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**A/N* Hey everybody,m sorry this one is soooo short, the next one should be much longer. Its all the writers block!!**

If you are getting this, I have been killed. I arranged for it to be sent to you if the worst should happen, and it did. I am sitting here, writing this to tell you (Even though I know someone already has) that you have been left everything. I want you to know that I loved you, and I am glad that I got to see you older than an infant. I hope you continue living your life, and don’t let anything bring you down. I have faith in you that you will be ok with your life. I think you could use a person who was like me, a person you keep close to your heart. Keep at least one person close, you need someone close to you.
Everything is left to you,
And I trust you with it.
With Love,
Harry read the letter again. He was so glad to see the familiar writing, he missed Sirius. He folded the letter and put it away. He went and found Celeste sitting and reading, trying to hold back the tears he got form, hearing from Sirius.

He was sure Celeste would understand, since Ron and Hermione had heir own preoccupations at the time. He didn’t want to bother them.

Celeste was reading a book, curled up in a chair. She tossed her hair over her shoulder. The long hair that Harry adored so much. Waist-length, raven-black hair, and she almost always had it up in a damn ponytail. He walked up behind her and snatched the book, reading the back cover, and then handed it back to her. She had a look on her face that he couldn’t quite figure out. She stood up and handed him the book.

“Its about fairies.” She stated with a tone of finality.

He handed it back and smiled at her. She smiled back. He took a couple steps closer, wrapping his hand around her back. She put her arms around his neck, letting her lips slowly meet his. She pulled on his neck, deepening their kiss. He licked her lips with his tongue, as if asking permission. She gladly opened her mouth allowing him in. Their kiss deepened even more and he finally broke it to move down her neck. She pressed her hand against his chest and he instantly stopped. She moved over to the couch holding his hand and pulling him along. She laid down on the couch and he laid on top of her. There they stayed all night, kissing and talking, and sleeping.

When she woke up, she was still on the couch, but he had moved to on top of him. She leaned down and gently kissed his cheek, and he stirred, but didn’t wake. She leaned in once more, but kissed him full on the lips, and she suddenly felt him kissing back. She pulled back and giggled.

“We’re going to miss breakfast.”

" I don’t care, I'm not hungry" Was all he said before pulling her back and kissing her again.

She pulled on his neck to deepen the kiss, and soon his tongue was licking her lips as if to ask "Is this ok?" "Can I don’t this?"

She opened her mouth, and they found each other's tongue, letting them meet and massage each other.

They kissed like that for a while before falling back to sleep.

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