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‘The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.’
~ Emil Ludwig

Chapter 15: A Very Embarrassing Assumption

Time flew after the hard truth that my ex-best friend had sent around hate mail about me. That was all I could think about for the short half hour while I waited for the Heads meeting. James and co. obviously got over it quickly, as they quickly started discussing Quidditch. I contributed little, though I am quite fond of the sport. My mind was other where.

In particular, in a quiet room, contemplating possible methods of the horrific and painful torture of one Marissa Slughorn.

I laughed quietly. Even her name was horrible. Though that may be a slightly bias view.

I glanced at the clock in the compartment and stood, ready to go to the stupid meeting that was taking me from my happy place.

‘Well, come on, Remus,’ I said, noting the Head Boy badge in his hand, ‘We better get to the meeting. Oh and - ’

‘Uh, Lily –’

‘– congratulations, by the way –’

‘Lily –’

‘– on becoming Head Boy –’


I turned and smiled. ‘Yes?’

Remus looked uncomfortable. ‘Uh, I am not Head Boy.’

I frowned. ‘But why do you have the badge?’

James stood. My heart clenched painfully. Oh no.

‘Because I am Head Boy.’

Oh God. Please.



Ten minutes later, I was sitting in the Heads Compartment organizing a meeting for the House Prefects, with James Potter, Marauder extraordinaire and mastermind.

‘And then,’ I said briskly, shifting though the papers that someone had left for us, ‘we have to - ’

‘Discuss rounds,’ James cut in, quite rudely I must say. I mean...why? ‘Lily, I am not deaf.’ He stood up and sat in the seat next to me. I felt my breath catch in my throat as I watched him out of the corner of my eye.

‘Relax,’ he said softly, placing his hands on my shoulders. I suppressed a shudder at his touch, mentally bashing myself for letting him even touch me. His hands slowly started to knead my shoulders and I could immediately feel my muscles begin to loosen up. ‘You’ve just got to learn to relax.’

Oh, yes, he was good.

‘If I relax anymore, I am going to melt off the seat,’ I growled, my voice low and rough. How he managed to make one stupid massage so bloody sexual, was beyond me.

I turned my head to glare at him, only to feel my have my lips collide with...James?!

Oh. My. God.

That bloody bastard.

‘WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!’ I screeched, yanking my lips from his.

‘Shh, Lily, for God sake be quiet!’ he hissed.

The nerve of him!

‘I will not be quiet – ’

James silenced me before I could even begin on how wrong this all was, by capturing my mouth in his. The touch of his lips on mine sent a blazing sensation across my body, and I felt like my nerve endings were on fire. All sense of control lost as his tongue slid against my lower lip, I gasped, reveling in the sensation washing over me as I rolled myself on top of him. James seemed shocked, but not at all displeased, at the turn of events and quickly flipped me around so he was in control - and, as soon as it started, he was pulling away. He ginned wolfishly and got off me.

‘Come on,’ he said, as if he hadn’t just kissed me senseless. He opened the door that led to the Prefects compartment. ‘We’ll be late.’


I glared at him stonily and got up, fixing my hair and controlled my flush. I brushed past him, a smile plastered on my face as I stared at the Prefects. ‘Would you please stop doing that? I could call sexual harassment,’ I hissed through the corner of my mouth.

‘It’s not harassment if you’re willing.’

Argh! Prat!

‘I was NOT willing!’

‘Give me five minutes alone.’

That’s it.

I stomped on his foot, hard and fast, and I thought I heard a whimper of pain, but when I looked at James, he was smiling brightly at the eight House Prefects. I joined him and started the meeting.


‘GOD, I DIDN’T KNOW SOMETHING COULD BE SO BORING!’ James half-whined, half-yelled as the last Prefect left the room.

‘Oh, shut up,’ I snapped, shuffling my papers. ‘I thought it was interesting.’

James just stared at me. After a while, he spoke; ‘Evans, you are one strange girl.’

I looked at him one eyebrow raised. ‘Thanks James, way to boost my confidence.’

‘I just mean, on hand, you like Prefect meetings,’ he said, saying the words as if they were a mortal sin, ‘then, on the other hand, you obviously like to snog me in relatively dark places.’

‘HEY! What made you think that, hot shot?!’

James leant his head back in his hands, his papers falling off his lap and scattering on the floor. ‘Oh, just an inkling.’

I looked at the papers on the floor in disgust. I couldn’t help myself – I had to pick it up. HAD TO.

So I did. And gave them to James. Who just looked at me. Like I was some sort of freak. That had nothing better to do. Than pick up papers. Which I was. I sighed and headed for the door.

‘Lily?’ James asked, for once in his life, hesitant. ‘Did you, uh, have other friend, erm, besides Ella and Marissa?’

I smiled sadly. ‘For some reason I thought I did.’

James looked at me sadly. ‘Then, um, do you want to sit with me, uh, I mean, us, at the Welcoming Feast?’

My smile brightened. ‘Looks like I have a friend after all.’

And at that moment in time, James Potter was the only one I had.

A/N: Sorry it is short, but I was having problems and this is the best I can do for now.

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