giggle. Ginny picked up her spoon again "Ron I'm gonna kill you!" "Awww doesn't he make you proud?" Said George while wiping his eyes. "Our little Ronni-kins is growing up." Said Fred doing the same. They ate their cake and everyone went into the living room because Fred asked Dudley to show them how the Karaoke machine works. Arthur charmed it so it didn't need electricity, while Dudley explained how it worked. The twins looked over the list of songs and decided on 'I've Got You Babe', by Sonny and Cher. 'They say were young and we don't know Won’t find out until we grow I don't know if all that's true But you've got me and baby I've got you' They sang while pretending to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. This had everyone in hysterics. Vernon just huffed and went to his room. Ginny chose 'Jeepers Creepers where’d you get those peepers' to Harry. Molly sang 'Papa Don't Preach' to Arthur, which made the twins laugh so hard that George excused himself saying he had to go before he peed his pants, and Fred just kept snorting. Petunia joined in with 'That Old Black Magic'. Ron got pushed up in front by Fred and George and ended up singing 'I Feel Pretty'. Dudley blasted a rendition of 'Bad to The Bone'. The twins picked another song and sang 'Me and My Shadow'. After doing another search the twins pulled Harry up in front. "I am not singing 'I'm Too Sexy'!" Said Harry. So the twins picked 'Born to be Wild'. "It’s getting late." Said Molly. "Yeah gotta work tomorrow,” said Fred. "Jokes don't make themselves." Replied George. "Jokes, the only thing they're serious about." Said Molly. With that they all went to bed. xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooxxxxxxxx A.N. Ok I am hoping you liked this chapter, and it didn’t sound to lame. If you think you find a hidden meaning and think you know what the it is about let me know. It maybe one your meant to figure or just something manufactured in my little unique imagination. Anyway I’m as always very thankful for all reviews and critisizm/input, thoughts and ideas. Keep them coming and as I will. Individual notes to: Jon and Jared: Great Ideas. Thought about writing a story?

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