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Disclaimer: I own nothing sadly; all characters are JK Rowling’s. All except the plot.
P.S. I Love You
Ch. 3- The letter

The couple turned around. The boy in the portrait was very tall and lean. He had dark green eyes that sparkled possibly more than Dumbledore’s, and dirty blonde hair that sat atop his head, messy and sticking out every which way. The girl was very petite and had a small frame. She had very dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, bouncing in curls up to her shoulder.

“Good evening, Professor Dumbledore, sir. Are these the Heads we’re hosting this year?” the boy asked.
“Why yes, Lawrence, these are the Heads this year. Hermione, Draco, this is Lawrence. And, this fine young lady is Noelle.” Dumbledore said. Both Hermione and Malfoy mumbled their hellos.
“Now, Ms. Granger, Mr. Malfoy, this will be your quarters for the rest of the year. You both have your own rooms, but you will share a bathroom and common room. I expect both of you to be at least civil towards each other. Your password is trust. It cannot be replaced under any circumstances. Understood?” Dumbledore asked. They both nodded.
“Alright then, goodnight.” And with that, he left the two standing in the empty corridor.
“Trust,” Malfoy said quickly.
“Goodnight,” the boy and the girl in the portrait said. And with that, the portrait swung open. Hermione and Malfoy stepped in.

The sight that awaited them was amazing. Their common room was a neutral color: the walls were a deep cream color. To the right was a tall and big fireplace with a beige couch right in front of it. The couch had two taupe loveseats on either side. In the center was a dark mahogany coffee table. To the left were two mahogany desks, both with matching mahogany chairs. One had a green lamp, and one had a red lamp. To the far wall were three doors. The one to the left had a plaque saying “Head Boy” in dark green letters with a serpent to the right. The door to the right had a plaque saying “Head Girl” in crimson letters with a lion on the left. The door in the center was most likely a bathroom.

“Wow, this is amazing. This is way better than the Gryffindor common room and dormitory,” Hermione said dazed.
“Yea, I bet it is,” Malfoy added also amazed.
“Right, well I’ll go check out my room then. Goodnight,” Hermione said.
“Right, good night, then,” Malfoy replied.

Hermione quickly went to her room. Upon entering it, she was gob smacked. Her walls were a deep crimson color. To the right of the room was a queen sized bed. Her bed was a four poster, black, metal bed that had a crimson gossamer canopy. The sheets were pure white with quilts that look so light, fluffy, and comfortable. She had two pillows propped up against a black headboard and two smaller pillows down.

To the left of the room were a cabinet, a dresser, and a vanity. They were all an ivory color, matching the quilt and sheets on her bed. To the far wall were double French doors leading to a balcony with a view of the lake, the starts twinkling up in the sky, and of the Quidditch field. There was a black metal curtain rod on top of the doors, and deep red and white curtains were tied up to the side with black cords. Hermione stepped out of the balcony to look at the sky.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” a smooth voice to the left asked. Hermione turned around to see Malfoy on his own balcony, staring up at the sky.
“Oh my goodness, Malfoy, you scared me!” Hermione replied.
“Sorry. But really, isn’t it amazing? How the sky just turns into this blanket of ebony at night, exhibiting the innumerable stars?” Malfoy asked seriously.
“Yeah, it is quite dazzling,” Hermione said. She looked up to find a shooting star.
“I’ve always loved astronomy,” he said.
“Really?” she asked.
“Yeah, it never fails to amaze me,” he replied back.
“Well, then. If you don’t mind, I’m a bit tired and want to retire to my bed now,” Hermione said.
“No problem. Good night, Hermione,” Malfoy said.
“Hey, you called me by my first name!” she exclaimed.
“Well, it is your name. And, if we have to live together, we could at least be civil, right?” Malfoy inquired.
“Yup, I guess you’re right. Good night, Draco.” Hermione said and went insider her room.
She changed into pajamas and buried herself into the comfortable sheets of her warm bed.

Draco’s POV
Hermione does sure look better this year. Ahhh! Since when did I start calling her that? Stupid mudblood! Merlin, she does look better. This is getting irritating. Since she stepped into the Heads’ compartment, all I’ve thought about is her, nothing else. I need to get this out of my head!! If I can’t her out of my head within the week, I’m taking action. She does look bloody brilliant; I have to say, and a great personality to match it. Ahhh!! Granger, get out of my head!!
End of Draco’s POV

A week later…
Draco sat staring at Hermione Granger’s back. They were sitting at double potions class with the rest of the seventh year Gryffindors and Slytherins. Snape’s monotonic voice was boring the whole class, even Hermione.

Draco’s POV
God, I seriously need to do something. I cannot get her out of my bloody head. She’s even invaded my dreams. But what am I to do? Hmm. I’ve got it! I can write her an anonymous letter. That is bloody PERFECT!!
End of Draco’s POV

Draco Malfoy ran all the way back to the Heads’ quarters after Double Potions, a smile etched into his face. Upon reaching it, he quickly greeted Noelle and Lawrence, and gave them the password. He dashed to his room, not wanting to use his desk incase Hermione walked in suddenly. Once inside, he locked his door and took out a crimson piece of parchment with a white envelope, a bottle of ink, and a quill. He quickly wrote what he had to say in the best way he can. He ran to the owlery and used one of Hogwarts’ barn owls to deliver his letter.

Later that night…
Hermione sat on her room, doing the three foot essay for History of Magic, when a barn owl flew inside her room through the open double doors. The barn owl graciously dive and perched itself on Hermione’s arm. In its beak, it was holding onto an ivory envelope.
“Why hello there, little fellow. What’s that you’re holding?” Hermione asked the owl while stroking it. She quickly too the letter out and the barn owl disappeared to the night sky.
She took a look at the envelope. It was ivory in color, and a neatly written Hermione Granger on it. She turned it around to find that it had a gold wax seal on the flap. She quickly opened it and a crimson, neatly folded parchment fell out. The letter read:

Dearest Hermione:
Why is it that even in a room full of people, it’s you my eyes always look for? I can never get you out of my mind. You’ve not failed to get out of it, and even invaded my dreams. Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat, my hands sweat and shake, and my mind goes clouded disabling me to speak, breathe, or think. Whenever you’re around, I feel like I’m in cloud nine. I can never get you out of my head. My mind, my heart, my soul wants you, needs you, likes you, and aches for you. You give me a reason to wake up every morning. I am completely, utterly, merely, and simply attracted to you.

Love from,
Your Secret Admirer

Hermione’s sat there frozen, her mind racing, her heart beating a million times a second. Who could have possibly sent her a love letter like this? Who would even like her? She’s just the know-it-all bookworm; just your average geek next door.

She put away all of her homework, and ran to the Gryffindor Tower, clutching the letter in her hands. She ran all the way, ignoring a group of Slytherins who were out of their common rooms past hours. She reached the Fat Lady, screamed the password at her, and went inside to find Ginny Weasley sitting by the fire, her eyes staring onto the fire.
“Ginny, quick, I have to show you something!” Hermione exclaimed.
“What, what is it Hermione?” Ginny asked eagerly.
Hermione put the letter in front of her. Ginny stared at it shocked.
“You’ve got a secret admirer!!” Ginny said, half amused, half shocked

a/n: mwahaha yet another cliffie. I’m starting to love them. Come on people I’ve been updating as quickly as the validations would let me, I want more reviews!!

Lots of love,

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