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A Harry Potter Time-travel Fanfiction



(Part Two : Sands of Time 2 : Lover's Duty )


Summary :

An 'accident' sends three Hogwarts students into the Marauder's seventh year.



C h a p t e r T w o - D o I K n o w Y o u ?

Hogwarts, September 1st, 1978

Ginny awoke to the sound of harsh footfalls, her head ringing. She sat herself up and looked around, confused for a moment before everything came back to her.

“Ginny?” a voice came to her ears. Ginny blinked for a moment before she turned and saw Harry.

“Evvy?” a second voice asked. Ginny looked to her other side to see Draco sitting there, a look of confusion on his face as well.

“Evvy?” Harry asked Draco, confused.


Draco stared at Potter and Ginny for a moment before all three of them looked up to see a familiar figure.

Dumbledore stood there, staring at the three sitting on the floor in front of a bare wall.


just stared blankly at the man who had been dead for over a year. He could not think straight and even the sight of seeing Ginny in Malfoy’s arms did not phase him as bad as the sight before him was.

“Yes!” Ginny blurted out, causing Harry to come back to earth. What had Ginny said yes to? The headmaster smiled.

“I thought as much.” He told them. The three of them looked at each other, all three of them confused as to what was going on.


Ginny stood up, her tight outfit making a strange squeaking sound that sounded like flatulence as she did so. The three confused teenagers burst out into hysterical laughter. The aged man stomped his foot on the ground, successfully stopping their hysteria.

“May I ask what is going on?” he asked. Ginny let out a shaking breath.

“You said you needed a Defense Professor? You have three. We work together or not at all. We have extensive training in Defense and Dueling and have fought more Darkness than most others ever will.”


Harry stood up as Ginny continued, scared for the first time in a long time.

I have recovered from a non-Imperious possession by a cursed Dark object that was fifty years old. He has personally fought Voldemort- (Dumbledore let out a surprised gasp)-and he was raised to be Dark, malevolent and an all around bastard.” Ginny went on.


Draco followed Harry’s lead and stood up as well, taking Ginny’s hand.

“And all of us are the only chance you’ve got right now because if you had another you wouldn’t be asking the three of us who just appeared out of thin air in the middle of a Hogwarts corridor if we wanted a job.” Ginny finished

“Actually I have it on good authority that something is really wrong, Evvy, because he is alive and it is gone and the other it is back which of course is not logical at all because he should be dead, it was just here, and the other it disappeared when the other he went bye-bye.” Draco whispered harshly, but loud enough to catch the ears of the other two as well.


Ginny swallowed and stared at Draco, her mind spinning. Something was horribly wrong, wasn’t it?

“What are you talking about, might I ask?” the headmaster asked. The three of them gave fake smiles.

“When do we start?” Ginny asked. All three males looked at her.

“The students arrive five hours hence. How many rooms will you require?” Dumbledore asked.

“Three interconnected chambers, one classroom with three teacher’s desks and a common room as well.” Harry said, surprising Ginny.


Harry took Ginny’s other hand, holding it lightly as if to prove something.

“What House do you wish to represent?” the older man asked.

“Gryffindor.” “Slytherin.” “Ravenclaw.” The three said at once. The Headmaster looked flustered.

“Slytherin.” “Ravenclaw.” “Gryffindor.” They repeated at the same time.

“Ravenclaw.” “Gryffindor.” “Slytherin.” They said once again. The Headmaster still looked flustered.

“One of each then?” he asked. The War survivors nodded.

“Follow me and I shall lead you to my office to discuss the remaining information.” He told them. They walked behind him, three wide, Ginny in the middle.


"Albus!” a familiar voice asked. They stopped and turned.

“Minerva. Good to see you. I have found a new Defense professor. Or rather three.” Albus Dumbledore said happily.

“Thank goodness. I was afraid you’d have to take Umbridge up on her offer. What shall I send out in the newsletter tonight?” Minerva McGonagall asked. Dumbledore smiled.

“Our back-up plan of a Professing Trio of young intellects has come through.” He told her. The three oddly dressed people looked on with odd looks.

“I meant their names, Albus.” McGonagall asked, exasperated. She then looked over the trio. Two men and a woman. Holding hands. How… odd. The woman looked like she was an Unspeakable, the dark-haired man looked like a student, and the blond haired man looked like he came out of a Japanese history book.

“Well, that is to say… Err…” Dumbledore trailed off. The blond spoke up.

“Elhaym Van Houten, Fei Fong Wong and Citan Uzaki.” He said, pointing to the girl, then himself, and finally the last one.


Ginny sat between Draco and Harry at the Head Table when McGonagall brought the First Years in. For the first time since her arrival, she allowed herself to take in the details of the Hall. When a student was sent to the Gryffindor table she noted one minor (huge) detail.

The Marauders and Lily.


Harry followed Ginny’s gaze to the Gryffindor table when she stopped whispering and saw what had stopped her from telling them to calm down.

His parents.


Draco hit Harry’s arm after shaking Ginny’s shoulder when they were still staring at the (now) uncomfortable Gryffindors after the feast. Dumbledore stood up and started his speech as the two looked at him.

“Please welcome Professors Van Houten, Fong Wong, and Uzaki. I would like to announce as well that this year’s HeadBoy and HeadGirl are James Potter and Lily Evans.” Dumbledore said. Draco then realized why they were staring. And shifted his eyes over to the Slytherin Table. And saw Severus Snape looking upset… and next to him sat an oddly familiar girl.


Harry, Ginny, and Malfoy walked back to their rooms together, each one of them a bit shaken when someone nearly ran into them outside their rooms.

“Do I know you?” he asked Harry, looking him over. Ginny stood in front of him.

“Leave the Professors be, Potter.” A familiar voice snapped at him. The three time-travelers looked at the owner of the voice with realization.

“Why, Snape? Are they Slytherin too?” Harry’s father asked, confusing the three professors.

“Shut up, Potter or they’ll hex you!” the girl barked.

“So they aren’t Slytherin. Maybe they’ll hex you instead!” James snarled at her. She balled her fists and made to hit him when the three noticed a shine coming from the girl’s hand… and they saw things a little clearer.


Ginny grabbed the girl’s wrist and pulled her as Draco did the same with James.

“Stop it! You can go back to your common room and YOU can go to Madame Pomfrey since you obviously have a stick up your arse about something!” Harry said first to the girl and then to his father. His father let out a gasp.

“Harry! Calm down! Professor Fong Wong will take Mr. Potter back to his rooms and I’ll take her. You just go to your room and think about what you may have just done to yourself.” Ginny yelled at Harry.


walked next to James Potter in silence before the other teenager spoke up.

“You three are from the future, aren’t you?” he asked. Draco let out a laugh before he spoke.

“You betcha!”


Okay, So yeah. When I get the chance I will go over this chapter and fix it up QUITE a bit. Unfortunately, I am not only not where my cheat sheet for this fanfiction in, I am also in foster care which makes it QUITE hard. I will, however, attempt to make another update before April. If anyone wants to volunteer to beta this and send the Beta’d copy to my email ( please do so.

The reason Harry blew up at his father is because he's beginning to see his father in a different light. I think that if you grew up believing somebody was one way and then suddenly see them another, you probably wanna scream at them for showing you that they weren't that way.

And anyone who guesses correctly as to who the female Draco noticed by Snape is and who the female Snape is will get bonus points in my book… and possibly a clue as to what the hell is going on.



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