A/N Song~ Cinderella
Lyrics~ Smile D.K
I wish I wrote this song

Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)

I was getting ready for the masked ball, it was for Halloween, I Victoria Bella was going as an 18th centaury princess.
I was wearing a deep blood red and black dress, with a gold corset and ballet heels.
My make-up was dusty gold eye shadow, black mascara, deep red lipstick and a light pink blush also there was glitter.
My jewelry was a silver choker with a silver locket, a silver tiara and a bracelet.
My black hair was in a French roll with a trail and the trail was curled. I wore a black mask with red glitter on it; I had magically stuck it on my face.
The dress was floor length and the sleeves were bell drop, they went to my elbow, I also had red gloves that went to my wrists.
I was dressed and ready, best thing about it is that no one will recognize me.

If you'll be my prince, I'll be your Cinderella
Cinderella oh-oh-oh
Fall in love with me, before the night is over
Cinderella oh-oh-oh

As I walked down the stairs of Ravenclaw, I saw Boys giving me looks; none that I wanted to dance with though. I walked through the halls, I saw many people, but I couldn't tell who was who though, it was extremely hard.
Although there were only year's 5th to 7th, there were very short boys. Speaking of which I just caught sight of Peter Pettigrew but his friends James Potter, Remus Lupin, And the Sex God Sirius Black were nowhere in sight. Thank god for that.
As I arrived I saw that people were dancing; I saw many outfits from Count Dracula to faeries, Angels to Devils they were all here. No one knew each other, and at midnight you would be able to see who was behind the masks.

"Care for a dance milady?" I turned around to face... a prince, he wore a black suit white shirt, no tie (I hate ties) and a crown upon his head, and he wore a deep blue mask.

"I would love to." I replied. If you asked me the song on at the moment I wouldn't know, all I knew is that the boy I was dancing with was very graceful. Who the boy was I would find out later.
"So Do I know you?" he asked

"I don't know what year are you in?"

"7th you?"

"7th." I was falling for this guy, hard. It was like Cinderella and her prince, they didn't know who the other was, he didn't know her at all and she didn't know he was the prince, though I knew for certain he wasn't a prince, but his identity still remained unknown.

Dancing with my prince in the moonlight
It's like a dream come true
Time is running out, now it's midnight
I have to run away from you

We continued to dance, the enchanted ceiling had a half moon showing, and the moonlight was upon my prince and me. Eventually the song ended, he bowed and I curtsied.

"Care for a drink?" He asked

"I would love one." I said, a blush was rising into my cheeks.
I sat at a table; there was an Ice sculpture of a swan in the middle. He came back with a goblet of punch.

"You dance well." He told me.

"You also." More blush, grrrreeeeeaaaaat.

"Care for another?" he said handing me his white-gloved hand.

"Sure." I said placing my right hand in his. I placed my goblet on the table and we yet again danced.
Eventually the bell chimed once warning us midnight was coming very soon. I became scared, what if he wasn't someone I liked, and I was beginning to fall for him. Badly.
When the song ended he took me outside, the fairy lights were gorgeous, the lake shimmered and reflected the lights. He took me to a place near the forest, but far enough to see its beauty without worrying about creatures. He then started to dance again, his hand on my waist we the other on my hand, one on his shoulder and the other in his hand. We could still hear the music. After a bit he lent down and I stood up on my tiptoes. We kissed, and it was like fireworks, electricity and water. Before the bell chimed an owl came to me. A note was addressed and it said Dear Vicky (I hate been called that)
Father said he wants to see you now.


"What's the matter."

I looked into his eyes, I kissed him goodbye then said, "Parent problems." Then ran off.

Soon I will break the magic spell
And take his love away
Fairy, won't you rescue me?
So I can make him stay

Tears falling down my face, I ran. My sister, I hate her, her and my bloody family, my mother doesn't do a thing when my father beats me up, and my sister stands there and laughs. Will I ever find out who my prince is?
I ran to 'the room.' The Room that I meet my sister with, the room where she lectures me about not being in Slytherin then uses the Cruico curse on me, no one hears my screams.

When I'm finally aloud out of the room it's way past midnight and I know I'll never find my prince. I go to my dorm and sit on the bed, tears falling down my cheeks, my mascara running. The make-up ruined. But I don't care. My best friend Faye walks in, she is a faerie, wearing green and red, with a mixture of a violet. Her face was beaming, until she saw me.

"Oh Tori what's wrong?"

"Met a Prince, we kissed and danced then before I found out who he was my sister came and tortured me."
She hugged me, she knew she couldn't tell anyone; my family would kill her, her family and me.

"Help me."

"Oh Tori, I know what we could do, why don't you advertise a sign on the notice boards, asking for a prince wearing a crown and his mask, then ask him to wear that mask you wear yours and when you meet you take them off?"

"Thank you I'll work on it now and then put it up so he can see it and meet me tomorrow."

"Excellent, I'll help." We both started work on the letter; we then photocopied it four times and sent them to be stuck on the notice boards in the common rooms. She is my fairy godmother, Faye. She helps me when I need it most.

If you'll be my prince, I'll be your Cinderella
Cinderella oh-oh-oh
Fall in love with me, before the night is over
Cinderella oh-oh-oh

Notice to All 7th Year Boys

A certain Princess who will remain nameless,
Was sent away last night,
Before I could find out who my prince was,
If you were a prince wearing a crown,
And a deep blue mask please, please,
At 9 P.M tonight meet me,
In the Astronomy Tower
Signed the Princess wearing Red, Gold and Black

Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)

I sat at breakfast hoping he would come, it was a Saturday so I couldn't wait. I went to Hogsmede and bumped into the Marauders, Remus Lupin was nice but Peter and James, well not so much they just teased me about being smart, but the weird thing was that Sirius Black was off in his own little world, didn't even notice my presence, normally he would join in, he did say sorry when he bumped into me, but I don't think he knew it was me.
I continued my way to Honeydukes, chocolate was the best cure for a sad heart, and I need some before tonight, way before tonight.

I'm alone, I need my prince to save me
To bring me back my shoe
Prince, I long to feel your magic
Please, don't break my heart in two

It was Lunchtime and I was getting scared, nine hours and I would find out, does he love me like I love him, did I just say Love? Yes I did and I'm sure that I do, in fact I know I love him.
After Lunch I bumped into this guy, his name was Matthew Dames, He gave me a curious look before saying sorry, he walked by then turned and looked back. Was that my prince, or was it just some guy?

Soon I will break the magic spell
And take his love away
Fairy, won't you rescue me?
So I can make him stay

"Oh Faye, I'm so scared four more hours." I said, the two of us, her, and me, we were in the library.

"Don't fret he will come I know, or my name doesn't mean faerie."

"You are my faerie." I said hugging her, faerie was her nickname I gave her when we were young, 'cause that is what her name means.

"Now are you calmed down yet?" She asked

"Yes I am why?"

"Remus Lupin is checking you out." she whispers in my ear.

"Mmm.... is he my prince?"

"Maybe do you want him to be?"

"Maybe, maybe I want someone else."

"Did you hear about the new school gossip?"

"No what?"

"Aside form the Prince-Princess thing, apparently Evans and Potter got together."

"Fianlly, I mean everyone knew it was going to happen."


If you'll be my prince, I'll be your Cinderella
Cinderella oh-oh-oh
Fall in love with me, before the night is over
Cinderella oh-oh-oh

Scared I am Its so soon yet so far, can't wait, no wait yes I can… or not, I'm confused. I want him to be my prince and I want to be his Cinderella. Cinderella is my favorite story, favorite fairytale, I do believe dreams can come true but sometimes reality it different from the dreams we have. I gave him my heart but will he accept it?

Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)

Will I accept him for who he is? Will I still love him when I find out who he is?
Maybe he won't accept me and I wont accept him and in the end we gave our hearts away for nothing, or maybe he never gave me his heart or maybe he did, maybe.
Oh this is so confusing, I don't know who gave who, whose heart.
I mean, I don't know if I love him, no wait yes I do, but does he or will he love me?
What if I didn't like him, what if he was a she?
What if I wasn't as pretty as I was last night?
What if?

Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)
Na-na-na-na-na (oh-e-oh)

Only two hours away, I start to get ready, I had a shower, I washed my self so I smelt like vanilla and strawberries. I washed my black hair so it was shiny and smelt like chocolate. I spray some El Rosee on me, now I smell pretty, I hope I'm not over done, I hope I do love him, he was so nice to me.
Who am I kidding, this isn't going to work, no smart man would like me, and oh crud what if he's incredibly stupid?
What would happen if he thinks I'm fat?
Should I wear a corset?

If you'll be my prince, I'll be your Cinderella
Cinderella oh-oh-oh
Fall in love with me, before the night is over
Cinderella oh-oh-oh

I dry myself magically, and put on my black t-shirt that says Princess. Yes I know a bit cheesy but hey I'm my own person.
I put on my deep blue jeans, they're tight on the thigh and they flare from the knees down, I put my black heels on ad a bit of make-up. My mask is on and I'm ready, my hair is in a braid and tied with a deep blue ribbon, I'm scared, no wait that's an understatement, I'm petrified.

If you'll be my prince, I'll be your Cinderella
Cinderella oh-oh-oh
Fall in love with me, before the night is over
Cinderella oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

I walk down the hall, no one is out in the corridor, I walk up the stairs, and it's seem to take forever to get to the top.
The butterflies in my stomach are fluttering like wild fire, my nerves have gone wacky.
Last step, I open the door and he's standing there, wearing a white-buttoned shirt and light blue jeans that are loose on him, he is wearing the mask. I walk over to him and take my mask off.

"Victoria Bella, I would of never guessed." He then takes his mask off, but before he does he kisses me on the lips sweetly. When his mask is off I gasped.

"Sirius Black."

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