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Chapter 5:
An Unexpected Arrival

It wasn’t long before summer was over, and I was back on platform 9 and ¾. I was happy to see my friends. Neither of them could tell that I was crying and screaming on the inside. It was our fourth year at Hogwarts and I knew for a fact that I would never see James again. For the past year, I had hoped that somehow, we would meet, but once I knew that he moved, and I didn’t know where to, I knew that all hope was erased. During the remainder of the summer, I tried to forget about him, but that didn’t work. Niki and Remus did come by the house for a week though when we got back. It was our little tradition. Our first summer, we all spent a week at Niki’s. Then last summer we stayed with Remus. It was my turn to host.

I put on a fake front for them, and they believed it. If they didn’t, I would eventually be cornered with a flashlight in my by one, and the other asking questions.

Remus is too smart for his own good, but always thinks logically, and very rarely ever takes any risks. He saw right through me. Niki, I wasn’t too worried about her. She couldn’t get into Ravenclaw if her life depended on it. Sorry Niki.

While they were over, we pretty much talked about our summer. They were surprised when I said that I surfed alone. I did offer to teach Petunia, but all she wanted to do was shop. So Typical. The wave was still there. Oh, I love that place! It is so good! It has so many memories though. I would usually go at about the same time every day. I usually got the same waitress that was about my age actually. We started talking. Eventually I asked if she would go surfing with me.

Her name was Michelle. Her original hair color was a reddish-brown, but she dyed it blond. The color of her eyes was a light hazel. At the end of the week, Michelle gave me her address so we could write back and fourth. That was the up side of the vacation.

Niki spent the summer at her Grandmothers house. Her cousins always get annoying. If it isn’t this, it’s that, and, well, she usually needs a vacation from her vacation. Niki hates being the oldest by two and a half years. She is always the one to keep the peace between her nine other cousins.

This year, Remus didn’t go to America. Instead, he visited family in Nice, France. The only thing that he didn’t like was the two full moons while he was away. For the third moon of the summer, Niki and I helped him out.

When Niki and Remus came over, Petunia was pissed. “I thought that you left for a week in the summer!” She wined. “Not bring your freak friends here!”

I sighed. “Petunia, I went to Remus’s house one summer, Niki’s the next, and now they come here!” I said. “Do I have to spell it out for you?” She just glared at me. “Good, now, please, go shopping or something!” I said as I gave her thirty bucks. I knew that it wouldn’t last more than a half hour, if that, but at least she would be out of the house when they arrived.

Niki came first. She was on time for everything! Remus came right before dinner. “Hi.” He said when he came through the door. “Sorry I’m late, I just had to finish making my stuff so it’s not as bad.” He set his bag by the door and took off his shoes. Niki and I knew that his ‘stuff’ was the potion so ‘it,’ the transformation, wasn’t as severe. If I tried to explain that to anyone in my family, they wouldn’t understand… or approve that I am friends with a werewolf.

A week and a half after their arrival, all of our letters came and we net Niki and Remus’s parents in Diagon Ally. After we walked down the long street and back, it was starting to get late. We each left to our won homes for the last two weeks before September first.

Soon enough, the first arrived. I arrived at the station at fifteen ‘til. I had to hurry to get my luggage and self on board. I hoped that it wouldn’t be too hard to find Niki and Remus. AS I got on in the front of the train, I never expected them to have a compartment all the way in the back! Almost as far as you could go! “There you are!” I said when I finally reached them and fell into the seat.

“Well, what did you expect when everywhere else is full?” asked Niki. “We got here almost as late as you, so we boarded in the back. We watched you come through the wall.” The train had been moving for about fifteen minutes.

“Don’t laugh at me!” I said, ironically laughing myself. Just then, I looked into the hallway to see something that caught my eye. If I didn’t’ know any better, I would have thought that I had just seen James walk by! I opened the door, but by that time, h e found a compartment. I brushed the thought off as Remus started talking. It didn’t seem long before we reached the castle, even though everyone knew that it had been hours.

Niki, Remus and I got off and quickly found a carriage. We were some of the first to enter the school. It felt so good to be back. I closed my eyes and smiled and deeply inhaled as I stepped in. In the corner of one of the rooms, I saw Professor McGonagall talking to someone, but I didn’t see who. Really, I didn’t care. Well, at the time anyway.

WE all took our usual seats at the Gryffindor table as we waited for everyone else to come in. Before the first years came in, Professor McGonagall walked over. “Alice, Remus, there is a new boy in your year. Would you please help him out? Lily, you can help too if you’d like.”

I thought for a moment. “What’s his name?” I finally asked.

McGonagall looked at me. “James Potter.”

I felt a wave of emotion flood over me. “Um,” I started. “I think that I will help the next kid.” I said. Clearly Niki and Remus had forgotten the name of the boy from last year. They didn’t say anything anyway. I couldn’t face him, not yet, but I knew that I would have to. I wasn’t ready. He is going to be in my house after all. I had a feeling that this would turn out to be an interesting year.

The first years were sorted and the feast began. James sat at the other end of the table. The feast was the best yet. I think that I gained at least five, maybe ten pounds. I was so tiered at the end of it, and so full of food. I really didn’t want to get up. Niki almost fell asleep in her chocolate cake. I had to pull her up and make sure that she was ok.

Knowing that if I stayed with Remus, that James would surely see me. “Um, Remus, I’m going to hang back a bit. You and Alice take Porter, or Potter, or whatever his name is.” I said. “Niki, want to stay back with me?” I gave her my, ‘that really isn’t a question,’ glare that I was famous for. We let Remus and James go through the giant French doors before we got up and I said, “James.” Niki looked at me, confused. “The muggle from vacation last year!” I almost shouted. Good thing he was out of earshot. Niki’s mouth swung open. “Well, at least, I thought that he was a muggle. We really couldn’t say anything about it because neither of us knew that the other was a witch/wizard, and neither of us really hinted towards it.” By this time, we were almost to the tower. Most of everyone else was already in their common rooms, so it was a clear path.

When we got into the common room, I ran strait up to our dorm, Niki at my heels. Running was a good idea. Remus and James were still by the fire. “Night Remus!” I yelled as I passed.

“Who was that?” James asked when we were upstairs.

“MY friends, Lily and Niki.” Remus told him.

“Hmmm.” James said.


“I used to know a Lily. Something happened and I wasn’t able to talk to her for a year! I really miss her.” James explained.

“How sad.”

I as by the door, and heard every word James had just said. “Oh, how sweet.” I whispered.

Niki had seen me and asked, “What?”

I looked up as a tear rolled down. “He remembers me.


Niki really didn’t get a good look at James until our first class, Defense against the dark arts. “Good morning class,” our professor started. Then James came in and handed him a note. “Oh, yes. Ok, go ahead and take a seat.”

Niki elbowed me and asked, “Is that him?” I nodded and watched as he took a seat next to Sirius. Oh great. Next it will be the cheerleading zombies. Some other muggle girls remembered cheerleading and brought pompoms and started cheering at quidditch matches. I really hope that he wont let it all go to his head, like Sirius did, and start dating every other girl in the school… at once.

During the rest of the week, Remus helped James out who also hung out with Sirius and Peter, who always fallows Remus around, and you get the Marauders. Sirius was starting to rub off on them. Not so much of Remus as James. James never looked at me. I wasn’t sure if he was afraid that I would end up to not be Lily, or if he was afraid that I had forgotten him. I didn’t know, but it really got me near depressed. Niki and I had also been noticing that Remus was spending less and less time with us, and more with the Marauders. We both knew that he really needed some guy-friends, but I never expected it to bother me this much.

It wasn’t long before Remus was helping with the logic details behind the Marauder pranks. At least once or twice a week, there was some sort of prank going on. The ting as that I had never seen Remus so happy. Scratch that, there was only one other specific time: The night we first kissed, but other than that, no. I guess I should be happy for him and all, but I really miss him.

“Hey, Remus,” James said one night before they got in bed.


“What is Lily like?”

Remus didn’t expect him to ask this, but answered anyway. “Um, well, she is very smart, smart enough to be in Ravenclaw really. She is also really fun to be around, but also kind of shy.” He explained a lot about me, who was asleep in my own dorm with Niki and a few other girls.

“Hmm. You know a lot about her.” James said when Remus started slowing down. “You are probably her boyfriend, huh.” James said sadly.

“Me and Lily?” Remus said, adding a slight laugh, even though for him, it was a touchy subject. “Well, we broke up a while back.”

James understood. “I’m sorry mate.”

Remus smiled. “It’s ok. It has been a while. She is still one of my good friends.”

James thought for a moment and decided to say something that had been on his mind. “Hey, can I tell you something?” Remus nodded. “You have to swear not to tell anyone.” Remus nodded again. “Ok, well, I haven’t told this to anyone, but she sounds so much like the Lily I know. When I lived in another part of England, last summer, there was a girl named Lily. She is exactly like how you described the Lily here. I don’t really remember her last name, but her fiery red hair, never left my mind for a day! Anyway…” James went into detail about the two weeks he had with me; again, I was still asleep, oblivious to everything going on.

When he finished, Remus muttered to himself, “So, you are the guy she was talking about.”

James heard something, but not everything. “What?”

“Oh, nothing. It sounds like I have heard this story somewhere before though.” Remus said and smiled.

James was caught in shock. “You mean-? And She-? And here-?”

Remus smiled. “That’s our Lily.” He laughed. “You should go talk to her. She has been a bit down lately anyway. I think that hearing from you would be good.” James got up and ran down to the common room, disappointed to find no one except the few embers left in the fire. He forgot that it was one in the morning. “Although, I think that it might be better to talk to her in the morning.” Remus laughed again. James smiled and when he got back to his bed, threw a pillow at Remus.

Then came Sirius and Peter. “We’re back.” Sirius said, walking through the door, bred and butter and some other food in hand.

“’Bout time!” James said, sitting on the end of his bed. “I am starving!”

A/N: yes, James is back! * Cheers! * Oh, and for all of you cheerleaders out there, sorry if I offended you. I’m a cheerleader as well! Please don’t hurt me! * Ducks and covers * please leave a review to tell me what you though of it! Please and thanks!

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