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Crashed & Lost

"Bye, bye Papa." A young girl by the age of seventeen stood with her father on the platform.

"Bye Tori, I'll see you at Christmas okay?" His smile went straight to his eyes, they hadn't been like that for a while, maybe Julie was good for him.

"Okay, love you." Victoria kissed her father on the cheek, before picking up her luggage and walking over to the Hogwarts Express.
She found an empty compartment, She loved sitting by herself it was so much more peaceful when there was no one in there.
After searching through her luggage, Tori pulled out her sketchbook to draw, she was working on a faerie. So far Victoria had the outlines of the body and wings, she was outlining the outfit now, before she worked on the facial features and hair.

"Well, if it isn't Miss White." Victoria didn't need to look up to see who it was; she knew from his voice who it was, the arrogant, egoistical, narcissist, prick, and she wouldn't be bothered to even glance at him,

"Piss off Black." Her eyes darted left to right, up and down, on her sketchbook as she followed the lines she drew.

"Now, now that isn't nice." His voice was still the same annoying voice, if only she had a good enough reason… at this moment, to punch the voice out of him.

"Nor is you barging in on my Privacy." Victoria still continued to work on her drawing, it was nowhere near finished but she wanted it to be done before she arrived at Hogwarts.
If her artwork was not completed by then, she would fill… that it was worthless, but if she finished it to early it would be rushed, so she drew at an even pace, never glancing up.

"White, I am talking to you." His voice was annoyed as it was annoying, He hated to be ignored, it was in his nature to love attention, and she hated that.

"Leave me alone, for this once please, I would like to finish this picture." Victoria could not take Black today; it was stressful enough, especially with her Dad getting remarried to… Julie.
Julie was a blonde, blue-eyed woman, who believed that if she weren't in charge no one would be, she was tough, cruel and hated that Victoria was a witch.

"No I don't think I will."

"Please, bug me some other day, but not today, please I'm too tired today." And indeed she was, her future to be stepmother, wouldn't stop pestering her about Nicole, her muggle friend who slept over for a while, nor would she stop complaining that Luna, her puppy, was shedding everywhere.

"White, you're just a scared little Lady, who is in need of drinking tea, why don't you go meet up with Jesse, oh wait he dumped you didn't he." Jesse was a dirty blonde boy in Ravenclaw, she though they were in love but was mistaken when she came across him in an empty classroom, with Nikki. Jesse was an extremely sore subject for her and for Black to act like that; well it drew the last straw.

Standing up she yelled at him, "YOU BLOODY, VILE, SELFISH, LITTLE PIG, GET OUT! OUT! OUT!"

"Oh looks like Miss White's a bit cranky, that is no way for a Lady to behave-" But he was cut off as the train thrashed to the side, throwing Victoria on top of him.
The train had fallen off the rails, she could tell as it had been put on the side.

Everywhere, girls were screaming, boys were shouting, first years were running around, and people had been damaged, thrown out of windows, glass in them, fractured and broken bones, not many were in good condition.

Victoria stood up slowly, her body had a weird sensation about it and her head pounded from her hitting the wall, luckily though it wasn't too hard of a hit only a bump.
Violet looked at the damaged made, she heard people crying, wincing and screaming.

She moved around, helping people out of the train and checking to see if any severe injuries would stop them from moving.
Eventually others helped her and everyone was off the train, those who had been thrown out the window were hurt but not in danger.

"Lily, what do we do, so many are hurt, we need a healer, and we need Hogwarts." Victoria said as she found the red head.

"I know Victoria, we'll need an owl, parchment and a writing implement." She said looking at Victoria, her normally emerald green eyes, were dull and scared.

"I've got some paper on me now." Victoria said as she ripped off a spare page from her book and her pencil that she had placed in the spiralled spine."

"Excellent now we need an owl," Looking around the school she asked in a clear voice, "Who here owns a fast owl that is unharmed?" A third grader held up a cage, which had been dented, but the owl was fine. "Thankyou." She said. Lily quickly wrote the letter and tied it to the owl with her hair tie.

The owl flew up and flew away, but as it went to the forest near by it turned around came back, refusing to fly again.
The girls tried many owls but all of them did the same thing. "This is ridicules, can anyone apparate?" Victoria asked as she played with her wand.

"I can."

"Go for it."

The boy tired but to no success, many of the seventeen year olds tried but to no avail. Eventually every seventh and sixth grade who could do magic had tried and all had failed, including the Marauders, Lily and Victoria.

"This makes no sense, first the train tracks are totally wrecked, second no bird can fly and third no one can apparate, someone will have to walk to Hogwarts."

"Lily, I'll go, the Forest shouldn't be very large, and so I should be fine."

"I'm not letting you go by your self, so," She stopped as she yet again asked the schoolm "Who wants to go with Victoria to find help?!" No one said anything; they all wondered what was in that forest that spooked the owls. Victoria felt that she might have to go alone, she admitted that it would be scary but whatever.

"Sirius will go." James shouted. Tori could hear Lily sigh, she had thought she could have lost him, oh well.

"What no bloody way Prongs."

"It's okay Padfoot, we all know you're scared." James said patting his head. Horror filled Tori's eyes as she realised what he was doing.

"No, no it's fine I'll go alone." She said quickly, no way was his ego going to make him come with her, no bloody way, she would die in Hades before that happened, no bloody way.

"Victoria White, you will not, Black go with her." Both parties groaned, when Lily said something it was said and done.

"Have fun Padfoot."

"I'll kill you later." He muttered.

As the two entered the forest they saw a storm up ahead. "Perfect, now all we need is thunder and we're set." Victoria said sarcastically. She and Sirius had jumpers on and warm clothes, also both had a backpack with food in it, 'the food should last a week', Lily had said.

"Stop groaning, let's get on with this." He said as she flicked some of his black hair out of his eyes.
Violet walked a few paces behind Sirius, with no intention of making any comments to him.

"This is all your fault White." He stated in half an hour of the walk.

"My fault how is it my fault?"

"If you didn't elect to go I wouldn't be in this frigging mess."

"Well if you weren't so proud, you wouldn't be here."

"What ever." And the place was silent yet again, joy for that.

"Shit." Victoria said as she ripped some of her pants.

"What happened split your pants?"

"Not even in your dreams, no, a twig caught leg of the pants and tore a bit off."

"Suck shit." stomp, stomp, spilsh…

"Ewww, you stepped on a snail." Ofcorse, Victoria didn't really find this gross, she was just bored and was in need to say something, although she like silence, this silence was awkward and made the trip longer then it should be.

"Get over it White." Idiotic, over-self-obsessed, Nancy-boy hair, Black! She thought as she stepped past him and continued her way down the unpathed area.
The Woods or was it a forest? Anyway the place was nice, the trees entwined together, creating a soft green glow from the leaves, the ground was soft and easy to walk, except for all the stones and twigs, and seeds and nuts.
Victoria turned around to make sure he was still there, "Black?" She heard a faint sound, must be on the 'toilet.'

She continue to walk forward, couldn't be stuffed to turn around to make sure he was alive. He was trudging slowly forward. "Black stop acting like a lost puppy and hurry up, I want to get to Hogwarts As soon as possible."

"Stop complaining White."

"I'm not complaining, I'm whining derr."

"Well you're still annoying."

"Like you're not."

"I'm not, everyone knows I'm better."

"You're insufferable."

"Well you're a bitch." Victoria stopped walking and turned around.








"Bullshit Vicky."


"Vicky, Vicky, Vicky, Vicky!" Tori narrows her gold eyes. "Vicky." He says once more, just to piss her off.

The bag on her back slips of her shoulders and she lungers at him, hands around his neck. Sirius was shocked at first; he quickly heals and had his hands around her neck, both choking each other. Then Tori raises her knees and kicked him where it hurts. She watched his eyes full with fear, then pain before he fell onto the ground.
Satisfied she walked off, picking up her bag, and continuing her journey. She reachers three feet before she was pulled by the hair, back to him.

"Let me go you prat!"


"Let me go or I'll kick you again!"

"Love, it's not going to happen." He said before he grabbed her around the stomach and put her on his shoulders, continuing to walk off. She kicked and punched, screamed and shouted, it was useless he had abbs of steel.

After an hour he let her off, he had found a stream and was in need of a drink. Both walked towards it and drank from it.
As they drank from the cool stream, they wondered why it tasted so sweet, it tasted like water… yet it didn't.

As Victoria lifter raised her head she wondered, how did he keep his black hair so neat after all that dirt and trees and well, nature?
His black hair was still as neat, and clean and sexy as… hang on… WHERE THE HELL DID THAT THOUGHT COME FROM!? Her eye lit up in fear, she did not fancy him, she did not like him in any way, she hated him and vice versa, there was no way in hell she would ever liked him, in fact there was a greater chance of Hell freezing over!

"Hey Vicky, what the hell are you waiting for?" Sirius had already stood up and was waiting for Victoria to do the same.

With nothing to say, she stood up, fuming that she had stared into space, thinking of him! It was his entire fault. "Stupid Black." She muttered under her breath.

"I'm top of the class and not deaf."

"You would surprise me at times Black, in both things!"

"Miss White, stop being so cranky, it seems as though you have a stick up your arse!"

"Stop calling me Miss! I am not a Lady, I am not Vicky nor am I Victoria, I am Tori so shut your hole Black!"

Thunder rumbled in the distance, it seemed so close, yet there were no clouds in the sky, for what they could see anyway.

"Look at what you did White, you went and Jinxed it!"

"I was being bloody sarcastic at the time, if anything it's your fault for being here."

"My fault, it would be your before mine!"

"Oh bull, you and your Nancy-boy hair are incredibly dense, besides, you can't even stay in a relationship for a week!"

"Better then you Miss I've-been-cheated-on-by-the-love-of-my-life!"

Tears found their way behind her gold eyes, she blinked them back, she would not cry, she was not weak, she was a Gryffindor, Brave and Strong, oh why did she feel the complete opposite?

She walked ahead of Sirius, she would not let him see her cry. She blinked back all the tears she could, when she felt it safe she stopped, but as soon as she did, a single tear rolled down her cheek and onto the ground, shattering and leaving a mark.

Sirius kept silent, he did not utter a word, why you may ask, because he felt that he had won and there was no need for more fighting, to be perfectly honest, he was tired and this time come nightfall he would curl up in a ball and sleep. Sleep the night away and pray no danger will come, not that he couldn't defend himself, more that he didn't want to defend Miss White.

For awhile only the sound of footsteps, the occasional yelp of pain and snide comments of the yelp and the sound of crushing leaves could be heard, it was only then that she wondered and stopped to listen.

"Black stop for a second and tell me what you hear."

After a few moment he becomes bored and says in his arrogant voice, "I hear nothing."

"Exactly, where are the birds? The animals? The insects?"

"I don't know."

"We better keep our wands out, besides it's getting dark now." And indeed it was, already the green glow was replaced by a soft gold, and the sky that they could see,, was turning a pale pink. "Come on, better get as far as possible before Hogwarts, eh?" Oh did I just here, Victoria being polite to Sirius? Something said in the back of her mind, she shook it out before muttering some colourful language.

The silence was there again, and it was silence, no birds, no animals, no insects, just the crunching of footsteps on the ground.
As the sun slowly set, they continued to walk, hoping they could get as far as possible on the day.
Eventually it was becoming to hard to see, bringing out her wand she said Lumos but nothing happened, she tried again, "Lumos." Still nothing.

"What's that I hear White can't even get a simple spell to work?"

"Well you try smart arse."

"Lumos." Nothing, not a spark, not a wisp just nothing.

"See, if neither of us can do magic, were pretty stuffed, correct?"


"So we better set up camp?"


"Well, lets start, we need sticks and stones."

"Are we going to break your bones?" HE asked hopefully.

"No Black, we're going to start a fire."

"I don't think burning down the forest will help much especially since we're in it."

"You are insufferable."

"That's rich coming from a girl who's never dated anyone but pretty boy Jesse."

"Oh leave that topic be, he asked me out, we went out for a year then I broke up with the cheating scum."

The silence returned in it's deathly way, the two had started a small fire but that was it, the flames had refused to grow and instead devoured the sticks, leaves and a few bugs.

The flames dulled, and refuse to re-grow; eventually they went out, leaving Victoria and Sirius in the cold night, without light, without heat.
Soon Victoria's teeth began to chatter and the shivers went straight to the bone.

"I-it's c-c-c-cold-d-d." She said through her chattered teeth, the jumper she wore would not hold enough heat.
Sirius silently agreed and tried to re-start the fire, but to no avail.

"The fire won't go so I guess there is only one way of staying warm." He held in a groan, if neither wanted to freeze they would have to… hug.

"Don't you have a blanket?"

"No, you?" She groaned, there was no option, no other way, but maybe if they were lucky the heat would rise and… no chance.

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