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“I can’t believe she had the decency to give me detention!” roared Draco Malfoy, as he paced the Slytherin Common Room, to Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini who watched him from the plush green settee. They had just come from Double Potions with the Gryffindors when Draco found it funny if he could test the limit of Weasley’s temper by pelting him with slime off the tip of his wand as they left Snape’s dungeons. “Stupid Mudblood. Just like Dumbledore to revere a Mudblood like that Granger girl by making her Head Girl. My father’s right, worst thing to come to Hogwarts, that Dumbledore.

“Poor Draco…” cooed Pansy. “You want me to help you get revenge on the stupid Granger? Oh! You want me to hide all her undergarments?”

Crabbe and Goyle nodded their heads excitedly. But Draco and Blaise, bemused, turned to look at the dim-witted Slytherin girl.

“Right,” Draco snapped sarcastically at Pansy whose eyes widened at this. But Draco ignored that and turned to look at Blaise. “Zabini, you got any ideas? You know as well as I do that these three won’t be of much help.”

“Well, Malfoy,” Blaise said lazily. “As far as I can see, there’s nothing you can do. She is Head Girl, whether you like it or not. So you have to go to detention. The least you can do is make it hell for her.”

“Oh, but she’ll be expecting that. After five years of hating me, that Mudblood has learned too much about my ways. She knows my every move and expects them. I don’t infuriate her anymore as I used to. Damn annoying, really,” Draco muttered as he perched himself upon a heavy oak table. “I need something that would totally take her by surprise.”

“Huh,” thought Blaise. “That’s tough. You’re on your own on that one.”

Draco frowned at Blaise. “And I thought you’d be helpful. You’re just as useless as these two oafs,” he scowled and pointed at Crabbe and Goyle. “And just as futile as Parkinson.”

Blaise merely shrugged.

The next morning, Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy were already sitting at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall for breakfast. Malfoy was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey lads,” Blaise said turning to face Crabbe and Goyle. “Where’s Malfoy?"

Crabbe shrugged.

“Last time I saw him, he was pacing ‘round the dormitory,” Goyle answered, his mouth full of muffins. “I asked him if he was coming down yet. I was scared of missing breakfast, y’ know. But he just yelled something I couldn’t understand.”

“Big words?” Crabbe asked with a knowing nod.

Blaise winced at the sight of Goyle’s full mouth. “Thanks Goyle, but I did not need to see your breakfast.”

Goyle stared at Blaise confused. Then he looked down at his plate, expecting something recoil-worthy sitting there for Blaise to be so disgusted by his breakfast. But all he saw was a bunch of blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, treacle pudding, scones, pancakes, a bowl of porridge, and a tower of French toasts. And as far as he could see, they just looked awfully appetizing.

“I’ve got it!” Malfoy bellowed excitedly as he quickly slid beside Blaise by the table. He then paused and began panting, as though he had just won a Quidditch game.

“Got what?” asked Blaise. “What did you do? Run here all the way from the Common Room?”

Malfoy nodded.

“Mental,” Blaise said, shaking his head. The Slytherin Common Room was located underneath the Great Lake, and seeing as how the Great Hall was nowhere near the lake, Malfoy had a terribly hard time catching his breath.

“Okay,” Malfoy said. “I know what I can do to totally wig the Mudblood out! Guess what it is!”

Blaise stared at him expectantly. When Malfoy did not answer, Blaise said, “So? Are you gonna tell me or are you serious that I have to guess what it is? Malfoy, that’s not how it works, you know? How many times do I have to tell you that ‘guess what’ is an expression people use when they have something important to say, not to make people actually guess.”

“Sod off Blaise,” Malfoy growled. “You’re dampening my good mood. Besides, that’s Crabbe you’ve been talking to.”

Blaise simply laughed. “Just jesting with you mate. So what’s it?”

Malfoy smirked. “Okay, what’s the one thing I always am around the Mudblood?”

“Er… Evil?”

“Exactly,” Malfoy sneered. “So then, what is the one thing I am not towards her?”

Blaise narrowed his eyes. “You think it’ll work?”


“Tell me then, how’s being a girl going to wig her out?”


“One thing you’re not around her, well, you’re always a bloke…”

“Quit the jokes Zabini,” Malfoy snarled. “I’m not in the mood.”

“Oh all right then, no need to be so touchy,” Blaise said, rolling his eyes. “So you’re going to be nice to her. Then what? Where will that get you?”

“Further than it’ll ever get you, mate,” smirked Malfoy.

“You’re planning on that?!” Blaise said, a wild look on his face.

Malfoy laughed out loud. “I was kidding. How stupid can you get?! Me sleep with a Mudblood. That’s a load of rubbish, that’s what it is.”

Blaise glowered. “I thought you weren’t in the mood for jokes…”

“I wonder what he’s laughing about,” Hermione said, staring at Draco from the other side of the Great Hall.

“Why would you care?” asked Ginny as she turned to look at Malfoy as well.

“Well, I don’t,” Hermione said. “But I have a bad feeling about this. I apprehended and gave him detention yesterday. And he’s serving it tonight with me.”

“Doing what?”

“Replacing the covers of old tattered books in the library,” Hermione said, still staring off in the direction of Malfoy. “I have been complaining about the state of the books to Madame Pince, but she doesn’t have much time and I thought I could do it on my own, you know. But it has been taking me so long. So I figured I could make Malfoy help a bit.”

“Not that, I don’t care about the detention,” Ginny said, rolling her eyes. “I meant, what did you catch him doing?”

“Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me, Ginevra Weasley,” Hermione said, smiling. “I caught him pelting Ron with slime.”

“That kind of thing should not be punished, Hermione,” Ginny whined. “You should have given him an Award for Service to the School, or whatever it’s called. My dear brother is a prat.”

Hermione just laughed. But she was still anxious about Malfoy and their detention that night.

Hermione walked quickly toward the library. It was a quarter before eight and she had told Malfoy to meet her there at the exact hour and not a minute later. She was ever so surprised to find Malfoy standing by the library’s entrance, waiting for her.

“You’re early,” she commented as she stepped inside the dark library. “Come on, loads of work to do.”

Malfoy quietly followed her inside and kept at her heel until they reached a table with heaps of books on it. “What’s this?”

“This is your detention.”

“And what exactly do I do with them?” he asked, looking expectantly at Hermione.

“Well, they’re tattered and frayed, the covers. So you simply have to repair them, make them seem brand new,” Hermione explained as she sat on one of the chairs.

“Okay,” Draco said, sitting down on the chair next to Hermione.

Hermione pulled out her copy of Witch Weekly and began reading.

“Hermione,” she heard someone say. She looked up in surprise, it was the first time she heard Malfoy ever speak her name. Then it dawned on her. This was his plan. This was what he was laughing about at breakfast. Be nice to the Mudblood and make her uncomfortable. Hermione thought to herself. Well, if that’s the game he’s playing, it’ll be a terrible shame if he’s got no one to play it with.

“Yes Draco?” she asked, looking at him with kind eyes.

“I just wanted to ask,” Malfoy said as he pulled out his wand. “Am I allowed to use magic?”

Hermione smiled sweetly, “Of course you are. I wouldn’t want to give you so much trouble, Draco.”

Malfoy stared at Hermione. What the bloody hell is going on here? The congeniality award should be given to me! Not to Mudblood Granger. Malfoy thought angrily to himself. Then it dawned upon him. She knows my plan. Good, old, smart Granger, fast on her feet, isn’t she? Well, we all know two can play the match better.

“Thanks, Hermione,” Malfoy said with a syrupy smile. Hermione almost had to bite her lip to prevent herself from laughing. That was the first time she saw Malfoy smile and not smirk. It was kind of endearing, actually.

“No problem, Draco.”

“You don’t mind, Hermione, if I rest a bit, do you?” Draco asked an hour later. He stretched his arms above his head and yawned. Then a malicious smile spread across his face. “Hermione?”

“Hmmm?” she said from behind her magazine.

“My neck hurts,” he answered, grimacing. “I think I would need a… a back rub?”

Hermione put down the magazine. Staring at Draco she said, “Would you want me to help you with that?” Pasting a delightful, albeit fake, smile on her face.

“Would you?” Draco said, returning the brilliance of her smile. “That would be so good.”

Hermione stood up and stood behind him. Then she whispered, “Why don’t you take off your robe?”

Draco stiffened at the husky voice of Hermione by his ear. He could feel her hot breath on his neck. Her soft, brown waves fell over her shoulders and tickled his cheek; they smelled of apples and cinnamon.  It was intoxicating.

When he didn’t move, Hermione reached over and unclasped his robe. “Let’s make you more comfortable, shall we?” she said in a low voice. Then she began rubbing his shoulders with the palm of her hands. She closed her eyes and pretended that it wasn’t Draco in front of her. Then she realized it didn’t matter. She liked the feel of Draco, his strong shoulders, his warmth and his scent. He smelled of fresh pine and peppermint. She inhaled deeply and breathed out with a soft guttural moan.

She immediately opened her eyes and mentally slapped herself. She was letting go of her inhibitions too much. Hermione had to remind herself that this was a game they were playing.

Draco, fully aware of Hermione’s hands rubbing his back, bent his head down and closed his eyes, loving the feeling of her hands on him. But he told himself, this is just a game – a game to mortify the Mudblood – who just happens to be amazing with her hands. Draco could just imagine her hands all over him. On his face, his chest, ruffling through his hair and down his thighs… Draco arched his back and groaned gruffly.

He could feel the heat she emitted. He wanted to grab her. Place her on his lap, make her straddle him and violently take her lips with his own. He longed to feel her body close to his, pressed against each other, rubbing… Draco felt himself grow hotter and cursed under his breath.

Then out of nowhere, he heard her say, “Back to work now, Draco.” Subsequently patting him on the head and returned to her seat.

Stupid Granger.

It was half past nine and Draco was still working on the books. Hermione, meanwhile, had left her chair to roam the quiet library. She had to get away from him. Her cheeks were still aflame from their little encounter and she didn’t trust herself to be beside him without wanting to…

“Shut up,” she said to herself, softly hitting her forehead against a bookcase. “Stop thinking about him. It’s nothing. He doesn’t feel the same way. It’s a stupid game. A stupid, hot, sexy ga…”

“Talking about me, Hermione?”

Hermione turned around and found herself face to face with Draco. “What?”

“I heard you say stupid, hot and sexy…”

“I er… That stupid part you got correct.”

Malfoy simply smiled. “Sorry. It isn’t my business.”

“Why aren’t you finishing the books?”

“Because…” Malfoy started, but fell short when he caught her biting her lips. He wanted those soft, luscious lips. He wanted to taste them, to nibble on them and to savor them.


“Hush it, Granger,” Malfoy said gruffly and took her mouth with his and pressed her against him, his arms snaking their way around her waist.

Hermione stood there motionless, shocked at what was taking place. Then she felt his hands find their way to her nape, massaging her there. His lips were nipping, suckling her own.  Then she just let go. She found her hands stroking his strong chest, and kissing him back.  She lifted her hand to caress his cheek and with her thumb felt his lips on hers. Hermione pressed against him harder and sought comfort between his arms.

Draco had never felt as exhilarated as he did at that very moment. He had Hermione pressed against the bookcase, one hand on her hip and the other on her nape. His tongue sought entry into her mouth and to his surprise she allowed it. His hand snaked its way down her hip, to her thigh and as though she knew exactly what he wanted, her leg found its way around his hip. Draco pushed his groin harder against her and heard her whimper.

Draco trailed his kisses down to her neck as Hermione bent her head to the side to give him more access to her smooth erogenous area. He grabbed her other leg and wrapped it around his waist, so that Hermione was suspended in midair, being supported only by his digging hips and the bookcase behind her. He pressed harder against her and caught her lips with his own.

Hermione was lost in the kiss. She felt Draco nibbling on her bottom lip and she couldn't help let a soft moan escape her throat. She wasn't sure what she was feeling but heat left her breathless and she began pressing herself against Draco's midsection. She raked her fingers through his soft hair and bit down on his lip -- feeling the moment, loving the heat.

Draco then laid her down on the ground and began unbuttoning her blouse. He freed her from the pink satin undergarment and reveled in all her splendor. “You’re beautiful,” he moaned as if the mere sight of her pained him.  .

“Draco,” she whispered.

Draco positioned himself on top of Hermione and gazed deeply into her eyes. “What is it?”

Hermione shook her head. She didn’t know what she wanted to say. All she knew was that she needed something from him. But she didn't know how to ask for it. And quite honestly, she wasn't one to ask for such things.

But Draco understood and bent his head to kiss her passionately. “This might hurt a bit,” he said, correctly assuming that she was a virgin. He felt her arms wrap around him. He buried his face into the nook where her neck met her shoulders and gave himself up to her.

"Hermione..." he whispered, his eyes glazed, as he left her breathless.

“Oh my…” Hermione said uncomfortably as she buttoned up her blouse.

Draco smoothed down his robe and smirked. “No one hears about this, Granger."

Hermione glared at him. “As if I would actually tell people about this. I’m not that stupid, you prick! And besides, it’s not really something to be proud of. I’ll simply consider it as a total lapse of judgment on my part.”

“Whatever you say Granger,” Draco said, his eyes laughing. “But it wasn’t me moaning ‘Draco, oh Draco…’ a while ago.”

Hermione was furious. “Oh!” she huffed as she turned her back on him and stalked towards the library’s exit.

Draco simply laughed and walked along side her. As they reached the door, he opened it for her and before she could leave him behind, he grabbed her arm and pulled her close and gave her one last searing kiss.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said as Hermione stared at him in shock.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this short fic. Please leave a review. This was just something I did to make up for the fact that my other fic has been a tedious writing process. So I hoped you liked it and leave a comment or two. Thanks! 

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